Eclipse Stories – the Total Lunar Eclipse in Leo

If you have waited to notice the effects of the total lunar eclipse at almost 12 degrees Leo around 31st January 2018, you probably missed the punch line which probably occurred weeks, if not months ago.  Theory states that the effects of an eclipse can stretch well before or after the actual date of the eclipse, but this is not what I have found.  It seems that the effects of an eclipse usually occurs before the eclipse, usually in the month leading to the eclipse, and more often than not, two weeks or more before the eclipse.  Many people will also experience the effects of an eclipse on the day of the eclipse, especially if the eclipse does not strongly aspect anything important in the natal chart.  In my experience, EVERYONE experiences every eclipse to a greater or lesser extent, but there is some skill required to see the correlation in each case.

I have only reviewed the Leo lunar eclipse with a limited number of people so far, and in every case, there were strong astrological connections to the eclipse, which in itself is unusual enough.

My partner’s chart


The chart of my partner has the lunar eclipse almost exactly square my partner’s natal Moon, which therefore highly activates the eclipse.  Both the Moon, and the 4th house it rules (for an Aries rising), includes not only homes and domestic reality, but also early and end-of-life periods in a person’s chart.  About 2 weeks ago, while we were staying at our favorite Australian beach village, she told me that when the time comes, this is where she wants us to retire.  We have been living on our regenerative rain forest property for 17 years, but we had never made plans for how long this should last.  Therefore this statement of intent by my partner was major change in direction, and eclipses are noted for marking major changes in direction.


The second chart is for a relative, and is notable for the fact that Mercury’s position at the time of the eclipse is only a few minutes away from an exact square aspect to her natal Moon.  Eclipses are especially powerful on the two luminaries, even if the Sun or Moon positions at the eclipse are not directly activated.  In this case, the natal Moon, being one of two luminaries, is activated, but not directly from the eclipsed Moon or eclipsing sun, but Mercury at the time of the eclipse.

Relative’s activated Mercury

Perhaps due to the fragmentary nature of Mercury, my relative experienced three out-of-the-normal events in the weeks leading up to the eclipse.  Firstly, she had to call the fire brigade to her house because she accidentally placed an electric hot water jug onto a gas stove, which she then absently-minded lit, and then went back to watch the TV.  The key word here is absently-“minded” as Mercury rules the mind.  Closer to the eclipse, while driving her car, she clipped a roadside garbage bin, and scratched her car.  Both cars and driving are ruled by Mercury.  Thirdly, while cleaning the kitchen ceiling, her hand clipped the electric ceiling fan which was operating, and injured her hand.

Visiting friend’s chart


A visiting friend has the eclipse conjunct her natal Sun.

Firstly, in October, over three months before the actual eclipse, she had major open-heart surgery, and was told that if she did not have the surgery, she did not have long to live. The lunar eclipse is only 2 degrees away from her natal Sun, with both the Sun and Leo associated with cardiac problems.  This is a classic example that while 80% of eclipse manifestations usually occur in the month leading to the eclipse, the closer the eclipse is to a natal luminary, the stronger and further away in time its effects.  However, this friend is still greatly weakened and affected by their cardiac surgery even now, and will take many more months to recover if not years (with transiting Saturn only shifting in Capricorn in December 2017).  It is also notable that this eclipse occurred in her 8th house, and the cardiac surgery is classified as a brush with mortality, which is always associated with the 8th house.

Furthermore, just a few weeks before the eclipse, she deregistered herself from  her multi-decade career as a health professional, thus making one of the most major and significant change in life that a person will normally experience, as she is now retired.  This is the type of change expected from a major eclipse associated closely with a luminary in her natal chart.


The lunar eclipse is also in my 9th solar house, and within days following the eclipse, we are doing a major overseas trip to South East Asia.  Eclipses often activate the solar chart.

The eclipse in my chart is directly opposite my ascendant:

My chart

The lunar eclipse is only 2 ½ degrees from being directly opposite my ascendant.  With the lunar eclipse in the 7th house of my partner, this indicated that my partner should be experiencing some major change in direction, which is the retirement plan to move to our favourite beach.


This eclipse I call the championship eclipse, because it is in the heroic sign of Leo.  A few days before the eclipse I watched the men’s and women’s single finals at the Australian Open tennis tournament.  Usually I find the finals rather dull as more often than not it is an unbalanced competition between one excellent player, and one below par.  Due to this mismatch, I usually prefer to watch the quarter and semi-finals for the high quality matches.

This time, both finals were as good as they get because each player was almost at the same level.  Roger Federer, at age 36, slugged it out with the 29 year old Marin Cilic and it was only towards the end of the 5th set that Federer nudged ahead and won the match, his record breaking 20th Grand Slam trophy. It was a magnificent match to watch.  In the women’s final, Caroline Wozniaki of Denmark defeated Simona Halep in an extremely close-fought match and won her first Grand Slam title though she had been previously rated as the number one women’s player.  Commentators stated that it was a stunning final.

Roger Federer

Roger Federer wins his 20th Grand Slam trophy

Roger Federer had the eclipsed Moon only 4 degrees away from his natal Sun and 2 degrees from his natal Mercury, the ruler of his 1st house and 10th house of status – so this is a powerful eclipse for Roger.  In addition, he had transiting Jupiter conjunct his natal Moon, bringing a sense of good fortune and luck.

Caroline Wozniaki

There is no birth time for Caroline, and the eclipsed Moon is not making any aspects whatsoever to any of her natal planets.  However, the transiting eclipsing nodes were square her Pluto, and even more relevant, transiting Jupiter was almost exactly trine her natal Jupiter.  It seems that Jupiter is a good planet to have onside in any contest.


In the few weeks leading to the eclipse, my daughter has been experiencing excruciating pain from a pinched nerve in her shoulder.  She has Leo rising, so she is more prone than normal to experience the sharp end of the stick with the eclipse in Leo.  In my daughter’s case, transiting Uranus is square her natal Mercury, and transiting Pluto is square her natal Pluto.  Both these transits could be used to explain her condition, but the eclipse in her rising sign definitely raises the stakes for a health problem associated with the 1st house.  My daughter is between jobs, so the Pluto aspect mirrors her financial situation.



I emailed a note to some vulnerable clients in my database that indicated they were prone to this eclipse, and one got back to me almost immediately with her recent health problem.  She is Leo rising so is immediately in the cross-hairs of the eclipse.

She broke her foot about 2 weeks before the eclipse and the eclipsed Moon was within a degree conjunct her natal Moon in her Leo ascendant. Her natal Moon is ruler of her 12th house, and the 12th house is associated with feet.  In addition, transiting Mars is almost exact in its square to her natal Mars indicating a time highly prone for an accident.  With transiting Saturn passing through her 6th house, she is liable to take far longer in recovering from this injury compared to normal, or she is in for a multi-year period of unrelated health problems.  With Capricorn ruling her 6th house, and Saturn currently located within, she most likely has osteoporosis, and therefore will spend the next few years accommodating this condition into her life – something that affects 50% of women in her age group.



Even Donald trump gets caught with this eclipse because he is Leo rising.  Of course, those astrologers that continue to use ascendant-based house systems (such as Placidus etc) will have this eclipse in his 12th house, but the real house this eclipse occurs in is the 1st house because the whole sign house system is far more accurate in horoscopic analysis.  He has already been in the spotlight at the World Economic Forum in Davos, Switzerland,  and his first state of the union address was only about a day before the eclipse.   Trump is basking in the Leo eclipse in his 1st house and certainly is not skulking in the depths of the 12th house during this eclipse!  [see WHOLE SIGN HOUSES INTERACTION].

This lunar eclipse is only 1 1/2 degrees away from an exact conjunction to Trump’s natal Pluto.  With Pluto ruling debts, taxes and regeneration, this eclipse probably marks the recent massive tax cut that gave pennies to the average person and millions, if not billions to the rich.  With a major change in direction of debt highlighted, we can expect a dramatic increase in the national debt of the USA in the coming years – a recurring problem when the Republicans hold the levers of power.  As Trump stated in his speech:

“Meanwhile Americans in the top 1% of earners will save hundreds of thousands of dollars, if not millions, through the cuts, according to the Tax Policy Center. The president’s family could save as much as $11m, according to an analysis by the New York Times. The tax plan also eliminated the estate tax, which only affected a few thousand extremely families with extraordinary wealth, and it is expected to add $1tn to the national debt.”[1]

Donald Trump

The regeneration promised by the eclipse conjunct Trump’s natal Pluto played out effectively:

This is our new American moment. There has never been a better time to start living the American Dream.  So to every citizen watching at home tonight — no matter where you have been, or where you come from, this is your time. If you work hard, if you believe in yourself, if you believe in America, then you can dream anything, you can be anything, and together, we can achieve absolutely anything.

And just as I promised the American people from this podium 11 months ago, we enacted the biggest tax cuts and reforms in American history.

Pluto also rules nuclear weapons and Trump was not tardy in his declaration:

As part of our defense, we must modernize and rebuild our nuclear arsenal, hopefully never having to use it, but making it so strong and powerful that it will deter any acts of aggression. Perhaps someday in the future there will be a magical moment when the countries of the world will get together to eliminate their nuclear weapons. Unfortunately, we are not there yet, sadly.

Pluto rules revolution, and this time he is encouraging revolution in Iran plus referencing the Iran nuclear deal:

When the people of Iran rose up against the crimes of their corrupt dictatorship, I did not stay silent. America stands with the people of Iran in their courageous struggle for freedom.  I am asking the Congress to address the fundamental flaws in the terrible Iran nuclear deal.

This is a classic eclipse in action!  Unfortunately Trump did not mention that the USA orchestrated a post Second World War coup in Iran deposing the democratic government, because it nationalized the oil fields, and so the USA replaced the deposed democratic government with the monarchical Shah of Iran.  Iran has never really recovered from this destabilization forced upon it by the USA.  The USA did not care about democracy, it just wanted the oil!

As Donald Trump delivered his State of the Union address on Tuesday, several members of Congress wore black to draw attention to the watershed #MeToo movement around sexual harassment and misconduct.

This State of the Union address was almost an ode to Pluto!

Eclipses often activate the solar chart, especially if the eclipsing Sun or Moon is closer in aspect to the natal Sun rather than the natal ascendant.  Eclipses do not differentiate between the ascendant and Sun, and behave as if each component is of similar importance.  I cannot remember an example of a post-eclipse manifestation, which does not mean they don’t exist. It is possible that eclipses are just as effective post-eclipse as pre-eclipse, but because the lead up to an eclipse is highly publicized, our attention turns elsewhere once the eclipse occurs, and perhaps we miss further correlations to the eclipse in the following months.




Trump’s Aquarius Lunar Month 2017

It could be argued that by forensically analyzing Trump’s political machinations correlated with lunations and full moons that I am forecasting the past.  My purpose, at this stage, is not focused upon prediction but research.  Forensic astrological analysis is an excellent tool for research.  In this research, I am trying to discern which house system(s) provide the greatest accuracy in hindsight as there is rarely any argument after the event that the event occurred – except for conspiracy theorists! In this post, I am also utilizing solar houses, but I will be promoting whole sign solar houses over solar equal houses (which commence each house with the same degree of the Sun)!

First Quarter of the Aquarius Lunar Month (27 Jan – 3 Feb 2017)

With the activation of Trump’s 7th whole sign house of confrontation and opposition by the new Aquarius lunar month, Trump had, as his first target, Muslims from seven “terrorist” countries.  The New Moon on 27 January 2017 at 8 degrees Aquarius sits firmly in Trump’s 7th whole sign house but 6th Placidus or ascendant based house as the following two versions of Trump’s horoscope indicate.

The Aquarius new Moon using whole sign houses to Trump’s natal chart

The Aquarius new Moon using Placidus houses to Trump’s natal chart

It is not a minor matter that the two very different types of house systems produce radically different horoscopes.  Lunations with their associated full moons including an average of 4 eclipses each year provide insights equal to all the planetary transits combined.  Only one of these charts can be correct.

Trump’s travel ban commenced quickly upon the arrival of the Aquarius new moon on Friday 27th January 2017 and by Saturday 28th January chaos commenced at international airports around the world as many people with perfectly legal travel documents were summarily excluded from travelling to the USA.  Furthermore, the last day and first day of any lunar month is defined as a black moon because the moon cannot be seen by the naked eye on these days.  In ancient times this was a well-known astrological insight but seems to have become lost in contemporary astrology.  The effects of the black moon are adequately expressed by the term.

The travel ban is not exclusively related to the Aquarius lunar month activating Trump’s 7th house of confrontation and “the enemy”.  The Aquarius lunar month also activated Trump’s 9th solar house (from his Gemini Sun) of international affairs including immigrants and refugees.

Unless an astrologer is conversant with lunations and full moons, they will tend to overlook the effectiveness of the lunations and full moons applied to the solar chart.  However, while the Solar Equal Houses are popular with a small number of astrologers, where the 1st solar house begins with the degree position of the Sun, I will again be drawing attention to whole sign houses – in this case solar whole sign houses.  This is how sun-sign forecasters use houses – always whole sign solar houses.  If you want to test the accuracy of a sun-sign forecaster in newspaper, magazines etc., read the forecast applied to your rising sign as well as your sun sign.  Apart from the fact the forecast will usually be more relevant to your rising sign compared to your sun-sign – if the forecaster has astrological proficiency, you should be able to detect this with the forecast applied to you.

After many years of following lunations, full moons and eclipses, I have found that solar whole sign houses are almost equivalent in strength to ascendant based houses when applied to the Moon and eclipses – though perhaps ascendant based houses have the edge over solar houses?

With Trump’s Sun at 22 degrees Gemini, the new Aquarius lunar month commencing with the Sun and Moon at 8 degrees Aquarius sits firmly in Trumps 9th solar whole sign house (but 8th solar equal house).  Already the 90 day arrival ban on citizens from Muslim countries Trump does not like has instantly invoked the 9th solar whole sign houses as visas, passports and all international travel is ruled by the 9th house.

Donald Trump’s choice in the first few days of the Aquarius lunar month to fill the year-long vacancy for a new judge on the US Supreme Court also invokes the 9th solar whole sign house – any supreme court is associated with the 9th house, Sagittarius and Jupiter. [1]

The first week/quarter of the Aquarius lunar month also witnessed the dumb deal previously made between President Obama and the Australian Prime Minister Malcolm Turnbull.[2]  President Trump’s fury at this “dumb deal”, in the dying days of Obama’s presidency, ticks a number of astrological boxes.  Firstly it involved the alliance between the USA and Australia – a 7th house matter of partnership.  Secondly, it activated the solar 9th whole sign house for international affairs and immigrants and refugees.  The fact that Trump picked up that this dumb deal was a dumb deal so quickly tells us he is street smart (he has his natal Sun in Gemini).  The Australian prime minister was playing politics.  Why should Australia send a bunch of refugees languishing in a tropical island to the USA for resettling instead of just resettling them in Australia especially when taking into account that Australia has twice rejected New Zealand’s offer to take some of the refugees.

Second & Third Quarters of the Aquarius Moon (3 Feb – 20 Feb 2017)

With the arrival of the quarter moon on Friday 3rd February 2017, the travel ban was quickly suspended by a federal court.[3]  Why, because the 2nd and 3rd quarter moons are more influenced by the full moon rather than the lunar month.  In this case, the emphasis at the cusp of the 1st and 2nd quarter moons  instantly flicked from 7th (and 9th solar whole sign house) to the 1st (and 3rd solar whole sign house) as the following full moon to natal chart using both house systems displays:

Trump’s lunar eclipse using whole sign houses

The Leo lunar eclipse using Placidus houses

As with the whole lunar month, the house emphasis of the full moon, which was also a lunar eclipse, is very different using the two different approaches to houses.

Ivanka Trump – February 2017 courtesy of “The Guardian”

The main events under this full moon two week period were:

  • Ivanka Trump’s commercial problems
  • the resignation of Michael Flynn
  • the apparent softening in the USA’s in commitment to the two-state Israel-Palestine solution
  • the press conference to end all press conferences.

Details of all the above can be found in Trump’s First House Leo Lunar Eclipse but it should be noted that all the events associated with the Leo full moon, (except Michael Flynn) include contextual relationships to the 7th whole sign house (and 9th whole sign solar house).  The contextual relationship between the Muslim ban and the 7th and 9th houses has already been made.  Ivanka, as the second child, is ruled by the 7th house (derived 3rd house of next eldest sibling to the 5th house of eldest child).  The downplaying of the two state solution is an affront to the displaced Palestinians who have had their homeland stolen from them by the last of the European invasions.  And finally, the press conference defined the press as “the enemy of the people” (7th house of enemies and 9th solar whole sign house opposing the 3rd house of the media).

The exception in the above was Michael Flynn, who is most likely the manifestation of the weak Leo lunar eclipse conjunct Trump’s natal Mars.  With a 4 degree orb, the conjunction is not “tight”, but it does exist.  The effects of an eclipse usually follow a three part act.  First there is something, then it disappears (eclipsed) and then something new replaces what was eclipsed.  Michael Flynn became national security adviser on January 20 2017 at the beginning of the 4th quarter of Trump’s Capricorn Moon activating his 6th house of staff and employees.  He was forced to resign on the 13th February 2017 only three days past the lunar eclipse.  Eclipses may demonstrate their effects plus or minus a number of weeks of the exact date of an eclipse but usually make a strong showing plus or minus a few days.  On Monday 20 February on the cusp of the 3rd and 4th quarters of the Aquarius moon, Lt Gen McMaster was named as the replacement national security adviser.  Taking that Mars is always associated with everything military, the national security adviser saga is an excellent example of an eclipse in action, notwithstanding it was a weak eclipse with a relatively wide orb (for an eclipse).  Texts on the effects of eclipses tend to be too limited and constrained compared to reality.

4th Quarter Moon (20 – 28 February 2017)

The beginning of the last week of the Aquarius lunar month (and 4th quarter of the monthly lunation cycle) saw Trump in an aircraft hangar in Florida protesting about the enemy of the US people – the press.  This is astrological archetypal majesty at its best.  The last week of the lunar month returned the focus to Trumps 7th whole sign house (of enemies) and the 9th whole sign solar house (to his Gemini Sun).  The 9th house is in opposition to the 3rd house of the press, and the 7th house is the house of opposition in general.  Furthermore, Trump delivered this address in an aircraft hangar (9th house).  Trump is on the attack against “the dishonest media”.

At the same rally Trump also mentioned the courts blocking his immigration plan “the judges were picked by Obama”, though two of three were appointed by Jimmy Carter and George W Bush – again, a 9th house focus.  The rally ended with the Rolling Stones song “You Can’t Always Get What You Want” blaring in the background.[4]

As expected, the 4th quarter was relatively quiet on the Trump front, except the announcement that the US federal government has curtailed the rights of transgender students.

“US withdrew guidance stating federal law requires transgender students to have unfettered access to bathrooms and locker rooms matching their gender identity”.[5]

Sex and bathrooms is 8th house, and with the Aquarius lunar month ruling Trump’s 7th house, the 7th house is the derived 12th house of endings for the 8th house. Thus some LGBT rights have ended.  In response, LGBT rights groups on Wednesday assailed the administration.  However, to be fair, this could legitimately be associated with the 8th Placidus solar house.  However, this change was not widely publicized.

“This is a mean-spirited attack on hundreds of thousands of students who simply want to be their true selves and be treated with dignity while attending school,” said Mara Keisling, executive director of the National Center for Transgender Equality. “These young people already face incredible hurdles in their pursuit of education and acceptance. With a pen stroke, the Trump Administration effectively sanctions the bullying, ostracizing, and isolation of these children, putting their very lives in danger.”[6]

The 7th house is associated with making and breaking alliances, and creating open enemies. Steve Bannon clarified who the real “enemy” is:

“Bannon spoke disdainfully and at length about the real threat he identified facing the nation: a critical media that he likes to call “the opposition party”.[7]

The Sting in the Tail

The sting-in-the-tail of any lunar month is when, through the daily motion of the Moon, it returns for 2 ½ days to the same sign that commenced the whole lunar month.  This always occurs somewhere in the last 5 days of each lunar month, and after the sting-in-the-tail, the Moon then changes to the sign of the next lunar month, but the next lunar month will not commence until the Moon is exactly conjunct the Sun.

Donald Trump did not disappoint the sting-in-the-tail of the Aquarius lunar month which stretched from Thursday 23rd to Saturday 25th with the New Moon on Sunday 26th in Pisces.  The Aquarius lunar month sting-in-the-tail activated Trump’s 7th whole sign house of opposition and 9th solar whole sign house in opposition to the 3rd house of the media (press). Put both these together and they provide the astrological blueprint from what occurred.  President Trump on Saturday 25th February capped a week of tumultuous relations with the press by saying he will not attend this year’s White House correspondents’ dinner, which is scheduled for 29 April. The news came as relations between the Trump administration and the news media, which he has called “the enemy of the American people”, sunk to new lows.

With the dying days of the Aquarius lunar month highlighting Trump’s 7th house of opposition, we now know who Trump perceives as his major enemy, and because he is president, his major enemy is now the enemy of the American people.  Interestingly, the White House correspondents’ dinner on 29 April 2017 occurs in the beginning of the last quarter of the Aries lunar month, and therefore activates Trump’s 9th house, directly opposed to the 3rd house of the media.   Perfect astrology!

Trump Twittered on Friday night (in the sting zone):

“FAKE NEWS media knowingly doesn’t tell the truth. A great danger to our country. The failing @nytimes has become a joke. Likewise @CNN. Sad!”

Trump has recently reacted angrily to a series of reports citing anonymous sources in the White House, law enforcement and intelligence agencies about chaos in his administration, alleged contacts between campaign staff and Russian agents, and White House attempts to rebut such reports.[8]

The main unresolved and lingering issue with Trump’s presidency is the elephant in the room.  The elephant is the extent of the alleged relationship between the Trump team and the Russian government.  The issue is supposedly under investigation by the FBI.  Can the astrology shine any light on this issue?

Donald Trumps progressed (outer wheel) to natal horoscope (inner wheel)

Based on Trump’s secondary progressed chart (outer wheel) to his natal chart (inner wheel), the most relevant item in any progressed chart is the progressed moon – which is situated near the end of Trump’s 12th natal whole sign house.  The 12th house is the house of spies, espionage, deceit and deception, as well as the house of undoing.  When the progressed Moon arrives at 29 degrees Cancer 58 minutes it will be in semi-sextile aspect to Trump’s natal ascendant.  This progressed aspect will be activated when the progressed moon is within one degree of an exact semi-sextile which will occur in the months of April and May.

If the Russian elephant is an actual elephant, this is the most likely time that details of the alleged interference by Russia in the US presidential elections is most likely to appear.  In the absence of the Russian elephant, something else will fill the vacuum. For March, the most potent aspect appears to be transiting Mars squaring Trump’s natal Pluto around the 22nd March 2017.  A short sharp act of revenge?

Trump has extremely difficult astrological influences surrounding the beginning of his presidency. Transiting Saturn is in the 5th whole sign house of political power thus he feels extremely limited in what he can do. Saturn is a hard taskmaster and demands logical rationality and small steps at a time.  Jupiter, the ruler of the 5th house, has just commenced its retrograde motion until almost September 2017, so this means that his political problems or leadership problems will not dissipate quickly. And having his progressed Moon remain in his 12th whole sign house of self-made problems etc for a few more months is not the best of placements.  Furthermore, the progressed Moon is in Cancer, so until the progressed Moon moves into Leo and the 1st whole sign house in mid May 2017, Trump will remain hypersensitive and anti-presidential.

In reaction to these astrological difficulties, Trump does what any Mars in the 1st house person will do – he attacks. And with transiting Mars in his 9th house, opposite the 3rd house of the media, then he is attacking the media.

In conclusion, except for one instance, all the major developments in Trump’s presidency in the Aquarius lunar month with a Leo full moon and eclipse are easily and readily explainable applying whole sign houses, but not for Placidus or similar house that have the first house commencing with the ascendant.  Trump complains about fake news, I complain about fake houses.


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The following is an extract from an online conversation at an introductory astrology site about whole sign houses versus Placidus and other ascendant based houses.  The conversation is between myself and Sandy, and Sandy shares the similarity with Donald Trump that her ascendant degree is late in her rising sign, in Sandy’s case, late in Scorpio.  Those people whose ascendants sits late in any sign have the greatest disparity between their horoscopes using an ascendant based house system like Placidus or the whole sign house system.


Sandy: Thanks for this.  I’m like in kindergarten when it comes to astrology, which is why I joined this group. I’ve got a great interest but it’s all so overwhelming. At the rate I’m going, I’m not really sure that I’ll ever make it to fourth grade level.   One of the first and most basic things I think would be to decide what type of chart to study. I cannot believe how different they are! With whole houses, I’m Scorpio indeed with a stellium in my first house, with a Placidus chart, although my AC starts late degree Scorpio, my first house covers all of sag just about.

With one chart my Venus is in the 11th, the other, my Venus is in the 12th. I’ve read both of those descriptions trying to get a clue and I fit both incredibly well. So THAT doesn’t help! I don’t know what to choose, (leaning toward whole houses) then someone mentioned equal houses which gives even more food for thought.  Ugh!

Terry MacKinnell: Each exact new moon starts the lunar month. The sign the moon is located in at the beginning of each new month rules the whole of the lunar month. For whole sign houses, just use the house that has the same sign as the lunar month. For Placidus houses etc, you need to see which house the new moon took place in. For you, this will nearly always produce two results, with the Placidus house one house back from the whole sign house.

Many key events and developments in your life in the lunar month will coincide with the house the lunar month rules. With Scorpio rising, the Aquarius lunar month that will come to an end next weekend rules your 4th whole sign house. Did you do more around your home or have greater involvement with your mother? Did you have a disagreement with the opposite 10th house boss or superior? There is always a sting in the tail of each lunar month, and this will occur starting in about 2 1/2 days from now and will last 2 1/2 days when the daily motion of the Moon passes through the sign Aquarius.

The next New Moon on the weekend will activate your 5th whole sign house (and most likely your 4th Placidus house). At each lunar month, check which whole sign house is activated and read up on the activated house so you can see if events follow the Moon. I would initially suggest ignoring Placidus houses until you are more experienced in discriminating between house archetypal energies, but house systems such as Placidus, which most astrologers use, are not worth the paper they are printed on. I say this after 43 years of study.


Sandy S: My god! I’m in shock. Yes, I’ve had a LOT more involvement with my mother this month. More than ever due to a circumstance which has to do specifically with her home and yes, I had a major blowup at work, rather serious and am waiting for the fallout as I suspect there will be some. So what you said about 2.5 days has really got me more than curious. Maybe I’ll get my walking papers. If you were me, I’m thinking you wouldn’t be curious, you’d know!

I haven’t even digested the rest of what you’ve written. I will surely go back and read again. You’re like a crystal ball. Wow. Forgive me, but I’m a bit stunned. This stuff is so real. All my life I thought it was parlor game fodder, then I came across a couple ppl like yourself and knew there was more to it. I just have a wild interest but I’m afraid I’m like a dyslexic child who wants to read an 800 page novel, or a stuttering woman who wants to give a great speech… other words, I’m not counting on it! But hey, I’m a terrible bowler and a lousy pool player, but that doesn’t stop me or stop my enjoyment. At least there’s that. And, if I start now and then live to be 100, maybe one day I’ll know what you know.

Thanks so much for taking the time to answer and explaining things to me. Much appreciated.


Terry MacKinnell: You are a walking advertisement, not only for lunar astrology but for whole sign houses.  Lunar astrology is fantastic even on its own.  It is the easiest way to get a handle on astrology.  Treat each lunar month as a lesson in astrology.  The Pisces lunar month, that commences this weekend, will activate your 5th whole sign house so read up on the 5th house and see how quickly it is activated in your life.

You can fine-tune your lunar observations by allowing for the influence of the full moon in the middle of each lunar month.  For one week before and after the full moon (when the moon is more than 50% illuminated), the full moon will activate the house it is located at the full moon.  In the case of the Pisces lunar month, the full Moon will be in Virgo activating your 11th house, but the full moon still operated in context of the whole lunar month.

Therefore, the prime influence in the first and last week of the lunar month will be Pisces, while the middle two weeks the prime influence will be Virgo (but the Pisces influence remains in the background).

The more lunar months and full moons you follow, the more you will learn about what houses rule in an organic way.  Get a lunar calendar – I have one on the wall that displays the whole year, monthly lunations, full moons and eclipses and daily sign the Moon is located within.  Once you are cognizant of lunar months and full moons you can then learn about the 2 ½ days the Moon spends in each sign as a fine tuning mechanism.

You can also examine the lunations and full moons is relation to your sun sign – but one step at a time.  You need to learn what each house means as in astrology, houses are far more important than signs.


Sandy: Terry, thank you so much for this information. Yes indeed, I will most certainly take your advice. Hours later and I’m still just shaking my head at the accuracy of what you saw without ever once looking at my birthchart! I didn’t even know that was possible without looking at where natal planets were and how the transits were affecting them. I thought THAT was the whole thing.

All I told you about myself is that my ASC was in Scorpio, with a stellium (if you are looking at whole houses) and you didn’t even need that last bit. My goodness, what you might tell if you saw an entire chart! It would be a bit like standing naked in front of a stranger Im afraid. I’m Scorpion, we’re compelled to keep some secrets 😆

And yes, you can bet I’ll be checking out your FB group before the nights over, although I’m sure it’s WELL over my head, like a baby that listens to language he doesn’t understand….. eventually he starts speaking the language.

I learned a lot today and although I was tending to lean toward whole houses, you definitely cinched the deal with convincing me that stands true. And this moon thing is more than fascinating with what you’ve said. My FB friend Michael Lutin (whom I greatly admire as an astrologer) posted something about the moon yesterday, but I really didn’t understand what he meant. It’s like I’ve been told a secret that I’ve never heard.

Terry MacKinnell:  In my ongoing research on Trump’s whole sign houses versus ascendant based houses, such as Placidus, I will be posting updates once or twice each month, and you can also use these posts as a textbook on lunar astrology. Most astrologers are so hypnotized by natal planets, aspects and transits that they overlook lunar astrology because lunar astrology was always shoved into the background, whereas lunar astrology belongs in the foreground.

Moon Phases 2017 – Lunar Calendar


Trump Astro Watch

The above link provides details on how President Trump handles each lunar month and full moon since his inauguration based on his horoscope using whole sign houses – but also drawing attention to the irrelevance of  ascendant based house such as Placidus.  For those majority of astrologers using an ascendant based house such as Placidus, you will still get some positive results – on average you should get 50% of your interpretation correct using an incorrect house system.  This will vary depending upon the actual horoscope.  For those horoscopes with an ascendant earlier than 15 degrees of their ascendant sign, the accuracy will be greater than 50% while those horoscopes with an ascendant greater than 50 degrees the accuracy will drop to below 50%.  Forget about fake news, the real news is that the majority of astrologers use fake houses.

Trump’s First House Leo Lunar Eclipse

The Leo full moon and lunar eclipse on 10 February 2017 (at 22 degrees Leo) strongly affected the middle two weeks (3 February – 17 February 2017) of the Aquarius lunar month (27 January – 26 February 2017).  The key issues clearly associated with this two week period surrounding the full moon and eclipse commenced with the judicial rejection of Trump’s anti-Muslim travel ban, Ivanka Trump’s commercial problems, the resignation of Michael Flynn, the radical change in commitment to the two-state Israel-Palestine solution and finally the press conference, which according to some detractors, was the press conference to end all press conferences.

Travel Ban

Trump’s thinly disguised anti-Muslim travel ban commenced quickly upon the arrival of the Aquarius new moon on Friday 27th January 2017 but this 1st quarter moon development came to an end with the arrival of the 2nd quarter on Friday 3rd February 2017.  The 2nd and 3rd quarters of the Moon’s lunation cycle replaces the influence of the New Moon (in Aquarius) and instead, comes under the influence of the full moon, in this case, the Leo full moon.

Each (one week) phase of the monthly lunar cycle is focussed upon specific houses and their orientation towards each other.  The 1st quarter moon (27 Jan – 3 Feb 2017) was focussed upon the 7th whole sign house and 9th whole sign solar house (from the perspective of Trump’s Gemini Sun). The 2nd quarter (3 Feb – 10 Feb 2017) flicked the focus from the 7th and 9th houses towards the 1st and 3rd houses which the full moon (and appulse lunar eclipse) activated (exactly on the 10 February).  However, if an astrologer used an ascendant based house system such as Placidus, the full moon occurred in Trump’s 12th house.

Trump's lunar eclipse using whole sign houses

Trump’s lunar eclipse using whole sign houses

Lunations, full moons and solar and lunar eclipses do not differentiate between normal houses and solar houses.  The lunar eclipse appeared to have had a greater affect upon Trump’s solar horoscope compared to his normal horoscope for a very good reason.  The lunar eclipse was at 22 degrees Leo, Trump’s natal Sun is at 22 degrees Gemini (while his ascendant is at 29 degrees Leo).  The lunar eclipse makes an exact sextile aspect to Trump’s natal Sun but does not aspect his natal ascendant and is 4 degrees away from his natal Mars. Eclipses have tighter orbs compared to aspects in natal and transit charts.   In Trump’s case, the eclipse was firmly focused upon his Sun compared to either his ascendant or natal Mars.  Therefore the solar chart is the most relevant chart to use in this situation.

Ivanka Trump

What is also of astrological interest was the focus upon Ivanka Trump’s business malaise as stores such as Nordstrom began dropping her fashion line.[1]

Ivanka Trump - February 2017 courtesy of

Ivanka Trump – February 2017 courtesy of “The Guardian”

Ivanka is Trump’s second child and with Trump’s children in general ruled by the 5th house, the 7th house rules the second child (derived 3rd house from the 5th house of the first child).

Trump’s 7th house is ruled by Aquarius, the sign of the current lunar month, while the middle two weeks of the Aquarius lunar month is more affected by the Leo full moon in Trump’s 1st house – but derived 7th house to Trump’s 7th house ruling Ivanka. The Leo full moon therefore detracts from or promotes opposition to anything associated with Trump’s 7th house. Bad lunar timing for Ivanka!

Michael Flynn

The resignation of Michael Flynn in the 3rd quarter is an interesting issue from the astrological perspective.  The White House stated that the resignation was a result of ‘eroding level of trust’, not potential violation of law.  The retired general Michael Flynn was forced to quit on the 13th February after reports that he could be vulnerable to blackmail by Moscow.[2]   This could be assigned to the Leo full moon in Trump’s 12th Placidus house in opposition to his 6th house of employees and staff etc and is a totally reasonable explanation substantiating the Placidus house structure.

The Leo lunar eclipse using Placidus houses

The Leo lunar eclipse using Placidus houses

However, Flynn’s resignation is also explainable via the whole sign house approach.  Why?  Because of a quirk associated with anyone with Leo rising.

Anyone with Leo rising has Cancer ruling their 12th house. Therefore for a Leo, every lunation harks back the house the Moon rules – which is always the 12th house (unless intercepted houses[3] occur in the Placidus-like house systems). Therefore, the Leo full moon in Trump’s 1st whole sign house automatically invokes his 12th house.  With the 12th house opposite the 6th house of his staff, this 12th house redirected energy is detracting from his staff.  This is certainly the case with Michael Flynn.

The two-state Israel-Palestine Solution?

Also in the 3rd quarter moon, and remaining under the influence of the Leo full moon and eclipse, Trump unwound decades of US policy towards the conflict between Israel and the Palestinians by announcing that he did not care if there was a one state or two state solutions to the Israeli-Palestine conflict.

In the absence of a two state solution, what would a one state solution look like? It could not be a democratic state – as the Jews would be outnumbered by non-Jews – so the only “unspoken” solution is an apartheid solution where enough non-Jews are denied equal political rights to allow the Jewish population to retain control of the state.[4]   This is not the first time that the charge of apartheid has been applied to Israel’s policy towards its original Palestinian inhabitants.

The Israeli Jews were the last invasion or colonisation by Europeans into non-European territory which, though the favorite pastimes of Europeans in the 18th and early 19th centuries, has fallen out of favour since the 2nd World War.  It is also the source of much angst amongst the surrounding Muslim populations and nations – they have had sand kicked into their collective faces by the Jews, Europe and now Trump.

This off-the-sleeve statement by President Trump I believe may be attributable to the manifestation of the recent lunar eclipse loosely conjunct his natal Mars in his 1st whole sign house.  Trump’s Israeli solution is as major slap in the face to Middle Eastern Muslims and Palestinians and is an aggressive statement that will increase the level of vitriol and conflict in an already unstable region.  It has all the hallmarks of Mars about it.  Mars usually brings disaster!

The Press Conference

Finally, to conclude the two week Leo full moon and eclipse was THE press conference near the end of the 3rd quarter.  This press conference was a full-on assault against the press by Trump in full flight  and a chance for Trump to state how good his administration is performing – classic 1st house issues and it could be strongly argued also representative of his Mars’ involvement in the recent eclipse, especially as his press conference “rapidly turned into a sprawling, freewheeling and pugnacious defense of his first four weeks as president” – classic Mars.

With Trump’s eclipse-activated Mars ruler of his 9th house opposing the 3rd house for the press, he had the impetus on his side to go on the attack.  Taking into account that the Aquarius lunar month also activates his 9th solar house with the Leo eclipse occurring in his 3rd house of the press, this press conference was an event waiting to occur.  Eclipses indicate a change in direction, and with the eclipse in Trump’s 3rd solar house representing the media in Trump’s chart, they also made a significant change at this press conference.  For the first time in history, the presidential decorum was sent packing and the press heckled Trump at the end of the conference. Classic eclipse astrology!

The other issue was his attempt to distance himself from the claims he is too close with the Russians and even the innuendo that the Russians have the ability to blackmail him – again, the 3rd house in opposition to the 9th house of international affairs and relations, which from Trump’s perspective, is also the house of international partnerships.  Trump stated that it is better to be friends with Russia than be at loggerheads with the other major nuclear power in the world.[5]

However, his media performance was classic Trump for his supporters, and there is nothing to suggest that his supporters perceive any sinking ship and therefore they are not fleeing.  Trump himself does not appear to be dented in any way which is totally appropriate for a 1st house full moon and eclipse but totally foreign to a 12th house moon if Placidus or similar houses were an actual astrological reality.

In conclusion, the association between the Leo full moon and Trumps 1st whole sign house appears stronger than any connection to the Placidus or similar 12th house.  While some 12th house connection can be made, these can also be made via the 1st whole sign house due to the Moon permanently ruling Trump’s 12th house.  This is another month where any neutral astrologer would have to concede that the Leo full moon and eclipsed cannot be explained via the most used and popular house systems employed by most astrologers. This is an example of qualitative research, the natural research technique for astrology.

The final quarter (week) of the Aquarius lunar month commences on Saturday 18th February and so from the whole sign house perspective, it will be a return to 7th house issues and from the solar perspective, Trump’s 9th solar house of international affairs.  In the 1st quarter of this lunar month, it was the travel ban against mainly Muslim countries.  We should expect a return to this issue or something similar because the 3rd solar house eclipse promoted confrontation or opposition to his 9th house international arrivals policy but this opposition recedes in this last quarter.


Trump is Representative of the Age of Aquarius

What is in Store for Trump & the USA in 2017?

Is Trump the Perfect Guinea Pig for Astrologers?

Trump’s January 2017 Lunar Predictions

Is Trump the New Caligula?

Trump’s Cancer Full Moon (January 2017)

Trump’s Inauguration – a Vedic Perspective


[1] Jamie Peck, “The resistance: 1, Ivanka Trump: 0”, The Guardian, Friday 10 February 2017 03.17 AEDT,

[2] Lauren Gambino, Ben Jacobs, Sabrina Siddiqui and David Smith, “Trump knew for weeks Michael Flynn misled over Russia contact”, The Guardian, Wednesday 15 February 2017 06.12 AEDT

[3] Has any astrology ever provided proof that intercepted houses exist!

[4] Peter Beaumont, “Decades of Middle East diplomacy thrown away in one Trump sentence”, The Guardian, Thursday 16 February 2017 22.44 AEDT

[5]David Smith, “Trump uses press conference to declare administration ‘fine-tuned machine’”, The Guardian,  Friday 17 February 2017 05.45 AEDT

Trump’s Capricorn Lunar Month

The last week of Trump’s Capricorn lunar month (30 December 2016 – 27 January 2017) has again clearly indicated the power of whole sign houses even before the arrival of the sting zone.[1]  The most important event – with far reaching implication – was the scrapping of the TPP (Trans Pacific Partnership), a trade agreement among eleven Pacific Rim countries—notably not including China.  The key word is “partnership” – a 7th house matter.

The Capricorn lunar month activated Trump’s 6th whole sign house (in contrast to the 5th Placidus house) but the 6th house is the derived 12th house from the 7th house (if you make the 7th house the focus and thus the new 1st house, counting the houses anti-clockwise makes the 6th house the 12th house to the 7th house).  A key archetype associated with the 12th house is “endings”.  With a florish of the pen, Trump took the USA out of this agreement.

This is an aspect of Trump’s nationalist economic agenda where the wisdom on the street is that it is better to have people employed in your own country than to import cheaper goods manufactured elsewhere.  Unfortunately it leads to long term economic decline though in the short term, people do not lose their jobs.  Trump is giving the employment of American wage earners a higher priority than greater wealth for the whole nation.   Of course, if this greater wealth does not trickle down to the unemployed workers, the rich continue to get richer and the poor are unemployed.  This is actually the real problem which is why politicians are not addressing it due to their political belief systems.

Few people understand economics so for people on the street, Trump has just done them a favor though in reality it is like taking poison sweetened with sugar.  Every cloud has a silver lining and fortunately for the citizens of the other countries in the trade pact, including my country – Australia – it gave extraordinary powers to corporations to override many laws of the partnership nations.  Keeping onerous American corporations such as Monsanto at bay is always beneficial, and so the Law of Unintended Consequences associated with Trump’s populace scrapping of the trade agreement, though at the apex of economic stupidity, has probably  saved the citizens of many other countries from the unbridled activities of many global corporations.

The other focus since the inauguration has been the scrap between Trump’s camp and the press over the number of people that attended his inauguration. Trump is incredibly over-sensitive on issues related to his own prestige (due to Pluto being located in his 1st whole sign house – for more details, see below).  This negative reaction by Trump and his team is a sign of “sickness” – why does a newly elected president get bogged down with the triviality of the number of people who attended his inauguration?

In mundane situations, the 6th house of sickness will manifest in a number of ways – for example, when working with a corporation, the 6th house can simply make sales and revenue plummet as a symptom of the “illness”.  The attendance situation became such a debacle, that Trump’s press secretary, Kellyanne Conway supported the White House press secretary, Sean Spicer’s “alternative facts” of the high number attendees at the inauguration.  Even rightwing news sites disagreed with Trump over the size of his crowd.  For example, the Blaze, the Daily Caller and Fox News all disagreed with Trump for his statement that “a million, million and a half people” attended his inauguration in Washington DC.[2]

This Orwellian newspeak suggests that under Trump, the USA is heading towards a Putin-clone president where truth and integrity become victims of power.  It’s a bad omen when Spicer, Trump’s press secretary, presented false information at his very first press briefing. As one reporter stated, alternative facts are just lies.  Therefore we can expect Trump as president to continue to behave as Trump the presidential candidate.

The behavior of the Trump camp towards attendance figures is not solely related to a “sickness” but also the fact the 6th house is the derived 12th house to the 7th house of social events.  The inauguration is one big celebratory socio-political event with balls and bands, and having a 6th house lunar month in play for the inauguration is just plain bad luck.

According to Amazon, sales of George Orwell’s dystopian drama “1984” have soared to sixth place after Kellyanne Conway used the phrase “alternative facts” in an interview.  Comparisons were made with the term “newspeak” used in Orwell’s novel, which was used to signal a fictional language that aims at eliminating personal thought and also “doublethink” which  means the power of holding two contradictory beliefs in one’s mind simultaneously, and accepting both of them.

This 6th house sickness that has enveloped Trump for the first week of his presidency resulted in his “bleak” inaugural address where Trump described:

“rusted-out factories scattered like tombstones across the landscape of our nation”.

Interestingly, he did not mention that the USA, as the leading player in the world, has shifted its economic focus from low level manufacturing to high level technology and is leading the world in technology, computers and the internet with the likes of Microsoft, Apple, Google, eBay, Facebook, Instagram, Twitter as examples of how the USA remains firmly in front of the charge towards the new technological world with factories relegated to less developed nations.  With Leo rising, it should be expected that Trump cannot “see” Aquarius technology despite being addicted to Twitter.

As of the 25th January 2017, on the first day of the Capricorn Moon sting zone, ‘Sanctuary cities’ came under the cross-hairs by Trump who is threatening to cut federal funds to those cities and counties that offer some form of safe haven to America’s 11 million undocumented migrants.  Which house is associated with sanctuaries?  It’s the 12th house!  So Trump, sitting in the sting zone of the Capricorn lunar month firmly in his 6th whole sign house is attacking the 12th house.  It should come as no surprise that Trump is attacking those cities that also didn’t politically support him as most sanctuary cities and counties are in Democratic territory.

This major policy announcement by Trump has everything to do with the 6th/12th houses axis of the whole sign house system but lacking explaination from the perspective of ascendant based house systems with the Capricorn Moon activating the 5th house. This action by Trump is “an aggressive statement of intent” suitable for someone with Mars tightly conjunct their ascendant (for the benefit of those astrologers that claim Trump was born much earlier than his birth certificate states).

Also, Trump has placed a hiring freeze on non-military federal workers – a 6th house event.  Even Trump’s executive order to ban funding for international groups that provide abortions and the massive marches by women against Trump the day after his inauguration indicates Trump’s abandonment and distancing himself from (7th house) women from the perspective of the destructive 6th house to 7th house issues.

Trump’s political sickness escalated as the Moon approached its sting zone on 25 January.  On the 24th January, Trump’s press secretary Sean Spicer defended Trump’s false claim that millions of people voted illegally in last year’s presidential election to counter the fact he won the election but lost the popular vote.  If millions voted illegally, Trump can claim that he in fact did not lose the popular vote. Even some Republicans were critical and urged the president to stop spreading baseless allegations.

Also thickly in the middle of the Capricorn sting zone:

“Relations between the US and Mexico appeared to be heading for crisis on Thursday after Enrique Peña Nieto cancelled a meeting with Donald Trump and the White House retaliated by suggesting a new 20% tax on imports from its southern neighbour to finance the construction of a border wall.” [Ref: Trump-Mexico relations hit new low after 20% border wall tax mooted ]

The 6th house perspective again undermine 7th house alliances, and includes the archetype of “endings” due to the 6th being the 12th house of endings to the 7th.  It seems that the USA and Mexico are no longer on speaking terms.

In contrast to the difficulties the Capricorn lunar month activating the 6th whole sign house can have on 7th house alliances, the arrival at the White House by the UK prime minister  Theresa May has activated another side of the 6th/7th houses relationship.

“Trump managed to get through it without insulting an entire ethnic group, trashing a democratic norm or declaring war.” [Ref:  Never mind the optics, Theresa May’s US dash was mortifying ]

May’s eagerness to be the first foreign leader to shake Trump's hand gave off a strong whiff of desperation. Photograph: Alex Wong/Getty Images

May’s eagerness to be the first foreign leader to shake Trump’s hand gave off a strong whiff of desperation. Photograph: Alex Wong/Getty Images

How can this exhibition of a strong relationship between the USA and UK be associated with the undermining of the 7th house of alliances from the 6th whole sign house?

“Having tossed away Britain’s keys to the European single market, she will soon be homeless – and Trump knows it. For all the niceties – May’s shrewd deployment of a royal invitation for a state visit and her compliment to the president on his “stunning election victory”, flattery which saw Trump glow a brighter shade of orange – he will have seen May as a sucker who needs to make a deal. And he will look forward to naming his price.”  [Ref:  Never mind the optics, Theresa May’s US dash was mortifying ]

What we see here is instead of the 6th house undermining the 7th of alliances and partners, it is the parlous state of the UK since Brexit coming to the USA seeking succor.  With the 7th house representing “partners”, the 6th house also represents partners in distress from their own wrong doing (i.e. holding a referendum on Brexit).

“May’s eagerness to be the first foreign leader to shake that short-fingered hand, ….gave off a strong whiff of desperation.”  [Ref:  Never mind the optics, Theresa May’s US dash was mortifying]

Trump’s sick month was not limited to the last week of the Capricorn lunar month but manifested very swiftly at the first week of the Capricorn lunar month when:

“The thin veneer of civility between Barack Obama and Donald Trump has a few more cracks in it, after Trump tweeted to accuse Obama of throwing up “inflammatory” roadblocks during the presidential transition of power.”[3]

Did Trump expect Obama to roll over and pretend to be dead during the transition period?

Another early focus on 6th house health issues was:

“Robert F Kennedy Jr, a prominent skeptic regarding the use of vaccines, said Donald Trump had asked him to chair a commission on vaccination safety – although the Trump team later denied it, saying instead the administration may create a commission on autism.

Although Kennedy calls himself “pro-vaccine”, he has pushed hard against the use of thimerosal, a preservative used in vaccines made from mercury, launching a group called the World Mercury Project, backed by anti-vaxxers. He advocates that parents should choose whether their children are vaccinated.” [4]

On the last day of the last week of the Capricorn lunar month activating Trump’s 6th whole sign house, The Guardian sums up the week:

“He has not changed, and is not likely to, as the lies and lunacies of this past week have shown.”  [Ref:  Never mind the optics, Theresa May’s US dash was mortifying ]

The Aquarius lunar month arriving 27th/28th January 2017 should see far less emphasis on Trump’s political sickness and far more emphasis on 7th house confrontation (China watch out), dissolving existing alliances, strengthening alliances or making new alliances, and with the Leo Full Moon firmly in Trumps 1st whole sign house  (and 1st Placidus house) we should see a no-holds barred Trump in full swing.  I can already see him thumping his chest.  Trump’s secondary progressed Moon remains in his 12th natal house until mid 2017 so though he may have finsihed the month of political sickness, he will remain a loose canon until mid year.

Trump’s 5th Placidus (Ascendant Based) House

In contrast, if using Placidus or similar ascendant based house system, the Capricorn lunar month promoted Trump’s regal 5th house – but there was nothing regal about getting down and dirty in the gutter to fight over attendance figures.  If the Capricorn lunar month triggered Trump’s 5th house, he would have not bothered with such trifling details.  Instead, when the 5th whole sign lunar month was in force Trump was at his regal best in his victory lap of Trump-voting states.  Though the results of just one lunar month cannot prove the whole sign house system, this Capricorn lunar month was just so unequivocally oriented towards Trump 6th whole sign house that it has virtually removed the Placidus house system from the playing field as a contender.

Aquarius Lunar Month – Leo Full Moon

The Aquarius lunar month (27 January – 26 February 2017) with a Leo full moon occurring in Trump’s whole sign (and Placidus) 1st house will bring a much stronger month to Trump for most of February 2017 compared to January.  The 1st/7th houses axis is a very strong display of angular houses, and we should see Trump firmly in the driver’s seat (1st house), and making new or reinvigorating partnerships or getting divorced (China, Mexico?).  Though the Full Moon will activate the 7th/1st axis in the whole sign house system, this should be sharply contrasted by the activation of the 6th/1st houses activated by the Placidus house system.



We see Trump over-reacting to several situations.  Even after he became president-elect he over-reacted to the street protests and claimed that they were not valid protesters but paid protesters doing the bidding of his nefarious political opponents.  Next came the Greens push for a vote recount, and on the attack he went, even though he stated he would not accept the vote on election day if he was not elected.  Tweets attacking the Clintons and Obamas soon followed.  A person who is secure would not react this way.  Why is Trump so insecure?

It is very simple but only if we use the whole sign house system. Pluto is firmly located in his all-important 1st house and sitting about 20 degrees above the ascendant.  Trump’s 1st house is from zero to 30 degrees Leo in the whole house system.  Pluto is therefore highly potent in his life and part of his core persona.  Pluto (and Scorpio ascendants) produce people who always feel vulnerable, and not just financially vulnerable.  Pluto/Scorpio people always magnify any weakness or threat they see, no matter how small, and transform an unlikely threat into a mountainous horde ready to overwhelm them.  Interestingly, Pluto/Scorpio people see debt as an asset which may explain we he depended so much upon loans for his entrepreneurial businesses and relied upon bankruptcy to solve many business problems.

Trump's western horoscope using whole sign houses

Trump’s western horoscope using whole sign houses

Pluto seriously understands the power of power, especially backroom or hidden power.  But all the analysis of Pluto in Trump’s life is invalidated using out-of-date house systems depending upon the ascendant as the beginning of the 1st house.  In these antiquated house systems developed by confused astrologers over the last 2,000 years, Pluto sits in his 12th house and gets hidden behind the scenes whereas Trump displays his insecurity almost on a daily basis. Jumping-through-hoop astrologers will of course explain away anything but they can never use basic principles for their substantiation.

This one specific issue of which house Pluto really resides in Trump’s ‘real’ chart is not the definitive solution to the complex issue of house systems, but it is another nail in the coffin of these house systems that depend upon a belief system rather than rational analysis.  Where is the rational substantiation of Placidus and other ascendant based house systems?

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[1] The sting zone is a 2 ½ day period near the end of every lunar month where the Moon returns to the sign of the lunar month.

[2] Adam Gabbatt, “Even rightwing sites call out Trump administration over ‘alternative facts’”, The Guardian, 24 January 2017,

[3] Amber Jamieson, “A smooth transition? ‘NOT!’ Trump decries Obama’s ‘roadblocks’ in tweets”, The Guardian, 29 December 2016,

[4] Amber Jamieson, “Trump team denies new vaccination commission after Kennedy claims post”, The Guardian, 11 January 2017,

Trump’s Inauguration – a Vedic Perspective

Trump’s Vedic horoscope for his inauguration is fraught with problems starting with the ruling planet being in the malefic 12th house, and Jupiter fallen in the 6th house of employees.  His 10th house of status is either “destroyed” or limited but there are some points of strength.

Trump's Vedic Inauguration Chart

Trump’s Vedic Inauguration Chart

With sidereal Aries rising, Mars is weakened by being in the first degree of any sign, and it is located at the very beginning of the “evil” 12th house.  This usually brings a sky rocket scenario to politicians.  There is great fanfare and light display as the rocket screams through the air but quickly falls back to earth with a thud.  However, everything will look strong before the fall.  Do not expect a quick fall from grace.  This is also very unfavorable for the outcome of military activities instigated by Trump.

Mars, is also ruler of the evil 8th house, and its location in the evil 12th house indicates that Trump will have a charitable or giving side to his public persona, but his health may become an issue before he ends his presidency.  The 8th house is not limited to death, it also rules chronic health issues, and to have the ruler of chronic health issues in the house of decay is not favorable for serious health issues.

Fallen Jupiter in the 6th means that Trump will be undermined from within to a certain point – some of his “staff” will work against him – where staff refers to any employee of the US government, armed forces or agencies.  They will bring him problems.  With the 6th house associated with healthcare, this does not bode well for Obamacare but not all seems to be lost.

Mercury and Jupiter are in mutual reception so this means they can also be treated as being in their own signs in the 9th and 6th houses.  This strengthens Trump’s image or dealing with foreign lands, but after going through an early period of problems due to the influence of the evil 6th house upon the 9th.  This will also ameliorate some of the ‘enemy within’ due to fallen Jupiter in the 6th and it may means that Trump does provide for a replacement for Obamacare rather than remove it altogether.

A strong 9th house means that the “gods” are looking after Trump despite any and all other negative circumstances associated with him.  This usually translates as great assistance in worse case scenarios.  Due to the strong link between the 6th and 9th houses, Trump may expereince a defciency of good luck at the beginning of his presidency which should improve as time goes by.  This is probably why Trump entered the presidency with the lowest approaval rating of any modern president.  The big question will be if the strength of the 9th house will offset all his blemishes?  The 9th house is also powerful in Trump’s natal Vedic horoscope

With the Sun ruling the favorable 5th house in the 10th house, he will glow or feel extremely confident very quickly in his new role and therefore should have a honeymoon period as president.  Unfortunately, the ruler of Trump’s 10th house is in the 8th “evil” house meaning that he will not maintain a favorable presidential image but could be associated with death, illness or destruction either from his policies or personally.  Also, Saturn, the ruler of the 10th is in the last degree of a sign which weakens it.  Trump may not gain wisdom in his new role.

The Moon in the 7th house is favorable to Trump in the way he presents himself as president in the sense he will be sensitive to his supporters in general and will come across as personable.  He will try an emotionally connect with everyone.

His inauguration has occurred in a Rahu (Moon’s north node) dasa in his favorable 5th house which extends to June 2023.  Rahu is unfortunately unstable and also indicates someone that is driven by a demon – a notable feature in Trump’s natal chart.  A person will often lose, near the end of any Rahu dasa, everything they have temporarily gained earlier in the dasa.

Until December 2019, Trump is in his Venus bhukti (dasa sub-period).  Venus is a natural benefic and is not directly associated with any difficult house so this period in general is favorable for Trump, and with Venus in the 11th house of wealth, either his personal wealth or the collective wealth of the USA should be in favorable circumstances while the Venus bhukti is in effect

Trump’s Vedic inauguration chart shows a mixture of circumstances which suggests he will continue on the path of outlandish behavior and policies surrounded by mixed circumstances but a lot of goodwill extended to him from “the gods”.  Circumstances will eventually turn against him due to the extremely bad placement of the ruling planet, Mars, placed in his 12th house but his good luck or favor of the gods will increase over the time of his presidency.  This is a strange combination.


Trump’s Cancer Full Moon (January 2017)

The Capricorn lunar month commenced around 29 Dec 2016 and promoted Trump’s 6th whole sign house (wsh) and 5th ascendant based house (abh) such as Placidus. The middle period of this Capricorn lunar month was focused upon the Cancer full moon in Trump’s 12th wsh or 11th abh. The full moon period covers the time-span when more than 50% of the Moon’s surface is bright from the reflected rays of the Sun.  The Cancer full moon was empowered between the 5th to the 19th of January 2017.

Cancer Full Moon

The Cancer full moon using whole sign houses

The Cancer full moon using whole sign houses

In Trump’s January 2017 Lunar Predictions I stated:

… the major focus of the full moon in the 12th house should be ‘self-made’ problems.  This should be an entertaining full moon.

Almost exactly coinciding with the full moon, Donald Trump held his first press conference in many months.  Interestingly, the conference was supposed to be focused upon his conflict of business interests with being president but instead, it became focused upon the Russian espionage scandal and fake news.

Donald Trump unleashed a firestorm of invective against “shameful” news outlets and the “disgraceful” behaviour of the intelligence agencies,…

“It was disgraceful that the intelligence agencies allowed any information that proved so false and fake to get out. That’s something that Nazi Germany would have done, and did do. That information was false and fake,” he said.[1]

According to Rex E Bills, spies are ruled by Neptune, the 12th house and Pisces.[2]  “Fake” is also an archetype associated with these same three items. This is a classic 12th house event and was the news focus for days. As of Thursday 19th January 2017 this 12th house focus should fade!

At the same press conference, Trump promised to immediately repeal Obama’s landmark achievement, the Affordable Care Act or Obamacare.  Healthcare is 6th house, and from a perspective from the 12th house, this places all 6th house affairs in the opposition camp and therefore is under threat or conflict.

The following is the same Cancer full moon but using the Placidus house system as a suitable representative of an ascendant based house system (abh):

Trump's Cancer full moon using Placidus

Trump’s Cancer full moon using Placidus

 With the full moon located firmly in Trump’s 11th Placidus house, almost 9 degrees before the 12th Placidus house cusp, the above developments cannot be explained using an ascendant based house system.  If Trump was born earlier than 10:54 am, as some astrologers claim, his birth time would need to be around 10:10 am or earlier to shift this Cancer full moon into his 12th Placidus house.

A minority of astrologers also believe that house cusps are not clinical and therefore there is a blurred influence between houses.  Even if it was allowed that this blurred house cusp syndrome was 5 degrees, this still means that Trumps birth could not be later than 10:35 am to keep the full moon in the 12th Placidus house zone.

This possible confusion of where house borders exist will become increasing irrelevant as 2017 proceeds, as each lunar month, the full moon occurs on average about one degree earlier in each sign or around 12 degrees over the course of 2017.  Therefore, the full moon insights will increasingly be divorced from fuzzy house cusp issues and even earlier rectified birth times.

In summary, no ascendant based house system can justify that Trumps Cancer full moon occurred in his 12th house without jumping through hoops.

Chelsea (Bradley) Manning

In the most audacious and contentious commutation decision to come from Obama before he leaves office on 21 January 2017, Obama used his constitutional power just three days before he leaves the White House to give Manning her freedom.[3]


The Cancer full moon occurred both in Obama’s 6th wsh and abh.  Obama is Aquarius rising to Trump’s Leo, and with both these signs opposite, the Cancer full moon and Capricorn lunar activate the same 6th/12th house axis but from opposite sides.

By United States Army - Manning's lawyer, David Coombs [2] (Google Docs, "MANNING, BRADLEY PFC HEAD AND SHOULDERS 4-26-2012.jpg"); [3]"The Defense has obtained the most recent Department of Army Photo of PFC Manning. This image is considered to be in the public domain, and may be used for print and publication.", Public Domain,

Chelsea Manning in her former incarnation of Bradley Manning

Where does Chelsea Manning sit in Obama’s chart? As a former intelligence worker in the armed forces, Chelsea was an “employee” of Obama and thus related to the 6th house full moon.  The 12th house Capricorn lunar month is also involved due to its espionage connection but also the outcry of opposition from Republicans.

Obama’s charts can shine some light upon house issues.  The Capricorn lunar month, commencing at about 8 degrees Capricorn, is located in his 12th wsh – but in an ascendant based house system the Capricorn lunar month is located in his 11th house Placidus house.  Considering that the commutation granted to Chelsea Manning ticks boxes in both the 6th and 12th houses, this directly supports whole sign houses over ascendant based houses.

Finally, the statement from Trump at his news conference that he intended to immediately repeal Obamacare, Obama’s landmark achievement, occurred with the full moon in Obama’s 12th house of opposition to 6th house health issues.  This polarity only exists from Obama’s perspective from a whole sign house system.

The Cancer full moon has provided the clearest indication to date about where “real” astrological houses exist.  In all the lunations and full moons since Trump’s election in November 2016, each instance has either been ambivalent or supporting the whole sign house system over any ascendant based house system where the ascendant commences the 1st house.

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[1] Ed Pilkington & Julian Borger, Media and intelligence agencies attacked by Trump over Russia claims, The Guardian, 12 January 2017,

[2] Rex e bills, “The Rulership Book”, p 134

[3] Ed Pilkington, David Smith & Lauren Gambino, Chelsea Manning’s prison sentence commuted by Barack Obama, The Guardian, 18 Jan 2017

Gauquelin’s Mars’ Effect REVEALED?

Not to detract from the focus on whole sign houses versus ascendant based houses, what I also now perceive from the various views of the Gauquelin data is that while it tangentially seems to mildly promote whole sign houses, this is just one element of the mix.  If all you have is a hammer then you will look for nails is actually the crux of the issue with the Mars effect graph.  Because Gauquelin only used Mars’ position related to the ascendant using a house-like sector method, the focus has incorrectly been placed on houses for interpreting Mars.

Houses are not the only format for analyzing the positional relationship of a body. I believe that there are two other astrological relationships, outside of the house perspective, that explains the peaks in the 9th and 12th ascendant based houses.  The first of these are quadrants.  The Mars effect graph promotes the 4th quadrant over all other quadrants with the 2nd quadrant in second place.  In the quadrant approach, it is irrelevant which specific house is involved.

Though quadrants are a fringe technique in astrology it seems to have a long pedigree.  While most astrologers ignore them, they always appeared in the old astrology textbooks.  Furthermore, with the upper hemisphere representing the outer or wider world, and the left hemisphere representing initiatory action, these two combined sum up some major qualities that would be useful for a sports champion to demonstrate their personal physical initiative in the wider outer world!

Secondly, if we accept Gauquelin’s data at face value (which must be the default position), why the peaks in the 9th and 12th houses?  Simply put, this is less known by many astrologers, and it may be ill defined, but it merely suggests that any body that rises above the ascendant or rises before the mid heaven has prime significance independent of houses similar to Paranotella combined with helical rising.

I know when I first investigated Gauquelin’s Mars Effect in the early 1990s, I was so influenced that I commenced appointing planets above the ascendant (and in the 12th ascendant based house I was then using) as “guiding lights” for the person concerned even though they technically were in the 12th house, and I had such good success with this technique that it remains in my stable of reliable techniques to this day. These planets can be interpreted in two ways concurrently, being in the 12th house and a role independent of the 12th house.

Taking into account that the greatest peak is in the “12th house” combines both the most powerful quadrant with the above ascendant power point which can explain the 12th house phenomenon by ignoring houses altogether. The 9th peak relies purely on the power point ahead of the MC.  I believe that the 12th and 9th peaks have less to do with houses, and that quadrants have more influences than houses in this graph.

Furthermore, when dissecting am births from pm births shows that Mars above the ascendant is more likely for am births while Mars ahead of the MC is more prevalent in pm births. This merely substantiates that we are looking at a variation in Parantotella to partially explain the two Mars peaks. It seems that about 10 degrees above any cardinal point has the maximum leverage.

House structure has been over emphasized by Gauquelin’s style of presentation and therefore has allowed such erroneous conclusions suggesting that the peaks are related primarily to houses. Houses probably do play a role, but a role subordinate to quadrants and power points.



Mars located in the 36 decans (courtesy of David Cochrane)

There are some notable features in the above whole sign house decan line graph, such as the lowest recording of Mars in the 3rd decan of the 7th house.  Also, the three highest peaks located at the 3rd decan of the 12th house, 3rd decan of the 4th house and 3rd decan of the 9th house in descending order are separated by 120

X = those decans that are at the end of a trend even if the trend is only one decan

X = those decans that are at the end of a trend even if the trend is only one decan

degrees, 150 degrees and 90 degrees respectively and suggest some kind of inner order?  Any proposed inner order in the whole sign house system could relate to the house or sign or both?

When combined with the 4th most notable point, Mars at its lowest level at the third decan of the 7th house, we see that the top 4 outliers are all in 3rd decans of their respective sign/houses.  If we analyze the line graph and record for each decan, if it continued the trend establish in the previous decan(s), or was the last instance in a specific direction – which was the case in all 4 outliers, we find that for the 36 decans, exactly 50% were at the end of a trend even if the trend only applied to one decan.  This appears as random chance as there are only two prospects at each point, same trend or change in direction.

The following table displays the house/decan and if the decan was of end-of-trend status:

However, if we analyse each of the three decans, the first decan represents 33.33% of all end-of-trend and therefore is random chance.  The second decan represents exactly half the end-of-trend of the 1st decan (or 16.67%).  The 3rd decan has the great majority of all end-of-trend points with every second 3rd decan representing an end of a trend (50%). If this observation has statistical relevance, it kind of suggests a cardinal, fixed and mutable relationship to the three decans and specifically that the 3rd decan is generally the most likely to stay on trend.

Decans End-of-Trend
1 6 33.33%
2 3 16.67%
3 9 50.00%
Total 18

Regardless of the above minor observation, it shows that Gauquelin’s research was accurate enough to reflect some subtle consistencies even if we are not certain about the exact nature of these consistencies.  At a minimum, it suggests that his research did detect events associated with either the signs and/or whole sign houses which he claimed he could find no evidence of in his research.

In summary, the most likely decan to stay with the established trend is the 3rd decan with 50% of 3rd decans remaining with the established trend when by random chance this should be 33.3%.

Here is another interesting minor statistical analysis of how the decans of the signs/houses correspond to change in direction.     In this analysis I have noted those decans that represent a new direction (the direct opposite of the above approach).  Of the 36 decans, 16 decans showed that they changed directions compared to the previous decan and established a new trend.  The source data is derived directly from the decan line chart and is as follows:

Decans that establish a new trend (direction)

Decans that establish a new trend (direction)

The results from the above table are tabulated in the following table:

Decan New Trend
1 10 62.5%
2 3 18.8%
3 3 18.8%
Total 16 100.0%

Of the 16 changes that have established a new direction, 10 of them were associated with the 1st decan.  Thus the 1st decan conforms to the notion of a new sign/house.  Only 3 of the 2nd decans and 3 of the 3rd decans experience a new trend direction representing 18% each.  Therefore, the likelihood a 1st decan will commence a new direction is over three times greater than the 2nd or 3rd decan commencing a new direction.

The greatest volatility in the above data is found in every decan of the 6th house plus the last decan of the 5th house and 1st decan of the 7th house as in each of these 5 decans, there was a change in direction.  The greatest stability displayed is the last 6 decans corresponding to the 11th and 12th house where the direction stays the same.  The most volatile area is opposite the least volatile area.

While this simplistic analysis is not ground shaking, it does conform to traditional ideas associated with signs and decans.  The 1st decan is most likely to start a new trend with the 3rd decan is most likely to stay with the established trend.  It does suggest some integrity with the accuracy of Gauquelin’s data.

Gauquelin’s Mars Effect REVISITED

“When will the Astrological community admit there was an error?” Michel Gauquelin

There has been much comment and speculation about the results of Michel Gauquelin’s Mars Effect research because it indicated that the greatest percentage of accomplished sports persons have their Mars located in their 12th house – with a secondary peak in the 9th house.  Gauquelin used a house structure, which he called sectors, very similar to the Placidus house structure for his research and the 12 axial lines represent the cusps of the 12 houses/sectors in Figure 1.

Figure 1 – the 12th house peak effect for Mars in the horoscope of eminent sports persons appears about 10 degrees before the ascendant in the 12th house, with the secondary 9th house peak about the same 10 degrees but before the MC, mid heaven or 10th house cusp

Figure 1 – the 12th house peak effect for Mars in the horoscope of eminent sports persons appears about 10 degrees before the ascendant in the 12th house, with the secondary 9th house peak about the same 10 degrees but before the MC, mid heaven or 10th house cusp

There possibly are some problems associated with this research, principally of an arcane statistical nature, but the main charge leveled against Guaquelin is that he selected only those athletes that conformed to his desired end result.[1]  This just does not make sense as no one would expect that the peak effect for athletes would be found by having Mars primarily located in the 12th house, followed by the 9th.  This totally disagrees with traditional astrological lore.  If the results conformed to traditional astrology, the Mars effect should have first appeared in the 1st house, followed by the 10th house.  This applies to both western and Vedic astrology.

Consequently, Gauquelin’s result has perplexed astrologers.  This anomalous result suggests that, provided Gauquelin’s integrity in preparing the data for his statistical research was in place, he has produced an anomalous result that undermines a fundamental aspect of contemporary western astrology that cannot be brushed aside – though astrologers have collectively behaved like ostriches with their heads stuck in hole in the ground over this issue.  However, Gauquelin’s perverse research result may not be as anomalous as initially perceived.

Gauquelin’s research was carried out at a time when astrological houses in western astrology were relatively uniform – from my memories of the 1970s and 80s, nearly everyone used the Placidus house system, and any other astrologer using a different system usually used a very similar alternate ascendant based house system (Note: ascendant based house systems usually have the 1st house commence with the ascendant degree).  The subject of house inconsistencies was either never or rarely mentioned.  If Gauquelin had produced his results using a variety of different house systems, he may have arrived at a totally different result but houses were not an item of controversy in his time.

Times have changed, and many astrologers have subsequently noted the glaring inconsistencies of the plethora of western house systems.  As expected in the world of astrologers, there are many different schools of thought on how to approach houses.  One school is that each house system has a unique angle or perspective and that each astrologer uses the house system that works personally for them.  Many astrologers do not even reflect upon houses, and just use the house system they were taught based on the fact that astrology works for them, so their house system must be OK!  Some astrologers have switched house systems one or more times based on a variety of arguments or due to a reputable astrologer extolling the virtues of a different house system.  The commonality is that there is no consensus to houses.

I am going to provide an alternate explanation of the Gauquelin’s Mars effect that does not show a primary peak in the 12th and secondary peak in the 9th, but rather the primary peak is in the 1st house and the secondary peak is in the 10th house where such peaks should be expected.  This alternate result is found by using the whole sign house system – the original house system of the Hellenistic astrologers who invented modern horoscopic astrology used in both the West and India though the Indians use a different zodiac.  The whole sign house system is radically different to ascendant based house systems such as Placidus.

The consensus amongst researchers in the field is that the original house system developed by the Hellenistic astrologers was the whole sign house system.  Western astrologers relatively quickly turned away from the whole sign house system and seemed to embrace ascendant based house systems probably due to being hypnotized by the power of the ascendant and MC (midheaven).  The first stage appeared quickly in the 1st century AD with the introduction of the equal house system where the ascendant commences the 1st house with all houses exactly 30 degrees each.  Consequently, the MC (midheaven) is not usually on the 10th house cusp.

By the 3rd century, another development called the Porphyry Houses appeared that basically made the 10th house cusp equal to the MC (midheaven) resulting in 6 smaller houses of equal size and 6 larger houses of equal size.  It is basically a simplified version of most modern ascendant based house systems such as Placidus.[2] However, these same house ‘evolutions’ never occurred in India, and the great majority of Indian astrologers have kept true to the original whole sign house system of the Hellenistic astrologers but using the sidereal zodiac in place of the western tropical zodiac.  Some secondary Vedic house systems do base themselves upon the ascendant degree one way or another.

In the whole sign house system, no matter what the ascendant degree, the 1st house is always zero to 30 degrees of the sign the ascendant degree is located, with all the remaining houses following the same structure.  Therefore if someone has their ascendant at 10 degrees Cancer, the 1st house is zero to 30 degrees Cancer, the 2nd house zero to 30 degrees Leo and so on.  This can appear confusing to astrologers used to an ascendant based house system because many astrologers think that the power of the ascendant degree moves from the ascendant degree to the zero degrees of the 1st whole sign house.  This is not the case.

In the whole sign house system, the most powerful point in the horoscope remains the ascendant degree, followed by the midheaven and so on.  The biggest change is that the ascendant degree, though the most powerful point in the horoscope, just does not start the 1st house.  There is unconsciously acknowledgement by many astrologers using an ascendant based house system that, for example, the influence of the 1st house commences before the ascendant degree.  Some use a 5 degree ‘orb’, one system uses a 15 degree orb and at least one astrologer acknowledges that regardless of the ascendant degree, any planet located in the rising sign is considered a prime factor in the horoscope (essentially treated as being in the 1st house) even if the planet is technically located in the 12th (ascendant based) house.[3]  There is no consistency or uniformity in these fringe approaches to ascendant based houses. However, the majority of astrologers using an ascendant based house system use the actual cusps as the delineating borders between houses.

The confusion about houses in western astrology, and the myriad claims made about house cusps with no consensus, seriously indicates that “there is something rotten in the state of Denmark” to quote Shakespeare.  This suggests that the solution to this problem has not yet been found, or if found, not acknowledged.

I remember when I first encountered Gauquelin’s Mars effect chart that I thought he was picking up the sidereal zodiac instead of the Western tropical zodiac, but in essence, the research is relatively free of zodiac issues as he just used the ascendant point as the fiducial point – and this does not vary in the two systems.  Therefore, this research is relatively independent of zodiac issues (but it may still have intruded into his research without being recognized as such).

Let’s look at the Guaquelin Mars effect chart from the whole sign house perspective.  The most critical requirement is understanding what limited information we have available from the Mars effect graph in Figure 1.  The ascendant line represents the ascendant for all athletes regardless of what sign the ascendant is located or what degree of the rising sign.  We don’t know the rising signs for these athletes, just the ascendant degree representing anything from zero to 30 degrees in any sign.  This line specifically represents the 1st house cusp in the Placidus system (and most ascendant based house systems), and all other axial lines represents the other 11 cusps of the Placidus system.

An overlooked piece of information that can be extracted from Gauquelin’s Mars effect graph is that while it is a mystery from the ascendant based house structure perspective, it is only slightly off-key.  The fact that the main peaks appear not too far from the ascendant and midheaven indicates that the main focus remains near the ascendant, and near the 10th house for the secondary peak.  So while this is unexplainable from an ascendant based house system, it suggests that the correct understanding is just a tweak away from the normal ascendant based house structure.

But what does the 1st house cusp in Figure 1 represent if we wish to view the graph from the whole sign house system?  For all the athletes, they could have had their ascendant located from zero to 30 degrees in any of the 12 signs. Therefore, the 1st house Placidus cusp represents a range of points from zero to 30 degrees (and the sign is irrelevant).  If the number of athletes selected for the study was statistically significant, then it can be assumed that the random distribution of ascendant degrees was relatively uniform.  Therefore there should be a relatively equal number of athletes represented at each of the 30 degrees available.

If the random distribution was relatively equally spread, the average rising degree should be 15 degrees (midpoint of zero to 30 degrees).  The 1st house cusp of the Mars effect graph in Figure 1 therefore represent the average location of the ascendant at 15 degrees (of any sign) and no longer marks the beginning of the 1st house.  This point marks the average middle of the 1st house and all other Placidus house cusps in the graph represent the average midpoints of those houses – see Figure 2.

Figure 2 – the Placidus-style house cusps (labelled P1, P2… P12) are no longer representing the beginning of each house but average the center of each whole sign house. The 12 red radial lines (labelled 1,2,3…12) represent the average cusp of each whole sign house.

Figure 2 – the Placidus-style house cusps (labelled P1, P2… P12) are no longer representing the beginning of each house but average the center of each whole sign house. The 12 red radial lines (labelled 1,2,3…12) represent the average cusp of each whole sign house.

The Mars effect peak at about 20 degrees in the 12th Placidus house in the graph is now also displayed as about 5 degrees past the average beginning of the 1st whole sign house.  The secondary peak no longer appears in the 9th Placidus house but is now located past the beginning of the average cusp of the 10th house cusp.  This agrees with traditional astrological lore which elevates the 1st house followed by the 10th house.  Ideally, the statistical data needs to be completely re-analysed based on the whole sign houses of the athletes to confirm this perspective.

Though the above simple insight and analysis provides prima facie evidence of a far better result for the Mars effect by applying the whole sign house system in place of the whole range of ascendant based systems, there is more information that can be extracted from Gauquelin’s Mars effect graph.

There is something very interesting and unusual in Figure 2 where the main 12th house Mars effect commences its rise slightly more than 15 degrees before the beginning of the average 1st whole sign houses (P12), and then symmetrically retreats about 5 degrees past the average 1st whole sign house cusp (P1).  In total, there is a 30 degrees ‘above average’ result which is basically replicated in the 9th house.

This almost 30 degree total for greater than expected athletes suggests that the one sign bandwidth for greater than expected indicates that the 30 degrees house/sign structure is important factor in the results.  Secondly, it appears that Mars when peaking above the ascendant is also most likely in the same sign as the ascendant and therefore located in the 1st whole sign house.  To explain why this inference is taken requires a closer look of the imposition of the whole sign house structure upon Gauquelin’s (Placidus) sectors.

Referring back to Figure 2, a sports person at P1 could have their ascendant at zero degrees, zero minute and 1 second of their rising sign or as late as 29 degrees, 59 minutes and 59 seconds.  This means that Mars can be in the ascendant sign as early as 30 degrees before this point (P12) or 30 degrees following the ascendant.  Mars can be in the same sign as the ascendant (P1) in a band 30 degrees either side of the point for a total of 60 degrees.

At any point in this 60 degree band centered on the ascendant (P1), Mars could be in the sign of the ascendant, or if past P1 in the sign of the 2nd house or if before P1, the sign of the 12th house.  We never know which sign Mars is located in any part of this graph, but we know Mars must be located in one of two signs at any point in the zodiac graph.  Furthermore, if the distribution of sports persons is relatively equal for each of the 30 degrees, we can know the probability at any point of the likelihood of which house/sign is most likely.

For example in Figure 2, any sports person with their Mars situated between (1) and (P1) is likely to have their Mars in the sign of the ascendant (P1). Also, any sports person with their Mars situated between (P12) and (1) is more likely to have their Mars in the sign of the 12th house. If the sports persons are relatively equally distributed in their ascendant degrees, we can know even more accurately the relative probabilities of Mars being either in the sign of the ascendant or sign of the preceding or following houses as these will be straight line functions.

The number of sportspersons with their Mars in the same sign as the ascendant starts off at its lowest point at (P12) and steadily increases to its maximum at (P1) while the reverse will be the case for sportspersons with Mars remaining in the sign of the 12th house.  Both probabilities are straight line functions with one increasing as the other is decreasing.

The increase in the likelihood of Mars’ location between (P12) until the peak effect of Mars at 10 degrees before (P1) suggests that this line is increasing with the increased probability that Mars is located in the same sign as the ascendant.  This strongly implies that the increase in incidences of Mars in the first 20 degrees of the 12th Placidus house is a result of Mars also being in the sign of the ascendant.   In an ascendant based house system, this increased activity is occurring in the 12th house, but in switching to the whole sign house system, this increased activity can be associated with the increased likelihood that Mars from (P12) onwards is in the 1st whole sign house.

What is so critical about 10 degrees that a fulcrum point is experienced?  The easy answer is the conjecture that 10 degrees before the angles is the critical astrological point for the maximum effect of a planet similar to heliacal risings (around 15 degrees) or Dorphory (the planet that rises before the Sun).  Gauquelin may just have uncovered a hitherto unknown definitive point in astrology?

The difficult alternative is that this fulcrum point may be related to the house and/or sign?  Considering that the two endpoints of the Mars 12th house effect appears to be directly related to house and/or sign suggests this 10 degree fulcrum point may also be related to house and/or sign.

Gauqulin’s graph was produced independent of zodiacs, as he was just looking for the position of Mars in relation to the angles and derived intermediary house cusps. If we look at his graph from the perspective of the sidereal zodiac, it shows that as the ascendant moves from 30 degrees sidereal down to 10 degrees sidereal in the sidereal ascendant sign, the Mars effect progressively increases until its peak around 10 degrees sidereal.  This is relatively close to the point where the tropical sign changes sign because of the difference (ayanamsa) of 24 degrees between the two zodiacs – the tropical zodiac is currently 24 degrees ahead of the sidereal zodiac.

Taking into account that this 24 degree reduces by one degree for every 72 years we go backwards in history for the birth times of the selected sportspersons, it is feasible that this 10 degree point is associated with the change in the tropical sign?  The difference between the two zodiacs was 20 degrees around 1800.

As an example, someone with 6 degrees sidereal Pisces ascendant is on the cusp of the beginning of tropical Aries (6 degrees Pisces +  24 degrees = 30 degrees Pisces or zero degrees Aries). Some of the difference between the observed 10 degrees peak and expected change at 6 degrees (6 + 24 = 30) can be explain partly by sports persons born in an earlier century?

Perhaps Gauquelin not only use the wrong houses, but also the wrong zodiac?  What if the Mars effect graph is primarily orientated towards the sidereal zodiac showing an effect of the tropical zodiac as a secondary input?  Something to ponder and research as this is pure conjecture?

Finally, it is worth noting that the lowest position for Mars in Figure 2 occurs towards the end of the 7th Placidus house (just before (P8)) but in the whole sign house system this occurs almost in the middle of the 8th whole sign house.  Again, Mars is better placed as a minimum in the 8th house which throws no Ptolemaic aspect onto the 1st house and is arguably one of the worst houses in a horoscope.  It is appropriate that fewer eminent sports persons have their Mars in their 8th house.

In conclusion, there is no absolute proof in this analysis that Gauquelin’s Mars effect proves whole sign house system.  However, it does provide strong circumstantial evidence that if the same data was re-analyzed, but reorientated towards using whole sign houses, there is an extremely strong possibility it will confirm that whole sign house system principally because the prime position of Mars above the ascendant is also in the same sign as the ascendant.  On a simple level, the “12th house peak” occurs past the beginning of the average 1st house whole sign cusp (and 20 degrees past the point where Mars could be in the same sign as the ascendant degree and therefore in the same whole sign house). This is almost impossible to not be a true reflection of the relevance of the whole sign house and the stake in the heart of ascendant based house systems.


While I have to revert to conjecture and assumptions in analysing Gauquelin’s Mars effect graph via the whole sign house system, there is something that does not depend upon conjecture.  The major point overlooked by most astrologers in interpreting the Mars effect graph is that Gauquelin fired a broadside at ascendant based house systems.  If his statistics have any integrity and there was no fudging, the Mars effect graph basically says that ascendant based house systems of all types and used by the great majority of western astrologers are nonsense.

Instead of taking this at face value, astrologers did what most people do in similar situations, “fight, flight or freeze” when faced with stress.  Astrologers have either ignored the work, discounted it like skeptics or allegorically rearrange the deck chairs on the Titanic even though Gauquelin was the iceberg that sank it.  In the absence of any effective counter argument, ascendant based house systems do not have a solid leg anymore to stand upon.

This does not mean that an astrologer using Placidus, or any other ascendant based house systems, will not get positive results, because there is on average a 50% overlap between ascendant based and whole sign house systems.  Furthermore, many aspects of interpreting a horoscope are independent or relatively independent of houses.

I am not the only astrologer questioning the integrity of western houses.  For example, Bruce Scofield states:

I was exposed to the wonders of “house cusp mental masturbation,” an activity that has fascinated the best minds in astronomy and astrology for ages. Although I could, more or less, follow the arguments for each of nearly a dozen systems, I found it hard to believe that all of these methods could work.

“…. consider that most people use Placidus for the same reason I used to — everyone else does….. So astrologers have been using a system that they can’t even understand”

“…. most house systems were just plain complicated”

However, the crux of the house problem that has confounded astrologers over the last 2,000 years is summed up by Bruce Scofield as:

“In my view, the first astrology is the four directions and this survives in modern astrology as the angles. They must then be the framework on which the houses hang.”[4]

In this statement, Bruce Scofield underscores the main problem in astrology, and especially with houses – the use of unproven astrological concepts that are incorrectly treated as axioms.  In other words, according to Scofield (and many others) he is basing the prime underlying premise of house structure directly onto the angles (ascendant, midheaven, descendant and IC) without looking for any proof or verification that this is a correct hypothesis.  The most important of the four directions does provide the framework for the whole sign house system, so this assessment is not totally incorrect.  It is probably due to this same reasoning that the four angles are of primary concern re the houses that the early astrologers turned away from the whole sign house system and commenced employing complicated houses with the ascendant degree the actual fiducial point rather than the beginning of the sign the ascendant was located.

“….. modern house systems seem to have been derived from a mistaken understanding of certain passages in Ptolemy. This creates vast problems for modern astrology (except for that practiced by the Hindus, which is virtually alone among modern forms of astrology in its use of whole-sign houses), but indicates more clearly than ever that the presumed contradiction between Gauquelin’s findings and houses is based on erroneous assumptions.”[5]

Astrologers, like all people in general, do not in general like change or the new.  Faced with evidence, research has shown that the great majority of people will hold on to an unproven approach and reject evidence that undermines their approach. The excuses provided to support their unproven perspective are generally theatrical in the extreme.  The first doctor that advocated cleanliness to prevent disease was forcibly incarcerated to a mental asylum!


12 Reasons Why Whole Sign Houses is The Best System of House Division by Chris Brennan,

“Whole signs – The Oldest House System” by Robert Hand

“History of the Houses” by Robert Powell

Gauquelin’s findings are due to biased sampling

The Gauquelin Research

Is Trump the Perfect Guinea Pig for Astrologers?


[1] Misunderstandings, Misrepresentations Frequently Asked Questions & Frequently Voiced Objections About the Gauquelin Planetary Effects


[3] Gwyn Turner, “The Complete Home Astrologer”, Thomas Nelson Australia Ltd, Melbourne, Australia, 1977, pp 24-25 (ISBN 0 17 005192 7)

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Mario Soares R.I.P.

Mario Soares - former prime minister and president of Portugal

Mario Soares – former prime minister and president of Portugal

Mario Soares (b.7 December 1924 – d.7 January 2017) was a Portuguese politician who served as Prime Minister of Portugal from 1976 to 1978 and from 1983 to 1985, and subsequently as the 17th President of Portugal from 1986 to 1996.

The interesting points in Mario Soars Vedic chart is that Mars is best placed in the 10th house of career and status.  The ruler of the 10th is Jupiter in Sagittarius in the 7th forming a raja yoga (planet in own sign in an angular house), conjunct Mercury, the ruler of his ascendant creating another raja yoga (ruler of 1st trigona house conjunct ruler of an angular-kendra house) and also cementing his 1st house of self to career or leadership ambitions (10th).

Mario Soares Vedic Horoscope

Mario Soares Vedic Horoscope

His Venus is powerful in its own sign in the 5th house.  Saturn, the significator of career, is exalted in the 5th house, and rules both the best (9th) and worst (8th) houses in the chart though the 9th wins in a battle with the 8th.

Also, his elevation to prime minister (1986-96) coincides with his Jupiter dasa (March 1985 – March 2001) and is a classic example of the powerful Vimshottari predictive system as people only ever get to experience each planetary period once or none at all in their life, and Jupiter is his magic planet for career.

Mario Soares Dasa Periods

Mario Soares’ Dasa Periods

His death at 92 years of age indicates he had longevity and therefore a powerful 8th house (of life and death).  With Saturn, the ruler of his 8th house, exalted, located in the powerful and positive 5th house and conjunct the benefic Venus also powerful in its own sign, his strong life energy is displayed.  Nevertheless, he did die in his Saturn dasa (March 2001 – March 2020) and in a Rahu sub-period (Nov 14 – Sep 17) which was located in his 2nd house (one of two death indicating houses).

Though a nutshell analysis, Mario Soares’ Vedic chart provides a classic example of the power and strength of Vedic astrology.