Taylor Swift – a Diva in the Making

Vedic Astrology Highlights

The following chart for Taylor Swift both accurately describes Taylor’s assets and liabilities, and her dasas (time periods) also accurately indicate her early fame.  Some pitfalls that lie ahead of her are also indicated, as even for a diva, not all the pathway is paved with gold.  (See A New Pisces Goddess – a Diva in the Making? for background material on Taylor Swift’s status as a Pisces diva)

Whereas Taylor Swift has Capricorn rising in western astrology, she has sidereal Sagittarius rising in Vedic astrology, which has no personality implications, unlike the case in western astrology, but it does indicate the focus in her life is attuned to her ruling planet Jupiter being located in her 7th house of relationships and business activity.  The Moon is also located in the 7th house, and the Moon is always a co-ruler of the Vedic chart.  Therefore, with both ruling planets in the 7th house, this indicates a major area in her life, and her early song “Love Story” supports this focus as the Vedic 7th house is always related to everything associated with love.

Of all the 4 astronomical bodies in the 1st and 7th houses that are naturally highly influential[1], the most influential is the Moon, as its conjunction with her Jupiter ruling planet means that she is highly attractive to the general public, and probably also explains her Moon-white complexion (see her photo which

Taylor Swift in 2011

presents her Moon-child image effectively).  With the Moon also having the status of the co-ruler in Vedic astrology, Jupiter’s conjunction with her Moon therefore reinforces success and many benefits come to her easily.  Taylor was born only hours after the full Moon, and anyone born on a full Moon finds the road to success easier compared to non-full moon mortals!

With all bodies strongly aspecting their opposite houses in Vedic astrology but without any negative connotations (as is the case in western astrology), and with her 1st house Mercury in mutual reception with her 7th house Jupiter, Taylor has strong symbiosis between the 1st and 7th houses.  Of the four planets involved, three are benefics (Mercury, Moon and Jupiter), and benefics affecting the 1st house always makes a person attractive and ‘warm’ in their nature.  Saturn is the only planet that can detract from her 1st house image but this also would promote her career skills and promote a late life strengthening of her character.  With Mercury being in mutual reception with Jupiter, Mercury behaves as if it is in own sign – Gemini, and any planet in its own sign on an angle is raja yoga (kingly union), bringing good fortune to the image she projects.  Raja yogas have no equivalent in western astrology but behave like a gift or positive highlight.  Furthermore, her accentual Mercury makes her mentally sharp, alert and keyed in to media.

Mercury in the 1st house is also the ruler of her 10th house of career and success, and this has already manifested. Saturn rules the 2nd house of her voice, income and her 3rd house of dynamic energy and the media – so she was destined to be a wealthy media tart (no offense intended).  With Venus also located in the 2nd house, this brings her favorable conditions for singing and musical ability.  Unfortunately, Venus is conjunct Rahu in the 2nd house, and this brings a malefic influence to her relationships and voice.  While she may not be a Joni Mitchell clone, she knows how the make the most of her vocal talents.  Her widely publicized relationship issues is accentuated by the fact that her Moon in the 7th house rules the evil 8th house of death, and this usually indicates a problematical love life and usually indicates the failure of her first marriage or major relationship (that lasts longer than two years).  With Mars, the ruler of her 5th house of romance located in her 12th house of instability and decay, this does not bode well for her relationship life, but she capitalizes this aspect of her life with relationship discord the thematic source of many of her songs that she writes.  The 5th/12th connection also often indicates step children rather than having her own children.

Any second major relationship is ruled by the 2nd house (derived 8th house of death to the 7th house of marriage), and with Saturn, the 2nd house ruler placed, in her 1st house, this will make a big impact upon her, but indicates some serious delay or much later in life, but it also is a loaded dice, as the Moon shines upon Saturn, bringing the difficult and negative energy of the 8th house of death to the 2nd house via its ruler – Saturn.  One way a person can avoid any difficult influence from the evil 8th house is to marry ‘damaged’ goods such as someone that has had a major near-death experience, major accident, survived cancer and so on.  Alternatively she could marry an astrologer, numerologist, psychic etc. as all these are ruled by the 8th house!

Venus in the 2nd house of finances also rules her 11th house of wealth, and any connection between these two money houses is excellent for wealth – which I believe exceeds $250 million (in 2018).   When Taylor Swift was on Graham Norton’s Show, she made a request of him, and his reply was “What Taylor Swift wants, Taylor Swift gets!” Taylor may also experience significant health issues later in life as the Moon, ruler of the 8th house of death and chronic illnesses, shines directly upon her 1st house, an unfortunate circumstance for health.  This will be partially offset by her 1st house raja yoga strengthening her constitution and Jupiter favorably aspecting the 1st house which it also rules.

The ruler of her 9th house of grace and good fortune is the Sun, located in the 12th house of decay.  The Sun rules prominence and the 12th house has already figured in her early rise to fame, as the 12th house first promotes, then drains.  Therefore, Taylor may have trouble maintaining her audience as the decades unfolds as her chart strongly suggests that she will lose the glow – though this can be avoided to a certain extent if she moved to a foreign exotic location or she promoted consciousness or spirituality in her music in later years.  A 9th/12th connection is favorable for anyone seeking “enlightenment”, but it also promotes good sex in the early years.  With Mars strong in its own sign of Scorpio in the 12th house, all 12th house affairs are accentuated, and with Venus conjunct futuristic Rahu, she will always be keenly looking for her next relationship.

The other interesting feature of Taylor’s 12th house is that it has a raja yoga as Mars rules the 5th house and the Sun rules the 9th house, and whenever the rules of these two most favorable houses share the same house, a raja yoga is created.  This strongly suggests that if she seeks ‘liberation’ or ‘enlightenment’, she has a high chance of succeeding.  At a minimum, a strong 12th house indicates lots of saucy gossip for the media to latch onto.

Vedic time periods (dasa) and sub-periods (bhukti)

When we examine Taylor’s Vedic time-periods (dasas), she has been in her highly favorable Jupiter dasa (September 2003 – September 2019) since she was almost 14 years.  This is when she moved with her family from Pennsylvania to Nashville Tennessee to further her music career.  The previous dasa, Rahu, usually brings ‘loss’ to a person’s life, and perhaps Taylor ‘lost’ all her local connections and friends in Pennsylvania when she moved?  This is a rather fortunate placement of her Rahu dasa (in effect since birth), as she should avoid major financial collapse or devastating loss in her later life.  The Rahu dasa is a very vulnerable time, and if a person is going to fall, they usually pick the Rahu dasa.

Taylor’s first leap to fame at the age of 16 not only occurred in her new Jupiter dasa, but also a Saturn sub-period (November 2005 – May 2008).  With raja yoga Jupiter ruling her 1st house, and Saturn located in her 1st house, and ruling her 2nd house of singing and 3rd house of media, all the ducks were all lining up for her sudden and very early lurch to fame.  Jupiter is a major benefic, and has shone well upon her during the Jupiter dasa, but this is all coming to an end in September 2019, when she enters her Saturn dasa.

Saturn is obviously not a bad planet for Taylor, but Saturn is dour, reserved and a problematical planet compared to Jupiter, and it does not have the highly favorable raja yoga status, and so we should see some manifestation of this in her life during its reign (September 2019 – September 2038).  However, every cloud has a silver lining, and Saturn will usually bring to a person their dharma or sense of duty in their life.  Many people never encounter a Saturn dasa in their life, or encounter it too old, but the benefit this Saturn dasa will bring Taylor is that she most likely will find her main passion in life, which may or may not be associated with her musical career.   A major passion brings to a person a permanent motivation towards some cause, purpose, reality, career change and so on and provides a person with their mojo.

The following raja yoga Mercury dasa (in effect in Taylor’s case from age 48 to 65) will continue the fixation on presentation (1st house, and career as Mercury rules the 10th house).  With Mercury also ruling her 7th house, this may reflect a major relationship or even living in a foreign western country.  The Ketu dasa (age 65 to 72) may see an extended sabbatical as she takes a break from the limelight, or she may have to deal with a major health issue as Ketu is located in the dreaded 8th house.  The favorable Venus dasa will be in play from the age of 72 to 92 suggesting a highly favorable end of life period, and possibly her most successful relationship?

Western Analysis Highlights


Taylor’s western natal horoscope (using whole sign houses)

In Taylor’s western horoscope (above), she has Capricorn rising, but while Capricorn is not irrelevant, it subsides to the likes of Mercury, Uranus and Neptune in the 1st house as stronger influences in her life compared to Capricorn.  The strongest is Mercury, lying exactly conjunct her ascendant in her 1st (whole sign) houses.  Therefore the strongest influence in her life is Mercury, and this is obvious in her shows and performances.  Mercury is very often present for anyone extensively using their hands, and as a guitarist and musician, she is constantly using her hands.  Taylor primarily manifests Mercury (Gemini) in her life – she is sharp, adroit, and not overly concerned with deep and meaningful issues (often associated with the opposite energy of Jupiter and Sagittarius).  Mercury is the sign of youth, and she first experienced fame while a youth, and young people are highly attracted to her – as she speaks their language. Mercury likes bright lights and big cities, and she has appropriately recently purchased (from Gandalf) an apartment in New York City.

Sitting strategically above her ascendant (and Mercury), is Uranus – the ruler of Aquarius.  So far, Taylor has not expressed any radical or eccentric views, and possibly, her Uranus rising is most obvious in her relationships, as Uranus indicates inconsistency, and she is certainly adverse to long term relationships – Mercury also likes numerical advantage.  We will probably see a lot more manifestation of her Uranus in the coming decades as she develops a social conscious that she is also willing to share or project.

Neptune, only 4 degrees below her ascendant, indicates her great affinity to music, the stage, acting and all the fantasy associated with the world of entertainment.  She was attracted first to the stage, and then to music when she started learning the guitar at age 12.  But keeping her firmly grounded in her ambitions and giving her a backbone is her Saturn in its own sign.  With Saturn her ruling planet, and placed in her 1st house, she is able to focus upon herself as her most marketable commodity, something she does highly professionally – also a Saturn/Capricorn attribute.  She will not be a pushover.

Taylor’s Moon is in its own sign of Cancer, which also promotes her Moon-child image effectively presented by Swift with her white-blond projection (see her photo).  But with Jupiter (ruler of Sagittarius) conjunct her Moon, and her Sun located in Sagittarius, Taylor is also a child of Jupiter-Sagittarius – bringing her luck, good fortune, much overseas travel with the astrological gods smiling upon her.  Traditional western astrologers would also note that Jupiter is exalted in Cancer, further accentuating her good fortune and positive Jupiterian outlook on life. Taylor projects a positive image and if she encounters problems she can always Shake it Off.

Pluto is the closest planet to her midheaven, and this suggests that she will metamorphose her career over the course of her life – how many times is hard to say, but if she ever ‘collapses’ this will be her seed for renewal.  Pluto does have a strong revolutionary element, and we can expect that Taylor may become more politically orientated over the coming decades.

Her nodal axis has her south node in Leo, and north node in Aquarius explaining why she presents herself as so squeaky clean and mainstream orientated as this is what Leo represents.  Everyone is initially attracted to their south node, and usually avoid their north node, but the north node always provides a level of contentment or fulfillment that cannot be found from the south node.  This suggests that she will leave her squeaky clean mainstream persona at some stage, and veer towards her Aquarius north node – strongly facilitated by the strategic placement of Uranus (the ruler of Aquarius), above her ascendant.   Taylor Swift may morph into a contemporary revolutionary yet! A rebel with a cause?

Mars in the 11th house is an interesting placement, as wherever Mars is located, a person must always put in energy to maintain the status quo.  With the 11th house the house of friends (and non-profit organizations etc), it suggest she will have a number of male friends, such as Ed Sheeran, who even appropriately has red hair to match the color of Mars!  Taylor Swift and Ed Sheeran have toured together.

Taylor Swift has her first Saturn return over the course of 2019 when she ‘comes of age’.  Saturn is already strong in her chart as her (western) ruling planet and the fact it is in its own sign.  The other very interesting aspect of her natal Saturn is its close conjunction with Neptune – the planet of music and the stage.  This suggests that Taylor will, after her Saturn return, enter a new level of musical maturity and perhaps even work in the movies etc.  For example, after the early days of the Beatles with songs like “I Want to Hold Your Hand”, they moved on from their pop roots, and we should expect much the same from Taylor.  It is said that when Saturn or Capricorn is strong in the natal chart, “a person is old when young, and reaches youth when old”.  Certainly Taylor has had to deal with the world of big business and career aspirations from an early age, and so this Saturn return should be a stepping stone to the new Taylor Swift – not that there is anything particularly wrong with the existing Taylor Swift.

See A New Pisces Goddess – a Diva in the Making? for more details


[1] All planets etc in Vedic astrology aspect their opposite house, but in a different way to western astrology.  In western astrology, the opposition aspect is negative, and introduces negativity – one way or another.  All aspects in Vedic astrology are neutral, and the main determining factors that make the aspect positive or negative (or both), is associated with the houses the aspecting planets rule, followed by the nature of the planet. Therefore, in Taylor’s case, having two benefics (Moon and Jupiter) in the 7th house shining upon the most important 1st house, this brings positivity.  With Jupiter also ruling the 1st house, this further strengthens the 1st house.  With the Moon ruling the ‘evil’ 8th house, this negativity also shines upon Taylor,  but the positive aspects and planets in the 1st house greatly outweigh the negative influences.


Trump & Putin are Partners!

My forensic astrological analysis of Trump’s travels to a NATO meeting, visiting the British Prime Minister in the UK and the Helsinki Summit with President Putin of Russia, indicates that President Trump sees President Putin as his “partner”.  The big question is – a partner for what purpose?

In my preliminary post “Has the Media and Trump Got it All Wrong?” posted on 5th July 2018 I made some observations about Trump’s interaction with NATO and the Helsinki summit compared with President Putin of Russia.  The two main astrological points were that the NATO meeting occurred in the last week of the Gemini lunar month (14 June – 13 July 2018), and the first and last week of each lunar month is primarily associated with the sign ruling the whole lunar month.  However, by the time of the Helsinki summit with President Putin, a new lunar month had ticked over, and this occurred in the first week of the Cancer lunar month (13 July – 11 August 2018).

The forensic astrological interest in this scenario is in the houses activated by these two lunar months in President Trump’s horoscope.  The Gemini lunar month commenced with the Sun and Moon located at virtually 23 degrees Gemini – almost exactly conjunct Trump’s natal Sun.  The following bi-wheel demonstrates this Gemini new moon juxtaposed with Trump’s natal horoscope but using whole sign houses.  Based on whole sign houses, the Gemini lunar month activates his 10th house of “friends”.

The Gemini new moon superimposed on Trump’s horoscope (utilizing whole sign houses)

However, if I place the Gemini new moon against Trump’s horoscope using Placidus houses (one of many quadrant based house systems), we get a different house activated.

The Gemini new moon superimposed on Trump’s horoscope (utilizing Placidus houses)

With this Placidus system, the Gemini new moon activates the 10th house.

The following summit in Helsinki with Putin occurred in the first week of the Cancer lunar month with the Sun and Moon located almost at 21 degrees Cancer at the new moon.  This activates Trump’s 12th whole sign house.

The Cancer new Moon superimposed on Trump’s horoscope (using whole sign houses)

However, if we use the Placidus house structure, it is Trump’s 11th house of friends that gets activated.

The Cancer new moon superimposed on Trump’s horoscope (using Placidus houses)

In my previous post on this topic, I stated:

“… with Cancer activating Trump’s 12th house of self-made problems, disasters and so on – but also endings.  The Cancer lunar month also activates Trump’s 2nd solar house, which is the derived 12th house to his 3rd solar house of communication. This suggests no real dialog.”

The actual events associated with the Helsinki Summit suggest that it was the 12th house that was activated in Trump’s horoscope.  The following feedback strongly suggests this:

For example, Newt Gingrich’s opinion of the press conference following the summit:

…. the former House speaker, Newt Gingrich, who called Trump’s behavior the “most serious mistake of his presidency”.

Other comments (from the same source) stated:

Arizona senator John McCain angrily denounced Trump and called the press conference a “pathetic rout” and “one of the most disgraceful performances by an American president in memory”.

“In a statement McCain said: “The damage inflicted by President Trump’s naiveté, egotism, false equivalence and sympathy for autocrats is difficult to calculate. But it is clear that the summit in Helsinki was a tragic mistake … No prior president has ever abased himself more abjectly before a tyrant.”

We do not need to get into the details of what many American politicians on both sides of the divide labelled a disaster, just that such disasters are associated with the 12th house – not the 11th house.  Even Fox News was temporarily taken back – such was the level of derision directed at President Trump before Trump’s supporters regrouped and pledged their ongoing allegiance to their “leader”.  This strongly insinuates that the Helsinki summit came under the influence of whole sign houses. (If astrologers actually took note of the comparison between whole sign houses and the quadrant based house systems, they would ditch Placidus and other irrelevant quadrant based house systems like hot potatoes)

Backtracking to the NATO meeting, and brief trip to the UK to meet the queen and severely criticize the British prime minister, takes us back to last week of the Cancer lunar month activating the 11th whole sign house of friends.  There was certainly a focus on friends, as Trump made it clear that he did not have friendly feelings to most of the key European leaders.  If you refer back to the Gemini lunar month chart to Trump’s whole sign house horoscope, you will notice that the Gemini new moon was closely conjunct Trump’s natal Saturn.  This seems to explain his countenance at NATO and the UK.  With Saturn involved, Trump strutted about and threw the USA’s “friends” into the gutter.

The Cancer lunar month has a two week period in the middle (20 July – 5 August 2018) ruled by the Aquarius full moon.  Within only hours of this coming into effect, it was announced on the news, that Trump had asked his national security adviser, John Bolton, to extend the invitation to Putin for a “working level” dialogue with President Putin later in 2018.[1]  What does this tell us?  The following bi-wheel shows the Aquarius full moon superimposed upon Trump’s natal horoscope using whole sign houses:

The Aquarius full moon (and lunar eclipse) superimposed upon Trump’s horoscope

It should be noted that this full moon is also a lunar eclipse and that it is closely conjunct transiting Mars – the planet of provocation. Considering all the flak that Trump received for belittling America’s intelligence agency in front of the whole world, it is a provocative act to quickly invite Putin to the USA. However, when we realize that the Aquarius full moon and eclipse occurs in Trump’s 7th house, we can really see what is going on here.  Trump sees Putin as a (7th house) partner – not a mere 11th house friend to be tripped into the gutter.  Trump is elevating President Putin to the level of a partner on the world stage.  To cement this burgeoning partnership, president Putin has invited president Trump to Moscow.[2]

It is also interesting that during this Aquarius full moon (and eclipse) two weeks period, that Trump has also focused on another 7th house issue – the 7th house of open enemies, in this case the news media.

White House press secretary Sarah Huckabee Sanders has refused to back away from US President Donald Trump’s assertions that the media is the “enemy” of the American people.[3]

The big question is – where is the embryonic love affair between Trump and Putin heading?  Drawing upon macro-astrology, the world is passing through a significant Aquarius sub-period within the Age of Aquarius (see: This is the Dawning of the Aquarius Micro-Age Decan and Trump is Representative of the Age of Aquarius).  Aquarius is far stronger for Russia compared to the USA even though the USA’s ‘second’ sign is Aquarius.  Russia is in an ascending astrological curve for the duration of the current Aquarius micro-age decan and overflow (December 2014 – December 2019 – November 2024).

Unfortunately, most astrologers do not understand the dark side of Aquarius which breeds fascism and its bedfellows including racism.  Also, while the USA is the age empire of the Pisces-Aquarius age (1433 AD – 3574 AD), it is the sign Aquarius that is and will be its undoing, as Aquarius sits in the prime 12th house position to Pisces, the number one sign for the USA (see: Pisces America ).  Based on this very cursory analysis, it does not look like anything positive will come from a developing relationship between Trump and Putin under Aquarius as both leaders display the same anti-democratic and neo-fascism sentiments, and this Aquarius will favor Russia over the interests of the USA.

However, any negativity or backsliding that will occur under the current Aquarius micro-age decan and overflow will not be of immediate concern as there are smaller periods than micro-age decans.  Currently, the world is passing through a Pisces nano-age and overflow (Jun 2017 – Sep 2018 – Dec 2019) and with Pisces the prime sign for the USA, USA will temporarily project strength and resilience despite its president. It will certainly be good for the stock market and economy – but only in the short term.

As a long term observer of US politics my perspective is that allegorically, the USA is politically like two cartoon characters modeled on Hitler and Lincoln, with both chained to each other by an unbreakable chain, and they cannot kill each other off, and neither can take permanent domination except perhaps a short time. However the astrology always gives the long term edge to the Lincoln sentiment, as the Age of Aquarius drags the USA away from its medieval roots and slowly but steadily towards modernity that is repulsive to the strong Christian element in the USA that supports anything that is against modernity – even Trump. The strong reactionary political force of Trump and his supporters has many precedences in USA’s political history such as the American Civil War, Prohibition and even the Viet Nam invasion. It is part of the American psyche that there are regular political polarizations that are extreme compared to most other Western nations, and such a political polarization is currently in progress. At the end of the day, the reactionary forces have always been eventually beaten, but never vanquished. It could be said that the formerly vanquished Confederate States voters have currently taken control of the USA government under Trump. This entrenched polarized political condition inherent in the USA is due to its primary sign being Pisces – with the two fish always swimming in the opposite direction.

2018 Midterm Elections

I have not yet analyzed the astrology of the mid-term elections due on 6th November 2018, but referring back again to the new lunar astrology, this will occur in the last quarter (1 November – 7 November) of the Libra lunar month (8 October – 7 November 2018) with the transiting moon also located in Libra for the 2 ½ days leading to the opening of the polls. These 2 ½ days are the Libra lunar month sting-in-the-tail.  However, the polling day ends with the transiting moon in Scorpio.  What does the new lunar astrology say about Trump and the midterm election?

Transits to Trump’s natal chart on 6 November 2018 (US midterm elections)

The Libra lunar month activates Trump’s 3rd whole sign house, and apart from Trump gallivanting around the states to shore up his supporters’ votes, this lunar month cannot be said to directly detract from his chances of success. The Libra lunar month also actives Trump’s solar 5th house of politics – and this does promote an optimistic political outcome for Trump.  The Taurus full moon on 25th October indicates that for the two week period from 17 October to 1 November (that are influenced by the full moon), Trumps 10th house of status and prestige is activated.  This means that until 5 days before the election, Trump is in full form! There is only a mildly negative influence in this two weeks coming from the Taurus full moon activating Trump’s solar 12th house.

There remains the relative problem of the transiting Moon in Scorpio at the end of the day of the midterm elections compounded by the fact that it turns into a black moon on election day.  The black moon does not usually bring gifts.  The transiting Scorpio and black moon turns into the new Scorpio lunar month late the day after the election, and the Scorpio lunar month rules Trump’s lowly 4th house.  This suggests that Trump is in the doldrums following the election strongly suggesting it went badly for him.  Probably the Republicans lose either the House or Senate majorities or both?  The majority of transiting aspects to Trump’s natal chart on the election day are mainly negative.  For example transiting Mars exactly square Trump’s midheaven, transiting Jupiter square Trump’s ascendant, and transiting Venus approaching a square to Trump’s natal Venus.

Therefore, the same triumphal lunar conditions post the 2016 presidential elections (Leo full moon in Trump’s 1st whole sign house) is not evident at the midterm elections.

From around 4th/5th August 2018), the world is passing through the last week of the Cancer lunar month, and this last week includes the Cancer sting-in-the-tail activated mid-week (around 6th/7th to 8th/9th August 2018) when the transiting moon returns to Cancer ready to conclude the Cancer lunar month.  With Cancer activating Trump’s 12th whole sign house, expect some more significant 12th house events from Trump.   This is where astrology can teach you the meaning of the 12th house.


[1] Trump plans to formally invite Putin to US later this year, White House says

[2] Vladimir Putin invites Donald Trump to Moscow in counteroffer

[3] ‘Enemy of the people’: Sanders refuses to disavow Trump’s claim about media

Has the Media and Trump Got it All Wrong?

“Donald Trump has trashed NATO, saying it was “as bad as Nafta”, the North American free trade agreement the US president despises, European officials have confirmed. Trump’s inflammatory remarks have added to jitters among US allies about what will happen at a Nato summit in Brussels starting on 11 July, followed by Trump’s meeting with Vladimir Putin in Helsinki five days later.”[1]

However, the astrology may suggest a different outcome.  The NATO meeting occurs in the last week of the Gemini lunar month, and this activates Trump’s 11th house of friends.  It is also activating Trump’s 1st solar house of strength and is anti partnership by the fact the 1st house is opposite the house of partnership. Which house wins?  It is always difficult with lunar astrology as the Moon does not seem to favor the ascendant houses over solar houses.  Is Europe considered a friend to the USA?  This event therefore could go two ways – or both together, but the purpose of this post is not to pick the “winner” in this situation.  What we need here is some clarification on house systems using Trump, as usual, the guinea pig.


Trump’s whole sign houses has Gemini ruling the 11th house, Cancer ruling the 12th

Five days later with Putin is a different story – this occurs in the first week of the Cancer lunar month with Cancer activating Trump’s 12th house of self-made problems, disasters and so on – but also endings.  The Cancer lunar month also activates Trump’s 2nd solar house, which is the derived 12th house to his 3rd solar house of communication. This suggests no real dialog.  Or does Trump formally end the ongoing hostility of the US political establishment with Russia?  At the end of the day, the two leaders are very much alike with their neo-fascism.  The above analysis utilizes whole sign houses – it is far easier to work with whole sign houses from the perspective of lunar astrology.

Of course, the wild card here is the solar partial eclipse commencing the Cancer lunar month on 13th July 2018, only two days after the end of the NATO meeting?  Traditionally, this used to mean that a leader would fall.


Needless to say, if the above analysis was undertaken using a quadrant based house system such as Placidus, the activated houses are completely different (see below).


The Gemini lunar month activates Trump’s 10th Placidus house

The Gemini lunar month activates Trump’s 10th Placidus house.  Instead of the NATO meeting occurring in the favorable 11th house of friends, it would activate Trump’s 10th Placidus house of prestige and status, and ‘attack’ the 11th house by being in the derived 12th house position.  (This is the situation currently with whole sign houses, and explains Trump rubbishing NATO while his 10th whole sign house is activated).  Using Placidus etc, Trumps meeting with Putin would be in the favourable 11th house of friends.  They would come out slapping each other’s back like old buddies.

The above activated houses provides different scenarios between the two house systems.  Already there is clear evidence that the whole sign houses are activated with Trump attacking America’s traditional friends, and ongoing research has clearly shown that the monthly lunations and full moons follow Trump’s whole sign houses, and not quadrant based houses with the ascendant commencing the 1st house.

Therefore, these two upcoming meetings will provide an interesting forensic analysis post the two events.

If you are interested in knowing the astrological truth about house systems, see: IS TRUMP THE PERFECT GUINEA PIG FOR ASTROLOGERS?


[1] Donald Trump and Vladimir Putin to hold summit in July

Golden Shoes

Many people have idiosyncrasies, and one of my long term acquaintances has a particular quirk, he likes to wear shoes that he sprays with gold paint.  Yet again, the magic of astrology is demonstrated in this situation, because if you examine his western horoscope, you will quickly notice that he was born exactly on sunrise, so he has the Sun rising, which overshadows the Sagittarius ascendant sign as the Sun, Moon or any planet is stronger than a zodiacal sign.  The Sun, along with Leo, the sign it rules, takes ownership of everything gold.  And so, this brings into view gold for this person.

With the second strongest part of any horoscope the midheaven, you should also notice that Neptune was relatively closely conjunct his midheaven (highest point of the sky).  Because this person was born in a relatively high northern latitude, the zodiac is ‘skewed’ somewhat, resulting in the midheaven being close to the end of his 11th whole sign house, whereas in quadrant house systems (such as Placidus), his midheaven would mark the beginning of the 10th house.  Nevertheless, despite the perversity of some house systems, Neptune is the second strongest entity in his chart.  Neptune, and the sign it rules, Pisces, take charge of the feet – including shoes.

Therefore, with the Sun and Neptune the two strongest astrological entities in his western horoscope, and with these two bodies ruling gold and feet, this perfectly explains his most observable quirk – golden shoes.

And now the plot thickens, because as I write, I am in the Capricorn full moon two week period (20 June – 6 July 2018 GMT) and you will notice that Mr Golden Shoes has Capricorn ruling his 2nd house of finances and income.  When we met, at the very beginning of the Capricorn full moon period, he expressed that he was going through a lean patch.  This semi-parlous financial situation is affecting most people with Sagittarius rising, and to a lessor extent, those people with a Sagittarius sun-sign, because the planet Saturn is slowly transiting through the sign of Capricorn for almost three years, having relatively recently entered the sign Sagittarius in December 2017.  Therefore, this two week Capricorn full moon is especially punchy for every sign of the zodiac, as it is reinforced by transiting Saturn – the natural ruler of Capricorn with the same flavor, but for each of the twelve zodiacal signs, it will affect a different department of life.

The big question arises, why did I meet him during this Capricorn full moon period?  In my horoscope (see below), I have Capricorn rule my dreaded 12th house.  But the 12th house is the derived 2nd house of finances to the 11th house of friends.  So it seems I was destined to meet a destitute friend during this Capricorn full moon.  But that is not the end of it, because at the same time I met Mr Destitute Golden Shoes, another friend sent me an email asking me for astrological advice on going bankrupt. He seems to have accumulated tens of thousands of dollars of credit card debts but is retired and only survives on social security.

TM WSH Tropical

Whole sign houses applied to ascendant houses

A casual but alert observer may consider it a financial liability to be my friend, and they would be correct to a certain point.  The following is my Vedic horoscope and it has the Sun, as ruler of the 8th house of debt and death, located in my 11th house of friends.

TM Vedic

My Vedic Horoscope

This means that I should have a greater than average chance of friends dying prematurely or insolvent.  I haven’t noticed my friends dropping dead on me, but I have noticed that many of my close friends either become insolvent, broke or have major financial calamities in their lives.  This of course does not apply to any of my friends that are astrologers, because the 8th house is the house of astrology in the Vedic horoscope.

That does not exhaust my Capricorn full moon stories, because I just received notice from my third child yesterday, that he has secured a new rental home that exceeded his expectations in an extremely tight rental market.  How does that fit into the Capricorn full moon?  My Capricorn 12th house (in my western horoscope) is the 4th house of home to my 9th house.  The 5th house is the house of children, and specifically the eldest child.  This means that the derived 3rd house of siblings to the eldest child is my 7th house, making my 7th house represent my second child.  Taking this one more step, the 9th house is the derived 3rd house of the next eldest sibling to my 7th house of my second child.  Therefore the 9th house is the derived house for my 3rd child!  So this Capricorn full moon is activating the 4th house real estate to my 9th house of my third child.

Finally, a client with Leo rising contacted me about his wife, because she wants to leave him.  Capricorn activates his 6th house, and the 6th house is the derived 12th house of endings to the 7th house of his spouse.  He was also pro-actively applying for some better employment, this time directly activating his Capricorn 6th house of employment.

The following table provides a general outline on where transiting Saturn could affect you from December 2017 for about 3 years, and accentuated by the current Capricorn full moon period:

Rising or Sun-sign Problem Areas
Aries Career, standing or profile, father
Taurus Overseas travel, third child
Gemini Debt, partner’s income
Cancer Marriage & relationship problems, second child, 3rd sibling
Leo Health, employment and unravelling of a major relationship
Virgo Children, especially the eldest, investments and business ventures, second eldest sibling
Libra Home, mother & partner’s career
Scorpio Motor vehicle, communication, mobility, eldest sibling & neighbors
Sagittarius Finances & income
Capricorn Health and restrictions
Aquarius Holidays & self-made problems
Pisces Friends and outlook upon the world

The magic of lunar astrology, and astrology in general, continues!  Astrology may not be the ultimate magic, but it has its own kind of exaltation.


POSTSCRIPT 7 July 2018

The Capricorn two week full moon period (20 June – 6 July, 2018) has ended.  It has certainly manifested in my life, and it also has a very obvious mundane correlation, something that I have started noticing recently.  The moon rules fresh water, including rivers, and the general public, while Saturn/Capricorn rules caves.  One of the biggest news items over the last few weeks has been firstly the whereabouts and then the condition of the trapped Thai football team in a cave near Chiang Rai, and finally, the delay in extracting them – Capricorn rules delay.  This is a classic example of not only the Capricorn full moon, but also its resonance with transiting Saturn in Capricorn which has significantly strengthened the Capricorn full moon (exact on 28 June 2018).

The Thai football team got stranded due to heavy rain on June 23 2018.  This was only 3 days inside the Capricorn full moon period (20 Jun – 6 Jul, 2018).  The general public is also represented by the moon and Cancer, and this has been of great emotional impact around the world, and especially in Thailand. The fact that the soccer team could not be extracted while under the two week influence of the Capricorn full moon period, we should expect a long drawn out extraction process.

There are some less obvious mundane events that can be associated with the Capricorn full moon.  Firstly, there was the resignation of Scott Pruitt as Administrator of the Environmental Protection Agency (EPA) with Capricorn ruling Trump’s 6th house of “staff”.  Secondly, the probable poisoning by Russian produced Novichok nerve agent activates the 7th house to Russia’s Cancer.  This has increased the public vitriol of the UK government against Russia. Unfortunately, the Russian government behaves more like the mafia than a democratic government, and therefore they believe if they can sprout the same lies consistently, they can gain virtual validity.  This trend seems to be on a growth curve and is becoming ‘normal’.  Thirdly, Cancer rules immigrants, so a Capricorn full moon highlights opposition to (Cancer) immigration policies, and this was demonstrated in the USA when the Statute of Liberty was closed on the Fourth of July due to a protestor objecting to ICE scaling the statute and holding out against authorities for 4 hours.

On the personal front, I was bitten by a dog in Ubud, Bali, and on my return to Australia, I decided it was prudent to get some rabies immunoglobulin and rabies vaccine as the death rate from rabies in humans is virtually 100%.  The 12th house usually relates to wild animals, with the 6th house ruling domestic animals.

In addition, a mild shoulder discomfort I had before setting off on my travels turned into a full scale attack of bursitis in my shoulder, a very painful experience, and so this placed a (Capricorn) dampener on part of my overseas trip.  I had speculated that a 12th house activated Capricorn full moon would promote being in a holiday environment, especially taking into account snorkelling and islands that are associated with Pisces/Neptune/12th house. Now I did have a stunning snorkelling session in Timor-Leste at Atauro Island where the extent of fish life and coral is supposedly one of the best places in the world.  However, the snorkelling probably aggravated my mild shoulder discomfort, and as the Capricorn full moon came to a head, my bursitis peaked.

Then, again conjuring up my activated 12th house, a friend introduced me to an indigenous Indonesian herb that had analgesic properties. My painful bursitis was making sleeping difficult, and I was fast running out of a variety of painkilling drugs that I had brought with me on my trip for just such an emergency.  The Indonesian herb seemed to fill the vacuum appropriately.  However, I have an overly sensitive liver, and even at home, it does not take much ingesting of even the common weed to upset my liver. The Indonesian herb eventually played havoc with my liver, and for two days, virtually on the exact Capricorn full moon, I felt like a zombie.

I am a novice in my study of lunar astrology, and I learnt a good lesson from the Capricorn full moon.  Do not ignore resident planets in the house of the full moon.  In the case of the recent Capricorn full moon, this is even more pronounced as Saturn was close to the exact full moon (see chart below).

The Capricorn full moon conjunct Saturn (in my 12th whole sign house)

The Magic of Lunar Astrology

All astrology is “magic” in the sense that it defies normal logic.  However, I am firmly convinced that astrology comes from the quantum world of atoms and their smaller constituent parts such as electrons, protons, quarks and the whole range of exotic items that exist at the smallest level of reality.  In that place, the boundaries between time, matter, energy and the dimensions of space do not have clear boundaries, and everything seems inter-tangled in some kind of soup where everything is connected, one way or another.  In that minute realm, fractals and holograms have incredible relevance. This is most likely where the interconnectedness of astrology is sourced.

Though we usually do not directly experience this quantum reality, in effect, we are like little corks floating in some kind of massive sea of invisible soup.  When we have an astrological epiphany, we are really just witnessing this strange and mysterious quantum world manifesting in the outer world of our life and reality. This is the magic of astrology.

My introduction to lunar astrology came relatively late in my study of astrology because it is largely ignored or overlooked by the virtual hegemony of the horoscope.  The horoscope is superb, but it fails to adequately associate the lunar cycle as a relevant and important astrological aspect to any situation. Not all fundamental astrology is associated with the two dimensional horoscope.  Ignore lunar astrology at your peril.

This week is the last week of the Taurus lunar month (15 May – 14 June 2018 GMT).  Of the approximate four weeks of each lunar month, broken down into the four phases of the Moon, the middle two phases (from the 1st quarter moon to full moon to the end of the 3rd quarter), the influence of the full Moon sits on top of the lunar month.  This is the period that 50% or more of the Moon’s surface is illuminated by the light from our Sun.

For this Taurus lunar month, the full moon was in Sagittarius, and the influence of the full moon covered the period (22 May – 7 June 2018 GMT).  Taurus is therefore more relevant in the first and last week of the Taurus lunar month, but it still has influence in the middle two weeks under the Sagittarius full moon – just that the Sagittarius full moon is more noticeable.

If you follow astrological posts on Facebook, every two days a swathe of posts appear about the effects of the Moon changing signs every 2 ½ days as if this is important.  The importance of the Moon is not so much the zodiacal sign it is moving through, but the houses it activates.  The lunar cycle activates both the house it is located within from the ascendant, and its solar house location from the natal Sun.  In my case, the Taurus lunar month affected my 4th house to my Aquarius ascendant and my solar 6th house from my natal Sagittarius Sun.  For greater accuracy, always use whole sign houses with lunar astrology.  Therefore in my case, my 1st house does not commence with my ascendant degree, but the beginning of Aquarius (see below)

TM WSH Tropical

Whole sign houses applied to ascendant houses

TM WSH Solar Tropical

Whole sign houses applied to solar houses view

It is the 4th week of the Taurus lunar month I am concentrating upon, and my focus for this article is its activation of my 6th solar house.  In the last few days, three of my friends have expressed their frustrations that are all strongly associated with my solar 6th house. As any astrologer knows, friends are ruled by the 11th house, and counted from the 11th house, my 6th house is the derived 8th house to my friends.  The 8th house represents partnership finances, lack of (2nd house) income, and troubles with foreign land (as the 8th house is the derived 12th house of problems to the 9th house).  For astrologers not experienced with derived houses, it may look complicated, but in practise, it is extremely simple and highly versatile.

One friend explained his disastrous turn of his events in his businesses partnership, with his partner unethically taking advantage of him and trying to extract a large sum of money (8th house). This disastrous situation has occurred in a foreign land to his land of birth, and so this derived 8th house (from my 11th house of friends) is also the derived 12th house of calamities to his 9th house of foreign lands.

The second friend explained to me his visa and nationality problems, and even though he lived about 50 years in one country, he was born elsewhere and was never naturalised as a citizen of the country he has spent most of his life.  He decided about 10 years ago to live elsewhere, but now is having trouble even getting a visa back to what he feels is his ‘homeland’.  Furthermore, he is old enough to receive a government pension, but he cannot get it from either his land of birth (which he left before starting school), or his presumed homeland where he spent 50 years, nor the country he has been residing for the last 10 years.  He therefore needs to scratch any income he can from his Third World country of residence.  This is a classic 8th house financial problem combined with the fact the 8th house is the 12th house of self-made problems associated to the 9th house of foreign lands.

The third friend is having significant visa problems and due to unfavourable financial conditions in his life some years ago while living in a foreign land, he was unable to review his visa.  As a consequence, he has lived visa-free for so many years in this foreign country, it will cost a small fortune to pay the fine or bribe the local officials.  He feels his only course of action is to extract himself from this country without the immigration department’s knowledge, but somehow legally enter a neighboring country, in transit back to his land of birth.

It is also relevant that I met or re-engaged with each of these three friends while under the influence of the Sagittarius full moon with Sagittarius activating my 11th house of friends to my Aquarius ascendant.  It was only when the Sagittarius full moon period concluded, and I was returned back to solely the influence of the solar 6th house (8th house to 11th house of friends) that I became aware of their respective difficult situations.  Notice that lunar astrology can flick between ascendant houses and solar houses as if they are totally interchangeable and virtually on the same page!

I don’t think the story has concluded, as an interesting lunar astrology condition always appears in the final week of every lunar month. Towards the end of each lunation cycle for 2 ½ days, the transiting Moon passes through the sign that rules the whole month.  On 10 June 2018 the transiting Moon enters the sign Taurus for 2 ½ days – what I call the Taurus sting-in-the-tail.  This 2 ½ days usually provides a final enhanced appearance of Taurus, either activating the relevant ascendant house, or solar house.  Such is its power, it can even manifest mundanely in the world associated with Taurus architypes.  This could be financial, banking, currency issues and so on.

For example, in the corresponding sting-in-the-tail near the end of the previous Aries lunar month (16 April – 15 May 2018),  there were a number of major international events associated with Aries.  One example was the provocation of the entrenched Israeli problem by President Trump with the USA opening its embassy in the disputed city of Jerusalem[1] – like pouring gasoline onto a fire.  This was naturally responded to by an Al-Qaida leader calling for jihad against the USA.[2]

US Embassy in Jersalem

Violence associated with the opening of the US embassy in Jerusalem, Israel

Aries increases aggression and conflict.  A major terrorist incident in Indonesia saw a number of Indonesian churches in Surabaya bombed by members of just one family by suicide bombings – including perversely their young children.[3] In another bizarre example of Aries, an Indian college cut the sleeves of female students before an exam to prevent cheating.[4]

The magic of lunar astrology is more intimate than traditional horoscopic analysis, as it allows a virtual day-by-day experience that makes astrology constantly stay alive but with extremely little effort – other than a good understanding of houses, and derived houses.  The house before any house, is always at the derived 12th house.  The house opposite any house is the derived 7th house.  Therefore, the 11th house is the house of any first child’s spouse as the 11th house is the derived 7th house to the 5th house.

You will not be disappointed if you take up the study and practise of lunar astrology.  It is much easier to learn than normal horoscopic astrology, as 80% of the knowledge required is knowledge of houses, with 20% zodiacal sign archetypes – mainly for the mundane connection to world events.


[1] http://www.theguardian.com/world/2018/may/14/israel-tells-palestinians-they-are-risking-lives-in-us-embassy-protests

[2] http://www.theguardian.com/world/2018/may/14/al-qaida-leader-jihad-us-embassy-move-jerusalem?utm_source=esp&utm_medium=Email&utm_campaign=GU+Today+AUS+v1+-+AUS+morning+mail+callout&utm_term=274726&subid=17386767&CMP=ema_632

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Do Astrological Houses Need Renovating?

Dilapidated-House Cropped

I remember when I first commenced learning astrology in the 1970s, that the most difficult part, in pre-computer days, was determining the Placidus house cusps utilizing sidereal time and latitude tables.  At the novice stage, each astrologer basically assumes that their teacher or textbook provides a true and valid depiction of astrology.  However, one of my early texts book on astrology did subtly introduce to me the confusion that underpins astrological houses.  In this textbook, it also introduced the Equal House system as an alternate system to Placidus.  However, what can a novice do?  Every horoscope I came across was in Placidus house format, so I did what every good sheep does, I stayed with the herd.

In the case of Donald Trump, the variation between Placidus and Equal houses is minimal.

Trump’s horoscope comparing Placidus & Equal houses

The Equal House system in western astrology utilises the ascendant as the beginning of the 1st house, with each house exactly 30 degrees in size.  The above comparison applied to Donald Trump shows minimal differences between these two systems – but for some people, the difference will be major.

Over the following decades, I never focussed upon astrological houses, but I did realise that I never saw any explanation or proof that the Placidus house structure I was using was “true” or substantiated in some way.  As novice astrologers, we must take what we are given.  At a certain point, a competent astrologer must decide if they will become a proficient astrologer.  A competent astrologer has learnt the fundamentals.  A proficient astrologer can question anything about astrology, and ‘tests’ those areas that suspect, vague or unclear.

Eventually, it became clear to me that astrological houses seemed to lack integrity for a number of reasons.  This is proved just from the number of house systems available, with many advanced astrologers promoting one or another house system.  The longer I studied astrology, the greater my interest in astrological houses.  Over a period of time, I attempted to get a handle on the situation.  My early attempts failed.

My first experience with whole sign houses occurred when I commenced learning Vedic astrology in the mid-1980s.  Unlike western society, when Hellenistic astrology made its way to India almost 2,000 years ago, they did not have a centuries long Dark Age where nearly all intellectual pursuits were extinguished.  During our Dark Age, the rump of  intellectual pursuits were left virtually exclusively with church monasteries, and though astrological texts existed in church monasteries, and some church members may have practised, understood or knew something about astrology, the church was mainly anti-astrology.  This was not conducive to the continuation of the astrological tradition in the West.

The astrologers in India had to face wars and invasions, but astrologers did not disappear for many centuries at a time.  Each generation of astrologers passed down their astrological insights to the next generation.  One thing that got passed down in India, but lost in the West, was the whole sign house system that they had inherited from the Hellenistic astrologers.  In Indian/Jyotish/Vedic astrology there are other house systems employed, but only a very small percentage of Indian astrologers use alternate house systems.  One alternate house system I encountered very early in my study of Vedic astrology had the 1st house commence 10 degrees before the ascendant, and 20 degrees after the ascendant, with each house exactly 30 degrees in size.  This is a variation of the Equal House system.  In the whole sign house system, each house is from zero to 30 degrees of each sign.  So someone like Donald Trump, with his ascendant at 29 degrees Leo, has his 1st house from zero degrees to 30 degrees Leo, his 2nd house from zero degrees to 30 degrees  Virgo and so on.

The ancient whole sign or Equal House systems do not reflect the most popular house systems employed by modern western astrologers.  The most popular modern western house systems are quadrant based, with the ascendant commencing the 1st house, midheaven commencing the 10th house, the descendant commencing the 7th house and the IC commencing the 4th house.   There are various ways of dividing the spaces between the four quadrant points to produce the cusps of the intermediary houses usually based either on a time-based system or spaced-base system.

Trump’s horoscope comparing Porphryr and Whole Sign Houses

The above horoscopes compares Donald Trump’s horoscope using the Porphryr quadrant system (similar to Placidus) and the original whole sign house system (WSH).  The Porphryr houses are believed to be the oldest quadrant houses in western astrology.  The difference in the above horoscopes is staggering!  This is why Donald Trump is the perfect candidate for comparing house systems.  However, the Hellenistic astrologers did not perceive the cusps of the Porphryr houses as house cusps, but as sensitive points (within whole sign houses).

The major point of demarcation between the original whole sign house system and quadrant house systems, that have been the most popular over the last 1,000 years, is the role of the ascendant in the 1st house.  Most, though not all, modern western house systems commence the 1st house with the actual ascendant degree.  One variation on this theme is the Morinus house system.[1]

Trump’s horoscope utilizing the Morinus house system

Somewhere between the original Hellenistic astrologers, and the later medieval astrologers, the whole sign house system vanished, and the quadrant styled house systems, usually with the ascendant commencing the 1st house, flourished.  The most prolific medieval astrologers were the Islamic astrologers.  In hindsight, the Islamic astrologers cemented two new goalposts that remain in place for contemporary western astrologers.

Firstly, they cemented the tropical zodiac as the zodiac of choice, whereas the older Hellenistic astrologers almost exclusively employed the sidereal zodiac (until the very last collection of published Hellenistic horoscopes in 516 AD included the first published horoscopes that employed the tropical zodiac with all earlier published Hellenistic horoscopes utilizing the sidereal zodiac).[2]  The Islamic astrologers were probably most influenced by the works of Ptolemy due to his intellectual rigor.  Ptolemy preferred the tropical zodiac invented by Hipparchus in the 2nd century BC, even though his contemporary astrologers basically either ignored the tropical zodiac, or did not bother differentiating between the tropical and sidereal zodiacs due to their very close alignment in their day – which only occurs for a few centuries once every 26,000 years.

Representation of Ptolemy dated to 1584 AD. This reproduction is taken from Popular Science Monthly Volume 78, April, 1911, page 316

Secondly, the medieval/Islamic astrologers eventually lost sight of the whole sign house system, and either developed or accentuated ‘fringe’ Hellenistic quadrant houses that used the ascendant as the beginning of the 1st house.  It appears that the Hellenistic astrologers had more than one house system, but they used these different systems contemporaneously because each house system had their unique purposes.

For example the famous Hellenistic astrologer Vettius Valens (120 – c.175 AD) used the whole sign house system and another system attributed to Porphyry which behaves like many ‘modern’ quadrant house systems.  However, this Porphyry house system was not used to interpret planets in houses, but to determine the strength of planets, and exclusively used the whole sign houses for house interpretations.  According to Robert Hand, where he discusses the use of the whole sign house system and quadrant style house system by the Hellenistic astrologers:

“Could it be that the entire confusion regarding houses in astrology ever since has been the result of trying to combine two completely different sets of criteria for houses into a single system, when in fact they should have met by two different types of houses?”[3]

Hand goes on and states that Valens also used the quadrant based house system for directions only, but exclusively used the whole sign house system for house interpretations.  This dual approach to houses by the ancient astrologers was not limited to Valens, as Ptolemy also had this same bipolar approach to houses.[4]  Other house systems used by the Hellenistic astrologers were the Equal House system and making the 1st house the house in which the Part of Fortune (Lot of Fortune) is located using the whole sign house system.

This apparent house confusion between houses and determining the strength of planets did not make it past the later medieval astrologers.  It seems that the two approaches to houses employed by the Hellenistic astrologers was not lost in translation, because early Islamic era astrologers such as Mashallah ibn Athari (c.740–815 AD) continued to use whole sign houses.  In his “Book of Nativities” there are example horoscopes but the comment is made that even though the sample horoscopes include (quadrant-based) house cusps, “internal evidence suggests that the author used whole sign houses.  These are probably the result of some copyist who, knowing the astrology of his day, added the cusps to ‘correct’ the original”.[5]  By the time whoever copied Mashallah, horoscopic houses had evolved/distorted/decayed from whole sign houses to quadrant houses, and obviously whole sign houses had disappeared into the dustbin of astrology.  The copyist therefore “corrected” the whole sign houses, and turned them into quadrant houses.

Another example of this later tampering occurred with the 6th century Byzantine astrologer Olymmpiodorus in his commentary on the 4th century Hellenistic astrologer Paulus Alexandrinus explaining how construct quadrant based houses, but the text is structured in such a way that strongly suggests that this was not in the original Paulus text or later Olymmpiodorus commentary, but a much later medieval insertion.   History is written by the “winners”, and in this case, quadrant houses won the battle against whole sign houses, and so many references to whole sign houses were later whitewashed.

Though early medieval astrologers continued the tradition of employing two basic and different house structures as employed by the Hellenistic astrologers, this situation changed after the 9th century, and whole sign houses simply and inexplicably disappeared from view.[6]  While the Hellenistic astrologers clearly differentiated the roles and purposes of the whole sign house and quadrant house systems, by the time of the later medieval astrologers, the debate shifted from comparing these two approaches to only comparing which quadrant house system was superior, and so whole sign houses fell off the back of the truck.[7]

According to Chris Brennan, the shift from whole sign houses to quadrant houses was sudden and therefore perhaps not well considered.  After the early medieval astrologers like Sahl and Masha’allah (c. 800 AD) who had continued the tradition of whole sign houses, by the time of Abu Ma’shar (c. 850 AD) there was a sudden shift to quadrant houses.  It was so sudden, it may have all occurred within one generation of astrologers. The disappearance of the whole sign house system coincided with the appearance of over 20 forms of quadrant house systems commencing the modern confusion about multiple house systems.

Title page for a 1504 German edition of De scientia motvs orbis, originally by Māshāʼallāh, Houghton Library, Harvard University

Unfortunately, the details around the switch from the whole sign house system to quadrant based house systems in the early 9th century are unknown.  There are many possible theories such as translation errors.  Also, sophisticated quadrant based house systems require some advanced mathematics, and perhaps many astrologers, who were also usually mathematician by necessity, wanted to show off their advanced mathematical skills by creating more sophisticated and complex quadrant houses?  It may have been faddish by these medieval astrologers to produce a plethora of houses – as Chris Brennan states, perhaps new house systems were like “the iPhone of the 9th century?” – everyone had to have a new one?[8]

There is another forensic insight into this mysterious time when such a major and fundamental change occurred in western astrology.  We know which zodiacal signs are strongly associated with astrology – they are Cancer, Scorpio and Aquarius [Ref: Astrology Through the Ages ].  For example, both Scorpio and Cancer were highly influential at the invention of Hellenistic astrology, and Aquarius periods also show the same tendency.

“…….so much of Hellenistic astrology must have been developed between approximately 125 and 61 BC. Therefore the first appearance of Hellenistic astrology takes place in the Scorpio sub-age (c.189-8 BC) and its Cancer sub-age decan ruling between 189 – 129 BC.  Cancer then moves into its more powerful overflow mode between 129 – 69 BC.  This tightly coincides with the time frame allotted for the development of Hellenistic astrology (i.e. 125-61 BC) by one or more unknown astrologers referred to by later astrologers cryptically as Hermes, Aesculapius, Nechepso, Petosiris and Abram possibly sometime in the late 2nd century BC or early 1st century BC.” [Ref: Astrology Through the Ages ].

The period 800 to 850 AD, where whole sign houses were discarded in favor of quadrant houses, sits within the Cancer sub-age overflow (713 – 894 AD) which is the same timeframe as Gemini sub-age.  The Gemini sub-age has three sub-age decans, and the key decan for astrological purposes is Aquarius.  The Aquarius sub-age decan and overflow (713 – 773 – 833) marks the culmination of heightened astrological focus as both Cancer and Aquarius strongly promote astrology and these signs are overlapping.  This was the strongest astrological time for horoscopic astrology since the invention of Hellenistic astrology in the 1st century BC in a Scorpio sub-age (189 – 8 BC) and Cancer sub-age decan and overflow.  It appears that the shift away from whole sign houses to quadrant house systems most likely occurred once this heightened influence involving both Cancer and Aquarius came to an end in 833 AD.

Towards the end of the Cancer sub-age overflow (713 – 894) sits a Cancer hotspot – specifically the Cancer micro-age and overflow (863 – 894) representing the final sting-in-the-tail by Cancer.  Cancer is the sign that rules houses, and therefore is the sign that rules astrological houses.  Hellenistic astrology developed under a Cancer sub-age decan and overflow (189 – 129 – 68 BC), and the most important development that Hellenistic astrologers introduced to horoscopic astrology was the astrological houses including the ascendant.  It seems just as appropriate that another significant development affecting astrological houses occurred under the next strongest influence of Cancer following is formative stage, even if it was a major mistake.

Later astrologers might have been aware of the old whole sign houses. Guido Bonatti (died c.1296 – 1300) is considered the most celebrated astrologer of the 13th century. [9] In his discussion of astrological houses, he makes the distinction that houses are not the same as signs, but it is unclear what a house cusp indicates because he also seems to suggest that cusps are sensitive points within a house, whereas the modern concept is that cusps are the borders of houses.  Bonatti takes the lead from Ptolemy that the border of each house sits 5 degrees before the cusps?[10]  Therefore, if someone has their ascendant at 29 Degrees Leo, the first house commences at 24 degrees Leo.  While some modern astrologers do make house cusps rubbery, this approach is in stark contrast to most modern astrologers who take house cusps literally as distinct house borders.  This strongly suggests that the modern approach to houses has cut corners.

The big question remains – was the replacement of whole sign houses by quadrant house beneficial, detrimental or neutral to astrology?  The difference between Hellenistic astrology and modern 20th century psychological astrology is massive – swathes of techniques or approaches have disappeared.  Discarded techniques may be valid yet still disappear due to the Law of Diminishing Returns (borrowed from economics).  Basically the Law of Diminishing Returns imply that each succeeding event of a similar type produces less output.  For example, the first ice-cream is delicious, but if the person keeps eating ice creams, each succeeding ice-cream brings less pleasure.

Applied astrologically, there are just so many astrological techniques available, it is not warranted using all available techniques, but selecting a sub-group that produces the best results. So a valid astrological technique still may get jettisoned, even though it has validity and integrity, just because the return on the time invested is insufficient.  Did this apply to the jettisoning of whole sign houses?  Did the new quadrant based houses produce better results?  Or, did the new quadrant based houses replace whole sign houses due to fashion or bias by those involved?

The only way to really test this, is to test it.  Are quadrant based houses more accurate compared to whole sign houses?  Testing astrology can be difficult, which is why no astrological test to date has convinced academics that there is any validity for astrology.  This is where individual astrologers need to undertake their own research.  Any competent astrologer that takes on testing astrology shifts into the proficient astrologer sphere.

I have undertaken a number of tests, and while these tests cannot disprove the validity of quadrant house systems, these tests have proved to me the validity of the whole sign house system. The main test I employed was applied to Donald Trump, as with a 29 degrees Leo ascendant, all his planets, Sun and Moon change house depending which house approach is taken.  [See:  Is Trump the Perfect Guinea Pig for Astrologers ].  My analysis of Donald Trump repeatedly confirms that the most appropriate house structure that should be applied to his horoscope is the whole sign house system.  Any proficient astrologer can use the same test.  Each new lunar month and full moon confirms the validity and integrity of the whole sign house system in the case of Donald Trump.  I have also found the same success applied to my own horoscope, and my clients’ horoscopes.

The study, practise and evolution of astrology parted ways with science and academia some centuries ago, and as a consequence, astrology reflects pre-Scientific Revolution science.  While the Scientific Revolution brought the empirical-based Scientific Method, astrology remains basically with a more ancient method – which I call the Astrological Method.  What is the Astrological Method?  It is the method whereby each generation of astrologers adopt new techniques, evolve existing techniques and discard other techniques.  However, due to the pre-scientific style of the Astrological Method, there is no guarantee that each change is positive or correct.

However, on the other side of the equation, astrologers are not universally stupid, so most changes should be either correct, or relatively correct.  In these situations, the established convention is to apply the 80/20 Rule (also known as the Pareto principle).[11]  This rule indicates for example, that 80% of astrologers may be a combination of novice and competent astrologers, but only 20% are proficient astrologers.  Conversely, it is possible that 20% of astrologers are novice astrologers, while 80% are either competent or proficient astrologers.  Applied in another way, the astrological method probably results in 80% correct results, and 20% incorrect results in the ongoing astrological tradition.

20% is rather large, so if 20% of current astrology is incorrect, it has to be something relatively major.  Faulty house systems is the most likely candidate, and though this does not make quadrant house systems automatically  guilty, it does make faulty houses in the short list of faulty astrology, especially with the track record of houses being out of kilter with most of astrology.  Where else in astrology is there so much contention?  Neil Spencer expressed the situation as follows:

“Disputes over astrological techniques are widespread and often bitterly contested.  Few things in astrology cause as much argument as the meaning of the houses and how their division is calculated.”[12]

Independent of the 80/20 rule, just the fact that the most contentious area in western horoscopic astrology is most likely the houses suggests that this is where the greatest errors of judgement have been made in the past.  The only solution to this house conundrum will be when enough proficient astrologers undertake their own assessment or tests, but this will only occur through astrologers not merely accepting the status quo, but by questioning the status quo.

The biggest problem with research is bias.  If you have a bias that a specific house system is superior to other house systems, this will detract from your research integrity, because you will look for evidence to support your bias, and avoid results that detract from your bias.  To really understand astrology, it is necessary to stand under astrology and let it show you what is true or real, and what is not.  A research astrologer should always be looking for the truth, no matter what the truth may be, and not confirmation of their own perspective.

Another point worth mentioning about whole sign houses is that due to the fact most astrologers have only experienced quadrant houses, many astrologers incorrectly think that whole sign houses make the ascendant disappear.  In whole sign houses, the ascendant point is the strongest point in the horoscope.  This is reflected in Hellenistic astrology by their alternate quadrant house system focussed upon the ascendant to determine which planets are strong in the horoscope (i.e. making contact with the ascendant degree).

My second encounter with whole sign house system occurred in the late 1980s when I was asked to write the weekly horoscope column for the local newspaper.   I quickly realised that my immediate problem was how to determine which house was being activated because a transiting planet could be in one of two houses for each Sun sign (or ascendant).  I realised that the only solution was to use the whole sign house system (which I was already using as a novice Vedic astrologer).  Finally upon the arrival of the internet and online astrology discussion groups, I was able to check with other horoscope columnists, and they all used whole sign houses.  Whole sign house are more ubiquitous than most contemporary astrologers may realise.

In conclusion, the most long term contentious area in western horoscopic astrology is the astrological houses, and the only other contention that has risen to perhaps approach such a high level of controversy is the outer planets.  Since the revival of traditional astrology, there have been claims that the outer planets, Uranus, Neptune and Pluto, are not rulers of Aquarius, Pisces and Scorpio respectively.  Furthermore, some traditional astrologers claim that the process undertaken by the astrological community to assigned zodiacal rulerships for these outer planets was ad hoc and lacked ‘scientific’ integrity.  This controversy may have been more noticeable over the recent past compared to the house controversy.

Where there is smoke there is usually fire, so if the astrological community has had a long-term disagreement about houses, this is probably the smoke suggesting something is not right.  I hear many astrologers claim that their house system of choice works for them, so why bother.  Logic says that using a quadrant house system in place of the whole sign house system will, on average, produce 50% correct results anyway.  Many insights gain from a western horoscope are not related to houses anyway, as is the case with transits and progressions.  Therefore a western astrologer could feel very comfortable utilizing a quadrant house system.  But this does not make it correct or true.

My contention is that those competent astrologers, that have the ability to be proficient astrologers, should focus upon researching houses and develop their own unique tests.  For example, if there is a way of testing if Pluto is in the 1st house, this could be used with Donald Trump, as he has Pluto in the 1st whole sign house, but in the 12th Placidus house. Trump noticeably has a glass jaw, but astrologers seem unable to relate a glass jaw with someone who has their Pluto in the 1st or 12th houses?  Is it obvious or is his glass jaw hidden from view?  Another approach is to examine the ruling planet.  In many cases, the ruling planet will change house, and so this opens up the possibility of qualitative analysis over which of the two ruling house possibilities seems the most appropriate.  At the most simplest level, if you are interested in the house debate, always construct a horoscope using whole sign houses to compare with the house system you normally use.  The more tests the merrier.


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Jupiter in Scorpio (2017-18)

Around 11th October 2017 Jupiter entered the sign Scorpio and will remain in Scorpio until about 11th November 2018.  However, prior to Scorpio, in the period 10th September 2016 Jupiter was in the sign Libra and remained in Libra for 13 months until the 11th October 2017.

See Jupiter in Libra (2016 -17).

Some earlier transits of Jupiter are available:

Jupiter in Leo (2014 – 15)

Jupiter in Virgo (2015 -16)

The symbol for Jupiter

On average, Jupiter takes approximately one year to transit a sign.  The transits of Jupiter will bring mainly fortunate events to your life affecting the activated astrological house associated with your sign.

Of course, if you only read the forecasts and predictions related to your sun-sign, you will get a second or third rate result because the sun-sign is of secondary importance in everyone’s horoscope.  The best result is found from primarily relating Jupiter’s movement to your rising sign (ascendant).

Did you know that sun-sign astrology, as presented in newspapers, was only invented around the 1930’s?  Sun-sign astrology is a secondary astrological technique at best and is a poor substitute for real astrology.  The word ‘horoscope’ is derived from the ancient Greek word meaning `hour’.  It is the hour you are born that provides the greatest astrological insight into your life, not the month of birth!

As the Earth turns on its axis every 24 hours, each of the 12 zodiacal signs rises up over the eastern horizon, approximately one new sign every two hours.  The rising sign (commonly referred to as the ascendant) is the key astrological factor in your life.  Regardless of what sign the Sun was in for the day and month of your birth, any of the 12 zodiacal signs may be rising at the time of your birth including the same sign that your Sun was located (i.e. you were born around sunrise).  Sun-sign astrology in newspapers, magazines and books makes much better sense if you read your rising sign in place of your Sun sign – or at least read both.

The passage of Jupiter through Scorpio will lead to a noticeable change in the good and bad fortune you experience from around 10th October 2017 until 11th November 2018.  You can read two sections.  One section based on your ascendant (rising sign), followed by your Sun sign – unless for you both the Sun sign and ascendant are the same – in which case you only need read one section.  If you do not know your ascendant sign you can only read your Sun-sign.

The ability to indicate where good fortune will appear in your life due to Jupiter is based on astrological houses.  There are 12 houses in a horoscope, with the 1st house covering the eastern horizon, and all other houses appearing in order and counter clockwise from the eastern horizon.  The following descriptions relate to transiting Jupiter passing through the houses in your horoscope, either based on the rising sign, Sun sign or both.

From early March until early July 2018 Jupiter is retrograde indicating that all does not go so well with Jupiter as would otherwise be expected.  Even when Jupiter returns to forward motion, it may not return to its full former positive self until early October 2018.  If you are depending on Jupiter showering you with fortunate circumstances while it is retrograde, or  from July to October 2018 when it is getting back to where it was before going retrograde, you may be disappointed.

The transits of Jupiter are always more significant for people with their Sun or rising sign in Sagittarius because Jupiter is the ruling planet for Sagittarius.  The following predictions are also affected by the house that Sagittarius rules in your horoscope.  Also for all signs, at birth, your natal Jupiter was located in any one of the 12 houses, and the relationship between transiting Jupiter to your natal Jupiter also has an effect.  Neither the house Sagittarius rules or the position of natal Jupiter is taken into account in the following analysis of Jupiter in the 12 houses.

In the following table, look up your sign (in blue), then go horizontally across to the column marked Scorpio (which is highlighted in yellow).  This will tell you which house to read.  You can use this table to look up Jupiter’s transits for any time, provided you know which sign Jupiter was transiting.

Zodiacal signs & houses lookup table

For example, if you are a Taurus (Sun) with Libra rising, your Libra activates the 2nd house, and your Taurus Sun activates the 7th house.  While you can read both descriptions, the rising sign usually provides the best analysis.

1st House of Self  (affecting the sign Scorpio in 2017 -18)

You have hit bonanza territory in this 13 month period.  Jupiter brings a sense of good fortune, optimism and cheer to your life.  You temporarily embrace the attributes of Jupiter and so behave like a Sagittarian, and like a Sagittarian – your optimism should significantly increase.  You are liable to think of distant lands and grand visions of possibilities in your life.  It’s a time when you can be in the right place at the right time.  You should pierce the veil of your day to day life and see where you would like to be, because under Jupiter, you can end up at your goal relatively easily.  You may be focussed on improving your living situation or benefiting from real estate transactions.  You will have to wait until Jupiter shifts to the next sign after this current transit for your good fortune to shift to your income or bank balance.

You may take an added interest in metaphysical or philosophical areas, make a special overseas trip and generally expand whatever area of your life your attention is focused towards.  This is an excellent time for owning or riding horses, though some people get a fixation on horse racing under Jupiter.  You should avoid over doing it, including over indulgence, over commitments, over statements etc. as under Jupiter your mouth can be bigger than your stomach.  Some people suffer from liver, sciatica or hip problems when Jupiter is strong in their chart.

Your partner may be leaning on you during this period or on a social merry-go-round, while any second eldest child is experiencing the same.  An adult second child may find a great new relationship.  Any eldest child may travel overseas while any adult third child has their own child, starts a business or becomes engrossed with a new hobby or creative outlet. Your parent of the same sex becomes successful or receives accolades while your parent of the opposite sex improves their living situation. Friends are staying home unless travelling with their partner – but they may buy that new flashy car.

2nd House of Income (affecting the sign Libra in 2017-18)
Money and financial wealth should be flowing your way at last – either great wads of money into or out of your bank account. This is as good as it gets for boosting your finances or buying something expensive but you should guard against overspending.  You are temporarily like the fabled King Midas.  However, if you are depending upon an inheritance, gift, social security or financial assistance from any partner etc. you may not be so lucky.  Your inner strength may be diminished during this time and so you could feel mildly insecure.

Any partner and/or second child (or third sibling) may have ballooning debts but they may be inordinately lucky at receiving an inheritance or gift or getting plenty of money from the government at this point of time.  Any eldest child (or second eldest sibling) may get a boost in their career or be elected class president.  Any third child may get a boost in their employment opportunities or their first after-school work.

Your parent of the same sex should spend time with friends or non-profit type organisations, groups or clubs to lift their spirits, and perhaps they get a new friend during this time or one of their close friends heads off overseas.  Your parent of the opposite sex should be in good form and either enjoying their financial returns from investments, setting up a new profitable venture or spending a lot of time in a new or established hobby.

3rd House of Communication, Study & Siblings (affecting the sign Virgo in 2017-18)
You may decide to return to study or you may want to spread your knowledge by being a teacher or make greater use of your communicative abilities such as writing or blogging.  It favours communication of all kinds (emails, letters, telephone etc.) and you could purchase a new smartphone that is more expensive than normal.  It indicates a greater emphasis towards local travel (i.e. your local environs and short interstate trips rather than overseas). You may encounter problems if you travel overseas unless you are accompanying your partner.  This period often indicates a time when you will buy a bigger or better car or means of transport.

Any partner and/or second child may be off overseas, or else they are temporarily becoming a great sage through their new metaphysical interests or becoming religious.  Let your partner make the overseas travel plans in this phase or if you are single, lock your passport away for a year.

You could find an interesting neighbour during this time.  Your eldest sibling should do very well in the present circumstances or your relationship with your eldest sibling can be in a growth phase.

Any eldest child (and second eldest sibling) gets a new friend or spends all their spare time with their friends unless they have engaged with a non-profit or altruistic organization and place their energies there.  Any adult third child may encounter the love of their life while your friends are feeling good and one or more may have a child or a new hot love affair unless they are focussed upon business or investment – which could pay off.

Your parent of the same sex should go on holidays, chill out or get totally inspired through the fine arts, drama, dancing etc.  They could always take up surfing or snorkeling or take that cruise they have always dreamt about.

4th House of Domesticity (affecting the sign Leo in 2017-18)

Jupiter is stimulating the home environment.  Your home or where you live should be in a growth phase.  You could renovate, do an extension or purchase a bigger or better home or sell your current home for your benefit but you should not overdo it.  Jupiter rules foreign lands and so it can represent living abroad or purchasing a villa overseas.  It is excellent time for living in a rural environment, especially the type of environment where there are lots of horses.

Jupiter’s placement in this period is not so good for promoting yourself as your personal status or career prospects are at a low ebb when it comes to luck or being in the right place at the right time.  Your eldest sibling could be swimming in money or making a major purchase.  Your parent of the same sex could be feeling positive, optimistic and possibly gallivanting around the world or writing that book.  If your parent of the opposite sex is single, they may form a new relationship or feel that they are living in the wrong place.

Your partner should get that better job or even experience some fame or promotion – the same applies to any second child, but if they are still at school they may get noticed in a positive fashion by the school authorities.  Any third child will be feeling confident, receive some generous funds and perhaps have having fun experimenting with sex.  Friends could see an improvement in their health, get a better work opportunity or their partners drag them away to some exotic location for a holiday.

5th house of Children, Love Affairs & Enjoyment (affecting the sign Cancer in 2017-18)

If you have children this places a special focus upon your eldest child though it can also diffuse to all your children, bringing them luck, overseas travel or big plans. They are in expansion mode, wanting more than they have, or wanting to travel far.  They should experience better fortune in their lives for the period Jupiter is in Libra.  For those people wanting a child, especially the first child, the stars are shining positively upon you.

In some cases, the focus in your life is placed upon a love affair, business activity or entrepreneurial venture, hobby or a creative outlet.  A new lover may be from overseas or be an optimistic person. Business affairs, investments and even gambling, including horse racing, may be temporarily provident for you.  Any new share market investments could do well. However, one or more of your close friends may be going through a period of bad fortune but their partner should be able to keep their ship afloat or your friend is lucky in love.  Friends may curtail or postpone overseas trips during this time.

Any partner (business or personal) or second child may be inspired by their involvement in a non-profit organisation or they are benefiting from a new friend or group of friends – possibly the friend(s) is from overseas.  Any third child probably has travel plans, or desperately wishing they were overseas and regardless of their circumstance, should be experiencing relatively good fortune in this timeframe.  They may also benefit from university during this time.  Your parent of the same sex should be wallowing in buckets of money or financial good fortune, and your parent of the opposite sex could do well in receiving an inheritance, insurance payout or additional social security payments. They may also be very generous in handing out money to their kids or charities.

Any eldest sibling may purchase a bigger or better car, get enthralled with a new vocational course or become a teacher.    Any second eldest sibling is in excellent spirits and feels that the gods are smiling upon them.  Any third eldest sibling should spend as much time with their friends as possible, and may pick up a new friend or two, especially if they are from a foreign land.  Any boss or superior however may be struggling with financial problems unless they have a good business partner but should be well placed for that loan they need.

 6th House of Employment & Health (affecting the sign Gemini in 2017-18)
This is the time for work – so much so that you may have work coming out of your ears – but to your benefit.  Somehow employment opportunities are expanding, and you should have noticed that more work is making it to the in-tray than normal.  You may also get a better job.  Alternatively you may be doing more chores than normal but enjoying it or need to employ more people in your business or get new subordinates in your workplace.

You may dive into an exercise regimen or focus upon a healthier lifestyle but you may not win the battle of the bulge while Jupiter is affecting you in this area.  Jupiter rules expansion so you may be temporarily a glutton or unable to curtail eating habits.  Some may suffer from sciatica, hip or liver problems.  You may purchase a new pet or horse, and an existing pet may win a prize or receive recognition.  You will experience a lot of positivity and good fortune from growing veggies or even running a farm.

Any partner is probably at the other end of the spectrum. While you are gleefully slogging away at your to-do list, they are either in holiday mode or behaving like a sage in a cave, and avoiding the hustle and bustle of life as much as they can and enjoying this situation – they just want to chill-out..  The gods are favoring your partner and/or second child with lighten bolts of inspiration which they should be able to financially capitalise on after the current transit.

Any eldest child could earn a small fortune while any third child may receive some recognition.  Your parent of the same sex will not put down the telephone or is flooding your email inbox – they should focus upon a neighbour, especially if the neighbour is from overseas or highly successful.  Your parent of the opposite sex wants to be overseas or taking a late university degree unless they turn to religion for solace.  One or more friends may finally get that inheritance, gift or pension.  They should be confident at this time and not bogged down with worries or cares.

7th House of Marriage & Major Relationships (affecting the sign Taurus in 2017-18)
Over the course of this transit you may experience the reflected glory of your partner. You benefit from their positivity and the positivity the relationship is bringing you.  You can also have good fortune in a business partnership but leave it to your partner at this point of time for all the major decisions as they have Midas on their side.  You will benefit from any personal or business partnership you commence in this period and you may be attracted to someone from a foreign land.

You may have to let any new visions of grand plans sit on the sideline for some time, unless a partner or team members voluntarily take up your plan from their own enthusiasm and you totally respond to their enthusiasm. You may feel like good fortune has deserted you but this is only a temporary situation.

However, this is a great time for dinner parties, socialising, tying the knot, and working with other people, especially if they are from foreign lands.  You may have to curtail your overseas travel plans during this period, and if you are depending upon luck for any reason, it will probably let you down. This is not a good time to move to a new house or renovate your existing house.

Any eldest child could start a new course or purchase a new car or vehicle (or bicycle).  Any second child should also be going through an exuberant period in their life, they may travel overseas or you may even be having your second child. Because Jupiter rules overseas, this is the most likely time for your partner and any second child to travel overseas, or if you are in a new relationship your partner may be from overseas.

Any third child may have a new friend from overseas, or one or more of their friends excel.  They may also join a club or group.  One or more of your friends may focus upon overseas travel or, write a serious book or become interested in metaphysics or religion. Your parent of the same sex renovates or moves to a better place while your parent of the opposite sex (and any boss) experience success in their career or receives some kind of accolade.

8th House of Debts & Death (affecting the sign Aries in 2017-18)

Jupiter will often bring ballooning loans and debt and possibly dependency upon social security, inheritances, insurance payouts and finances of any partner.  You may temporarily depend upon being supported by your partner who fortunately should be at their peak earning potential or their finances are in a very strong position. You need a rich partner (personal or business) in your life at this point of time as your income earning abilities are not accentuated.  However your potential to receive or give gifts is at its peak during this period.

If a relative or close friend dies at this time you will either be positively philosophical or somehow benefit from the person’s death such as an inheritance.  If young, your sex life may be exuberant during this phase, and you are in your best frame of mind to make any major and positive changes in your life due to some trauma or upheaval. This is an excellent time to be focused upon inner strength, peace or fulfilment as it is unlikely your bank balance will bring you peace of mind.

Any eldest child or second eldest sibling may get a much better living situation, move overseas or their partner experience a career boost.  Any second child could be experiencing a financial bonanza.  A third child may blow out your eardrums from playing their new sound system at too high a volume.

9th House of Foreign Lands & Higher Learning (affecting the sign Pisces in 2017-18)

The potential for overseas travel is very strong in this period.   Alternatively you may find yourself involved with people from overseas or somehow increasing your contact with foreign lands due to business, personal reasons or pleasure.  This placement also means long distance travel of your mind, so you will be most receptive to philosophic input or develop some other interest in metaphysical subjects during this time – you can temporarily be the great sage but do avoid pontificating.  Write that serious book you have always considered but could not find the time to do!

Any partner and/or second child may find their relationship to their eldest sibling improves, or else their eldest sibling is going through a very positive and lucky time, and maybe travelling overseas.  Alternatively this sibling may take up studying or teaching or they may purchase a better car.  This is often a time for a positive connection by your partner and/or second child to one or more neighbours.  Any third child is feeling optimistic and outgoing, with their big plans finally getting somewhere, unless their over-indulgence has caught up with them – you may be attracted to their company more so during this period compared to your other children.

Your parent of the opposite sex (and any boss) should take time out and enjoy all the fine arts, galleries, operas, music and dancing during this time and especially that dream holiday on an idyllic island.  Your parent of the same sex may experience a period of better health than normal but they will need to go on a diet.  A friend may introduce you to one of their friends that will boost your life in some way, or your friends may be involved with a new club or altruistic organisation that brings them great benefits.

10th House of Status & Career (affecting the sign Aquarius in 2017-18)

You may get that cherished recognition during this period and you could achieve a career coup or boost to your status.  Any ‘boss’ or person with status may look upon your kindly or help you in some way.  If you are dealing with government authorities you will probably be surprised at how easy and beneficial such a relationship is at this point of time.  This is your time to shine in the public arena which is where you prefer to shine.  However, for this period, it can come all so easy compared to all the hard work you usually have to endure to get what you want.  You may overspend if you travel overseas.

Your relationship with your parent of the opposite sex is either very fruitful to you at present or in a growth phase – they may also be overseas at times during this period.   Your partner and/or second child (either personal or business) may be overseeing renovations or wanting to move to a better home but not making advances in their career.   Any eldest child and second eldest sibling may be having a good time in their employment.  A third child may experience a financial bonanza.

11th House of Friends & Groups (affecting the sign Capricorn in 2017-18)
You may benefit from your friends’ good fortune or optimistic outlook at this time.  You may gain a new friend that is lucky and has the Midas touch or is from a foreign land.  The emphasis upon your friends also tends to limit your good fortune or luck with love affairs and short term relationships, if applicable.  On a personal level, you may find opportunity and wellbeing working with like-minded individuals towards an altruistic cause such as in a non-profit association or club.  However this good fortune will detract from your business or entrepreneurial activities and profits from any investments – as good fortune is temporarily elsewhere. Avoid investments.

Any partner (both personal and business) should hold the reins of business activity or investments during this time as Jupiter is responding to them in this area, not you.   Any prior children of your current partner, especially their eldest should be doing well or travelling overseas.    Avoid gambling during this phase.  You need to be involved with a cause with public implications rather than put your energy towards a hobby, sport, amusements or entrepreneurial activity during this transit.  Any eldest child (and second eldest sibling) may have a new partner from overseas, or their partner is going through a very favourable time.  Any second eldest child (and third eldest sibling) may have their first child, start a business or get great joy from a new creative activity or hobby during this time.

Any parent of the same sex is feeling inwardly strong or benefiting from money from the government or unearned financial benefit.  Any parent of the opposite sex is enjoying their wealth or earning buckets of money.

12th House of Retreats & Endings (affecting the sign Sagittarius in 2017-18)

At this time you will be most appreciative of your privacy, seclusion and avoidance of drudgery and toil which you should leave to your partner.  You may be strongly inclined to travel to or reside in some exotic secluded location such as a tropical south sea island or rainforest hideaway.  Your good fortune in this phase lies with inspiration, and your inspiration during this time should benefit you from around early October 2018 onward when the possibility of seeing your big plans put into action should be realised in the coming year or so!  Don’t be hasty in starting something new with large prospects but take your time and wait for Jupiter to enter your sign later in 2018.

You may appreciate music (even emulate Jimmy Hendrix), dancing, drama, poetry and any of the fine arts during this phase to the point you may overspend on this area or overindulge in your favorite intoxicant.  Your inspiration may be so high that you discard common sense and spend money as if there is no tomorrow – something you should attempt to avoid during this phase, however you may also make some excellent profit from this area if you have experience in the art world.

It is a good time to finish any unsettled business or discard anything in your life that has been holding you down. Any skeletons in the closet can be put to rest without rancour.  You may see an increase in your compassion, not only to yourself but also to others, so you are more likely during this phase to engage in charitable activities, helping the less fortunate or even looking after someone who is going through a difficult patch.

Your eldest child may be experimenting with sex, living off social security or having restricted income.  Your second child gets a great job.  Your parent of the opposite sex engages in a course, new smart phone, tablet or car.  Your parent of the same sex is busting to travel overseas or be emulating a great sage.

A marble statue of Jupiter from c. 100 AD (also known as Jove)



No astrologer, psychic, seer etc can see the future.  An astrologer, like a psychic, seer, clairvoyant etc is like an archeologist.  An archeologist finds a bone or pottery fragment, and then reconstructs an animal or person, or deciphers the social development of a forgotten civilisation.  Similarly with astrology, except an astrologer finds a fragment located in the future.  When Saturn enters Sagittarius or the 4th House, or the progressed moon enters Aries, these are like the pottery shards or thighbone of an animal.  An astrologer must use their imagination and experience to reconstruct a future based on these astronomical fragments.  It is like reconstructing a three-dimensional colour picture from a two-dimension shadow.  Naturally with time, the skill of reconstruction is developed, but no amount of skill will develop a 100% accurate reconstruction of future events and circumstances.

There is no exact view of the future.  Even Nostradamus, the most celebrated astrologer in the world, could not provide forecasts that could be deciphered prior to the event.  Many of his predictions are understood only after the event.  However despite the almost unlimited possibilities in future phase-spaces of a `chaotic’ universe, astrology limits the phase-space possibilities down to a manageable level, but does not eradicate all alternative possibilities.

Any predictions or statements are general statements based on established astrological principals of modern astrology.  They will not all be correct, and some will be totally wide of the mark.  It is unwise to make any decisions based on these statements and predictions as no guarantee is given that these statements and predictions will eventuate.  Provided you clearly understand this disclaimer, the information provided to you here should provide some interesting insights and information for your personal enjoyment.  I do not use astrology to determine what I should do in my life, but I nevertheless find the occasional reference to my horoscope to be illuminating to a certain degree like a weather report


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Stephen Hawking – An Astrological Eulogy

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“The human race has always wanted to control the future, or at least to predict what will happen. That is why astrology is so popular. . .” Stephen Hawking, in The Universe in a Nutshell  in a chapter called “Predicting the Future,”

There are three astrological views upon Stephen Hawking provided in this article: first the Vedic, secondly a short generational perspective and finally highlights from the western horoscope.  My personal experience is that the Vedic perspective provides the superior natal analysis, whereas the western perspective provides the superior dynamic perspective due principally to the power of the secondary progressed horoscope assisted by transits.  Both perspectives are highly complementary and I believe, provide a far superior analysis compared to using only one style of astrology.

The Vedic Perspective

The perspective provided here of Stephen Hawking’s Vedic horoscope to demonstrate that there is much more to Vedic astrology than just a different zodiac.  The approach Vedic astrology has towards the sidereal zodiac is completely different compared to the approach western astrology has towards the tropical zodiac.  In the practical sense, the only purpose of the sidereal signs is to define the whole sign houses and provide the ruling planet.  In a major contrast, the tropical zodiac in western astrology defines the personality, emotions, desires etc.  There is really no equivalent to this is Vedic astrology because its primary focus is not on the personal side of the individual but their role in society.

I am using a 2:29 am birth time for Stephen Hawking that I obtained online from a number of sources, (i.e. http://www.astrosage.com[1]) – while some reliable sources (Astro databank) disclaimed any knowledge of a birth time, and I do not know if the birth time I am using is rectified or obtained from a reliable source?  Another source shows a birth time of 10:08 am.[2]  However, very quickly upon examining Stephen’s natal Vedic horoscope based on 2:29 am, key features of his life quickly and accurately emerged, but the possibility of error must be noted.  The 2:29 am birth time appears accurate in describing Hawking’s mental aptitude and chronic limitations upon his physical body compared to the chart produced by a 10:08 am birth time.

The first key aspect is his health.  Hawking had a rare early-onset slow-progressing form of motor neuron disease that gradually paralyzed him over the decades.  This is clearly reflected in his Vedic horoscope.  Jupiter, as the ruler of the 6th house of acute health issues is situated in the 8th house of chronic health issues.  Any connection between the 6th and 8th health houses is usually highly detrimental to the health.  Furthermore, Hawking’s ruling planet is Venus, and Venus also rules the 8th house.  In cases like this, the ruling planet connects the 8th to the 1st by its common rulership, which increases the intensity of chronic health issues as it undermines the 1st house of constitutional health.

Hawking’s ruling planet Venus is conjunct Mercury – even though Venus is at 28 degrees Capricorn and Mercury is at 4 degrees Capricorn because any planet in the same house is defined as conjunct in Vedic astrology.  Mercury is the significator of nerve disorders and his Mercury is the ruler of one of the most favorable and unfavorable houses in Vedic astrology – the 9th house of the grace of the gods plus higher learning and the 12th house of decay.  It is readily seen that both houses were highly influential in his life with the decay setting in by 1963 when he was given a diagnosis of just two years left to live but saved by the 9th house of grace and good fortune by well outliving this two year death sentence.  Furthermore, the 9th house is associated with higher knowledge of all types.

Apart from such a strong negative focus upon health issues, Stephen Hawking had a number of raja-yogas in his horoscope, and raja-yogas bring great benefit to the house they occupy and to the overall tenor of a person’s life.  Hawking had one raja-yoga in his 4th house and three raja-yogas in his 7th house – when the average person is extremely lucky to have one raja-yoga anywhere in their natal horoscope.  Raja-yogas are a sign of greatness, and the more raja-yogas, usually more the greatness, but curiously, occasionally I come across some famous or prominent people who have no readily discernable raja-yogas at all – though this is the exception to the rule.

The rulers of kendra houses (the angular 1st, 4th, 7th & 10th) when combined with rulers of trigona houses (1st, 5th & 9th houses) create one form of a raja-yoga.  Venus and Mercury form a raja-yoga because Venus, as ruler of the 1st, is conjunct Mercury, ruler of the 9th (and here we take the 1st house as a kendra house combined with the trigona 9th house).  This is very important for boosting 4th house affairs, and the 4th house rules success in gaining university degrees and formal education in general.  In 1962 he received a first-class BA (Hons.) degree in natural science and in March 1966 his PhD degree in applied mathematics and theoretical physics, specializing in general relativity and cosmology.  However he received his first BA degree with only studying for about 1,000 hours of work in total over three years as he couldn’t be bothered with learning facts and preferred theory instead.  He was a dissolute party-student while doing his BA but saved by his acute intelligence.

Hawking had at least three raja-yogas in his 7th house.  Saturn, as ruler of the kendra 4th house and trigona 5th house is naturally given yoga-karaka status (when one planet rules both a kendra and trigona houses) which is treated as a raja-yoga.  Mars is also in the 7th house in its own sign (Aries), and any planet in its own or exalted sign in a kendra house is raja-yoga.  The third raja-yoga is found by the fact that Mars rules the 7th (kendra) house while Saturn rules the 5th (trigona) house which again independently creates the condition for a raja-yoga. The 7th house promotes marriage and dealing with the general public.

His strong focus towards the general public is demonstrated when he published A Brief History of Time in 1988 which sold more than 10 million copies in the first 20 years.  The publication in 1988 occurred appropriately in a Jupiter dasa (December 1982 – December 1998) and Mercury bhukti or sub-dasa (August 1987 – November 1989) with Jupiter ruling his 3rd house of media, and Mercury the planet of media plus the ruler of his 9th house of higher learning.  Hawking seemed to have a life-long passion to keep the general public informed about weighty scientific matters.

Hawking published and co-authored a number of books following A Brief History of Time including five children’s books and a number of documentaries and television series.  The Vedic 2nd house is the house of teaching and speaking and its ruler, Mars, is located in the 7th house of the general public – his audience.  It should also be noted that the fallen Saturn played its part is limiting Hawking’s speech by directly aspecting Mars, the ruler of the 2nd house of speech.

Mars’ position in the 7th house is one of the most inimical house placements for a successful marriage and this is called kujadosha, and applies to Mars’ placement in five out of the twelve houses (the 1st, 4th, 7th, 8th & 12th but with some exceptions based on the sign associated with the house).[3]  Kujadosha curses the first marriage, which for Hawking ended in divorce.  Saturn is fallen in Aries but not so strongly as it is past its point of highest fallen quality (20 degrees Aries).  This indicates some problem in married life and perhaps is associated with a period of about five years in the early 2000s when his family and staff became increasingly worried that he was being physically abused (by his second wife) but nothing could be proved as Hawking refused to make a complaint.

This possible physical abuse is accentuated because I take the 2nd house as the house specifically defining any second marriage (8th house of death to the 7th house of first marriage).  The 2nd house ruler is Mars located in the 7th house, but the greatest influence on this already combative and forceful Mars is from the fallen Saturn.  The fallen Saturn is therefore the key component of the 2nd marriage and is far more accentuated than its negative influence on his first marriage which was probably associated by his first wife’s strong Christian outlook.  His second marriage ended in 2006 appropriately in a Venus bhukti (October 2005 – December 2008) within his Saturn dasa (December 1998 – December 2017).

His relationship to his first wife, Jane Wilde, commenced in another Venus bhukti (November 1962 – January 1964).  Hawking’s first marriage commenced going off course during yet another Venus bhukti (June 1976 – June 1979) when in December 1977 Jane met her future husband. Hawking decided to formally separate from Jane in February 1990.

The unfortunate placement of Mars and Saturn, as two malefics in the 7th house, directly aspecting back onto his important 1st house is a mixed bag.  Malefics don’t enhance, and the focus on the 1st house undermines his constitutional strength, and he may also have had a difficult personality or nature in some way. However, Saturn is exalted in his Libra rising sign and directly aspect it so this increases his serious scientific outlook and is probably one of the reasons why he was able to live more than 50 more years when given a 2 year death sentence from motor neuron disease.  However, Mars aspecting its opposite sign of Libra ruling the 1st house will detract from his personal physicality.

His diagnosis of motor neuron disease at only 21 years occurred in a Venus bhukti (November 1962 – January 1964), with Venus his ruling planet and the ruler of his 8th house of chronic disease.  Perhaps it was also very fortunate to have occurred in a Mars dasa (December 1957 – December 1964) as Mars is raja-yoga and one of its archetypes is physical strength plus motivation – which may have propelled him well past his two year death sentence due to his highly motivated state of mind or physical strength.

Where did his highly honed intellect come from?  The 3rd house rules both dynamic intellect and physical prowess and with his natal Sun located in the 3rd house, he had the spotlight firmly focused on this house, and the Sun always does everything in excess in Vedic astrology because it is a malefic.  This is further enhanced by because he was born near the very beginning of his Sun dasa (January 1942 – December 1947) before even a different sign bhukti had a chance to arrive.  So the birth dasa is focused solely upon his Sun indicating prominence due to the Sun, and prominence in 3rd house affairs of intellect.

Jupiter, the 3rd house ruler, is however  located in the ‘evil’ 8th house of death, and so it killed his physical prowess, and would also have killed his intellectual acumen but for one salient fact – the 8th house rules both arcane subjects and research and there are probably few things in science as arcane as the research of black holes.  In my experience, the ‘evil’ 6th, 8th and 12th houses are more detrimental to health and the physical dimension compared to the mental plane.

The final major addition to feed Hawking’s intelligence is that the strongest aspect to Venus, his ruling planet is from Mercury, the planet of intelligence, education, learning, analytical ability, teaching, and books.  Any major aspect to the ruling planet is equivalent to the ascendant sign in western astrology, and so with Mercury conjunct his ruling planet, Mercury steels the show when it comes to his nature.  This is rarely personified in Vedic astrology, and so the depersonalized aspect of Mercury is the major influence on his interface with the world.

Hawking’s greatest achievement was to present his theory of Hawking radiation which ultimately meant that eventually, a black hole will

Simulated view of a black hole in front of the Large Magellanic Cloud. Note the gravitational lensing effect, which produces two enlarged but highly distorted views of the Cloud. Across the top, the Milky Way disk appears distorted into an arc.

evaporate.  This not only went against some of his earlier work, but also when he presented this theory, instead of being congratulated by the chair, which is the normal process, the chairperson agitatedly and publicly disagreed with Hawking.  This controversial theory (at the time) was presented in 1974 in a Rahu dasa and appropriately, in a Mercury bhukti (November 1972 – June 1975) – his most influential planet.

It is most probable that Hawking gained his first-class BA (Hons.) degree in another Mercury bhukti (June 1961 – June 1962).  A Brief History of Time was published in another Mercury bhukti (August 1987 – November 1989) coinciding with winning the prestigious Wolf Prize[4] and probably would have been knighted in the same bhukti if he had not turned it down.  The next Mercury bhukti went partially against Hawking, as he opposed the idea of the existence of the Higgs boson which was ultimately discovered in 2012 – resulting in Peter Higgs receiving the Nobel Prize for Physics.  This is perhaps due to the fact that this Mercury bhukti occurred in a Saturn dasa (December 1988 – December 2017) and Saturn is fallen in his chart.  However he did get listed in the list of the 100 Greatest Britons in 2002.

In another blow to his reputation in this same Mercury bhukti in the fallen Saturn dasa, by 2003 consensus among physicists was growing that Hawking was wrong about the loss of information in a black hole and he later (2014) called the alleged loss of information in black holes his “biggest blunder”.

Why didn’t Hawking win the Nobel prize? There are two main reasons.  Firstly, it is one thing to state a theory and receive general agreement or consensus about the theory, but it is another thing to prove the theory.  For example, Peter Higgs received the Nobel prize when he was 86 which he presented over 50 years earlier.  It cost billions of dollars and the technology to build the Large Hadron Collider to be able to prove Higgs correct.  It may take many decades or centuries to prove that Hawking radiation is real.[5]  The second cogent reason why Hawking did not receive the Nobel Prize is due to his fallen Saturn, as Saturn represents formal success and recognition, and its fallen nature must manifest.

A person usually finds their true calling (dharma) in their Saturn dasa.  For Hawking, this occurred from December 1998 until December 2017 – concluding only months before his death.  Did Hawking get fired up about something during this dasa?  Possibly.  In 2006 Hawking posed an open question on the Internet:

In a world that is in chaos politically, socially and environmentally, how can the human race sustain another 100 years?

Hawking expressed concern that life on Earth is at risk from a sudden nuclear war, a genetically engineered virus, global warming, or other dangers humans have not yet thought of.  Hawking stated that, given the vastness of the universe, aliens likely exist, but that contact with them should be avoided.  He warned that aliens might pillage Earth for resources. In 2010 he said:

If aliens visit us, the outcome would be much as when Columbus landed in America, which didn’t turn out well for the Native Americans.

Hawking warned that super intelligent artificial intelligence could be pivotal in steering humanity’s fate, stating that:

the potential benefits are huge… Success in creating AI would be the biggest event in human history. It might also be the last, unless we learn how to avoid the risks.

Hawking argued that computer viruses should be considered a new form of life, and stated that “maybe it says something about human nature, that the only form of life we have created so far is purely destructive.

Hawking had fairly standard left wing ideas about much of politics, for example in 2003 he stated that the 2003 invasion of Iraq was a “war crime”.  It is difficult to say if anything new in his life appeared in this Saturn dasa that would change some kind of basic orientation or leaning.? With Saturn fallen in his Vedic horoscope, this may also have prevented any new positive outlet for his personal direction?

Hawking’s death on 14 March 2018 occurred at the very beginning of a Mercury dasa (December 2017 – December 2034) and dasa changes are usually stressful or indicate a major change, while Mercury is conjunct Hawking’s ruling planet Venus, which invokes jointly the 1st house of self and 8th house of death – never a good combination.  Even more pertinent, Mercury is located in the 4th house that rules the end of life.    So the health aspect and death appear to fit well with the given time of 2:29 am for Hawking’s birth time.  It may be just coincidental, but he was born at the beginning of the Sun dasa with the bhukti also the Sun, and he died at the beginning of his Mercury dasa with the bhukti also Mercury.  I have not seen this type of combination before.  It implies greater focus than normal.

Generational Astrology

Another sidereal technique which is not related to Vedic astrology but found from the sub-periods of the astrological ages indicate that Stephen Hawking was born in the Pre-Boomer generation defined by the combination of Capricorn with Sagittarius and applied to all those people born from August 1940 to February 1948.  This generation is above average in producing three times as many US presidents than normal – Bill Clinton, George W Bush and Donald Trump.  Obviously the combination of status-orientated Capricorn combined with expansionary Sagittarius had is effect on the ability of this generation to make a mark for themselves.  No US presidents were born in the following Baby Boomer A generation – perhaps they inhaled too much?

There is tantalizing evidence that generations seek or are orientated in some way towards the opposite signs of their generational signature.  For the Capricorn-Sagittarius generation, this means an orientation towards Cancer and Gemini.  Did this generation seek something in Cancer and Gemini archetypes that is noticeable?[6]

Did Hawking seek Cancer and Gemini in his life?  With Cancer ruling the general public and Gemini ruling communication, these two combined certainly synchronized with a major driving force in his life.[7]  Donald Trump also seems fixated on the Cancer-Gemini duality with his strongly focus appeal to the Cancer common folk and his idiosyncratic use of Twitter as a major means of communication and his folksy style of talking in general.

It is also a common observation that many people end their life in the period ruled by their opposite generational signs.  In the case for Hawking, a Pre-Boomer, the opposite period to his Capricorn- Sagittarius generation is the Cancer-Gemini period (December 2014 – June 2022).


Western Highlights

Vedic and western perspectives tend to focus on different areas, so using both perspectives produce complementary perspectives and therefore provide a greater understanding of a person or event.  My research indicates that one of the greatest areas for advancement in the current 21st century will be towards bi-lingual astrologers, especially post 2029 due to the Gemini sub-age decan overflow (2029 – 2088).  This period will not only engender bi-lingual astrologers in place of the current norm of mono-astrologers (who only use one type of zodiac), but will also foster the further defragmentation of astrology.  The four stage Gemini sub-age decan overflow entered stage 2 in the year 2000, and the tempo of defragmentation has accelerated significantly since that time.  Prior to 2000, the norm in the astrological world remained basically the same as the astrology presented in the 1960s and 70s when nearly all western astrologers followed and applied the same techniques.

Hawking’s western natal horoscope has him with Libra rising (he belongs to that quarter of people that have the same sign rising in both the western tropical zodiac and Vedic sidereal zodiac).  Libra explains why he was a party student when he was at Oxford and visually, Hawking had that mild effeminate look common to many males with Libra rising.  With his ruling planet Venus in his 5th house, this increases his early fun-filled life and ‘decadence’ in his university life.

Saturn conjunct Uranus in the 8th house of research is probably the key configuration that predestined Hawking to his scientific research as these two planets combine science and logic with lateral left-field perspectives.  Uranus also brings the element of stunning insights to the normally staid planet of Saturn.  Saturn enabled his Uranian insights to be presented logically and scientifically. Mercury favourably enters the picture being tightly trine his Uranus, and with Uranus considered the higher octave of Mercury, he had his mental energy highly honed.  Naturally, being born with his Sun in Capricorn enhances his scientific credentials.

Pluto conjunct the midheaven also contributes towards his career as Pluto is the planet of outer space and so Hawking was astrologically primed towards cosmology.  Pluto also implies a complete restructuring of his career, and this certainly happened when he was diagnosed with motor neuron disease at 21 – he fell into depression and lost interest in his university work.  However, out of this bottomless pit, Hawking resurfaced and only started to work in earnest as if the arrival of his motor neuron disease actually propelled him to start working rather than being a frivolous university party student more focussed on drinking beer at the pub than work.

Mars is almost exactly opposite Hawking’s ascendant degree with both tightly square to his Mercury.  Oppositions and square bring negative consequences, and in Hawking’s case it ruled the loss of his control over muscles and thus physical activity, and his stressed Mercury brought restrictive issues to movement and speech. Hawking had a reputation for brashness which put some of his colleagues off.  He was also a mad driver of his wheel chair which is another manifestation of the difficult side of Mars, but his over-the-top Mars obviously provided his energy needed to circumvent of normally catastrophic illness.

His nodal axis finds his south node in Pisces and north node in Virgo with both nodes tightly square Jupiter.  Jupiter will amplify any situation and his south node indicates why he initially could not be bothered learning details and instead, preferred grand theories which resulted in him almost not getting the top academic achievement possible with his first university degree.  The north node in Virgo indicated that he avoided detailed and exacting study, and it was only after the arrival of his crippling illness, did he start embracing his Virgo north node and diligently applied himself to his scientific work in earnest.  This correctly conforms to the tradition associated with the north node – people avoid their north node, but it is only through incorporating the north node that a person feels ‘complete’.

People with Libra rising have all their houses ruled by the opposite of their natural signs, further enhancing the Libra balance archetypes of opposites manifesting in their life.  Therefore his nodal axis from the perspective of the houses had the opposite intent when examined by their signs.  With the south node in the 6th house of health, he needed to extract himself from the limitations and confinements that difficult health situations can bring, and this is what occurred to him.  He was able to focus on the ‘big picture’ (12th house) of his scientific work and avoid focussing upon his invalid status.  This is born out even in the early years of his sickness.

Hawking had two grand trines

  1. Moon (20 Virgo), Sun (17 Capricorn) and Saturn ( 22 Taurus)
  2. Neptune (29 Virgo), Mercury (27 Capricorn) and Uranus (27 Taurus)

It is very possible that these two grand trines provided extra fortification for Hawking in his battle with motor neuron disease and his quest for understanding the laws of the universe.

A pre-natal eclipse on 21 September 1941 (27 Virgo 48) is almost exactly two degrees away from his natal Neptune (29 Virgo 51) indicating that Neptune is more ‘advanced’ in his horoscope compared to normal.  This probably contributed to his natural ability to play with major theories and conceptualizations such as taking the collapse of a star into a black hole as the starting point for viewing the big bang of the universe being much the same process but reversed in time.  Hawking’s eclipsed Neptune, as ruler of his 6th house of health, may also have fortified his constitution to fight off motor neuron disease allowing him to ‘eclipse’ this dreaded disease.


The following chart maps the transits to Hawking’s progressed chart dated 25 December 1963 as this was the Christmas that his deteriorating health condition became noticeable to his family.  For those novice astrologers, a progressed chart is almost exactly the same as transits, except the progressed chart is based on ‘a day for a year’.  So if we examine what is happening to someone in their 35th year, we examine the transits 35 days after birth.  It is a powerful technique that brings an extra dimension to predictions.  The progressed chart can be examined on its own, compared to the natal horoscope plus transits to the progressed chart always provides additional insights.  It is this combination of transits to his progressed chart for Christmas 1963  when it became obvious to Stephen Hawking and his family at age 21 that he had a serious health problem.

The key transits in play include:

  1. Transiting Pluto conjunct his progressed north node (and natal north node)
  2. Transiting north node conjunct his progressed Moon
  3. Transiting Saturn conjunct progressed Saturn
  4. Transiting Saturn conjunct natal Venus (ruling planet but not shown in the above)

The nodes are usually powerful at fateful times in a person’s life, and with transiting Pluto (the planet of death) conjunct his north node (both natal and progressed) and the transiting north node conjunct his progressed Moon – this indicates the fateful nature of his motor neuron disease appearing in his life at this time.  Transiting Saturn conjunct his progressed Saturn and natal Venus indicates the dour atmosphere from the prognosis of motor neuron disease that dropped onto Hawking’s life like a lead weight and the resultant mental depression this caused.

Progressed to Natal Horoscopes at 1985 Health Crisis 

During a visit to CERN on the border of France and Switzerland in mid-1985, Hawking contracted pneumonia, and almost died.  The following progressed  to natal chart clearly shows that the progressed Moon had entered his 8th house of mortality only a few months earlier and this provides one of an almost infinite number of examples why whole sign houses are the correct house system in western astrology.  Also of note is that his progressed Sun entered the 10 year Pisces decan only a little more of a year earlier bringing the reality of hospitals and ‘endings’ firmly into his life.


Other relevant progressed to natal aspects at this crucial time in Hawking’s life include:

  1. Venus, his ruling planet (5 Aquarius 40), was almost exactly conjunct his IC (5 Aquarius 46 ) which is not directly shown in the above but directly opposite the MC (5 Leo 36) and therefore at its ‘lowest’ point being directly opposite his midheaven.
  2. Progressed Mars was almost exactly conjunct his natal Saturn and had just become conjunct with his progressed Saturn indicating that saturnine limitations were in full power and with Mars a significator of physical health, Saturn usually brings bad news.
  3. Progressed Mars was also square natal Venus, his ruling planet, bringing physical distress.
  4. The progressed ascendant was almost exactly opposite his natal and progressed Uranus, indicating a sudden and negative turn of events.
  5. Progressed Venus was also tightly opposite his natal Pluto bringing a harsh experience of mortality to his ruling planet.


Progressed Chart at Death

Hawking’s above progressed horoscope at the time of his death is again another validation of whole sign houses as  his progressed Moon is only in his progressed 8th house of death if using whole sign houses, otherwise it sits forlornly in the 7th house using an ascendant based house system such as Placidus.  It should be noted that both at death, and when he almost died during a health crisis in 1985, the progressed Moon was in his 8th house of death and mortality in both instances.

Progressions to Natal Horoscope at Death

  1. Hawking’s progressed ascendant (19 Sagittarius 05) was square his natal Moon (19 Virgo 52) which introduces another major vulnerability as the square aspect between two very important components of both his natal and progressed charts does not bode well..
  2. Also of interest is that his progressed Venus (19 Aquarius 24) has almost returned to its natal position (20 Aquarius 41) after it had spent a large portion of his life going retrograde and was attempting to get back to ‘home’ at the time of his death.

Transits to Natal Horoscope at death


The key transits:

  1. Transiting Uranus (26 Aries 32) directly opposite his natal ascendant (26 Libra 36) introducing a sudden and unexpected event with unfortunate consequences due to the detrimental opposition aspect.
  2. Transiting Neptune (14 Pisces 17) was tightly conjunct his natal south node (14 Pisces 58) in the 6th house of health. Neptune is associated with ‘endings’ and the nodes introduce a karmic element inasmuch, it was time for Hawking to conclude this life.

Transits to Progressions

The key transits include:

  1. Transiting Mars (28 Sagittarius 08) square progressed Neptune (28 Virgo 21) with Neptune ruling the 4th house of end of life.
  2. Transiting Mars conjunct the Galactic Center (27 Sagittarius 03) perhaps providing an acknowledgments by the gods of Hawking’s strategic work in cosmology?
  3. Transiting Pluto (20 Capricorn 54) square progressed midheaven (22 Libra 25) which ties back to his natal horoscope where natal Pluto was tightly conjunct his natal midheaven. Pluto can take a pivotal role at death because it is the planet of death and in this case, it provides a classic example of Pluto and the midheaven linked tightly both at birth and death.


It is much easier comparing a person’s life with their various horoscopes after the event.  Could Stephen Hawking’s life be predicted at birth based on his birth horoscopes?  The overriding issue is the relationship between a horoscope and a person.  The horoscope can be considered a two-dimensional blueprint only, and even as a blueprint, it cannot be exactly the same as a normal blueprint because a construction blueprint provides exact dimensions and position.  So a horoscope is actually a blueprint with fuzziness.

This fuzziness is probably due to the nature of astrology at its source.  Astrology is obviously associated very strongly to some subtle mathematical techniques and in some way with the quantum world.  Nothing seems sensible or reasonable in the quantum world because the definitions between space, time and matter seem to overlap in some way.  All sorts of unfathomable interrelationships occur at the quantum level.

In addition, there is a growing consensus amongst scientists that at the core of reality sits some kind of holographic framework.  There are a lot of similarities between holograms and horoscopes.  Using a standard horoscope as a starting point, an array of supplementary horoscopes can be derived with almost no limit.  For example, apart from the natal horoscope spreading out into comparisons with transits, progressions, directions etc, transits can be directly associated with progressions (as I have employed in this article), yet physically at no point do transits and progressions directly link in time.  Then there are harmonic charts which really have no end of possibilities and trail off into infinity.

The probable association between quantum mechanics and astrology indicates why astrology can be both precise and vague at the same time, because astrology is probably one of those rare manifestations of the quantum world into our world.  If quantum mechanics involve fuzziness, so should horoscopes.

This is highly relevant in the case of Stephen Hawking.  Hawking was intellectually brilliant according to those who knew and worked with him.  Certainly this brilliance can be attributed to Hawking’s western natal horoscope with Saturn conjunct Uranus combining the planet of exception (Uranus) with the planet of logic and science (Saturn).  But if Hawking wasn’t a scientist or in academia, this same combination could also describe someone with little or limited individuality or even with a retarded intellectual nature.

The same issue occurs in the Vedic natal horoscope.  With the ruler of the 3rd house of exceptional intellect being located in the ’evil’ 8th house of death, someone with this in their chart could be intellectually stunted…. unless they were in involved in research, especially arcane research such as Black Holes.

This intrinsic vagueness on the part of astrology also indicates why it is so hard to pin astrology down empirically, because the tools used to investigate astrology apply more to the world we know rather than the quantum world that only a few scientists really seem to know something about.  Employing Newtonian mechanics to understand astrology is probably the wrong medium.  Astrology should be viewed as a manifestation of unusual mathematics, such as the Modulus function, the quantum world, String Theory and holograms and approached accordingly otherwise we are trying to force a square peg into a round hole.

RIP Stephen Hawking



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Eclipse Stories – the Total Lunar Eclipse in Leo

If you have waited to notice the effects of the total lunar eclipse at almost 12 degrees Leo around 31st January 2018, you probably missed the punch line which probably occurred weeks, if not months ago.  Theory states that the effects of an eclipse can stretch well before or after the actual date of the eclipse, but this is not what I have found.  It seems that the effects of an eclipse usually occurs before the eclipse, usually in the month leading to the eclipse, and more often than not, two weeks or more before the eclipse.  Many people will also experience the effects of an eclipse on the day of the eclipse, especially if the eclipse does not strongly aspect anything important in the natal chart.  In my experience, EVERYONE experiences every eclipse to a greater or lesser extent, but there is some skill required to see the correlation in each case.

I have only reviewed the Leo lunar eclipse with a limited number of people so far, and in every case, there were strong astrological connections to the eclipse, which in itself is unusual enough.

My partner’s chart


The chart of my partner has the lunar eclipse almost exactly square my partner’s natal Moon, which therefore highly activates the eclipse.  Both the Moon, and the 4th house it rules (for an Aries rising), includes not only homes and domestic reality, but also early and end-of-life periods in a person’s chart.  About 2 weeks ago, while we were staying at our favorite Australian beach village, she told me that when the time comes, this is where she wants us to retire.  We have been living on our regenerative rain forest property for 17 years, but we had never made plans for how long this should last.  Therefore this statement of intent by my partner was major change in direction, and eclipses are noted for marking major changes in direction.


The second chart is for a relative, and is notable for the fact that Mercury’s position at the time of the eclipse is only a few minutes away from an exact square aspect to her natal Moon.  Eclipses are especially powerful on the two luminaries, even if the Sun or Moon positions at the eclipse are not directly activated.  In this case, the natal Moon, being one of two luminaries, is activated, but not directly from the eclipsed Moon or eclipsing sun, but Mercury at the time of the eclipse.

Relative’s activated Mercury

Perhaps due to the fragmentary nature of Mercury, my relative experienced three out-of-the-normal events in the weeks leading up to the eclipse.  Firstly, she had to call the fire brigade to her house because she accidentally placed an electric hot water jug onto a gas stove, which she then absently-minded lit, and then went back to watch the TV.  The key word here is absently-“minded” as Mercury rules the mind.  Closer to the eclipse, while driving her car, she clipped a roadside garbage bin, and scratched her car.  Both cars and driving are ruled by Mercury.  Thirdly, while cleaning the kitchen ceiling, her hand clipped the electric ceiling fan which was operating, and injured her hand.

Visiting friend’s chart


A visiting friend has the eclipse conjunct her natal Sun.

Firstly, in October, over three months before the actual eclipse, she had major open-heart surgery, and was told that if she did not have the surgery, she did not have long to live. The lunar eclipse is only 2 degrees away from her natal Sun, with both the Sun and Leo associated with cardiac problems.  This is a classic example that while 80% of eclipse manifestations usually occur in the month leading to the eclipse, the closer the eclipse is to a natal luminary, the stronger and further away in time its effects.  However, this friend is still greatly weakened and affected by their cardiac surgery even now, and will take many more months to recover if not years (with transiting Saturn only shifting in Capricorn in December 2017).  It is also notable that this eclipse occurred in her 8th house, and the cardiac surgery is classified as a brush with mortality, which is always associated with the 8th house.

Furthermore, just a few weeks before the eclipse, she deregistered herself from  her multi-decade career as a health professional, thus making one of the most major and significant change in life that a person will normally experience, as she is now retired.  This is the type of change expected from a major eclipse associated closely with a luminary in her natal chart.


The lunar eclipse is also in my 9th solar house, and within days following the eclipse, we are doing a major overseas trip to South East Asia.  Eclipses often activate the solar chart.

The eclipse in my chart is directly opposite my ascendant:

My chart

The lunar eclipse is only 2 ½ degrees from being directly opposite my ascendant.  With the lunar eclipse in the 7th house of my partner, this indicated that my partner should be experiencing some major change in direction, which is the retirement plan to move to our favourite beach.


This eclipse I call the championship eclipse, because it is in the heroic sign of Leo.  A few days before the eclipse I watched the men’s and women’s single finals at the Australian Open tennis tournament.  Usually I find the finals rather dull as more often than not it is an unbalanced competition between one excellent player, and one below par.  Due to this mismatch, I usually prefer to watch the quarter and semi-finals for the high quality matches.

This time, both finals were as good as they get because each player was almost at the same level.  Roger Federer, at age 36, slugged it out with the 29 year old Marin Cilic and it was only towards the end of the 5th set that Federer nudged ahead and won the match, his record breaking 20th Grand Slam trophy. It was a magnificent match to watch.  In the women’s final, Caroline Wozniaki of Denmark defeated Simona Halep in an extremely close-fought match and won her first Grand Slam title though she had been previously rated as the number one women’s player.  Commentators stated that it was a stunning final.

Roger Federer

Roger Federer wins his 20th Grand Slam trophy

Roger Federer had the eclipsed Moon only 4 degrees away from his natal Sun and 2 degrees from his natal Mercury, the ruler of his 1st house and 10th house of status – so this is a powerful eclipse for Roger.  In addition, he had transiting Jupiter conjunct his natal Moon, bringing a sense of good fortune and luck.

Caroline Wozniaki

There is no birth time for Caroline, and the eclipsed Moon is not making any aspects whatsoever to any of her natal planets.  However, the transiting eclipsing nodes were square her Pluto, and even more relevant, transiting Jupiter was almost exactly trine her natal Jupiter.  It seems that Jupiter is a good planet to have onside in any contest.


In the few weeks leading to the eclipse, my daughter has been experiencing excruciating pain from a pinched nerve in her shoulder.  She has Leo rising, so she is more prone than normal to experience the sharp end of the stick with the eclipse in Leo.  In my daughter’s case, transiting Uranus is square her natal Mercury, and transiting Pluto is square her natal Pluto.  Both these transits could be used to explain her condition, but the eclipse in her rising sign definitely raises the stakes for a health problem associated with the 1st house.  My daughter is between jobs, so the Pluto aspect mirrors her financial situation.



I emailed a note to some vulnerable clients in my database that indicated they were prone to this eclipse, and one got back to me almost immediately with her recent health problem.  She is Leo rising so is immediately in the cross-hairs of the eclipse.

She broke her foot about 2 weeks before the eclipse and the eclipsed Moon was within a degree conjunct her natal Moon in her Leo ascendant. Her natal Moon is ruler of her 12th house, and the 12th house is associated with feet.  In addition, transiting Mars is almost exact in its square to her natal Mars indicating a time highly prone for an accident.  With transiting Saturn passing through her 6th house, she is liable to take far longer in recovering from this injury compared to normal, or she is in for a multi-year period of unrelated health problems.  With Capricorn ruling her 6th house, and Saturn currently located within, she most likely has osteoporosis, and therefore will spend the next few years accommodating this condition into her life – something that affects 50% of women in her age group.



Even Donald trump gets caught with this eclipse because he is Leo rising.  Of course, those astrologers that continue to use ascendant-based house systems (such as Placidus etc) will have this eclipse in his 12th house, but the real house this eclipse occurs in is the 1st house because the whole sign house system is far more accurate in horoscopic analysis.  He has already been in the spotlight at the World Economic Forum in Davos, Switzerland,  and his first state of the union address was only about a day before the eclipse.   Trump is basking in the Leo eclipse in his 1st house and certainly is not skulking in the depths of the 12th house during this eclipse!  [see WHOLE SIGN HOUSES INTERACTION].

This lunar eclipse is only 1 1/2 degrees away from an exact conjunction to Trump’s natal Pluto.  With Pluto ruling debts, taxes and regeneration, this eclipse probably marks the recent massive tax cut that gave pennies to the average person and millions, if not billions to the rich.  With a major change in direction of debt highlighted, we can expect a dramatic increase in the national debt of the USA in the coming years – a recurring problem when the Republicans hold the levers of power.  As Trump stated in his speech:

“Meanwhile Americans in the top 1% of earners will save hundreds of thousands of dollars, if not millions, through the cuts, according to the Tax Policy Center. The president’s family could save as much as $11m, according to an analysis by the New York Times. The tax plan also eliminated the estate tax, which only affected a few thousand extremely families with extraordinary wealth, and it is expected to add $1tn to the national debt.”[1]

Donald Trump

The regeneration promised by the eclipse conjunct Trump’s natal Pluto played out effectively:

This is our new American moment. There has never been a better time to start living the American Dream.  So to every citizen watching at home tonight — no matter where you have been, or where you come from, this is your time. If you work hard, if you believe in yourself, if you believe in America, then you can dream anything, you can be anything, and together, we can achieve absolutely anything.

And just as I promised the American people from this podium 11 months ago, we enacted the biggest tax cuts and reforms in American history.

Pluto also rules nuclear weapons and Trump was not tardy in his declaration:

As part of our defense, we must modernize and rebuild our nuclear arsenal, hopefully never having to use it, but making it so strong and powerful that it will deter any acts of aggression. Perhaps someday in the future there will be a magical moment when the countries of the world will get together to eliminate their nuclear weapons. Unfortunately, we are not there yet, sadly.

Pluto rules revolution, and this time he is encouraging revolution in Iran plus referencing the Iran nuclear deal:

When the people of Iran rose up against the crimes of their corrupt dictatorship, I did not stay silent. America stands with the people of Iran in their courageous struggle for freedom.  I am asking the Congress to address the fundamental flaws in the terrible Iran nuclear deal.

This is a classic eclipse in action!  Unfortunately Trump did not mention that the USA orchestrated a post Second World War coup in Iran deposing the democratic government, because it nationalized the oil fields, and so the USA replaced the deposed democratic government with the monarchical Shah of Iran.  Iran has never really recovered from this destabilization forced upon it by the USA.  The USA did not care about democracy, it just wanted the oil!

As Donald Trump delivered his State of the Union address on Tuesday, several members of Congress wore black to draw attention to the watershed #MeToo movement around sexual harassment and misconduct.

This State of the Union address was almost an ode to Pluto!

Eclipses often activate the solar chart, especially if the eclipsing Sun or Moon is closer in aspect to the natal Sun rather than the natal ascendant.  Eclipses do not differentiate between the ascendant and Sun, and behave as if each component is of similar importance.  I cannot remember an example of a post-eclipse manifestation, which does not mean they don’t exist. It is possible that eclipses are just as effective post-eclipse as pre-eclipse, but because the lead up to an eclipse is highly publicized, our attention turns elsewhere once the eclipse occurs, and perhaps we miss further correlations to the eclipse in the following months.


[1] http://www.theguardian.com/us-news/live/2018/jan/30/state-of-the-union-address-donald-trump-live-updates

Trump’s Aquarius Lunar Month 2017

It could be argued that by forensically analyzing Trump’s political machinations correlated with lunations and full moons that I am forecasting the past.  My purpose, at this stage, is not focused upon prediction but research.  Forensic astrological analysis is an excellent tool for research.  In this research, I am trying to discern which house system(s) provide the greatest accuracy in hindsight as there is rarely any argument after the event that the event occurred – except for conspiracy theorists! In this post, I am also utilizing solar houses, but I will be promoting whole sign solar houses over solar equal houses (which commence each house with the same degree of the Sun)!

First Quarter of the Aquarius Lunar Month (27 Jan – 3 Feb 2017)

With the activation of Trump’s 7th whole sign house of confrontation and opposition by the new Aquarius lunar month, Trump had, as his first target, Muslims from seven “terrorist” countries.  The New Moon on 27 January 2017 at 8 degrees Aquarius sits firmly in Trump’s 7th whole sign house but 6th Placidus or ascendant based house as the following two versions of Trump’s horoscope indicate.

The Aquarius new Moon using whole sign houses to Trump’s natal chart

The Aquarius new Moon using Placidus houses to Trump’s natal chart

It is not a minor matter that the two very different types of house systems produce radically different horoscopes.  Lunations with their associated full moons including an average of 4 eclipses each year provide insights equal to all the planetary transits combined.  Only one of these charts can be correct.

Trump’s travel ban commenced quickly upon the arrival of the Aquarius new moon on Friday 27th January 2017 and by Saturday 28th January chaos commenced at international airports around the world as many people with perfectly legal travel documents were summarily excluded from travelling to the USA.  Furthermore, the last day and first day of any lunar month is defined as a black moon because the moon cannot be seen by the naked eye on these days.  In ancient times this was a well-known astrological insight but seems to have become lost in contemporary astrology.  The effects of the black moon are adequately expressed by the term.

The travel ban is not exclusively related to the Aquarius lunar month activating Trump’s 7th house of confrontation and “the enemy”.  The Aquarius lunar month also activated Trump’s 9th solar house (from his Gemini Sun) of international affairs including immigrants and refugees.

Unless an astrologer is conversant with lunations and full moons, they will tend to overlook the effectiveness of the lunations and full moons applied to the solar chart.  However, while the Solar Equal Houses are popular with a small number of astrologers, where the 1st solar house begins with the degree position of the Sun, I will again be drawing attention to whole sign houses – in this case solar whole sign houses.  This is how sun-sign forecasters use houses – always whole sign solar houses.  If you want to test the accuracy of a sun-sign forecaster in newspaper, magazines etc., read the forecast applied to your rising sign as well as your sun sign.  Apart from the fact the forecast will usually be more relevant to your rising sign compared to your sun-sign – if the forecaster has astrological proficiency, you should be able to detect this with the forecast applied to you.

After many years of following lunations, full moons and eclipses, I have found that solar whole sign houses are almost equivalent in strength to ascendant based houses when applied to the Moon and eclipses – though perhaps ascendant based houses have the edge over solar houses?

With Trump’s Sun at 22 degrees Gemini, the new Aquarius lunar month commencing with the Sun and Moon at 8 degrees Aquarius sits firmly in Trumps 9th solar whole sign house (but 8th solar equal house).  Already the 90 day arrival ban on citizens from Muslim countries Trump does not like has instantly invoked the 9th solar whole sign houses as visas, passports and all international travel is ruled by the 9th house.

Donald Trump’s choice in the first few days of the Aquarius lunar month to fill the year-long vacancy for a new judge on the US Supreme Court also invokes the 9th solar whole sign house – any supreme court is associated with the 9th house, Sagittarius and Jupiter. [1]

The first week/quarter of the Aquarius lunar month also witnessed the dumb deal previously made between President Obama and the Australian Prime Minister Malcolm Turnbull.[2]  President Trump’s fury at this “dumb deal”, in the dying days of Obama’s presidency, ticks a number of astrological boxes.  Firstly it involved the alliance between the USA and Australia – a 7th house matter of partnership.  Secondly, it activated the solar 9th whole sign house for international affairs and immigrants and refugees.  The fact that Trump picked up that this dumb deal was a dumb deal so quickly tells us he is street smart (he has his natal Sun in Gemini).  The Australian prime minister was playing politics.  Why should Australia send a bunch of refugees languishing in a tropical island to the USA for resettling instead of just resettling them in Australia especially when taking into account that Australia has twice rejected New Zealand’s offer to take some of the refugees.

Second & Third Quarters of the Aquarius Moon (3 Feb – 20 Feb 2017)

With the arrival of the quarter moon on Friday 3rd February 2017, the travel ban was quickly suspended by a federal court.[3]  Why, because the 2nd and 3rd quarter moons are more influenced by the full moon rather than the lunar month.  In this case, the emphasis at the cusp of the 1st and 2nd quarter moons  instantly flicked from 7th (and 9th solar whole sign house) to the 1st (and 3rd solar whole sign house) as the following full moon to natal chart using both house systems displays:

Trump’s lunar eclipse using whole sign houses

The Leo lunar eclipse using Placidus houses

As with the whole lunar month, the house emphasis of the full moon, which was also a lunar eclipse, is very different using the two different approaches to houses.

Ivanka Trump – February 2017 courtesy of “The Guardian”

The main events under this full moon two week period were:

  • Ivanka Trump’s commercial problems
  • the resignation of Michael Flynn
  • the apparent softening in the USA’s in commitment to the two-state Israel-Palestine solution
  • the press conference to end all press conferences.

Details of all the above can be found in Trump’s First House Leo Lunar Eclipse but it should be noted that all the events associated with the Leo full moon, (except Michael Flynn) include contextual relationships to the 7th whole sign house (and 9th whole sign solar house).  The contextual relationship between the Muslim ban and the 7th and 9th houses has already been made.  Ivanka, as the second child, is ruled by the 7th house (derived 3rd house of next eldest sibling to the 5th house of eldest child).  The downplaying of the two state solution is an affront to the displaced Palestinians who have had their homeland stolen from them by the last of the European invasions.  And finally, the press conference defined the press as “the enemy of the people” (7th house of enemies and 9th solar whole sign house opposing the 3rd house of the media).

The exception in the above was Michael Flynn, who is most likely the manifestation of the weak Leo lunar eclipse conjunct Trump’s natal Mars.  With a 4 degree orb, the conjunction is not “tight”, but it does exist.  The effects of an eclipse usually follow a three part act.  First there is something, then it disappears (eclipsed) and then something new replaces what was eclipsed.  Michael Flynn became national security adviser on January 20 2017 at the beginning of the 4th quarter of Trump’s Capricorn Moon activating his 6th house of staff and employees.  He was forced to resign on the 13th February 2017 only three days past the lunar eclipse.  Eclipses may demonstrate their effects plus or minus a number of weeks of the exact date of an eclipse but usually make a strong showing plus or minus a few days.  On Monday 20 February on the cusp of the 3rd and 4th quarters of the Aquarius moon, Lt Gen McMaster was named as the replacement national security adviser.  Taking that Mars is always associated with everything military, the national security adviser saga is an excellent example of an eclipse in action, notwithstanding it was a weak eclipse with a relatively wide orb (for an eclipse).  Texts on the effects of eclipses tend to be too limited and constrained compared to reality.

4th Quarter Moon (20 – 28 February 2017)

The beginning of the last week of the Aquarius lunar month (and 4th quarter of the monthly lunation cycle) saw Trump in an aircraft hangar in Florida protesting about the enemy of the US people – the press.  This is astrological archetypal majesty at its best.  The last week of the lunar month returned the focus to Trumps 7th whole sign house (of enemies) and the 9th whole sign solar house (to his Gemini Sun).  The 9th house is in opposition to the 3rd house of the press, and the 7th house is the house of opposition in general.  Furthermore, Trump delivered this address in an aircraft hangar (9th house).  Trump is on the attack against “the dishonest media”.

At the same rally Trump also mentioned the courts blocking his immigration plan “the judges were picked by Obama”, though two of three were appointed by Jimmy Carter and George W Bush – again, a 9th house focus.  The rally ended with the Rolling Stones song “You Can’t Always Get What You Want” blaring in the background.[4]

As expected, the 4th quarter was relatively quiet on the Trump front, except the announcement that the US federal government has curtailed the rights of transgender students.

“US withdrew guidance stating federal law requires transgender students to have unfettered access to bathrooms and locker rooms matching their gender identity”.[5]

Sex and bathrooms is 8th house, and with the Aquarius lunar month ruling Trump’s 7th house, the 7th house is the derived 12th house of endings for the 8th house. Thus some LGBT rights have ended.  In response, LGBT rights groups on Wednesday assailed the administration.  However, to be fair, this could legitimately be associated with the 8th Placidus solar house.  However, this change was not widely publicized.

“This is a mean-spirited attack on hundreds of thousands of students who simply want to be their true selves and be treated with dignity while attending school,” said Mara Keisling, executive director of the National Center for Transgender Equality. “These young people already face incredible hurdles in their pursuit of education and acceptance. With a pen stroke, the Trump Administration effectively sanctions the bullying, ostracizing, and isolation of these children, putting their very lives in danger.”[6]

The 7th house is associated with making and breaking alliances, and creating open enemies. Steve Bannon clarified who the real “enemy” is:

“Bannon spoke disdainfully and at length about the real threat he identified facing the nation: a critical media that he likes to call “the opposition party”.[7]

The Sting in the Tail

The sting-in-the-tail of any lunar month is when, through the daily motion of the Moon, it returns for 2 ½ days to the same sign that commenced the whole lunar month.  This always occurs somewhere in the last 5 days of each lunar month, and after the sting-in-the-tail, the Moon then changes to the sign of the next lunar month, but the next lunar month will not commence until the Moon is exactly conjunct the Sun.

Donald Trump did not disappoint the sting-in-the-tail of the Aquarius lunar month which stretched from Thursday 23rd to Saturday 25th with the New Moon on Sunday 26th in Pisces.  The Aquarius lunar month sting-in-the-tail activated Trump’s 7th whole sign house of opposition and 9th solar whole sign house in opposition to the 3rd house of the media (press). Put both these together and they provide the astrological blueprint from what occurred.  President Trump on Saturday 25th February capped a week of tumultuous relations with the press by saying he will not attend this year’s White House correspondents’ dinner, which is scheduled for 29 April. The news came as relations between the Trump administration and the news media, which he has called “the enemy of the American people”, sunk to new lows.

With the dying days of the Aquarius lunar month highlighting Trump’s 7th house of opposition, we now know who Trump perceives as his major enemy, and because he is president, his major enemy is now the enemy of the American people.  Interestingly, the White House correspondents’ dinner on 29 April 2017 occurs in the beginning of the last quarter of the Aries lunar month, and therefore activates Trump’s 9th house, directly opposed to the 3rd house of the media.   Perfect astrology!

Trump Twittered on Friday night (in the sting zone):

“FAKE NEWS media knowingly doesn’t tell the truth. A great danger to our country. The failing @nytimes has become a joke. Likewise @CNN. Sad!”

Trump has recently reacted angrily to a series of reports citing anonymous sources in the White House, law enforcement and intelligence agencies about chaos in his administration, alleged contacts between campaign staff and Russian agents, and White House attempts to rebut such reports.[8]

The main unresolved and lingering issue with Trump’s presidency is the elephant in the room.  The elephant is the extent of the alleged relationship between the Trump team and the Russian government.  The issue is supposedly under investigation by the FBI.  Can the astrology shine any light on this issue?

Donald Trumps progressed (outer wheel) to natal horoscope (inner wheel)

Based on Trump’s secondary progressed chart (outer wheel) to his natal chart (inner wheel), the most relevant item in any progressed chart is the progressed moon – which is situated near the end of Trump’s 12th natal whole sign house.  The 12th house is the house of spies, espionage, deceit and deception, as well as the house of undoing.  When the progressed Moon arrives at 29 degrees Cancer 58 minutes it will be in semi-sextile aspect to Trump’s natal ascendant.  This progressed aspect will be activated when the progressed moon is within one degree of an exact semi-sextile which will occur in the months of April and May.

If the Russian elephant is an actual elephant, this is the most likely time that details of the alleged interference by Russia in the US presidential elections is most likely to appear.  In the absence of the Russian elephant, something else will fill the vacuum. For March, the most potent aspect appears to be transiting Mars squaring Trump’s natal Pluto around the 22nd March 2017.  A short sharp act of revenge?

Trump has extremely difficult astrological influences surrounding the beginning of his presidency. Transiting Saturn is in the 5th whole sign house of political power thus he feels extremely limited in what he can do. Saturn is a hard taskmaster and demands logical rationality and small steps at a time.  Jupiter, the ruler of the 5th house, has just commenced its retrograde motion until almost September 2017, so this means that his political problems or leadership problems will not dissipate quickly. And having his progressed Moon remain in his 12th whole sign house of self-made problems etc for a few more months is not the best of placements.  Furthermore, the progressed Moon is in Cancer, so until the progressed Moon moves into Leo and the 1st whole sign house in mid May 2017, Trump will remain hypersensitive and anti-presidential.

In reaction to these astrological difficulties, Trump does what any Mars in the 1st house person will do – he attacks. And with transiting Mars in his 9th house, opposite the 3rd house of the media, then he is attacking the media.

In conclusion, except for one instance, all the major developments in Trump’s presidency in the Aquarius lunar month with a Leo full moon and eclipse are easily and readily explainable applying whole sign houses, but not for Placidus or similar house that have the first house commencing with the ascendant.  Trump complains about fake news, I complain about fake houses.


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