Astrology, Elections & Schrödinger’s Cat

In my prediction for the outcome of the 2020 US presidential elections, I was confronted by a number of contradictory astrological scenarios – which is not unusual in astrology.  In 2016 I predicted a Hillary Clinton win, though about a week before the election, I did publish a note on a perplexing issue.  The issue was that the election was occurring under a Taurus full moon two-week period activating Trump’s 10th house of status while in Hillary Clinton’s horoscope, the Taurus full moon activated her 7th house of her opponent.  This strongly suggested a Trump win.  However, in my horoscope as the observer in the exercise, the Taurus full moon activated my lowly 4th house which represents detraction from status.  Trump was appropriately elected and I failed in my prediction.  Everything was in appropriate astrological order.

By the 2018 midterm elections I had more confidence in the lunar astrological view, and the key lunar influence for these mid-term elections flipped to the Scorpio lunar month, and based on Scorpio activating Trump’s lowly 4th house, I predicted that the Democrats would ‘succeed’, which they did by strategically capturing the House of Representatives from Republican control, and I got to bathe in the Scorpio full moon shining on my 10th house with a correct prediction. By the time of the 2020 presidential elections, this election returned to being under the influence of a Taurus full moon activating Trump’s 10th house of status again, but my lowly 4th house of anti-status.  However, I was aware of the inherent conundrum. By predicting a Trump win, how could both Trump and I succeed with the full moon indicating a 10th house focus for Trump, but a lowly 4th house focus for myself! It did not make sense.

This highlights the subtlety of astrology, because Trump’s stimulated 10th house remained activated despite the apparent electoral loss that became evident only a few days after the election.  Despite this loss, Trump not only failed to concede, he actually behaved as if he won the election, using the excuse that the election was stolen by the Democrats.  His 10th house activation by the Taurus full moon was definitely on display despite not winning enough substantiated Electoral College votes.  Astrology always gets its way regardless of circumstances.

Only two other failed presidential candidates had their 10th houses activated by the lunar month or full moon at the time of the election – GHW Bush in 1992 against Bill Clinton and Al Gore in 2000 against GW Bush.  Al Gore did have his hopes raised due to the contested votes in the key state of Florida which eventually decided the election in favor of GW Bush.   

In the 2020 presidential election, the lunar profiles of both candidates were ‘extreme’ compared to most other elections since 1960 – though Biden’s is the most extreme of all.  However, Trump did have an activated 10th house by the Taurus full moon, and this promoted his chances compared to Biden.  No previous candidate had such a low lunar astrological commonality to a winning candidate compared to Biden.  However, the lunar environment is not the absolute judge of who will win – it is highly significant, but not the sole determining factor. 

Another perspective on the 2020 presidential election also provides more interesting insights.  Though the lunar influence favored Trump, I was also aware this was not an infallible guide, and I naturally examined other astrological insights – but one key insight that became the straw to break the camel’s back in favoring Trump over Biden was the transiting lunar nodes squaring Biden’s MC exactly within one-degree orb from late October 2020 until late January 2021. Such a lunar nodal influence with a hard aspect to the MC should blank a person’s status, as the nodes’ link to eclipses provides the nature of the archetype involved.  Whether Biden’s status under this influence is described as ‘blanked’ or ‘eclipsed’ is immaterial – it is not considered a good indication for status.  I took this to mean Biden would lose the election, when in reality, Biden’s new role as president-elect has been blanked by Trump in refusing to concede and Biden is unable to go into formal transition mode..

Interestingly, my intuition that Trump would not win was so strong at times during the lead up to the presidential elections, that I cast some horary charts asking the simple question “will Trump win?” – and in each case, it came back with a firm “no”.  It is my contention that horary charts are better with dealing with bipolar situations compared to using the traditional horoscope with all the attendant analysis techniques.

Where do we go from here?  The arrival of the Scorpio lunar month (14 Nov – 14 Dec 2020) activates Trump’s lowly 4th house of anti-status but also the 4th house of his supporters (this is probably why the 4th house is usually so strong with successful presidential candidates as they need the public on their side despite its natural opposition to the status-laden 10th house).  The first sign of Trump supporters mobilizing occurred at the Washington DC MAGA rally on Saturday 14th November 2020 but due to the transiting moon being in the last few hours of the Libra lunar month under a black moon, it was a bedraggled fizzle.

On the personal level for Trump, the Scorpio lunar month (14 Nov – 14 Dec 2020) does not bode well for Trump trying to re-engineer the electoral tally and with the 4th house the derived 10th house of status for his opponent, Biden, suggests that Trump will hit the brick wall – especially in the period 12th to 14th December when the transiting moon returns to the sign of Scorpio at the end of the Scorpio lunar month creating the Scorpio sting-in-the-tail.  How can Trump survive this, especially taking into account that December 14th is when the Electoral College formalizes their presidential vote?  On the public level, with the Scorpio lunar month activating Trump’s 4th house of supporters, if there is to be any fightback by his supporters, this is the time – especially in the Scorpio sting-in-the-tail affecting the period 12th to 14th December.

The Scorpio lunar month (14 Nov – 14 Dec 2020) activates Biden’s 12th house and indicates that at best, he can only use this period as a preparation time, and he may not even get the legal transition to come into play until after this time.  With the Scorpio lunar month shifting to the Sagittarius lunar month on December 14th 2020, Biden’s 1st house is activated and he should be in full steam ahead as president elect.

The two week Gemini full moon period (22 Nov – 7 Dec 2020) within the Scorpio lunar month activates Biden’s 7th house of his opponent, and this suggests that Trump has not given up the fight, and is in full oppositional mode or somehow steals the attention.  Taking both the Scorpio lunar month (14 Nov – 14 Dec 2020) and Gemini full moon period (22 Nov – 7 Dec 2020) into account, Biden will be left hanging out to dry until the Electoral College vote on December 14th.

But what about Schrodinger’s cat?  The Scorpio sting-in-the tail in mid-December 2020 activates my 10th house of status, indicating that I have some kind of success with the above astrological assessment.  This suggests that unlike the 2016 and 2020 presidential elections, the interrelationship between the lunar influence and my horoscope is highly favorable.  This is accentuated by a lunar eclipse in Sagittarius on 14th December 2020 less than two degrees to my natal sun (my birthday is 14 December). 

If the above assessment is correct, I will avoid making any further mundane political predictions when the lunar influence is adverse to me.  No more presidential or other political predictions under a Taurus full moon activating my lowly 4th house, or any other unfavorable house.

What is Schrodinger’s cat?  It’s a fictional example developed in the 1930s attempting to demonstrate the complexities of quantum mechanics.  Basically, at the quantum level (sub-atomic and below), the universe is nothing like how we perceive it.  All the rules and behavior we experience in our world does not apply at the quantum level, even though our world is constructed upon the quantum world.  In the quantum world, objects can exist simultaneously in different states, and can change states if they are being measured indicating that just having an observer can change what is being observed. So when I make an astrological prediction, as the observer, I am now part of the process.  Therefore, I cannot exclude any astrological circumstance affecting me when making a prediction about something or someone else.  This is why I believe that any astrological prediction any astrologer makes should take into account their own astrological status at the time in question.  This is the main lesson I have learnt from the 2020 US presidential elections.

Another lesson is that every astrological aspect, be it lunar or otherwise, does capture part of the future reality. And like mathematics, astrology never lies though it misbehaves amazingly.  When I saw the lunar nodes squaring Biden’s MC in this critical period, it showed a blow to his status and standing, and despite being acknowledged as the president-elect by most media and world leaders, he is still suffering from a blow that I believe has no precedent in US political history.  Nevertheless, the transiting nodes squaring Biden’s MC does capture this reality, but usually would indicate Biden’s election bid would fail – who could have fathomed his status as president-elect would manifest.

The astrological influence at the top of the list for the 2020 presidential election is the eclipse of the moon on December 14 2020 on the day of the Electoral College vote.  This eclipse can be taken as it was applied three and four thousand years ago – it traditionally marked a leader being replaced and was thus feared in ancient times by various kings and so on.  This eclipse is almost exactly opposite Trump’s natal Sun and almost exactly conjunct his natal moon.  This eclipse is heading for Trump with Trump in its sights.  Of all the astrological influences available, it is the eclipse that seems to rule them all!

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Predicting the Winner of the 2020 US Presidential Elections

It may be astrologically obvious who will win the 2020 US presidential elections, but there is no evidence to support this assertion.  I have read many detailed analyzes from many very competent and experienced astrologers, yet despite this widespread experience and expertise, there is a split opinion of roughly 50/50 between a Biden or Trump win.  For a review of ‘registered’ predictions, see Mark Cullen’s Astrological Predictions -USA Presidential Election 2020

Usually the Democratic Party candidates receives more winning predictions at most elections, as there has been longstanding practice of the Democrats being politically favored by more astrologers than the Republicans, and this leftwing bias usually comes through at every election, but not this time at least, probably because too many astrologers got burnt with a Hillary Clinton prediction in 2016.

The range of astrological techniques utilized is mind-boggling – from fairly standard astrology to the exotic including a variety of Vedic astrological techniques. I am sure, once the election is over that those astrologers with a winning prediction will be extolling their expertise and promoting their technique.  However, around 50% of astrologers will be correct anyway, and there is no guarantee that their particular technique guaranteed their success, as it is like flipping a coin, one side must win!

I have made my own prediction based on lunar astrology, as the Taurus full moon period (23rd Oct – 8th Nov 2020) activates Trump’s 10th house of career and success, while Biden’s Sagittarius rising has his lowly 6th house activated. The lunar approach I am taking is not as simple as this, but it certainly based on the proposition that the moon takes a far more important role than most astrologers acknowledge.  This, I believe, is due to the restrictive nature of the horoscope, which captures only a moment in time, whereas the full lunar influence is not captured by a moment in time and so rarely shows up in a static horoscope. 

For example, any horoscope applied to the US elections on 3rd November 2020 will show the transiting moon is in Gemini, and cannot show that the key lunar influence will derive from the two weeks Taurus full moon period (23rd Oct – 8th Nov 2020). And the same applies to eclipses which can manifest many months before and after the actual eclipse.  The December 14 2020 solar eclipse does not appear in the horoscope for the 3rd November elections yet it arguably the most critical factor in the exercise.

As I stated in “Trump & the December 2020 Solar Eclipse” published on 27 September 2020:

“President Trump will experience his most powerful eclipse in December 2020 that will occur only two degrees away from his natal moon, and almost exactly opposite his natal sun … Any eclipse directly associated with the natal sun is going to be a very powerful eclipse for anyone, and this eclipse not only directly affects Trump’s sun, but with Leo rising, the sun is Trump’s ruling entity.  It is virtually impossible for Trump to escape such an astrological event.  In days of old, kings and leaders were terrified of such eclipses, regardless of where the eclipses were located in the zodiac, as the darkening of the sun allegorically represented the darkening of the king – which often resulted in their death by any means whatsoever.  However, we now know much more about eclipses, and though eclipses can presage death, it is not the normal result.”

Also, in “Trump’s Date with Fate” published on 14th October 2020:

“The lunar nodes behave like traveling ambassadors for any eclipse. Every eclipse involves one of the nodes at least conjuncting either the sun or moon at the new moon or full moon.  This conjunction of the north lunar node with Trump’s natal sun entered its one-degree orb around 20 September and remains in its orb of influence until mid-October.” 

As an interesting astrological study, the 14 December 2020 solar eclipse does seem to be influential in the lead up to the elections, and I am specifically referring to the 15th October 2020 ‘revelations’ by the New York Post of nefarious dealings by Joe Biden and especially his son Hunter Biden[1].  The veracity of the claims is irrelevant, though most observers cannot find anything illegal by Joe or Hunter Biden, and having Trump call Biden corrupt is a little like the kettle calling the pot black.

This new expose by the New York Post is like seeing the December 14 2020 solar eclipse in action!  At the most simplest level, the conjunction of the transiting moon’s north node (which creates eclipses) with Trump’s natal sun on 1st October 2020 occurred in his 11th house, the derived 5th house of children to Trump’s 7th house of his political opponent.  The light of Trump’s natal sun in this situation represents Hunter Biden, and the moon’s north node is blanking Trump’s sun and thus Hunter Biden.  The big question – will such blatantly manufactured ‘revelations’ affect the outcome of the US presidential elections?  It is very possible!

The next nodal influence is the conjunction of the transiting moon’s south node to Trump’s natal moon:

“The next important transiting nodal aspect is around 26 October when the moon’s south node conjuncts Trump’s natal moon with its one-degree orb commencing around 13th October and extending to after the election to around 13th November with the transiting north node conjuncting Trump’s natal north node a few days later on 29th October (i.e. a nodal return).  Again, these next points of interest are directly linked to the December 2020 eclipse due to the nodes.”

On a very simplistic level, the transiting south node conjunct Trump’s natal moon is already manifesting, as Melania Trump has been mainly absent from the campaign trail since she succumbed to COVID-19.  While this is occurring in Trump’s 5th house, it is also his solar 7th house of his partner (Melania).  Again, the blanking effect of the nodes is noticeable.  Of course, from Trump’s perspective, he would prefer the south node to eclipse his 7th house opponent (Joe Biden), and this must also be factored into any astrological predictions of who will win the election.

December 14 2020 solar eclipse to Trump’s natal horoscope

Unfortunately for Joe Biden, the position of the moons’ nodes at the December 14 2020 solar eclipse are both exactly square his natal midheaven (see horoscope below) which is the tightest aspect made between the eclipse chart and his natal horoscope (with a caveat).  Combining the nodes’ blanking ability with a hard square aspect to his status-orientated midheaven does not bode well for Joe!  This harsh and difficult aspect is well within a one-degree orb for the November 3rd elections, and is almost exact for all of December and remains within a one-degree orb until Inauguration day at least.

December 14 2020 solar cclipse to Biden’s natal horosocpe

The caveat is Joe Biden’s birth time of 8:30 am which normally would mean a possible error of plus or minus 15 minutes (at a minimum), and anything past about 4 minutes will dilute the effect of any transiting nodal square to his natal midheaven. If the 8:30 am birthtime is relevant, this is a major astrological hurdle for Joe Biden.

Though I did not factor in the daily moon sign on Election Day when doing my formal lunar analysis on the respective horoscopes of Trump and Biden, a transiting Gemini moon activates Biden’s 7th house of his opponent, and activates Trump’s 1st solar house of himself.  If Biden does win, this suggests some mighty theatrics from Trump, as how else will Trump steal the limelight from such a moon when the limelight is usually reserved for the winner (who takes all)?  Something strange here if Trump loses the election or is not proclaimed winner on the evening of the election!

The US presidential election is turning into the penultimate astrological event in the international astrological community every four years, and some astrologers perceive it as a competition, and other astrologers use it to promote their prestige – if they are on the winning side of predictions.

I am using such an event to expand my knowledge of lunar astrology – a sideline area of astrology that I have been interested in for a number of decades. It is difficult to see how Trump could possibly win the 2020 election with the polls so heavily against him, at least to date. The astrology indicates he has the ability to pull the rabbit out of his hat – but there is no guarantee this will occur.

[1] Kessler, Glenn (October 15, 2020). “Hunter Biden’s alleged laptop: an explainer”, The Washington Post.

Trump’s Date with Fate

It was reported that on Friday morning 2 October 2020 that Trump had been diagnosed with COVID-19, but due to the misinformation provided, it is difficult to say when Trump was first confirmed to have caught COVID-19, but we can take that it did occur in the preceding days. 

The moon’s nodes on Trump’s natal sun, moon & north node in October 2020

The above graph indicates that the transiting moon’s north node was exactly conjunct Trump’s sun on Thursday 1st October, and allowing for a few days of leeway, this nodal transit on Trump’s natal sun is probably the defining astrological factor that has invoked the December 14th 2020 potent eclipse directly opposite Trump’s natal sun and almost conjunct his natal moon (see the following horoscope).  Taking into account Trump was born just a few hours before a lunar eclipse, this makes the December 2020 eclipse a big deal for Trump.

The December 14 2020 Solar Eclipse superimposed upon Trump’s horosoccope

The December 14 2020 solar eclipse will be the most powerful eclipse he has experienced in his adult life to date – but there is a wildcard associated with any eclipse – which way will it go?  This is important to digest, as there should be a fundamental change or a new direction as this is a major eclipse.  Catching COVID-19 in itself is not a big deal, and therefore, we should expect much more from this eclipse.  It is likely that this eclipse will take Trump out of the game, or hand him another surprize electoral win!

The lunar nodes behave like travelling ambassadors for any eclipse. Every eclipse involves one of the nodes at least conjuncting either the sun or moon at the new moon or full moon.  This conjunction of the north lunar node with Trump’s natal sun entered its one degree orb around 20 September and remains in its orb of influence until mid-October.  This is strongly suggestive that the December 2020 eclipse is providing the underlying astrology for Trump catching COVID-19.

The transit of a lunar node, even without an association to a specific eclipse, usually blanks the planet or body involved like a mini-eclipse.  In the case of Trump, we can clearly see that he has been blanked as he has been blindsided by the node blanking his sun (power) in the lead up to the presidential election.  However, he has supposedly bounced back, at least temporarily, which is very much like how an eclipse behaves.

The next important transiting nodal aspect is around 26 October when the moon’s south node conjuncts Trump’s natal moon with its one degree orb commencing around 13th October and extending to after the election to around 13th November  with the transiting  north node conjuncting Trump’s natal north node a few days later on 29th October (i.e. a nodal return).  Again, these next points of interest are directly linked to the December 2020 eclipse due to the nodes.

Therefore the second half of October and first half of November is a very important period because with the moon’s south node on Trump’s natal moon, this invokes Trump’s 12th house of self-made problems.  The real issue is how big a problem it produces.  Some archetype associated with the moon may also get activated, such as Melania’s health.  The days around 29th due to the nodal return may also independently provide some key development.

However, if we look at the lunar influence on Trump, the Aries full moon period (23rd September to 9th October 2020) activated Trump’s 9th house, the derived 12th house of (self-made) problems in Trumps status or standing – something that has been widely discussed by media around the world.  Be that as it may, the 3 November 2020 election occurs under the rays of the Taurus full moon activating Trump’s 10th house of status, so providing he survives COVID-19, or can continue running for president, the effects of the current situation regarding his role and status are reversed by election time with the Taurus full moon period positively shining upon his 10th house of status – a good coincidence if you are running for the highest office in the USA. 

As one recent media commentator stated in the last few days, a week in American politics now feels like a year.  There is no guarantee any detrimental influence of Trump’s laisse-faire attitude to COVID-19 that possible killed many tens of thousands more Americans than was necessary, will stick to Trump come Election Day.

In the meantime, we should wait until around October 26th (and 29th) 2020 to see what kind of result or reality may stick to Trump and his COVID-19! With a one degree orb for the nodal conjunction to Trump’s natal moon coming into effect around 13th October, we may also get a distinct change or new development starting to come into effect as early as mid-October 2020.

Of course, the actual solar eclipse affecting the few days around December 14 2020 can also play a role.  Interestingly, this is the same date that electors meet in their states to officially vote on the president and vice president, and strongly insinuates, that something profound in relation to Trump occurs.  Will the eclipse let him bounce back, or does it knock him off his pedestal?

The official authorization of the candidate who will become president and vice president should be announced on January 6 2021 by Congress.  The day before this date, transiting Pluto trines Trump’s natal midheaven, insinuating that he is comfortable with proceedings around this time?

The important issue with the presidential election is the electorate – what will they want?  Do they want an alpha male gorilla swinging through the trees showing off his prowess, or do they want a near geriatric?  Has such a pitiful choice been presented to the American public since the creation of the USA with the world looking on in dismay?[1]

The American public has been overcome by COVID-19 since the arrival of the Virgo nano-age decan and overflow (Dec 19 – May 20 – Oct 20) deep within the Age of Aquarius[2] – but with the end of the Virgo period in October 2020, many people will cease to be so critical, which will help Trump, as there is just so many valid reasons why he should be criticized.  What will change in his favor, is that the end of the Virgo period experiences the highpoint of the overlapping Taurus nano-age decan and overflow (Jul 20 –Oct 20 – Mar 21) with Taurus peaking in October and contributing the main influence in November 2020  – right on target for the presidential election.  The general public will be primarily concerned with financial issues, and for many people this means stock market prices.  The public will want to support the candidate who will help make them richer!  This will make many swinging voters back Trump as the supposed savior of the stockmarket.


[1] Who Really Won? Trump Or Biden?! – Russell Brand

[2] The Virgo nano-age decan and overflow (Dec 19 – May 20 – Oct 20) sits within the Capricorn nano-age (Dec 2019 – Mar 2021), in the Gemini micro-age (Dec 2016 – Nov 2029), Libra sub-age (1970 – 2149), the forth sub-age in the Age of Aquarius (1433 – 3581)

Trump’s Second Term & the December 2020 Eclipse?

President Trump will experience his most powerful eclipse in December 2020 that will occur only two degrees away from his natal moon, and almost exactly opposite his natal sun as displayed below:

The December 14 2020 solar eclipse (outer wheel) to Donald Trump’s natal horoscope

Any eclipse directly associated with the natal sun is going to be a very powerful eclipse for anyone, and this eclipse not only directly affects Trump’s sun, but with Leo rising, the sun is Trump’s ruling entity.  It is virtually impossible for Trump to escape such an astrological event.  In days of old, kings and leaders were terrified of such eclipses, regardless of where the eclipses were located in the zodiac, as the darkening of the sun allegorically represented the darkening of the king – which often resulted in their untimely death by any means whatsoever.  However, we now know much more about eclipses, and though eclipses can presage death, it is not the normal result.

On 14 December 1982 Trump experienced a similar but weaker partial solar eclipse that mimics the December 2020 solar eclipse inasmuch it was the natal sun that had the closest aspect to the eclipsed sun and not the natal moon.  In 1982, Trump was listed on the initial Forbes list of wealthy individuals as having a share of his family’s estimated $200 million net worth.  Journalist Jonathan Greenberg later wrote that Forbes had vastly overestimated Trump’s wealth and wrongly included him on the Forbes 400 rankings of 1982, 1983, and 1984.[1]  Trump initially got away with this wealth deception, and because track record is important, this supports Trump improperly attempting to win the 2020 presidential elections as a similar eclipse environment exists and deception shows up strongly in his horoscope.

The 1982 solar eclipse was only a partial solar eclipse, whereas the December 14 2020 solar eclipse is a full solar eclipse.  Some astrologers believe that an eclipse only has an effect if the shadow falls over the specific region, and this eclipse will not shadow any part of the USA.  However, this is not correct, and I concur in this regard with David Ovason where he clearly states:

“It does not matter one jot, in astrological terms, whether the eclipse is seen or not seen, and whether it is visible or invisible”[2]

The total eclipse of the sun on 14 December 2020 almost directly opposite Trump’s natal sun and in a loose conjunction[3] with his moon is the first time in his life that this has occurred at this strength.  In simplistic terms, an eclipse represents a significant ‘change in direction’ or change in circumstances. A total eclipse of either the sun or moon can be expected to be in effect many months prior and after the actual eclipse, and therefore Trump is currently in eclipse territory.  I believe that it has already shown some tangible effects.

The effect of an eclipse is not limited to ascendant houses, and eclipses can instead trigger solar houses.  If the eclipse aspects the sun more than the ascendant degree, solar houses are usually invoked in place of ascendant houses.  The December 14 eclipse is in tight opposition to Trump’s natal sun but is seven degrees orb of a trine to Trump’s ascendant, so the sun aspect is the dominant aspect, and therefore invokes solar houses, or prefers solar houses over ascendant houses.

Examining the 14 December 2020 eclipse of the sun from the solar perspective, the natal sun, ruler of Leo, is in Gemini, so Leo rules the 3rd solar house of siblings, and already two notable events have occurred recently involving Trump’s siblings.  Firstly, Trump’s younger brother, Robert, died on August 15, 2020, well within the scope of the December 2020 eclipse.  Secondly, the niece of Maryanne Trump Barry, Trump’s eldest sister, published a highly critical book on Donald Trump in July 2020 – again well within the orb of the December eclipse.  Some audio recordings of Maryanne have also subsequently come available:

“She added that her brother does not read and had someone take the college entrance exam in his place. She said, “It’s the phoniness of it all. It’s the phoniness and this cruelty. Donald is cruel.””[4]

The above sibling focus that has already occurred may be the end of the December 2020 eclipse for Trump, and conforms to Trump’s 1982 penumbral eclipse that also affected his natal sun more than his moon.  With his natal sun ruling his 3rd solar house, it was his wealth published in the Forbes magazine that was the issue – and magazines are ruled by the 3rd house.  Even the topic of Trump’s reading’ or lack thereof invokes the 3rd house!  It remains possible that the December 2020 eclipse will affect Trump directly via his first ascendant house in some way?

In addition, the December 2020 eclipse may affect his natal moon ruling his 12th house.  With the 12th house associated with deception, deception was a key aspect of Trump’s inclusion in Forbes list of wealthiest people in 1982 associated with the previous 1982 eclipse.  With the December 2020 eclipse even more powerful, it can also be expected that 12th house deception will also contribute to the effects of the December 2020 eclipse.  Track record is very important, and though we have only one approximate precedent for the December 2020 eclipse, he initially got away with his wealth deception to Forbes magazine in 1982, and so this suggests he will also get away with winning the November 2020 presidential election by fair means or foul?

Of all the issues most relevant for the December 2020 eclipse: does it play a key role in the November 2020 presidential election?  With the December 2020 eclipsed moon in his 7th solar house and theoretically the strongest astrological influence of this eclipse, this suggests that it will affect one or more areas associated with his wife, marriage or second child and his political opponent Joe Biden.  This promotes Trump’s political opponent being ‘eclipsed’ which means taken out of the picture!  The December eclipse is not conjunct Trump’s sun, but directly opposite, and the opposition aspect always invokes ‘the other person’.

The eclipse reality associated with Trump is further complicated as he was born only a few hours before an eclipse of the moon in the 5th house.  Trump is one of those rare eclipse-birth people.  With the natal lunar eclipse in his 5th house of politics, he certainly has a record of eclipsing his political opponents.  Firstly, he eclipsed all his Republican opponents in the lead up to the 2016 presidential election, then went on to eclipse Hillary Clinton in the presidential race. Based on Trump’s eclipsed 5th house alone, he can never be ruled out in winning a political contest, regardless of what any polls indicate, as the polls never win any election.


[1] Donald Trump, Wikipedia, Retrieved 00:47, August 26, 2020, from

[2] David Ovason, “The Book of the Eclipse”, 1999, Arrow, UK, p17

[3] The astrology associated with eclipses tend to use a maximum orb of one degree, but due to the opposition between the natal sun and natal moon in Trump’s horoscope, this orb can be widened a little.

[4] Maryanne Trump Barry, Wikipedia, Retrieved 01:04, August 26, 2020, from

Trump to Win or Biden to Lose?

The approach I have taken in analyzing the likely result of the 2020 US presidential elections is based on a statistical technique I have successfully used in other areas of astrology – but it is no guarantee of success.  Basically, I am looking for statistical evidence supporting common correlations not only between successful candidates for the office of president of the USA, but also for the losing candidates.  Both winning and losing candidates have astrological ‘profiles’ that allow me to draw relevant conclusions – which however, are not infallible, but have been 100% successful for the last eight presidential elections.

Every astrological technique is based on a view, and these views are always limited, which is why astrology cannot be infallible.  In this case, the statistical analysis is based solely on the relationships between the candidates’ natal ascendant, sun-sign and moon sign to the lunation cycle at the time of the election.  In the approximate four weeks lunation cycle, there are just two major factors – the lunar month and the full moon.

Because each lunar month begins with the conjunction of the sun and moon, the lunar month (until the next full moon), is ruled by the zodiacal sign the sun and moon are located within at the time of the new moon.  However, the full moon overrides the sign of the lunar month in power, and the zodiacal position of the full moon, not only defines the full moon, but the approximate week immediately before and after the exact full moon – which coincides with how much of the moon is illuminated by the sun as viewed from earth.  If more than 50% illuminated, the sign of the full moon rules, otherwise the sign of the lunar month rules.

This moon is ruled by the sign of the lunar month as slightly less than 50% of the moon is illuminated by the sun.

For the purpose of this research, I have examined each presidential election since 1960 which correctly or otherwise makes President Kennedy the first ‘modern’ president.  Each presidential election between 1960 and 2016 occurred under either the influence of the Taurus lunar month or Scorpio full moon.

The last three presidential elections (until 2016) had the winning candidate elected with the lunar influence activating their respective 10th ascendant house.  In 2008, Aquarius rising President Obama beat John McCain with the Scorpio lunar moon activating Obama’s 10th house, with the same occurring in the 2012 elections of Obama pitted against Mitt Romney.  In 2016, President Trump with his Leo rising, had the Taurus full moon activating his 10th house beating Hillary Clinton with the full moon activating the 7th house of her opponent!  Please note that the house structure I employ is whole sign houses, the only house structure I have found through research to have integrity – which is a world apart from stating whole sign houses ‘works for me’ – which seems to be the preferred non-analytical approach of most astrologers in the vexing issue of astrological houses.

If the above simple lunar interface is the sole determining factor, Donald Trump is poised to win the 2020 election – as again the presidential election occurs under the two weeks Taurus full moon, and with the Taurus full moon activating his 10th house of status, but 6th house for Sagittarius rising Joe Biden – the writing seems to be ‘on the wall’.  However, I was surprised to discover that an activated 10th house is not the best indicator for success – and on the contrary, it is a poor guide!  Al Gore, with his Leo rising, had his 10th house activated at the 2000 presidential elections, but unfortunately for Al, George W Bush is also Leo rising so the same Taurus full moon also activated his 10th house of status.    This may partially explain why the result of the 2000 election was initially so confusing.

The other idiosyncrasy was the 1992 presidential election where Bill Clinton overcame the first term President George HW Bush with the Taurus lunar month activating Bush’s 10th house, but ‘lowly’ 8th house for Bill Clinton, though the full moon did activate Clinton’s solar 10th house.  Thus, while having the 10th (ascendant) house activated for any presidential candidate is probably an excellent asset, it is not infallible.

The analysis of the 1960 to 2016 presidential elections, while statistically inadequate due to the small number of samples, does provide some kind of a pattern.  And while I initially latched onto the simplistic notion that the 10th house was the key to the outcome, the accumulated results provided a different perspective. For this analysis, I am using a technique that is more common in Vedic astrology compared to western astrology.  In Vedic astrology, it is relatively common to analyze the solar chart (with the 1st house the same sign as the sun-sign), and the lunar chart as well as the normal and most popular ascendant based chart.  Table 1 provides the astrological profile of the winning candidates since President Kennedy in 1960 based on their ascendant, sun-sign and moon sign related to the activated house of the relevant influence of the lunation cycle – either the lunar month or full moon:

Table 1 – Successful Candidates

Signature for Success

  1. The leading indicator for a successful presidential candidate is an activated 4th house (highlighted in yellow in Table 1). Of the 15 presidential elections examined, 11 of these elections or 73%, had an activated 4th house, and since Ronal Reagan, only Trump has been elected without an activated 4th  Why should the 4th house, opposite the 10th house of status, provide the greatest correlation to success?  The 4th house represents a candidate’s base, and this translates to their voting base.  A winning candidate needs the voters on their side, more so at the actual week of the election than the following four years.
  2. The second key indicator is the 6th house can be readily understood via derived houses, as the 6th house is the derived 12th house of undoing to the 7th house – which represents the opponent.  Obviously, it is better to have the opponent shoot themself in the foot.  This 6th house focus appears to have assisted President Trump against Hillary Clinton, Barack Obama against both Mitt Romney and John McCain, George HW Bush against Michael Dukakis, and Ronald Reagan against both Walter Mondale and Jimmy Carter.
  3. The third key indicator is the 2nd house which is hard to fathom? It seems to have assisted the two Bush presidents and Bill Clinton.  Bill Clinton is reported to have stated while in electioneering mode that the main issue at the election is always “the economy”.  Perhaps an activated 2nd house allows the candidates to appear fiscally sensible or just stable?
  4. The 10th house focus does not need an explanation, as having a prominent 10th house is obviously beneficial, and in this case, it is better to have a positive ascendant 10th house.  The activated 10th house beneficiaries have been: Trump (2016), Obama (2008 and 2012), and Richard Nixon (1972).

In the same way that the winning candidates are attracted to specific houses, it also appears that the losing candidates also have a profile, but part of this collective losing profile is a lack of a clear pattern with no attraction to a specific house such as the activated 4th house that seems to be so effective in anointing successful candidates (see Table 2 below).

Table 2 – Profile of losing candidates

Signature for Failure

  1. The strongest indication for losing a presidential election is having the 7th house (of the opponent) activated. Obviously having the opponent strengthened is not a good sign!  The following candidates suffered from an activated 7th house: Barry Goldwater (1964), George McGovern (1972), Jimmy Carter (1980), Michael Dukakis (1988), Bob Dole (1996) and Hillary Clinton (2016).  The moon represents the general public, and perhaps this placement means the general public is also put offside by the candidate at the time of the election?
  2. The other difficult influences associated with failed candidates relate to activated 1st, 5th, 6th and 12th houses.  This suggests that the 1st and 6th houses can either detract or promote a candidate and so these houses must be treated carefully in any analysis.
  3. Having an activated 1st house appears a slightly higher liability for losing the election than winning, so it is an ambivalent feature.
  4. The negative impact of an activated 5th house, especially the 5th solar house, goes against the notion that the 5th house represents political power. Nevertheless, it seems to accumulate with the losing candidates!
  5. The negative impact of the 6th house is almost as strong as its positive effect, however, it seems that a strong 6th house is ambivalent, and can behave to the benefit of a candidate as the derived 12th house to their opponent’s 7th house, or as a negative 6th house for themselves as the house of “sickness”.
  6. An activated 12th house (of self-undoing) surely cannot benefit any candidate. This applied to John Kerry in 2004 (at double strength), George HW Bush against Bill Clinton when he failed to secure a second term in 1992, Walter Mondale unsuccessfully against Ronald Reagan in 1984 and Hubert Humphrey (double strength) against Richard Nixon in 1968.

Utilizing the details provided in Table 1 and 2, I developed a table of winning score and losing scores.  For example, the appearance of any house above average is assigned a score commensurate with the number of times it has appeared for successful candidates.  Anyone with the lunar month or full moon in their 4th house receives a score of 11, and 6th house a score of 6, as these represent the number of times they have appeared (see Table 3 below).

Table 3 – Consolidated winning and losing scores for all candidates and the differences between these scores

The yellow highlighted cells in the above table indicates the only times that this score did not function correctly.  For the successful candidates (top section), President Kennedy had no favorable characteristics for winning, while Nixon scored 11 points for a win.  However, the two ‘renegade’ presidents (Kennedy and Carter) who defied the odds, both had their 8th house strongly activated.  These are the only two candidates that had activated 8th houses, and perhaps the 8th house can break out or usurp the ruling trend if certain conditions are met such as bringing a ‘revolution’ with their candidacy.  This obviously failed in Carter’s second attempt, but can a sitting president provide a revolution, as this would mean they intend to overthrow themselves?  This he certainly achieved.

For each of the above presidential candidates, their winning score is provided, as with their profile for being a losing candidate. The “W-L” line represents deducting their losing score from their winning score.  The very bottom line of the table “W – L diff” represents the net score for the winners minus the net score of the loser, and only in one instance does this not work – the election of President Kennedy in 1960.

“The 1960 presidential election was the closest election since 1916” and it is difficult to say which candidate really won the popular vote.[1]

Every presidential election since LBJ in 1964 has conformed to the bottom line of Table 3, and so this is the primary technique I am applying in comparing President Trump with former Vice President Biden.

In the above Table 3, Trump has a winning profile of 10 to Biden’s 6, Biden’s losing profile of 16 is much greater than Trumps losing profile at 9, but Trump’s net score of 1 is far better than Biden’s of minus 10 giving Trump an 11 point advantage over Biden.  Based on this technique, Trump should win, and Biden cannot call upon the speculative wild card of the revolutionary 8th house to save him.

The perverse nature of the 2016 and 2020 presidential elections is that the conservative Republicans chose a revolutionary candidate, and the ‘progressive’ Democrats had the conservative Hillary Clinton and now more-of-the-same Joe Biden – but the electorate wants a revolutionary candidate at both elections as currently, the key sign in the world is Aquarius, especially for 2020 due to the Aquarius micro-age decan and overflow (December 2014 – December 2019 – November 2024).[2]  The Democrats have not understood that by promoting a conservative candidate, they are losing votes. Sanders should have been the face of the Democratic Party!

Trump, while being an arch-conservative, comes across as different (weird), if not revolutionary and visionary (to his base) in his political personae, which invokes Aquarius.  The superficial is as important as anything else in the USA and the American dream (nightmare). Trump promises to fight a war against the Deep State and so he appears as a revolutionary – it is rather stunning theatrical politics.  The average American voter would not know a Deep State from an Industrial-Military Complex but they recognize someone who promises to fight their supposed enemies on their behalf, even if they don’t know who their enemies are, in which case, any enemy will do.  It’s an excellent lesson in how the modern world does not exist, but a medieval-modern world does.[3]

Trump’s net score of one is the lowest score for a winning candidate since Carter, and the average winning score from Reagan to Obama was almost 12.  Biden’s net score of minus 10 is almost twice as bad as the average net score for losing candidates of minus five.  Therefore, based on this lunar focus, Trump did not win the 2016 election, nor will he win the 2020 elections, as his opponents do the losing for him, and Trump wins by default. Trump will not win the 2020 election, Biden will lose it.

Many people will not like my prediction of Trump winning, but this is not about Trump but about a test of the validity of lunar astrology applied to a specific event such as the 2020 presidential election.  There are many alternative ways of predicting the outcome,[4] but traditional horoscopic analysis should find that each candidate is in the astro limelight and has a strong success track record, otherwise, they would not be where they are as candidates for the highest office in the world.  A lunar analysis avoids all this background noise by focusing solely upon the emotions of the electorate in just a few weeks or days surrounding the election.  If Biden actually wins the election, it is back to the drawing board for me, as it would suggest that referring to only recent presidential elections since 1960, my sample size is too small or lunar astrology is not the best choice of techniques to determine the winner.

[1] 1960 United States presidential election, Wikipedia, Retrieved 02:39, August 25, 2020, from

[2] This is the Dawning of the Aquarius Micro-Age Decan

[3] The Myth of Modernity

[4] Can astrology pick the winner in a political contest?



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A Lunar Nodal Tale!

My presence online has been quieter than usual of late.  Without going into details, I have had an encounter with the moon’s lunar nodes over the last few months.  The lunar nodes create eclipses, and if the full moon or new moon in any month occurs with the sun and moon located at the lunar nodes – this results is an eclipse of either the sun or moon.  However, these lunar nodes (mathematical points in space) are always somewhere, and if they bump into a planet or point in your personal horoscope, they will usually make their presence known.

In my case, in late June 2020, the moon’s nodes (there are two lunar nodes), moved over a sensitive point in my horoscope.  When I was born, Mercury and the Moon were very close to being directly opposite each other in the sky. Since late July 2020, the lunar nodes (which are also directly opposite each other in the sky) moved onto my Moon-Mercury natal opposition.

Graphic display (highlighted in red) of the transiting lunar north node connecting with my natal moon and Mercury.

I first encountered the nodes when I began learning astrology in the early 1970s, but I basically ignored them for decades, and I think that even in published horoscopes at the time, the nodes were usually absent.  The descriptions applied to the nodes were vague and confusing, unlike the sun, moon and planetary archetypes.  Even when I first started learning Vedic astrology in the mid-1980s, I was again confronted by the nodes, as they are treated more reverentially in Vedic astrology compared to western astrology, and are not just called the north and south nodes, but Rahu and Ketu – considered godlike in India.

However, even the astrological connotations my erstwhile Vedic astrologer teacher taught me did not really imprint themselves upon me. However, I do remember my teacher saying that Rahu was ‘offensive’, while Ketu was ‘low class’. President Trump does have his Rahu almost at the exact position of his natal Sun and Ketu almost the exact position of his natal Moon which is why he was born, not only on a full moon, but also at a lunar eclipse.  Only about one in every hundred people is born on an eclipse.  Eclipse people stand out, one way or another – in the same way that eclipses visually stand out for anyone witnessing such a spectacle.

Donald Trump’s Vedic natal chart (utilizing the sidereal zodiac)

However, while Trump’s moon is in his 4th Vedic house, it is located in his 5th whole sign house in his western horoscope, (see below), and an eclipsed moon in the western horoscope indicates a person who can outdo competitors and adversaries in the area of the 5th house – the house of politics.  He certainly eclipsed his Republican rivals for the presidential nomination, and then eclipsed Hillary Clinton in the 2016 US presidential elections.  So far so good (or bad)!  He will probably eclipse Joe Biden in the November 2020 presidential elections despite what the polls are currently indicating.

Donald Trump’s western natal horoscope (utilizing whole sign houses)

Jumping back to Trump’s Vedic chart, his ‘offensive’ Rahu on his Sun is the signature of an egotist (though females with the same are usually lacking in confidence).  His Rahu is also in his 10th house of status.  His Mars is located near the Eastern horizon which promotes aggressiveness, and this combined with his egotism that he wears on his sleeve, may be why so many people around the world find Donald Trump very offensive, and he also seems proud of his offensiveness, and Mars pushes him to be aggressive with his offensiveness.  No wonder he loved firing contestants on his TV show – The Apprentice.

Everyone has their nodes (or Rahu and Ketu) somewhere in their horoscopes, and I have my Rahu in the 2nd house which means I am prone to getting the munchies and attracted to intermittent fasting (the 2nd house in Vedic astrology rules food and eating).  However, the transit of the nodes onto my Moon-Mercury opposition since June 2020 brings out another characteristic associated with the nodes (in the western horoscope).  While the nodes can create eclipses, they also can blank what they touch – which is what an eclipse is in essence anyway (temporarily blanking the sun or moon).  Since June 2020, the nodes have been blanking my Moon.  The Moon rules my 6th house of health, and so it has blanked my health.

My non-life-threatening health issues should disappear by the end of August 2020 as the nodes slowly transit away from my Moon-Mercury opposition.  The nodes travel slowly, and it takes them over 19 years to make one circuit of the zodiac.  Unfortunately for me, the nodes can travel faster or slower than normal, and when the transiting nodes activated my Moon-Mercury in June, they were traveling extremely slowly, so instead of just a few days or weeks of inconvenience, it is a few months.

The south node on my Mercury has activated the other side of the influence of the nodes.  The nodes are not limited to blanking, but tend to reverse the circumstances they touch as they can ‘eclipse’ positive or negative circumstances.  With my Moon ruling my 6th house of health, the transiting nodes reversed my average good health at the time associated with my Moon, but it promoted Mercury. For the last five years or so, my partner started with a secondhand book stall on the weekends, then rented a shop for a fully-fledged secondhand bookshop.  Mercury rules books, but in the fashion of yin-yang, simultaneous to my partner becoming involved with secondhand books, I virtually stopped reading.  Previously, I usually read two to three books at a time, but usually split between history, astrology and novels to provide a bit of diversity.  I had been an avid reader since about the age of seven (six if you count comic books).

Over the last 5 years while my partner was busy selling thousands of books, I did read the occasional book, especially eBooks when I was on the road – usually roaming around somewhere in Asia, with the occasional European or American trip thrown in for a bit of variety.  However, once I had my energy undermined due to the nodes on my Moon, I could do very little compared to my norm – so I not only took up reading again, but reading multiple books simultaneously.  The nodes on my Mercury ‘reversed’ my circumstance with respect to reading but blanked another association of Mercury (more on this later).

Though the nodes cannot be as influential as the sun, moon and planets, they do provide extra color and insights.  However, despite reading a number of books on the nodes in western astrology over the years, I found these books mainly disappointing except for one other insight.  The sign and house of the natal south node in the western horoscope indicate areas in life where a person naturally gravitates and finds security.  The sign and house of the natal north node indicates where a person avoids or feels insecure or uncomfortable.  However, it is only through a balance between the north and south nodes that someone experiences a fulfillment that otherwise they will not experience in life.  Therefore the sign, house and aspects of the north node are a challenge that a person needs to undertake to experience a better situation in their life.

Let’s look at one of the best guinea pig in the world for astrological research – Donald Trump.  In his western horoscope, the south node is in the 5th house of political leadership and power.  Here he is on the world stage telling not only the American public, but also governments around the world, how great the USA is under his leadership.  He is like a gorilla beating his chest to let everyone know who the alpha male is in the world like King Kong climbing the Empire State building.  This is why he has so many supporters because many people are attracted to a strong leader – and for these supporters, a strong leader is at least as important as their policies.  But a person who remains strongly attached to their south node, and avoids their north node is cut off from a level of contentment they cannot derive elsewhere.

The north node indicates where Trump should be orientated – which in his case is the 11th house.  The 11th house is the house of democracy, equality amongst people, and friends rather than subjects, and helping the world rather than focusing upon profiting from (5th house) entrepreneurial ventures.  Trump’s western chart indicates that for Trump to find balance and fulfillment in his life, he needs to veer towards what he publicly opposes or undermines – working with ideas and ideologies he firmly rejects, and needing to help rather than only profit.

However, the effects of Trump’s nodes in his Vedic chart are very different (as stated earlier).  I have already discussed his Rahu in the 10th house of leadership and success shared with the mighty sun and aggressive Mars in the 1st house. But Rahu in Trump’s natal Vedic 10th house is as strong as it can get as it is stationary. All the planets and nodes (except the sun and moon) can be stationary at times as viewed from earth (they are never really stationary).  From the perspective on Earth, these bodies can reverse direction in the sky, but for a short period of time, when any planet (including the nodes), change from traveling in one direction, and start moving in the opposite direction, they appear for a short time not to move at all, or move extremely little.  A stationary object in the Vedic horoscope is at its absolute strongest (even stronger than being exalted).

Therefore, Donald Trump has Rahu at its most powerful state in his Vedic natal horoscope, located in his 10th house of status and career.  No one gets to be president of the USA without some commanding astrological feature! Rahu in Vedic astrology has elements generally associated with Uranus in western astrology – and one of these elements is the ability to sense the future.  Trump has the ability to know what his base of supporters want to hear – and he is very skilled at providing what they want to hear despite the fact that about half of his strident supporters would be fundamentalist Christians who normally would find his behavior anathema to their principles, if principles actually counted.  In the history of Christianity and most religions, this is rarely the case.  The ends justify the means!

Secondly, in Vedic astrology, there is a system of determining when each body in the Vedic horoscope is the ruler for a certain period of time. For Donald Trump, he entered his 18 year Rahu period in November 1998, ending around 14th November 2016 – less than two weeks after he won the US presidential election.  By the time he became the reigning president in late January 2017, his Rahu period had ended, and he was at the beginning of his 16 year Jupiter period.  Jupiter is the most favorable planet in the Vedic pantheon for good fortune and benefit, plus in Donald Trump’s case, it was also stationary when he was born.  Having two stationary bodies in the Vedic horoscope is spectacular.  Jupiter is therefore pumping out maximum good fortune for Trump – as the astrological gods smile upon him.

Most people find Trump extremely unpleasant when he is not behaving comically – as if Donald Duck has become president – especially people of other western nations who naturally do not wear rose colored glasses when looking at the USA or its politics.  What these people overlook, is that Trump is a perfect caricature of leaders in the days of old (and current day many Second and Third World countries).  I remember an interview with an American official who had been involved in international diplomacy stating that he was used to dealing with duplicitous and unsavory Third World leaders, but he found it extremely uncomfortable that such a leader was now the president of the USA.

The average leader around the world over the last 5,000 years, or a large percentage of leaders, was more like Trump than say President Lincoln.  Historically, people have gravitated to leaders who appear to be strong because chaos was more common in the past.  Even in contemporary politics, the average Chinese citizen supports the Chinese communist government, because the communists have brought strength and thus stability to China after centuries of chaos and anarchy.  People look for stability before they look for democracy.  For the average person, being the supporter of an anti-democratic country is better than being a dead democrat in a land of chaos.

I continue to recuperate from my brush with the nodes, and I should be in the clear before the end of August 2020.  My nodal brush has even affected my writing, as Mercury rules books and writing.  This brush with the nodes has reversed my reading agenda from very little to a lot, but it has also reversed by writing agenda from a lot to very little.  My writing output is less than half of what it was prior to the nodes appearing in my life.  However, even my (Mercury) writing has been eclipsed in another way, as I have changed my approach to my second book on the astrological ages and to my blogs.

My first book published in 2011, The Dawning, focused on the astrological ages, quasi-ages, age-decans and quasi-age decans – all big picture items, as an age is around 2150 years and an age decan around 720 years.  Over the last number of years, I have commenced writing a second book, with the focus on sub-ages (approximately 178 years each), and sub-age decans (around 59 years each), and I have written almost 25% of the material (the three fire signs).  This material is analytical, detailed and … boring – except perhaps for any breed of astrologer that is interested in history, which is a rare breed of astrologer.  I decided to ‘eclipse’ this approach, and develop an interesting second book.

Secondly, my ‘eclipsed’ Mercury also saw the publisher of my book blank me, as I no longer have access to my online account with the publisher, they have withdrawn my eBook from Amazon and I no longer receive any royalties from the sales of my book.  However, this is of no concern to me, as I have also ‘eclipsed’ my approach to publishing whereby I previously paid for all the cost of preparation and publication of the book, but in the future, any future book(s), and publishing a revised edition of my first book, will have to be the result of a publisher approaching me, with the publisher paying all costs.

I printed my first book through the new print-on-demand publishing industry, whereby, instead of having multiple thousands of books published, as was the case until a few decades ago, the new system is that they only print as many copies as they need on the day, because the printing charge per book is no more expensive if one copy is printed compared to 5,000 copies – such is modern technology.

I was well aware of the shortcomings of the print-on-demand publishing approach, but it was either that or nothing at all, and after almost 25 years of researching the astrological ages, I wanted to get a book out.  My publisher was an American company, Xlibris, which was originally associated with Random House, and is now owned by Author Solutions, Inc., the owner of iUniverse, Trafford Publishing, Palibrio, and Booktango.  I do not know if the other publishing companies in the group have the same paradigm as Xlibris, but Xlibris is basically designed to parasitically extract as much money from its authors as possible .

Every couple of months over almost the last decade, I would get a call from my Xlibris ‘representative’ to encourage me to engage in some kind of promotion, with the average cost of around $US5,000 out of my pocket.  My response was to ask them what the average increase in sales I could expect for my book if I engaged in these promotional offers.  This request was met with bafflement and they always told me that this kind of information is not supplied in the publishing industry, and I would tell them it was not supplied because it does not work.  I would also ask them if these promotions are so successful, why doesn’t Xlibris pay for them, as they are the ones to benefit the most from any increase in book sales – authors just get the crumbs.  Nothing like a dose of honesty to confuse a corporation!

Finally, after I told my Xlibris representative a few months ago that I would never engage in any of their ridiculous promotional offers, often to be done in Readers Digest (an associated company in the group), I have recently discovered I have been ostracized by Xlibris, without notification.  I feel so relieved.  Xlibris is like a company managed by Donald Trump, it’s just a scam and they would not know the truth even if they fell over it.  The American economy has always had swindlers and grifters hiding in all corners, as the key sign for the USA is Pisces – the sign of deceit and delusion (but Pisces does have positive attributes as well).

As my hardcopy books remain available on Amazon and some other online booksellers, I can only assume that Xlibris is pocketing my royalties, and I am not sure if they will continue actually printing my book, or let any stock held by Amazon to run out and cease to be available?  The mere fact Xlibris did not have the courtesy, honesty or ethics to inform me of my change in status tells you all you need to know about this company of misfits.

However, one must give credit where credit is due as rarely is anything all black or all white.  When my book was first published, my publishing representative hassled me so much to approve the final draft of the book after the Xlibris ‘editing’ that I caved in and said it was OK, as I did not have time to read the whole book carefully in just a couple of days that my representative demanded. When the first two author copies finally arrived, I discovered editing errors everywhere, and I could not get my publishing representative or anyone in Xlibris to even raise an eyebrow.  So I put my sleuth cap on and went hunting for executives associated with Xlibris, and finally, on LinkedIn, I made contact with an Xlibris executive who somehow managed to get all the corrections completed.

In the meantime, under my ‘eclipsed’ Mercury, I have decided to follow in the footsteps of Voltaire, and focus on ‘pamphlets’ – the equivalent of blogs back in the 18th century.  I will be publishing on one of my WordPress blogs more formal posts that are actually candidates as chapters in the first draft of my second ‘interesting’ book.  I may even sell these draft chapters online in eBook fashion, as this service is now readily available at WordPress. In preparation, I have just completed a new ephemeris for the ages, commencing with the Leo age in c.11,453 BC and concluding with the Libra age commencing in  10,024 AD.  If reincarnation is a reality, it is around 10,024 that I would prefer to be reborn – but I very much doubt there is an astrologer alive that would understand this preference.  There are more important things available in life than astrology!

I do not intend to follow as closely the day-to-day machinations of the manifestation of stupidity in the world, and associate these stupidities with the appropriate sub-period of the ages.  The more you study history, the more you discover how stupid society has been, especially governments and leaders, and this stupidity seems to continue into the modern world as a fait accompli.  What is so surprising is that despite a momentum of thousands of years of stupidity, that society also can simultaneously make advances in so many areas.  So while stupidity is rampant, many humans and sections of society focus upon the good, provident and beneficial in the gaps.  This is truly remarkable.

In the slow but steady extraction of society from all the horrors of the past, and with many more horrors expected in the future, I will continue to provide an astrological commentary, but on the most important issues, with a strong focus on current issues that will bloom in the future. For example, I am currently researching the three biggest plagues in human history to see if there is a common astrological pattern – there is!  Any detached observer cannot but help notice that things are slowly improving in the world, despite the momentum of rampant stupidity, with the emphasis on ‘slow’.  But even slow can be fast sometimes, and since the arrival of the Age of Aquarius in the 15th century, the world has significantly picked up speed.

Furthermore, if the ancient and contemporary sages and avatars have any credibility, we cannot live in a perfect world anyway, we can only live in a world of duality, good and bad, right and wrong. To be upset at the negativity in the world is to be upset with this reality that will most likely never go away anyway. It’s better to focus on what is real and even pure.  Most people do not realize that there are periods when absolute Reality is more readily available, not in the external world, but in the inner world within every human being.  This is because the Scorpio sub-age overflow (1970 – 2149) places a focus on inner Truth and outer discord as Scorpio is the sign of inner strength but external turmoil.  Therefore, while the external world appears so corrupt and unjust, this is only half the story – when it is better to look in the other direction where the strength sits with impunity.

Australia & the Taurus Sting-in-the-Tail

I have never seen a published work or talk by any astrologer about the lunar sting-in-the-tail that occurs toward the end of every lunar month.  The sting-in-the-tail is the second strongest point in every lunar month following the mighty power of the full moon, which perversely, does not reinforce the lunar month – as the full moon focusses upon the 7th or 8th sign from the sign of the lunar month.  While the sting-in-the-tail does not have the power of the full moon, it does seem to distill the essence of the lunar month in one last stand or statement.  The end of the 2020 Taurus lunar month (23 April to 22 May 2020 GMT) saw its Taurus sting-in-the-tail from 2:12pm 20 May to 1:37pm 22 May 2020 (GMT).

The sting-in-the-tail is created by a quirk associated with each lunar month that is almost unique to the lunation cycle (but does have a correspondence in the astrological ages).  This quirk is due to the fact that the moon must not only transit the zodiac each lunar month, but then spend another few days catching up to the sun, before the new lunar month commences. In the case of the 2020 Taurus lunar month, the lunar month commenced at 2:27 pm 23 April with both the sun and moon located at 3 degrees Taurus.  By the 20th May, the moon had returned to 3 degrees Taurus, but the sun was no longer there, and it was not until the moon caught up with the sun at 2 degrees Gemini, that the new lunar month commenced.  It is the final transit of the moon through the sign Taurus, nearly at the very end of the Taurus lunar month, that the sting-in-the-tail is created, because the transiting moon will spend approximately 2 ½ days in Taurus resonating with the Taurus lunar month.

Extract from a graphic lunar ephemeris highlighting the Taurus sting-in-the-tail of the Taurus lunar month courtesy of Thomas Zimmer, Queensland, Australia (dates and times Australian Eastern Standard time)

I always look for strategic developments with these sting-in-the-tails, as they usually have mundane effects in the big wide world, and this Taurus sting-in-the-tail did not fail.  For Australians, we learned on Friday 22 May 2020 that the Federal Government had made a 60 billion dollar ($US40 billion) mistake in its JobSeeker scheme[1] designed to provide cash to businesses to continue paying reasonable wages and salaries to their workers who otherwise would become unemployed.  This mistake was not onerous, as they had allowed $60b more than what was required, and so have saved $60b which any government would relish.

Immediately the connection to the Taurus sting-in-the-tail is found as Taurus is all about money, but it gets better than that.  Australia’s main zodiacal sign in its astrological signature is Sagittarius, which is not to be confused with any horoscope created by the formation of Australia as a country in 1901.  The astrological signature for Australia was created on 26 January 1788, when the British set up a penal colony in Sydney so that Britain could rid itself of the excess of prisoners previously dumped in North America.  Because the Americans had their revolution and successfully broke away from Britain, the British had to find somewhere else to dump their convicts.

1788 is located in the Sagittarius sub-age (1612 – 1791), Sagittarius micro-age (1776 – 1791), Sagittarius micro-age decan (1786 – 1791)[2] which is the Sagittarius sting-in-the tail for the whole Sagittarius sub-age (1612 – 1791) making the period of settlement of Australia at the peak of Sagittarius.  This is where Australia gets its Sagittarius element supported by the fact that Australia is known as “the Lucky Country”.

The fist four sub-ages of the Age of Aquarius including their overflow periods. Australia was settled almost on the exact peak of Sagittarius in 1791.

This is where the recent Taurus sting-in-the tail of the Taurus lunar month gets interesting.  Taurus is located at the 6th house from Sagittarius, and the 6th house is the house of workers.  The mere name JobKeeper tells us it is associated with the 6th house.  Furthermore, the confusion and delusion that is usually associated with Pisces/12th house is unraveled by the 6th house of clarity.

There is even a deeper story here.  I have noticed for some time that aspects of the lunar months interface with the sub-periods of the astrological ages.  For example, the world recently entered the Capricorn nano-age (Dec 2019 – Mar 2021), with this Capricorn nano-age commencing with a Virgo nano-age decan (Dec 2019 – May 2020), and this Virgo precipitated the COVID-19 pandemic.  However, May 2020 is the beginning of the Taurus nano-age decan (May-Oct 2020) and this sting-in-the tail of the Taurus lunar month is resonating with this Taurus nano-age decan.

The Capricorn nano-age located within the Gemini micro-age (2000-14) within the Libra sub-age (1970 – 2148) – the forth sub-age of the Age of Aquarius (1433 – 3574)

The above suggests that for (Sagittarius) Australia, a strong focus will sit in the 6th house for the whole Taurus nano-age decan (May-Oct 2020) and even more so in its overflow (Oct 2020 – Mar 2021), and this has a number of ramifications.  Apart from tensions associated with employees, the 6th house is the derived 12th house of problems and endings for the 7th house.  The 7th house of partnerships immediately invokes China as Australia’s largest trading partner. This can astrologically explain the hiatus recently created in Australia’s trading relationship with China, and implies it will deteriorate with clear air not being experienced until sometime after the conclusion of the Taurus nano-age decan and overflow (May 2020 –  Mar 2021).

Another interesting aspect of Australia’s success with the pandemic is that while the Virgo nano-age decan (Dec 2019 – May 2020) precipitated the pandemic, Virgo sits at the 10th house position of status to (Sagittarius) Australia with the 10th house also representing political leadership.  Most Australians have agreed with the stance of the Australian government’s handling of the crisis, at least to date, and Australia has been admitted to the exclusive club of countries that “have made progress in containing the coronavirus pandemic”. This club includes Australia, Austria, Israel, the Czech Republic, Denmark, Greece and New Zealand.[3]  It was inaugurated by Austrian Chancellor Sebastian Kurz so that smaller, “smart” countries “who like us reacted quickly and intensively and so have come through the crisis better than others” could exchange ideas on fighting the coronavirus pandemic.[4]

The recent Scorpio full moon (1st – 15th May 2020) activated Australia’s 12th house of ‘self-made problems’ to its primary Sagittarius nature, and this covers the period, or most of the period, of the beginning of vitriol from China towards Australia for having the temerity to call for an independent inquiry into China’s handling of the coronavirus.  The astrology indicates this was a bad move by Australia, as it seems that its main purpose was to support the USA’s ongoing tirade against China over many issues.  A few years ago while attending the Ubud Writers Festival in Bali, one speaker, when questioned about Australia’s role in the world, stated clearly that Australia’s role currently is being the USA’s aircraft carrier in the Asia-Pacific region.  This is continuing to play out in the inquiry call by Australia, but the 12th house rarely brings benefits.

While the Taurus sting-in-the-tail of the Taurus lunar month displays strong evidence that it has resonated with the Taurus nano-age decan (May-Oct 2020), will the coming Sagittarius full moon (30 May – 13 June 2020) also strongly resonate with (Sagittarius) Australia?  Any benefit Australia receives from the Sagittarius full moon may be minor or short-lived because there is no Sagittarius sub-period of the Age of Aquarius that this Sagittarius full moon can resonate with.

However, this Sagittarius full moon sits in the middle of the Gemini lunar month (23 May – 21 June 2020).  The above Virgo and Taurus nano-age decans are situated within a Capricorn nano-age (Dec 2019 – Mar 2021), and its parent period is the Gemini micro-age (Dec 2014 – Nov 2029), and Gemini is opposite in nature to Sagittarius. With resonance between the Gemini lunar month and Gemini micro-age, Australia can expect some headwind during the Gemini lunar month and especially the Gemini lunar month sting-in-the-tail (9:10am 18th – 6:03am 21st June 2020) which may also be interesting for Australia as this Gemini sting-in-the-moon does resonate with the Gemini micro-age (2014 – 2029)!  The Sagittarius full moon (30 May – 13 June 2020) may also get embroiled in this cauldron to a certain extent.

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[1] Danielle Wood, How do you lose $60bn and where does this leave Australia?, The Guardian, Fri 22 May 2020 20.11 AESTLast modified on Sat 23 May 2020 19.24 AEST,

[2] See Age of Aquarius for Dummies

[3] Bojan Pancevski, “Countries That Kept a Lid on Coronavirus Look to Each Other to Revive Their Economies”, The Wall Street Journal, May 23 2020,

[4] Austria pushes coronavirus co-operation with ‘smart countries’, 26 April 2020,

The Four Health Moons & COVID-19

Boris Johnson’s COVID-19 personal journey was made public on 27 March 2020 when he tested positive after announcing that when he went to visit patients in a hospital, some of whom had COVID-19, he found it impossible not to shake everyone’s’ hands as that is what politicians do.  This is believed to have occurred about four weeks before being admitted to hospital[1] on April 5th, 2020.

“March 3: Mr Johnson dismissed the trend for coronavirus ‘elbow bumps’ – saying he is perfectly happy to keep shaking hands with people. The PM joked that he was still carrying out the traditional greeting ‘continuously’, citing scientific advice that it is fine as long as you keep washing your hands.”[2]

Four weeks before April 5th is about 8th March 2020 and this is situated under the two week influence of the Virgo full moon (2nd – 16th March 2020) as each full moon influences the two-week period when the visible portion of the moon, as seen from earth, is 50% or more illuminated by the Sun.  If we examine Boris’ natal western horoscope, he has Libra rising:

Boris Johnson’s natal western horoscope

With Libra ruling his 1st house, Virgo rules his 12th house of ‘self-made problems’ – fairly standard astrological knowledge about the infamous 12th house and Boris certainly lived up to his 12th house full moon.

By the 27th March, when Boris had tested positive, this occurred in the first week of the Aries lunar month (24th March – 1st April 2020). This was not a problem for Boris during this time and it was business as usual though in isolation. Aries, as ruler of his 7th house,  is not a direct health sign for Boris.

Due to the positive test on 27th March, this strongly suggests that he first experienced symptoms prior to this date, and the most likely timeframe was in the last week of the Pisces lunar month (17th – 24th March), with Pisces ruling his 6th house of health issues.

By the time Boris was admitted to hospital on 5th April 2020, the influence of the new Aries lunar month (24th March – 23rd April 2020) had subsided as the full moon located in the middle of each lunar month overrides the sign of the lunar month.  In this case, the hospital admission on 5th April 2020 occurred directly under the rays of the Libra full moon (1st – 14th April 2020 GMT) focusing upon his 1st house.

The two health houses in every horoscope are the 1st and 6th houses, and it can be argued that these each have different nuances whereby the 1st house is a person’s constitutional or physical strength, and the 6th house illnesses – plain and simple.  But in practice, it seems that the 1st and 6th houses are interchangeable when it comes to health issues.

However, lunar astrology has a quirk, the ascendant based houses have to share the spotlight with solar houses. A solar house is every bit as relevant as an ascendant house in lunar astrology – including eclipses. Therefore, in the case of Boris Johnson, his solar 1st house is Gemini and therefore his solar 6th house is Scorpio.

Therefore, Boris will experience two health-related full moons in a row – the Libra full moon (1st – 14th April 2020 GMT) followed by the Scorpio full moon (30th April – 14th May 2020).  Furthermore, the Scorpio full moon sits in the middle of the Taurus lunar month (23rd April – 22nd May 2020) and Taurus is a diabolical sign in Boris’ western horoscope as Taurus rules his 8th house of vulnerability and is also the 12th solar house of self-made problems and difficult issues to his Gemini sun.

What this lunar perspective means is that everyone each year has four lunar months (1st and last weeks only), and four full moons (middle two weeks of every lunar month) associated with the 1st and 6th ascendant and solar houses.  Therefore at any time, a person is exposed one-third of the time to possible health issues, except for those people whose ascendant sign and sun sign are the same (i.e. born around sunrise).  It is during these times, as demonstrated by Boris Johnson, that we are more exposed to COVID-19 or any other health concern.

Lunar astrology will not indicate the relevance of any health issue, whether it is minor, major, long, short and so on.  This requires additional astrological insights.  Maintaining the lunar theme, I have found that the relevance of these health moons is strongly influenced by the progressed moon.  The following chart for Boris Johnson displays the progressed horoscope overlaid upon his natal horoscope:

Boris Johnson’s progressed to natal horoscopes on the day he was admitted to hospital

The progressed chart is set for his admission to hospital, and shows that his secondary progressed moon is in the middle of a 2 ½ year passage through the sign Scorpio and the 2nd ascendant house and 6th solar house.  This secondary progressed moon’s placement indicates that Boris Johnson can experience a greater than normal health issue during this 2 ½ years period (approx. Feb 2019 – Jul 2021).  This explains why he has been plucked from the crowd and thrust into hospital during this Libra full moon.  Furthermore, the sign Scorpio, which the progressed moon is currently located within (for 2 ½ years) introduces vulnerability.  Boris is not just having a brush with COVID-19, he is in a vulnerable situation, and it is astrologically even more vulnerable under the Scorpio full moon period (30th April-  14th May 2020) due to resonance between his progressed Scorpio moon and Scorpio full moon both activating his solar 6th house of health.

It is also worth noting that Boris’ natal moon is located in this same 2nd house and therefore his natal moon is located in his 6th solar house of health issues, and the influence of the moon (or Cancer) can bring weight problems due to the love of food.

‘It’s a scandal that Boris Johnson is questioning the effectiveness of taxes on food and drinks products,’ writes Graham MacGregor of Action on Sugar/Action on Salt. Photograph: Jonathan Brady/PA[3]

“However, he has struggled with excess weight. Obesity is a known risk factor when it comes to coronavirus.”[4]

Furthermore, Boris has natal Saturn located in his 6th ascendant house and Saturn will rarely bring benefits to a person’s health – quite the contrary. Currently, transiting Saturn has temporarily entered the early degrees of Aquarius, but this is unfortunately creating an adverse 90% square aspect to his Scorpio natal moon strategically located in his 6th solar house of illnesses.  This remains in effect until early July.  This does not suggest a quick-fix for Boris’ health problems, especially taking into account the resonance between his Scorpio progressed moon and the Scorpio full moon (30th April – 14th May) with both activating his 6th solar house of health.

An additional astrological factor is involved, Boris’ progressed moon on the day he was admitted to hospital was conjunct his (natal and progressed) Neptune – the planet of hospitals and the natural ruler of the 12th house of self-made problems. The conjunction to his progressed Neptune was exact on the day.  This conjunction remains valid for another five weeks (to around 10th May 2020) including most of the time under the influence of the Scorpio full moon (30th April – 14th May).  In the meantime, the last week of the Aries lunar month (16 – 23rd April 2020) is the only period until 30 May 2020 without a lunar health connotation.   It looks like the gods are playing with Boris!

The same issues that face Boris Johnson face us all in a time of pandemic.  We each pass through good and bad times, and it is a rare person that passes through life untroubled by diseases or illnesses.  On the most simplistic level, I have found that the best primary astrological technique is lunar astrology, because lunar astrology will provide more relevant information associated with any situation quickly and is also perfect for the novice astrologer.  Once the lunar perspective is gained, including the progressed moon for those astrologers with this skill, planetary aspects and so on can be incorporated to judge the relevance of the spotlight provided by lunar months and full moons.

For those people interested in following their fortune with COVID-19, following are the relevant lunar dates for the rest of 2020:

Lunar Months 2020 Full Moons 2020
Pisces (17th – 24th March) Virgo (2nd – 16th March)
Aries (24th March – 23rd April) Libra (1st – 14th April)
Taurus (23rd April – 22nd May) Scorpio (30th April – 14th May)
Gemini (22nd May – 21 June) Sagittarius (30 May – 13 June)
Cancer (21 June – 20 July) Capricorn (28 June – 12th July)
Cancer blue moon (20 July – 19 August) Aquarius (27 July – 11 August)
Virgo (19th August – 17th September) Pisces (25th August – 10 September)
Virgo (17th September – 17th October) Aries (24th September – 10th October)
Libra (17th October – 15th November) Taurus (23 October – 8th November)
Scorpio (15th November – 15th December) Gemini (22nd November – 8 December)
Sagittarius (15th December – Cancer (21st December –

Note: The two Cancer lunar months in a row in the above table is not a mistake, this ‘doubling up’ or blue moon occurs approximately once every 2 ½ years because a year is longer than 12 lunar months.

For those with insufficient astrological skill, the following table displays the 6th house health sign associated with each sign, be it the sun sign or rising sign.  While the rising sign and sun sign have equal strength in lunar astrology, the rising sign (ascendant) is more influential than the sun-sign in the traditional horoscope.

Sign 6th House
Aries Virgo
Taurus Libra
Gemini Scorpio
Cancer Sagittarius
Leo Capricorn
Virgo Aquarius
Libra Pisces
Scorpio Aries
Sagittarius Taurus
Capricorn Gemini
Aquarius Cancer
Pisces Leo

For example in the above, Boris Johnson has a Gemini sun and Libra ascendant, and therefore Libra has Pisces and Gemini Scorpio with his four health signs all four of these signs (Gemini, Libra, Scorpio and Pisces).

I have read some other astrological perspectives by other astrologers on Boris Johnson’s brush with COVID-19, but without the lunar perspective, it is like reading a book with every second page missing. Just because the form of lunar astrology I am using here was not employed by the Hellenistic or medieval astrologers (to my knowledge) does not negate lunar astrology.  Not everything passed down from previous generations of astrologers is correct, and many valid astrological techniques are recent discoveries or remain to be discovered.

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Gonzo Astrology – Confusion Resolved

In my post of 24 November 2019 The UK General Brexit Election December 2019 I was confused about who would become prime minister and considered the election would end in a tight result.  I knew I was confused at the time and so I undertook the unusual step of further analysis and published The UK Brexit Election December 2019 Part 2 on 6 December 2019.  My opening paragraph was:

“In my previous article The UK General Brexit Election December 2019 I could not come to a clear conclusion about who would “win”.  Since posting the previous article, I have been informed that Boris Johnson is significantly ahead in the polls, which is even more confusing from the point of view of astrology, because of the three major contenders, Boris sits last from a strategic astrological point of view from the perspective of the new lunar astrology. This confusion is heightened with Nigel Farage’s astrology pointing to a win.  Jeremy Corbyn sits forlornly as the piggy in the middle.”

However, I decided to make this election a piece of gonzo astrology, and focus upon my confused state.  While researching the transits applicable to Farage, Johnson and Corbyn I also realized why I was feeling confused – I was under the influence of four major difficult transits involving my natal Neptune.  I could easily not have posted anything, but why not – the quality of my life does not depend upon the acceptance of my astrology anyway.  The following transits easily provide a suitable astrological reason for my state of confusion:

  • Transiting Pluto square natal Neptune
  • Transiting Mercury semi-square natal Neptune
  • Transiting Venus square natal Neptune
  • Transiting Saturn square natal Neptune

I was certainly intrigued as to what I was confused about, and was looking forward to the election results.  Basically, it came down to just one specific item that threw everything out for me.  The election was on a Gemini full moon that was in Nigel Farage’s 10th house of success, Boris Johnson’s 9th house, and Jeremy Corbyn’s difficult 8th house.  What threw me was that the 9th house is the derived 12th house of self-undoing to the 10th house of success, and so I thought Boris Johnson doomed in some way.  However I was totally confused as to why Johnson was doomed, Farage would have a gleeful result for his Brexit ambitions, and Corbyn stuck in the 8th house?

The main error was not taking Johnson’s 9th house at face value, but using its derived 12th house position to the 10th house.  How the Gemini full moon should have been read is simply it occurred in the weak and unsubstantial 8th house for Corbyn, the strong 9th house for Johnson, and the stunning 10th house for Farage.

When does the  9th house work as the difficult derived 12th house to the 10th house of success?  As a long-time user of derived houses, it often appears – say around 20% of the time.  I have been closely following the transiting moon for over a decade, and quite often, the transiting moon will not directly activate the house it is temporarily located, but negatively affect the following house (i.e. behave like the derived 12th house to the following house).  It can also detract from the opposite house.  This occurs so regularly that I take it as a tangible astrological phenomenon to take into account – but it seems I took it too much into account with the UK elections.

However, in The UK Brexit Election December 2019 Part 2 my detailed analysis of the archetypes associated with the Gemini full moon I stated:

“At a very basic level, what does Gemini insinuate regarding Brexit? With Gemini opposite Sagittarius (the sign of foreign lands), Gemini must be anti-foreign.  This must be a big plus for Brexit parties.  The influence of the Gemini full moon must favor the conservative pro-Brexit parties!”

So while I would not consider I had a successful outcome for the UK elections, it certainly was not a failure for me – I had a partial success.  I had similar partial success for Trump’s presidential election win, and a full success for the US midterm election based solely upon the moon.  One prominent international astrologer dismissed my ‘errant’ UK election prediction saying the election result was merely decided by the “emerging Saturn and Pluto conjunction in tropical Capricorn”.  My response was:

“I had a good research exercise with the UK Brexit election, and am relatively pleased with my results. I am pioneering new techniques, and they show indications that I am on the right track. I will do a postmortem ASAP to tidy it all up. I am not in a position to learn and study standard mundane astrological techniques, as my astrological study agenda is already full and there are already plenty of astrologers doing these techniques already, and I cannot remember coming across any astrologer that is infallible in their predictions.”

I have definitely made a step forward in my research on the role the moon plays in mundane events – that most astrologers overlook.  It is not only the house(s) the moon activates that is important, it is also the sign of the full moon that plays a role.  However, I am at this stage uncertain if the sign of the lunar month is effective for events that occur in the first or last week of each lunar month where the full moon has theoretically no impact.

 Note: Gonzo astrology is astrology where the astrology of the astrologer plays a part.  As astrologers, it is not only the astrology we do, but how the astrology individually affects us when we are practicing astrology!

With gratitude to the inventor of gonzo journalism[1] – Hunter s Thompson[2], author of “Fear and Loathing in Los Vegas”

Hunter S Thompson By Rs79 – Own work, CC BY-SA 3.0,


[1] Gonzo journalism. In Wikipedia, The Free Encyclopedia. Retrieved 03:54, December 19, 2019, from

[2] Hunter S. Thompson. In Wikipedia, The Free Encyclopedia. Retrieved 03:55, December 19, 2019, from

The UK Brexit Election December 2019 Part 2

In my previous article The UK General Brexit Election December 2019 I could arrive at a clear conclusion about who would “win”.  Since posting the previous article, I have been informed that Boris Johnson is significantly ahead in the polls, which is even more confusing, because of the three major contenders, Boris sits last from a strategic perspective of the new lunar astrology. This confusion is heightened with Nigel Farage’s astrology pointing to a win.  Jeremy Corbyn sits forlornly as the piggy in the middle.

There is a totally different angle we can examine for this election based on the Gemini full moon because full moons have mundane applications to the big wide world at large.   A classic example was the Australian Federal Election on 18 May 2019 held the day before a Scorpio full moon.  The Scorpio full moon operated in a few distinct ways.  Firstly, the sign Scorpio does not promote stability, instead it promotes upsets, volatility and revolution.  This is exactly what happened, as the conservative government in power was tipped by all and sundry that they would lose the election, and even government members appeared subdued and resigned to their fate.  However, this was a big upset, because instead of Labor making a spectacular win, they snatched defeat from the jaws of victory and it was a very glum lot of Australian Labor Party supporters on the evening of the election as the poll results came in.

“The result was considered an upset as polling had placed the Coalition consistently behind for almost three years.”[1] (Note: “the Coailition” in Australian politics are the two main conservative parties)

The most striking mundane involvement of the Scorpio moon however was something else altogether.  A massive scare campaign based on the fake narrative that the Australian Labor Party was going to introduce death taxes if they won the election was so virulent,[2] some pundits even believed it was the straw to break the camel’s back – swinging just enough marginal voters towards the conservatives.  With Scorpio ruling both death and taxes, it is very opportune to have raised itself to such a high profile in this Scorpio Australian election.

If this kind of archetypal indulgence overflows into the UK election, what can Gemini indicate?  On a mundane level, it rules youth, social media, fragmentation and duality, newspapers and inner cities amongst other things.  If youth get motivated, this definitely favors the Remainder parties, as youth have the most to lose by the Brexit imbroglio and are not yet old and crusty like many of their elders who voted for Brexit.   Social media will favor the conservatives as for some strange reason, conservatives around the world seem far more inclined to lie and spread misinformation such as at the last Australian election and with Donald Trump – their champion in this regard.  Social media was made for conservative disinformation.  Newspapers invariably favor the conservatives as newspapers are usually run by the rich end of town. Inner city residents are usually cosmopolitan and therefore usually favor the Remainders.  Then there is the possible fragmentation of the vote due to greater success of minor parties compared to what was expected.  Political fragmentation probably favors the Remainder parties?

One or more of these sectors is likely to play a significant role in the elections but with the election really a Brexit election, the fragmentation is a big plus for the conservatives as Nigel Farage’s plan to not split the pro-Brexit vote is superb political strategizing leaving the ‘other’ side somewhat fragmented as Labor has distanced itself from the other ‘opposition’ parties.  The fragmentation issue is astrologically very interesting as it means it could be promoting the fragmentation of the EU by Brexit thus promoting the Brexiters’ cause. At a very basic level, what does Gemini insinuate regarding Brexit? With Gemini opposite Sagittarius (the sign of foreign lands), Gemini must be anti-foreign.  This must be a big plus for Brexit parties.  The influence of the Gemini full moon must favor the conservative pro-Brexit parties!

The big question still remains, is the possible swing to conservatives enough to allow them unfettered ability to push through Brexit – even a no-deal Brexit?  This is where it is necessary to resort to the influence the moon is having on the three major party leaders and examine the lunar influence a little deeper.

If the moon is examined on the day following the election, some more strange developments are suggested.  It may appear that Nigel Farage does not need extending, because with the Gemini full moon on Election Day sitting in his 10th house of career and status – he should be exultant and therefore suggests a win … for Nigel at least?  However, for the 2 ½ days immediately following the polls, with the moon transiting Cancer, his 11th house is activated – which appears harmless enough, though Cancer is his lowly solar 4th house of anti-status suggesting a dip after Election Day.  The following 2 ½ days (December 15th – 17th) the transiting moon is in his 12th house – rarely a portent of good tidings thogh good tisings from his solar 5th house of politcs  These moon sign changes however cannot override the power of the 10th house Gemini full moon that remains in power until the quarter moon on 19th December 2019.  For Farage, he could be dented post the election from what he initially expected?

With the Gemini full moon in Boris’s 9th house (12th derived house to his 10th house of career) on Election Day, the outlooks appears exceedingly grim, suggesting that he has blown it – one way or another or a lot of ways together.  Certainly Gemini activates his solar 1st house of beating his chest – but Jeromy Corbyn also has a Gemini sun and its hard to perceive how they both can be beating their chests simultaneously from the election result? However, for the 2 ½ days immediately following the polls, with the moon transiting Cancer, his 10th house is activated indicating some improvement on what he experienced on election evening.  Furthermore, the two week Cancer full moon in January 2020 activates Boris’ 10th house of career indicating some kind of success or boost one month later?

Jeromy Corbyn has the Gemini full moon activating the lackluster 8th house of fragility and insecurity which seems to unequivocally avoid any kind of win, or an unclear outcome at best leading to his insecurity despite his chest beating due to the activation of his solar 1st house.  But the 15th – 17th December has the moon transiting Leo activating his 10th house of career success.  Is this a drawn-out election result due to a razor-sharp outcome?

Taken at face value, the above indicates success for Farage, failure for Johnson on Election Day but a status boost over the next few days – and Corbyn cannot work out where he stands but gets his status boost around 15th – 17th December, while Farage experiences the glum 12th house transit by the moon.  This all makes sense if the polls are wrong, and it turns out to be a very tight race with a hung parliament but Farage is in a stronger position?  In January, the Cancer full moon definitely favors Boris Johnson, but the Leo full moon in February promotes Corbyn.  The lack of certainty from the astrology surrounding this election insinuates this is how the election turns out – unclear with an uncertain result that probably

May 1985 Marvel Captain Britain Comic Book #5 Made in England

veers more towards the Brexiters but possibly not enough to change the basic situation before the election?  Alternatively, the Brexiters win enough to push through their Brexit agenda after a scramble for tightly won seats?  The Gemini full moon should favor fragmentation, and this is exactly what many in the UK want in their relationship with Europe.

This is an exercise I have conducted to further my research mainly into the new lunar astrology.  I have never come across any astrological lore that states the power of the sign of the full moon extends from the end of the first quarter moon to the beginning of the 4th quarter moon.  After some years of lunar observations, I finally put the pieces of this puzzle together in the week leading to the US presidential election in November 2016.[3]  I am very interested in how my hypothesis about the coming UK Brexit election turns out in reality far more so than who may or may not benefit or win the UK elections.  Alvin Toffler many decades ago stated that where the world is heading, both sides of politics are the problem as they both represent the past.  From an astrological perspective, the UK is in a no-win time of self-destruction and it will probably take the UK at least 5 years to initially recover from this disaster it has created for itself anyway.


The following has been extracted from a post I published shortly after the 2016 US presidential elections:

I had the first inkling of flaws in my assumption of Hillary Clinton winning the presidential election about one week before the election, and on November 6th I published on a number of Facebook sites “The Scorpio Lunar Month & the US Presidential Elections” (see

In this post I stated:

“For the current Scorpio lunar month, the Taurus full Moon (on 14th November), ….. actively stimulates Trump’s 10th house of status and fame and undermines Hillary’s personal worth in favour of her opponent.”

“There are a number of possibilities. Firstly, the election result may be so close that the final result must wait until after the full Moon effect but in the meantime, Trump is sitting in the sunshine of a possible victory. Secondly, the result is clear on the day but Trump goes on a final ranting binge about the corruption of the US presidential election followed by his last few days as a major news item? Thirdly, Trump actually wins the election?”

“Something strange and unusual is occurring here as Trump gets an immediate election afterglow, one way or another.”

“In conclusion, ….. it does suggest something that promotes Trump’s image post-election day … . Somehow he gets an election afterglow….. The coming full Moon indicates he will be at his best under the glow of the full Moon.”

However, my mindset was so caught up in the prevailing view that it was impossible for Trump to win the election, that I did not heed the warnings of such a simple and elementary thing as the full moon only days after the election. This full moon in Taurus is located in Trump’s 10th house of fame and prestige and located in Hillary’s 7th house representing her opponent (using whole sign houses).

The lunation cycle and full moons are generally overlooked by the huge majority of astrologers who are always hypnotized with the natal horoscope. Every full moon behaves like a mini-eclipse. Its effects are not limited to the actual few days that the full moon is in the actual sign where it occurs, but it spreads its wings for a number of days either side of the exact full moon. It has personally affected me as the November 2016 Taurus full moon falls in my 4th house of anti-status, thus I am still digesting my hat.

A friend of mine stated after the election that a lot of hats are being eaten. Though I had a late inclination that something was wrong with my expectation of a Clinton victory, it was too late. I succumbed to the old enemy of accurate predictions – I succumbed to my own political bias. I am totally aware of my political bias, and I actually try to counter-balance this bias, but in this case, my bias won. At every point of analysis in weighing up the pros and cons of the positive and negative astrological influences, I gave Hillary the benefit of the doubt.

So it is totally appropriate that the November 2016 Taurus full moon is located in my 4th house – how appropriate! For those non-astrologers, the 4th house is ‘anti-status’.

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