Tycho Brahe – a Multi-Dimensional Astrological Analysis

Tycho Brahe was the first modern astronomer to feel ardently the passion for exact empirical facts,[1] a basic necessity for the modern Scientific Revolution.  He was also an astrologer.  In fact, Brahe’s empirical investigations of the cosmos were put on hold for the last few years of his life due to his astrological commitment to the emperor of the Holy Roman Empire.  Being a mathematician in the 16th and early 17th centuries was usually synonymous with being an astrologer, as the mathematical dexterity required to construct a horoscope was limited to those that had a good mathematical education.  Furthermore, the demand for horoscopes and national forecasts by both leaders and the general public was so strong, many educated people of the time had to resort to casting horoscopes and annual almanacs just to maintain a reliable income. This was often grudgingly done, as was purportedly the case with Tycho Brahe – one of many reluctant astrologers of the times?

Brahe wearing the Order of the Elephant. Portrait by Eduard Ender (1822-1883).[2]

Tycho Brahe was the most exacting astronomical observer prior to the application of the telescope for astronomical purposes.  Perhaps he had a natural ability towards accuracy due to his Virgo moon?  This may be reinforced or increased due to the moon being the ruler of his 6th house (of fine detail).  Certainly Mercury conjunct the Sun is a facilitator of mental dexterity and inquisitiveness – something Brahe obviously had.  He was born to be a knight in service to his king, but he was too attracted to mental pursuits, specifically astronomy. With an Aquarius ascendant, Tycho was destined to be different, and Aquarius always has an attraction to the stars – one way or another.

Tycho Brahe Western Horoscope

If the king is ruled by the Sun in Tycho’s horoscope, its conjunction with Mercury implies two of them, and this was the case.  Tycho initially depended upon King Frederick II of Denmark, but his death in 1588 left Tycho without a supportive patron-king.  Tycho transferred his allegiance to Rudolph II – the Bohemian king and Holy Roman Emperor in Prague who was enthralled with all things innovative and unusual.

Brahe was ambitious (Capricorn sun), and his prime ambition was to produce the correct understanding of the relationships between the Sun, planets and earth – how was the solar system arranged?  In this regard, he was influenced by Copernicus’ (1473 – 1543) revolutionary concept that the earth was not at the center of the solar system (and universe), but that the earth and other planets rotated around the Sun – something that most school children now know, but it was certainly not obvious or accepted in his day other than another curious and eccentric idea to be pondered upon but rarely believed.

When Copernicus published “On the Revolutions of the Celestial Spheres” in 1543 the European intellectuals and church officials did not embrace his claim with open arms – and neither did Tycho Brahe.  Tycho came up with his own eccentric Tychonic system for the solar system amalgamating what he saw as the best of Copernicus’ approach combined with the ancient Ptolemaic system with the earth at the center.  In Tycho’s hybrid system, the Sun, moon and stars orbit the earth, while the planets orbit the Sun[3] – in other words, Tycho promoted a Frankenstein system – and this became his life’s purpose.  He wanted to be known as the first astronomer to correctly portray the solar system.

Tycho was very ambitious and this is perhaps reflected by the conjunction of Saturn with his natal Capricorn Sun.  Anyone with Saturn near the Sun will have extra-strong Capricorn tendencies regardless of the zodiacal sign of placement – but in Tycho’s case it is twofold with the combination of a Capricorn Sun and conjunction with Saturn.  Furthermore, with the Moon’s north node loosely conjunct his midheaven, he strove for recognition all his life.  His strong Saturn/Capricorn influence certainly threw up many obstacles along the way. 

His interest in astronomy (and astrology) is obviously linked to his Aquarius ascendant and the conjunction of Uranus with his Moon seriously strengthens his Uranus/Aquarius influence.  With the moon ruling his 6th house of detailed work combined with Uranus, this makes ground-breaking and detailed observations of the sky a natural extension of his nature.  With Uranus his ruling planet in his 8th house he was always dependent upon receiving financial assistance from emperors and kings – and this dictated major change and upheaval in his life. He had to desert Uraniborg, his purpose-built astronomy research center and manorial house, due to his change of fortune from the new Danish king.  With Jupiter sitting just above the eastern horizon at birth, good fortune and luck nevertheless shone upon him.  It seems appropriate in this painting of Tycho Brahe that he is wearing the Order of the Elephant with elephants ruled by Jupiter.[4]

With three planets in the 12th house, self-inflicted or unwarranted events also strongly affected his life.  His cavalier approach to the new Danish King (represented by the Sun) resulted in his loss of income and desertion of Uraniborg in favor of Prague, the capital of the Holy Roman Empire at the time.  It did not do his ego any good having his nose sliced off in a fight with a relative when he was 20 – and he turned to alchemy to construct a metallic prosthetic nose stuck on by glue every day.  However, it was reported that Tycho had written his own epitaph, “He lived like a sage and died like a fool”[5] which intrinsically acknowledges his Jupiter rising planet and his powerful 12th house.  Tycho Brahe may have perceived himself as a fool, and he certainly did many foolish things, especially his Tychonic system, but he also introduced empiricism to the world which was instrumental in the creation of the Scientific Revolution.

Open enemies are ruled by the 7th house, and with the Sun ruling Tycho’s 7th house but placed in the unfortunate 12th house, Tycho became obsessed with a former assistant, Nicolaus Reimers Baer (alias Ursus) who plagiarized his work and attempted to claim the worthless Tychonic system as his own. With a Cancer 6th house, its ruler the Moon is conjunct Uranus, indicating a ‘rebellious’ employee or assistant.  Tycho was driven to distraction to undermine Ursus, and this even continued after Ursus’ death when Tycho convinced authorities to hunt down all of Ursus’ books and have them burnt.  A great man can also be a fool.  Despite Tycho’s vindictiveness, the authorities reimbursed Ursus’ wife for the seized copies of the book.

Tycho died of kidney failure which can be explained in his horoscope by Pluto, the planet of death, conjunct Venus, ruler of the kidneys, with both sitting just below the ascendant degree at birth.  At his death, transiting Uranus was square natal Jupiter, his strongest planet suggesting an unexpected event – it was!  Tycho died suddenly because he attended a formal dinner, but due to etiquette, he did not leave the table to urinate, thus mortally damaging his kidneys and quickly killing him.  Transiting Mars was also opposite his natal Pluto, suggesting an inability to bounce back from his medical problem.  The transiting nodes were square his natal moon, ruler of his 6th house of health, and thus undermining or blanking his health.

In his secondary progressions at death, his Jupiter had moved from almost 9 degrees Aquarius at birth to 21 degrees 29 minutes placing it tightly between natal Pluto (20Aq49) and progressed Pluto (22Aq15) – the astrological writing was on the wall.  A solar eclipse two months after his death and exactly on his birthday, with the eclipsed Sun within one degree of his natal Sun, also probably presaged his death.

Vedic Analysis

Tycho Brahe Vedic Natal horoscope

Tycho Brahe’s Vedic horoscope is as equally enlightening as his western horoscope.  The strongest element is his fallen Jupiter in his 1st house and this adequately explains why his nose was sliced off during a fight, as a fallen planet in the 1st house will create injury – physical or otherwise – especially to the head.  Interestingly, with Jupiter ruling his 12th house located in his 1st, and Saturn ruling his 1st house located in the 12th, this causes these two planets to be mutually receptive, and by traditional Vedic astrology, each planet supposedly behaves as if they swap signs, so Jupiter ‘pretends’ it is in Sagittarius, and a planet in its own sign in an angular house is a raja yoga – bringing much good fortune.  There is plenty of evidence to suggest that Tycho did have, in general, a very favorable nature, personable and gracious (most of the time) suggesting the raja yoga was in play, but this mutual reception did not prevent his Jupiter to also behave as a fallen planet which went ahead anyway to lop off his nose.  A lot of traditional Vedic astrology is constructed on rigid rules that fail in practice – mutual reception does not outwit a fallen planet as both states obviously coexist.

The three bodies in Brahe’s 12th house plus the strong connection between the 1st and 12th house indicate that the relationship between the 1st and 12th house is very strong and it certainly manifested in his life.  The 12th house is the house of decay, but before it decays – it glows.  This means that his early life he is extremely favored, but goes to ruin with time.  This explains many things in his life, most notably his grant of an island by the Danish king and his construction of Uraniborg – but then he loses this prize possession – mainly due to negligence, and fled to Prague, but instead of re-establishing his astronomical observations, he is forced to spend the last two years of his life mainly doing horoscopes for the emperor.  This was the complete opposite of what he wanted to do at this stage of life.

The Vedic 8th house is the house of astrology, but its ruler, the Sun, is in his 12th house of decay.  Tycho did not appear to be a very good astrologer, and his interest in astrology waned in his life as his interest in astronomy waxed.  Venus, the ruler of his 10th house is in his 2nd house, and this explains his ability to receive royal financial backing for his scientific discoveries, but he was also an excellent orator, and received much applause at his very first university lecture – the 2nd house rules communication, especially by speech. Jupiter in the 1st house also rules the 3rd house of dynamic intellect, and an accentuated 3rd house almost invariably appears for intellectuals including Tycho Brahe. 

The Moon in the 9th house reinforces beneficial Jupiter (the natural ruler of the 9th), and a strong 9th house or Jupiter increases a person’s good fortune.  Unfortunately, the 9th house ruler is Mercury located in his 12th house, so good fortune and luck deteriorate in his life given time. The same Mercury rules his 6th house of assistants, and this decay manifested in Usus’ – his plagiarizing former assistant.  It is also unfortunate to connect the 6th house of acute health to the 8th house of chronic health, and so having the rulers of these two houses conjunct in the 12th house of decay makes health issues a limiting factor in his life.

With the Moon ruling his 7th house of marriage located in the most favorable house in the Vedic horoscope – the 9th house, he was able to maintain what appears to be an excellent marriage, with the only downside being that his wife was a mere commoner so he had a kind of de facto marriage as Danish noblemen were unable to marry commoners, and even if they managed to do so or had a de facto partner, his wife and offspring could not be treated as aristocrats.  This blemish in his life is possibly explained by Saturn casting its malevolent aspects onto Venus (Saturn aspects the 1st, 3rd, 7th and 10th houses from itself in Vedic astrology).  However, the primary 9th house connection of his wife came good in the end as the Holy Roman Emperor granted his wife and children aristocratic status in their new homeland of Bohemia.

In the last few years of Tycho’s life he actually met his match when Johannes Kepler came to Prague to work with him on his astronomical research.  While Tycho was the first real empiricist of the Scientific Revolution, Kepler was either the first real modern scientist, or one of a small bunch, and Kepler pulled it all together with his famous three laws of planetary motions.  Though Tycho was paranoid that Kepler would plagiarize his work, he was ultimately forced to hand over his work to Kepler, as he recognized that only Kepler had the ability to understand and promote his astronomical data for the purpose of proving his worthless Tychonic system.  This ‘partnership’ can be associated with the 7th house ruler being in the highly fortuitous 9th house.  Kepler did not promote the Tychonic system as Kepler was a supporter of Copernicus, and Kepler believed correctly that the Sun was at the center of the solar system as Copernicus had promoted but Kepler needed Tycho’s data painstakingly taken over decades to prove this point.   

Tycho was the eldest of twelve siblings, and he had a younger twin who died not long after birth.  His twin is ruled by the 3rd house of younger siblings, and unfortunately, its ruler was fallen Jupiter and so he was basically destined to die or suffer misfortune.  Nevertheless, with the ruler of the 3rd house in the 1st house, this creates a strong bond between the two.  Tycho wrote an ode in Latin to his dead twin, which was printed in 1572 as his first published work.  Mars also rules Tycho’s 4th house of the heart, and his poem may indicate that his heart was with his dead twin.

Surprisingly, the other sibling he is most associated with is the youngest of the twelve, his sister Sophie, who became his first student and first assistant and went on the become an horticulturalist with knowledge of astronomy, chemistry, and medicine.[6]  However, Tycho did not continue teaching his sister astronomy as he thought this would invariably mean she would have to learn astrology.

Sophie Brahe is ruled by Tycho’s 11th house following the rule that the 3rd house is the next eldest sibling (his dead twin), the 5th his second eldest sibling, the 7th his third eldest sibling and so on.  Sophie assisted Tycho in his scientific work and in a lengthy Latin poem written by Tycho, he cast Sophia as Urania, muse of astronomy, a further indication of his respect for her scientific endeavors.  The astrological connection is found in Tycho’s Vedic horoscope with the ruler of the 11th house, Mars representing his sister, with Mars located in Tycho’s 3rd house of intellectual interests.

Tycho Brahe’s Vimshottari (dasa & bhukti)

Brahe started life in a Sun dasa and Mercury bhukti (sub-dasa) and this Sun-Mercury combination captures much of the essence of his life – his aristocratic, proud and magnanimous nature, with probably a touch of too much ego, combined with his intellect (and even an echo of his dead twin).  The Rahu dasa can be ruthless, as someone will usually experience a big loss in their life under Rahu – especially near the beginning or end of this long dasa of 18 years.  Tycho’s big loss was the loss of his nose at age 20 in a sword fight – right on schedule.

Tycho’s earliest claim to fame was his discovery in November 1572 of an astronomical rarity, a ‘new star’ called a nova at the time (later defined as a supernova).  Tycho’s investigation of this supernova revealed it was well beyond the orbit of the Moon and therefore he casually threw away a tenet of Aristotelian astronomy that stated everything beyond the Moon is unchangeable.  This Aristotelian belief had been followed by western culture as an axiom of astronomy for almost 2,000 years.  The Scientific Revolution was gaining momentum – and so was Tycho.  This fortuitous event for Tycho occurred in his Rahu dasa and Saturn bhukti (Jan 1571 – Nov 1573).  A person usually discovers their dharma or purpose in life in their Saturn dasa, and a Saturn bhukti will echo this to a lesser extent.

Now cemented to astronomy and with growing fame, he was granted an island and constructed Uraniborg from 1576 to 1580 – which housed the greatest astronomical observatory in Europe, if not the world at the time.  However, he was forced to flee in 1597 near the end of his Jupiter dasa (Dec 1583 – Dec 1599).  This marked the end of the most stable and fruitful period of his life as an astronomer extremely appropriate for someone with Jupiter in the 1st house, but again, its fallen nature afflicted him with exile.  His exile from Denmark and Uraniborg is associated with the Rahu bhukti (15 Jul 1597 – 8 Dec 1598) with Rahu again inflicting a loss. His magnificent Uraniborg was pilfered by the locals to build their pigsties or whatever.

Between 1600 and 1601 Tycho teamed up with Johannes Kepler, despite paranoid misgivings, until Tycho’s unfortunate death.  This occurred at the very beginning of his Saturn dasa (8 Dec 1599 – 8 Dec 1618) where a person can find their dharma (purpose in life) or destiny.  In hindsight, this is exactly what happened, as Tycho’s real ‘purpose’ in life was to provide Kepler with the astronomical data Tycho had meticulously collected so that Kepler could become the central figure of the Scientific Revolution[7] (first or one of the first real modern scientist) and produce his famous three laws of planetary motion thus inadvertently immortalizing Brahe. 

Finally, it is worth noting that the main source of astronomical data from Tycho that Kepler employed to produce many insights necessary for his revolutionary laws of planetary motion was based on the orbit of Mars.  It was only due to the incredible accuracy of Tycho’s daily observations of Mars within an arcminute (previously accuracy was limited to plus or minus 5 degrees) that allowed Kepler to determine that Mars did not orbit the Sun in a circle but an ellipse – something never previously known.  This totally changed everything and shattered Aristotelian and Ptolemaic astronomy into shreds as the Scientific Revolution replaced speculative concepts by evidence to the contrary.

In Tycho’s Vedic horoscope, Mars is located in this 3rd house of dynamic intellectual endeavors, but due to the absence of the outer planets in the Vedic system, Vedic Mars behaves more like the combination of western Mars and Uranus combined. It seems appropriate that it was the study of Mars that made the critical and ground-breaking breakthrough in astronomy.  Furthermore, Mars rules Tycho’s 11th house of profit – and it was ultimately Mars that profited Tycho’s legacy via Keppler.


The world’s first modern empiricist extraordinaire did not just pop into existence at a random time.  Tycho Brahe (1546 – 1601) was born only a little over a century after the arrival of the Age of Aquarius in 1433 – and Aquarius always has a scientific focus, especially associated with new, innovative and revolutionary approaches and developments.  This is why most historians acknowledge the 15th century as the very beginning of the modern world.  The Age of Aquarius has 12 sub-ages, and the first sub-age is the Capricorn sub-age (see Table 1).  This strengthens the scientific focus as Capricorn, the ruler of logic, has always been associated with science.  However, the Capricorn sub-age remained in its emergent phase, and it did not reach its fruition or flowering stage until the Capricorn sub-age overflow (1612 – 1791).  Tycho was partly surfing this Capricorn wave, but he was not alive to see its maximum potential but Keppler did!

Table 1 – the first four sub-ages at the beginning of the Age of Aquarius

The Capricorn sub-age has three sub-age decans (Virgo, Taurus and Capricorn) and Tycho was born at the very tail end of the Virgo sub-age decan and overflow (1433 – 1493 – 1552) (see Table 2) in the Taurus micro-age (1537 – 1552) – which also has three micro-age decans.  Tycho’s birth in 1546 occurred in the Virgo micro-age decan and overflow (1537 – 1542 – 1547) in the more potent second half (i.e. the Virgo) micro-age overflow.  His birth was therefore at the exact peak of the final influence of the whole Virgo micro-age decan and overflow drawing the final breath of the Virgo sub-age decan and overflow (1433 – 1493 – 1552) at its sting-in-the-tail.  Tycho captured this energy at birth and made full use of it.  Virgo is usually only found at such a high level of intensity around once every 700 years.

Table 2 – the Capricorn sub-age broken into its three sub-age decans (SAD) and overflow (SADOF) with Tycho’s birth marked by the arrow

Tycho was born in the second half of the Taurus micro-age (1537 – 1552) and so he was born in a Taurus-Taurus generation.[8]  I have not yet done any extensive research on Taurus-Taurus generations other than I know Albert Einstein was born in one, and that the Taurus-Taurus generation aspires to Scorpio.  Scorpio, along with Aquarius, are the two signs assigned to outer space and the cosmos.  A Taurus-Taurus generation may aspire to Scorpio but they still have their feet firmly placed on the ground and therefore want to make something concrete.  Both Tycho and Einstein significantly contributed to understanding the cosmos and making their observations concrete – even if in the case of Einstein many of these observations were abstract to the normal human sensibility. Tycho was the first to accurately calibrate the positions of visible planets in the solar system even without the use of a telescope.

Interesting facts

  • I share the same birthday with Tycho Brahe (and Nostradamus) of 14 December but this is really a delusion, as someone born on 14th December in the 16th century was born in the old style Gregorian calendar which was about 10 days retarded.  Both Brahe and Nostradamus were born with their suns in Capricorn – not Sagittarius.
  • However, Tycho had Jupiter rising in Aquarius, the same as my rising sign, and the Jupiter introduces a very strong Sagittarian element into Tycho’s nature whereas I am a Sagittarius Sun with Aquarius rising.
  • There are similarities in our respective Vedic horoscopes apart from both horoscopes having sidereal Capricorn rising.  We both had our natal Mercury ruling the 6th and 9th houses located in the 12th house of decay.  Tycho died prematurely due to his health, and I have had some serious health issues mainly in the second half of my life.   I also had trouble with ‘employees’ due to the 6th/12th connection while Brahe had Usus.
  • We both have accentuated 9th houses, with Brahe’s natal moon in his 9th house making it a co-ruling house along with his 12th house.  My ruling planet is in the 9th house making it also a co-ruling house.

Note: the almost identical above post was also published by the Federation of Australian Astrologers’

FAA Journal March 2022, Volume 52, No 1


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The Solar Zodiac – a Zodiac for Every Planet?

If the zodiac is an intrinsic organizing feature within the quantum field or somewhere in quantum physics, it should appear everywhere, as the quantum field is everywhere, and quantum physics is universal – even in the blackest isolated regions of the universe.  Every planet, star and even galaxy could produce their own zodiacs if certain conditions are met.  There are possibly some necessary ingredients and, as we know, a zodiac is associated with Earth, and as such, probably the ingredients required to produce a zodiac include one or more of the following that applies to Earth:

  • the celestial object necessarily rotates around some larger central object (the Sun in Earth’s case)
  • the object spins on its axis
  • the object perhaps has the axis of rotation inclined to its orbital rotation as in the case for Earth.  In Earth’s case, the tilt is currently 23 degrees and because of this tilt, the orbital dynamics create the four cardinal points that lock the tropical zodiac to Earth.

The Sun spins on its axis (one day of the Sun is equivalent to about 27 Earth days), which, coincidentally or otherwise, is close to the sidereal lunar month of 27.321661 days (i.e. 27 days 7 hours 43 minutes 12 seconds).  The Sun’s axis I believe is also inclined towards the Solar System’s orbital plane, and the Sun drags the solar system around the Galactic Center once every 240 million years. 

Following my hypothesis, all the necessary ingredients are therefore available for the Sun to generate its own zodiac – the solar zodiac. And, I believe we already have clear evidence of the Sun’s zodiac – my proposition is that the solar zodiac is the sidereal zodiac.  The original sidereal zodiac developed about 2,500 years ago, based on the 12 zodiacal constellations by superimposing 12 equal divisions of 30 degrees, could, in reality, be the zodiac generated by the Sun.  This is the zodiac of choice for Indian astrologers in their practice of Vedic/Jyotish/Hindu astrology.

This sidereal zodiac has all the features of a zodiac that is not centred upon Earth.  It is not fixed to any parameters of the Earth and seems to totally ignore them.  The solar zodiac is probably attached to its equivalent of the equinoxes and/or solstice points applied to the Sun which a proficient astronomer could probably determine.  Many of the idiosyncrasies of the sidereal zodiac compared to the tropical zodiac are explainable if the sidereal zodiac is the solar zodiac. If on Earth we are going to experience any other zodiac other than the Earth’s tropical zodiac, it’s going to be the solar-sidereal zodiac due to the unrivaled power of the Sun in our Solar System which locks Earth into a space-time groove in its orbit around the Sun. 

Perhaps it’s possible the Chinese astrologers have picked up a little of Jupiter’s zodiac? If any other zodiac in our Solar System is detectable on Earth, it will be any zodiac connected to Jupiter, and even possibly the Moon.  The appearance of zodiacs must be endemic from one edge of the universe to the other because the laws of physics and quantum mechanics are universal. It is so unlikely that the only zodiac(s) that exists in the universe is a zodiac attached to Earth, it’s simply ludicrous.

And here’s another issue, zodiacs usually come in pairs, one aligned to the orbital dynamics (Earth rotating around the Sun), and the other zodiac aligned to the daily spin of the Earth that creates the second zodiac superimposed upon the first and what we call ‘houses’.   Astrological houses are merely a recycled zodiac associated with the spin, while the main zodiac is associated with the orbit. However, for the solar-sidereal zodiac experienced on Earth, the secondary house zodiac is locally produced from an Earth perspective. 

Consider this – if astronauts make it to Mars, they could experience the Martian zodiac, with a local Martian secondary house-zodiac imposed, plus they would experience the solar-sidereal zodiac, but with a local Martian house-zodiac also superimposed.  And because Mars is further away from the Sun compared to Earth, the sidereal zodiac could be weaker on Mars compared to Earth?

So in summary, any orbiting body should produce a zodiac, and any spinning body should produce a secondary house zodiac that gets superimposed upon the orbital zodiac which creates astrological houses.


The orbital zodiac can be projected far out into space (most likely limited in distance based on the inverse-square law), but the house zodiac can only be experienced on the spinning body, or anything which spins with it, such as the Moon in Earth’s case. So this is why, we on Earth, can experience the Sun’s orbital zodiac, which we label the sidereal zodiac, but we don’t experience the Sun’s superimposed secondary house zodiac; instead, we get the Earth’s house zodiac superimposed upon the Sun’s sidereal zodiac, because we are not experiencing the Sun’s rotational spin, we are experiencing Earth’s rotational spin. The house zodiac is always limited to the observer’s spinning planet or any spinning celestial object such as the Sun.

One question that has to be addressed is how the solar-sidereal zodiac manifests on any other object in the Solar System, including Earth.  Up until recently, the most common way to perceive this situation was through rays or even a force like gravity emanating from the Sun.  Rays were very popular in astrology after X-rays were discovered. My current perspective of how we experience the solar-sidereal zodiac on Earth is via the two-dimension (2D) surface of the hologram(s) at the quantum level (see The Secret at the Heart of Astrology? ).  However, the Sun, Moon and planets warp space-time, the very same substance (2D space-time) that supposedly creates the quantum hologram(s) at the core of astrology?  Does this mean that the 2D surface of the hologram(s) is like a sensitive receiver that can pick up space-warping elements in the surrounding environment of space?

Perhaps the time-warping ability of our galaxy also registers on the 2D surface – especially the Galactic Center with the closest supermassive black hole or holes to Earth? Any supermassive black hole(s) at the center of our galaxy has the potential to produce an incredibly powerful zodiac.  This makes sense because, ultimately, Earth is rotating around the Milky Way Galaxy along with the Sun and planets.

If the inverse-square law applies, this could stratify the quantum-hologram of the universe within us and delineate between near objects, with bountiful detail, and far objects that hardly register? It is very possible that the Galactic Center has a bigger astrological connotation compared to the average fixed star.  Any knowledge of the Galactic Center in ancient times does not seem to be widespread, but it was possibly recognized by the Mayans and Vedic cultures, but any knowledge did not extend to mainstream modern astrological lore? http://www.alignment2012.com/about_jmj.html

The mathematical-orientated items such as zodiacs, house cusps, signs, ascendants, aspects, harmonics, etc do not have space-warping ability, as they have no mass, but they are always associated with a physical body that has mass and consequently bends space-time.  So when any object in the Solar System, including the Sun, bends space-time, the zodiac comes along with the ride, and is also subject to the inverse-square law.  The Sun’s space-time warping ability implants the associated solar zodiac in the quantum field or quantum hologram on every object in the Solar System – which is the nature of the quantum world as the following quote from Jude Currivan indicates:

“What they opened the doorway to was a realization that all physical complex and chaotic systems are based on underlying nonphysical complex plane attractors and fractal patterns and how the complicated and diverse appearance of the “real” world arises from the intrinsic order and instructions of simple rules, principles, relationships, and geometrical patterns in a realm beyond space-time.  These harmonics of creation, and whose attributes are those of the cosmic hologram, underpin the entirety of our Universe at all scales of its existence.” by Jude Currivan Ph.D. pp 209 – 210 The Cosmic Hologram – In-formation at the Center of Creation

Based on the above, the mathematical elements of astrology are probably embedded in the quantum field (beyond space-time) that is the basis of all quantum activity.  A quark can manifest out of this field, and return to it, but always remains a part of the field, so in a very simplistic fashion, the quantum field is like a primordial soup, where everything associated with it, such as sub-atomic particles, are fully integrated with the field and cannot be separated from it.

This quantum soup extends from one end of the universe to the other, and nothing exists outside of this quantum soup including us and everything we perceive.  Under even such simplistic observation, it is easy to see how astrology exists, as everyone on Earth is directly connected on the quantum level directly to everything in the Solar System as well as the rest of the universe. The quantum world is like a parallel existence to our macro world. Everywhere in the universe has this parallel existence, except there is no commonality between our macro world and the quantum world. The quantum world is not a miniature version of our macro world. Nothing in the quantum world resembles our world – it’s like a place full of magic and phantasms – it is so bizarre, that scientists have difficulty describing it.

However, everything in the quantum world supports the necessary connections and structures that make astrology a reality – including the reality of zodiacs existing everywhere where correct conditions are present.

In astrology, there is no real differentiation between a space-time warping object or the mathematics of astrology such as the zodiac and all associated elements.  Transiting Pluto in square to a natal ascendant is likely to produce a similar same result as if it aspected the Sun or Moon instead.  This suggests that both the mathematical and space-warping entities of astrology are unified at their core in the quantum world.

However, there is an issue with the associated holograms.  If everything in the universe has a copy of the whole universe that it can access at the quantum level, this is mindboggling in its extent and complexity and does not match the practical side of astrology. 

In astrology, the main focus is upon Solar System objects.  Certainly, some astrologers refer to fixed stars, and the astrological tradition accords fixed stars with astrological functions.  They are particularly associated with eclipses, and there is also (Bernadette) Brady’s Book of Fixed Stars with a focus on parans based on the specific visual position of stars to the eastern and western horizons, midheaven and its opposite (IC).  However, in practice, fixed stars, while they are accepted, they have not made the same impact upon astrologers or astrology compared to the Solar System celestial objects – some astrologers focus upon fixed stars, but most astrologers either use them erratically or spasmodically, or do not use them at all, and while this in no way undermines their integrity, it does strongly suggest that fixed stars are either weaker or less important than the normal space-time warping entities within our Solar System, otherwise they would be universally included into horoscopes as the case with the Sun, Moon and planets.  Therefore, I am suggesting that regardless of the possible copy of the universal hologram within each person and every object, it is the stronger time-warping objects from Earth’s perspective that have priority in some way. 

The intrinsic mathematics of astrology such as the zodiac in the quantum field is only associated with time-warping objects – and therefore more focussed upon the Solar System than stars and even the Galactic Center because of the inverse square law.

INVERSE-SQUARE LAW: Each square is of equal size but the further away from the source (S), the less intense are the beams of light or gravity.  At double the distance (2r), the intensity is only one-quarter of the original.  At triple the distance (3r) it is 1/9th the strength. (This file is licensed under the Creative Commons Attribution-Share Alike)

Whenever I come across usually heated discussions on the relative viability of the tropical versus sidereal zodiacs, such discussions seem to appear in a bubble, as if Earth is the only place in the universe that has a zodiac.  This is merely an extension of the medieval concept that the Earth is at the center of the universe – which got Galileo into so much trouble when he dared to suggest that the Sun was at the center of the Solar system with all the planets rotating around the Sun. 

To be able to determine the viability of the tropical and sidereal, it is necessary to discuss the issue of other zodiacs in the universe.  Do they exist, and where do they exist?   I believe that quantum physics supplies the answer – zodiacs are everywhere, as everywhere in the universe follows the same rules of physics, including quantum physics. Earth is no exception. It should be expected by default, that every planet and star in the universe either produces a zodiac, or produces a zodiac if key conditions are met.  There should be trillions upon trillions of zodiacs throughout the universe.

Another important feature I picked up from Jude Currivan is that the laws of physics always provide the simplest formula or arrangement that can possibly apply to any situation, but no simpler. In practical terms, this means that if the Earth’s annual orbit of the Sun ‘creates’ the tropical zodiac, and Earth’s daily spin on its axis provides the secondary zodiac, which we call houses, then each orbital feature keeps it simple, and produces only one zodiac each.  So when discussing the tropical versus sidereal zodiacs, why would Earth go against convention and depart from simplicity and have a third zodiac?  What orbital dynamics have we overlooked that could produce a third zodiac? In the absence of any contender to produce a third zodiac associated with Earth, we have to assume that the sidereal zodiac does not belong to Earth – it belongs to the Sun.

The Chinese zodiac is perhaps another zodiac associated with our Earth (if it is not associated with Jupiter’s zodiac), but even in the case of the Chinese zodiac, it is based on lunar months, which is again an independent orbital feature based on the orbit of the Moon, separate from the annual orbit of the Earth around the Sun and daily rotation on its axis.  The Chinese zodiac is one exception to the rule that zodiacs generally come in pairs, but then again, the Moon does not spin on its axis like Earth and the planets.  It seems a zodiac or house-zodiac requires a unique orbital origin, and each unique origin can only produce one zodiac in line with the KISS principle (Keep It Simple Stupid).

My above perspective on the reality of the origin of the sidereal zodiac generated by the Sun is based on an extremely crude perspective of how astrology occurs at the quantum level.  However, even with some elementary understanding of the quantum world, it provides a practical anchor because the quantum world has definite preferences.  For the astrological researcher, the more we learn about the quantum world, including holograms, the greater insights we may obtain about how astrology actually occurs and operates at its core.


My speculation about zodiacs appearing everywhere due to their association with the intrinsic organizational structure of the quantum field, combined with holographic astrology must be considered as speculation upon speculation – its remains a possible hypothesis unless elements associated with this explanation can be shown to be incorrect or faulty.  It cannot be assumed to be correct until or unless it is substantiated in some valid and verifiable way. 

In the same way that science-fiction writers accurately predicted many future events that have come to pass, it is possible that some of my speculative astrology hypothesizing may also be proved to be correct – even if only in part or obliquely. The main difference between this astrology hypothesizing and speculation and science fiction is there is no intention to produce anything fictitious – it’s just that I am really speculating upon speculation.  I first speculated upon the sidereal zodiac being the solar zodiac a few years ago, just based upon the parameters of the sidereal zodiac, but it was not until I realized the quantum-holographic core for astrology, that I could find a viable solution.  For some astrologers, this speculative hypothesis may seem pointless, but this approach is common in the scientific community.

For example, String theory has been around for 50 years, yet even after 50 years with many improvements such as M theory, no one knows if it provides a valid functional theory and one of its major shortcomings is that it is believed to describe an enormous landscape of possible universes – yet it is widely followed as a vibrant field of scientific study.

I believe it is valid to have a speculative bubble or sandbox in this type of astrological research where any idea or concept is innocent until proven guilty – yet remains speculative until at least substantiated in some way.  The world of science is heavily punctuated by paradigm shifts such as those produced by Galileo, Keppler, Newton, Darwin, Einstein and many others who poured over speculations for many years or decades until they could produce a dimensional shift in scientific understanding.  Astrology is also in need of paradigm shifts unless it wants to remain a medieval abstraction.

Will Scientists Independently Discover Astrology?

Following posting The Secret at the Heart of Astrology where I propose that the cosmic hologram or holograms lie at the core of astrology, even at this very early time in this research, a number of issues referred to in the previous post have either come into better focus or been clarified to a certain extent.

Holograms & Fractals

Firstly, holograms are a package deal with fractals. It seems that if you get one, you also get the other.  This is important to note, because fractals have a similarity to holograms as the following definition from Mandelbrot indicates:

 “A fractal is a shape made of parts similar to the whole in some way.”[1]

Graphic Representation of the Mandelbrot Set
This work has been released into the public domain by its author, Simpsons contributor at English Wikipedia. This applies worldwide.

The addition of fractals to holograms helps pave the way to understanding why planetary and zodiacal configurations in our Solar System and beyond can somehow manifest in a person or object on Earth at a completely smaller scale as every part above and below wants to mimic each other.

“Fractal patterns with various degrees of self-similarity have been rendered or studied in visual, physical, and aural media and found in nature, technology, art, architecture and law. Fractals are of particular relevance in the field of chaos theory because the graphs of most chaotic processes are fractals. Many real and model networks have been found to have fractal features such as self similarity”[2]

Any aware astrologer can see the fractal nature of astrology, but holograms probably provide the medium as the following extracts from Fractal Holographic Synergetic Universe describes:

“…. the Universe is both fractal (the same pattern of wholeness is found at every scale) and holographic (the wholeness is present everywhere and within every entity)….”

My research focus is not on fractals, but on holograms, and an example of the fractal side of astrology can be readily found at Astrology, Chaos Theory, and Fractals


Also at the forefront of contemporary science is the understanding that the key component of reality is not mass, time, distance, velocity, energy and so on – but information. 

“…. there is a seamless movement of energy and information throughout the entire cosmos that manifests “locally” while remaining connected “universally”.”

Fractal Holographic Synergetic Universe

Information appears to be the key or core ingredient of reality – and astrology is first and foremost information.  Astrology exists in the same territory that contemporary scientists are investigating and researching.  Scientists are accidentally and unconsciously approaching the realm of astrology due to their breakthroughs in quantum physics and the various fields opened up by quantum physics.  Either scientists and astrologers will converge – probably by the end of this century at the latest, or scientists may independently discover astrology as they are already firmly heading in that direction. 

Universal Holographic Reality

For many years I have stated that astrology is one of those rare fields where the magic (craziness) of the quantum world seems to break out and make an appearance in our macro world.  Holograms are probably the medium that underpins much of the mechanics of astrology, but what I didn’t connect with in my previous post is that this is not peculiar to astrology.  Holograms, or the holographic effect, are at the core of reality, not just the astrological reality, but the reality of the universe.  Astrology is not unique with its link to holograms.

It has been reported that holograms may exist within holograms, such as a 2D hologram may exist within a 3D hologram, and that holograms provide dimensional leaps.  It also appears that holograms can be generated at the quantum level.[3]  Therefore, there are both macro and micro holograms, which is important as each person could be a part of the macro hologram(s), and thus able to reproduce any part of it, plus have micro holograms that keep track of the person or physical object?

For some years I have pondered how objects and people must have an individual reference grid that includes everything they come into contact with.  Depending upon how these reference grids interacted, these interactions determine what occurs.  This includes the reference grid of the Solar System.  Though no one can prove that these reference grids are holographic in nature, for the first time since I imagined this web of invisible grids, I can see the possible solution with holograms at the core of the solution.  If only there was a team of quantum physicists who were also astrologers.

For the scientific savvy, this is an interesting video on how the holographic universe is created:

… the idea that space-time and everything in it emerges like a hologram out of information stored in the entangled quantum states of particles.[4]

The Zodiac

The zodiac is not a random piece of astrological machinery but is probably endemic due to its fundamental simplicity of construction and the breadth of utility in what it can accomplish.  The naturally occurring zodiac can appear with many faces, from western tropical, sidereal and Chinese zodiacs, and astrological houses are most likely just the same core zodiac rehashed through some holographic adjustments and therefore all exhibiting both common features and idiosyncrasies applicable to each specific example due to holographic adjustments.  There could be almost countless manifestations of zodiacs in the universe.  The zodiac is a development of nature, and nature always wants to be as efficient as possible – and the zodiac may be unsurpassed in its efficiency (i.e. the amount of information it provides).

However, the fundamental nature of the 12 zodiacal signs may already be discovered in quantum physics without physicists realizing this.  A fundamental particle is one that does not contain any other objects within it. There are 12 fundamental particles from which all forms of matter are made and these are divided into two groups called quarks and leptons.  There are 6 quarks and 6 leptons and these particles interact via the four fundamental forces which transform or combine them into the various forms of matter.[5]  We are also possibly getting the four elements (earth, air, fire and water) included in this setup.

A New Map of All the Particles and Forces, Quanta Magazine[6]

The fundamental nature of the 12 zodiacal signs should be rampant throughout nature, and if more discoveries, such as the above 12 fundamental particles, are found, this may help lead scientists towards astrology?


Scalability is not an issue with either fractals or holograms.  Both display scale-invariant and scale-variant replication, so if time is to be converted from what transits in a day to a progressed secondary horoscope which indicates each day after birth represents changing influences over each corresponding year of life, this is built into the system at the ground level.  Holographic scalability is determined by the frequency of the source light/energy when a physical hologram is produced.

Quantum Choices in Astrology?

It is very possible that the choice of outcomes from an astrological event may mimic quantum mechanics?  Most experienced astrologers have encountered a transiting Pluto in hard aspect to a natal sun, and this could mean anything from going bankrupt, death, loss of a husband, health issues ruled by Scorpio and so on.  All the possible outcomes of such an astrological event are called counterfactuals as it is important to delineate between what is possible and what isn’t.  As astrologers, we usually need to wait until after the event to discover which counterfactual became reality. 

This is incredibly similar to quantum states.  In the quantum world, all quantum objects are wave-particle dualities exhibiting being a wave in some circumstances, or a tiny object in other situations.  It is impossible to know the whereabouts in the wave the particle may be located – until it is measured.  At that point, the particle temporarily materializes and simultaneously collapses the wave function, but there is no way of knowing where the particle is located before or past this point – there is no formula that can predict its location – it can only be found if it is directly measured, otherwise there are just probabilities of where it could be located in the wave function.  

This suggests that the choice of counterfactuals in astrology form the counterfactual wave where all possibilities exist, and cannot be predicted until it is measured, with the ticking clock the measurement tool? We need to investigate possible similarities between quantum/holographic processes and astrology.


Time is a very important element in astrology, and some insight into time may provide a clue as to the way astrology accesses time at the quantum level. In our macro world, time goes only one way – forward.  This time irreversibility is due to entropy, which is the measure of disorder in the universe.  From the first Planck piece of time after the big bang, what was initially an utterly ‘perfect’ seed of the universe, began its expansion and descent into disorderliness.  The universe has never been as disordered as it is now, and its disorderliness will continue for as long as the universe exists. This is why “all the kings’ horses and all the kings’ men can never put Humpty back together again.”

Humpty Dumpty and Alice. From Through the Looking-Glass. Illustration by John Tenniel.
Public Domain, https://commons.wikimedia.org/w/index.php?curid=238447

However, time behaves differently at the quantum level.  Its behavior is so different, that most quantum equations do not include time as a variable.  Also, most quantum processes are reversible or time-independent, so time is just not relevant.  Matter can be created that goes forward in time, while antimatter can also be created but travels backward in time.  The amount of disorder that currently exists at the quantum level is probably not much different than it was shortly after the big bang.  The quantum world appears incredibly stable compared to our macro world.  Astrology may exploit the unshackled nature of time at the quantum level and provide it to us at the macro level?

What timespan do holograms store? In the 2D space-time hologram of the universe, is the time axis always concluding in the present moment, or does it extend into the future? Many scientists express the view that we are locked into the present due to our low dimensional level of interface with reality, and if we had a higher level of interface with more dimensions, all of time would appear somehow ‘simultaneously’.  There is a good analogy of this I came across in my student days.  Imagine a cube with its six flat and square sides.  Now imagine a 2D ‘creature’ that therefore is like a shadow.  If the shadow creature is on one of the sides, if it wants to discover another side, it must go to the corner and somehow bend at the corner and move into a different side of the cube, and it takes time to accomplish this.  But we, in our 4D reality, can pick up the cube and see many sides at once – thus seeing the past, present and future in the one view.  Extra dimensions give extra perspectives.

There is some evidence that time does extend into the future in the 2D space-time holographic film.  Eclipses are a good example.  The effects of an eclipse can occur many months in advance of the actual eclipse, with the length of time proportional to the length that the eclipse shadows exist for each eclipse.  How can the effects of an eclipse occur in advance if the hologram does not already know it will occur?  It’s too much to expect that holograms have ephemerides attached, but if the time axis goes into the future, it’s a much simpler proposition.

The other interesting aspect of the time axis – how far back and forward in time does the time axis extend?  Does it commence with the big bang and end when the universe ends?  Does every separate object in the universe contain this information?  Alternatively, perhaps time ‘fades’ in the universal or personal holograms as we get further from the present? Regardless of these uncertainties, time is not shackled so much to the present or forward direction in the quantum universe compared to our macro world. 

Another perspective on time expressed by Jude Currivan is that 2D space-time has a bow wave where the near future starts crystallizing in preparation for its full manifestation in the present.  This also has echoes of how, out of the many counterfactuals possible at any time, only one gets selected.  Regardless of the exact details of how the holographic universe or personal holograms handle time, we may be able to detect this in the way astrology works with time.  Astrology is going to require a new schema where the various processes are categorized in their relationships to the reality of a holographic universe. 

Birth Horoscope

For astrology to work, every object needs to be able to freeze its inception in some way as a prime reference point. I have already introduced the concept that everything in the universe is part of the cosmic hologram, and every separate item can reproduce this universal hologram, but perhaps we also freeze the moment of ‘inception’ in an individualistic hologram(s) which interfaces with the universal hologram(s) – perhaps a hologram within a hologram as scientists have mooted?  It’s hard to imagine some alien in a galaxy 5 billion years away also having each and every one of our personal birth details on earth included in their hologram or even the universal hologram?  This can be extended to every object in the universe.  With a bit of logical deduction, we can probably refine our understanding of what information is stored, and in what format.


Astrology may be a critical element in the structure of the universe, both at the micro quantum level and macro level. This aspect of reality is beyond the reach of present-day scientists and quantum physicists but they do seem to be heading in that direction. Scientists have already gone down the rabbit hole to Alice’s Wonderland, and the quantum world, cosmology, and all that is attached is very strange but also a wonderland.  If scientists and astrologers are going to converge, then astrologers will also have to go down the rabbit hole, as that is where the scientists are located. Unfortunately, I do not know any astrologers with a PhD in quantum physics, cosmology, holograms and so on.  With this lack of equally experienced astrologers, scientists will probably have to discover astrology independently!


[1] Feder, Jens (2013). Fractals, Springer Science & Business Media. p. 11. ISBN 978-1-4899-2124-6.

[2] Fractal, Wikipedia, Retrieved 03:47, December 17, 2021, from https://en.wikipedia.org/w/index.php?title=Fractal&oldid=1059825986

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[6] https://www.quantamagazine.org/a-new-map-of-the-standard-model-of-particle-physics-20201022/

The Secret at the Heart of Astrology?

In my search for a deeper insight into the physics of astrology (how astrology actually works), my approach was by paying more attention to what was already available to see.  Of all the possible areas to minutely observe about the structure of astrology, it was time that got me thinking.  When astrologers use transits to define changing astrological conditions, time is used in the same way as anyone would understand it – let’s call it real-time.  However, when secondary progressions are employed, what occurs in 24 hours real-time somehow magically applies not to the day, as it would for transits, but for a year.  How does a day stretch to a year?  I had already been mulling over this issue for a few months at least.

Then there are tertiary progressions where a day indicates what happens in a lunar month, and even more complicated by converse secondary and tertiary progression where each day before birth also provides information on a lunar month/year of life.  There are ascendant arc progressions that also fiddle with time and I am sure there are more examples than I can draw upon if I was experienced in more fields of astrology.

For some time, whenever I had pondered these issues of how astrology works at its core, I have developed a mental picture of a mansion where every surface of every room are mirrors, and no matter what room I was located, I was able to pass through any mirror in any direction which leads me to another room with the same quality.  I was trying to integrate a multi-dimensional approach to astrology as from my perspective, there is a multi-dimensional element in astrology.

Starting with this multi-dimensional mansion, to solve this issue, I began to visualize time as a loaf of bread cut into slices, and how one slice is birth, and then slices before and after birth are attached to an individual as obviously just the horoscope at birth is inadequate to take into account time for secondary progressions etc. Then I considered pre and post-natal eclipses and how these get attached to the sliced loaf of bread representing time-associated movements of the heavens that must be attached to the birth or event in some way.  Then I realized what I was looking at – I was looking at the effects of a hologram!  Time seems to behave like a hologram in astrology – though to be more correct, time appears to be part of a hologram in astrology.  It turns out my sliced bread analogy was not far off, as holographic cards are made by a number of semi-translucent slices spliced together that produce the 3-dimensional effect.


But what can substantiate the holographic nature of time in astrology?  This requires a basic understanding of holograms.  My only previous exposure to holograms was Michael Talbot’s The Holographic Universe that I read in 2013.  Despite being strongly new-age orientated with a focus upon the paranormal, it did ground me in the mechanics of holograms.  I think I did consider how holograms could apply to astrology in 2013 – but nothing came off it. 

My understanding is that the holographic effect is an interference pattern.  Most people have encountered in a video or science experiment a beam of light shone at a barrier with two vertical slits, and on the other side a little away, is a wall that registers the interference pattern.  Basically, a hologram is the same except instead of a one-dimensional beam producing a two-dimensional interference pattern, it is a two-dimensional source/film and produces a three-dimensional interference pattern called a hologram.  Most people probably saw their first example of a hologram in the original Star Wars movie where Luke Skywalker watches Princess Leia’s holographic message.

But an important symptom of holograms or holographs is that if you take the two-dimensional film, and cut it into say four pieces, and throw away three pieces, if the beam is again shone through the doctored remaining quarter piece, it will not portray one-quarter of the original image, it will produce the exact same image – but at less resolution (i.e. a lower quality fuzzier image). This is a very important feature that can be exploited in research.

As I started thinking of the implications of the very strange concept of holographic time, of which I have never heard about, I realized that holograms are not limited to time in astrology, but that it appears in a number of areas of astrology.  I quickly realized that it might solve a problem in secondary progressions.

Example 1 – Secondary Progressions

I cannot comment on tertiary progressions, and have never employed converse progressions, but I have a good four decades of working experience with secondary progressions.  My normal practice is to apply secondary progressions by superimposing the secondary progressed chart on the natal chart using the natal house cusps as the base house structure for combined natal and progressed horoscopes.  This approach works extremely well for me and I always use it for predictions (along with transits).

However, about 50% of the time I have also examined the secondary progressed chart as a stand-alone chart using the progressed house cusps.  Using the secondary progressed chart alone with progressed house cusps has shown me some things of interest occasionally, usually after the event, and I have read from other astrologers who have commented that the stand-alone secondary progressed chart is erratic in its ability to reveal relevant information.  One astrologer even claimed that the stand-alone secondary progressed chart only applied to a more conscious person, and not to everyone.  However, the application of the secondary progressed chart is far more reliable and viable if only the secondary progressed planets etc are used, superimposed on the natal houses. What I was experiencing is the reduction in quality of the stand-alone secondary progressed chart compared to it utilizing the natal house cusps. 

The secondary progressed chart superimposed upon the natal chart has the higher quality element of the original natal houses that seems to provide a solid backbone, but once this backbone is removed, the quality significantly drops.  Also, the secondary progressed chart superimposed upon the natal houses is nowhere near as clear or defined as a transit chart superimposed upon the natal chart.  Astrologers already know this in practice which is why orbs of aspects between the transits and natal chart can be 5 degrees to 10 degrees or even more, but usually only a maximum of one degree in the secondary progressed chart.  In other words, aside from the secondary progressed house cusps, the secondary progressed Sun, moon, planets etc are much ‘weaker’ compared to their power from a transit to a natal chart.  This is evidence that the ‘film’ that creates the secondary progressed chart is smaller than employed when real-time is involved.  This is possible evidence of the holographic effect.

Example 2 – Derived Houses

Another possible example of holograms in astrology is derived houses. Any competent astrologer knows that if the 5th house rules children, and specifically the first child, if we want to know about this child’s career, we look at the 2nd house, as this is the derived 10th house to the 5th house.  It is very common when I am doing an astrological consultation, that someone will ask me such a question, and while I will provide an answer based in this example on their 2nd house, I will also tell them that I am going out on a limb, and while this limb tells us something about the child’s career, it is better served to see the 10th house in the child’s personal horoscope. 

Sometimes, I have gone out on multiple limbs, examining someone’s great grandfather’s chart through first deriving the house for the father, then deriving from this derived house, the second level derived house and so on, which while it does provide some insights, its getting murkier and less focussed.  Again, this evidence of ‘fading’ quality applied to derived houses compared to the normal application of houses is possible evidence of the holographic effect.

Example 3 – Zodiacs

I have also been fortunate in having an intimate working knowledge of a number of different zodiacs.  In all the zodiacs there is a wealth of commonality, especially since they usually have 12 signs, and they all demonstrate relationships that can be sourced back to the Fibonacci zodiac produced by David Cochranes team.  The discovery of the Fibonacci zodiac is probably the most important first step that astrologers have made towards understanding the physics of astrology and its importance should not be overlooked. The range of available zodiacs suggests the holographic effect because they exhibit different strengths and perspectives.

For example, while I find the tropical zodiac to be an absolute wealth of attached archetypes, the opposite is the case with the Vedic sidereal zodiac – that from my perspective is virtually an archetype-free zone in comparison – but there are attached archetypes to the Vedic sidereal archetype.  For example, someone with a Capricorn ascendant in the western tropical zodiac will tend towards a conservative outlook, dark physical features, logical thinking, and desiring the fine things in life such as expensive wines, a house with status and so on. In the Vedic sidereal zodiac, if someone has Capricorn ascendant, they will tend to take responsibility in their community such as being the village leader, or on the committee of a local organization. It’s the same archetype but in Vedic astrology, the Capricorn archetypes does not apply to their personality, but their role in their society. They both seem to be a chip off the same block, but something is ‘missing’ or lower in the archetypes of the sidereal zodiac. This suggests that the film used to make the tropical zodiac is larger than the film employed for the Vedic sidereal zodiac?  The tropical zodiac also may be the core zodiac at full strength?

Then there is the Chinese zodiac, which I perceive as the ‘psychic’ zodiac due to its subtlety.  About 50% of the archetypes associated with the Chinese zodiac have some commonality to the tropical zodiac, provided it is taken that the dragon aligns to Aries, the snake to Taurus, the horse to Gemini and so on.  However, while the Chinese zodiac lacks anything like the quality of the western tropical zodiac, nature seems to dislike a vacuum, so what is left in the field of view is a subtle but stunning perspective of a person if you ever get the chance to personally perceive the nature of the 12 Chinese signs as opposed to just an intellectual understanding.  The different perspective of the 12 tropical zodiacal signs and 12 Chinese signs is like comparing a western medical pathology report with an acupuncturist’s perspective of the person’s meridian lines.

It is very possible that houses, or at least whole sign houses, are also a hologram produced from the core zodiac.  This may explain why the Vedic sidereal houses are far superior to the western houses as Vedic houses are multi-dimensional compared to ‘flat’ western houses.  Perhaps a smaller section of the core film is applied to the Vedic zodiac compared to the tropical zodiac, but the reverse to the houses?  We cannot exclude the possibility of composite holograms in play in astrology. 

The endpoint of this zodiac comparison is that I believe we are again looking at a holographic transformation of the same core zodiac (which may even be the tropical zodiac). There is probably a core zodiac ‘film’, and the Fibonacci zodiac may be part or provide the key mathematical elements to the core zodiac, while the others are holographic transformations – but if they are holographic transformations, we should see a difference or reduction in definition and quality which I believe is the case. 

Holographic Dimensions

If astrology is holographic, how many dimensions is the hologram using?  I am assuming in the above that it is a 3D hologram with a 2D source, and I am probably correct. This is where an understanding of space-time is necessary:

“… how various emerging theories attempting to reconcile quantum and relativity theories all seem to require the reduction in the number of spatial dimensions from the three we’re familiar with to a single dimension that combines with time to form a fundamentally two-dimensional space-time – another indication of the holographic foundation of physical reality”

The Cosmic Hologram – In-formation at the Center of Creation by Jude Currivan Ph.D.

This insinuates how holograms underpin astrology and why astrology provides an invisible mirror of the web of our reality at the quantum level by keeping track of everything in a 2D space-time film, past, present and future that produces a 3-dimensional image.  This is why in astrology we always use 2D horoscopes or 2D tables of planetary latitude, and then when combined with time, create the 3D perspective.

Though this is highly speculative, if we want, for example, the transits for the first 80 to 100 days after birth that is used in secondary progressions to represent the first 80 to 100 years of life, it is only necessary for the time dimension to be distorted in some way either in the 2D film, or when it is projected into its 3D field of play.  There are a number of ways this could be done, but it will require far more research into holograms to provide a viable answer with substance.


I believe that the above speculation on holograms applied to astrology is worth exploring as this may provide another stepping stone towards understanding the physics of astrology.  Some scientists even believe that the universe is a hologram, based purely on evidence and research, and maybe astrology taps into this holographic universe? I have also seen the conjecture that our brain does not think in binary fashion like a computer, but thinks utilizing holograms.

Another aspect of astrology that holograms can shed light upon is how the birth of anything can be ‘recorded’.  Holograms are not one-way streets, they can provide a 3D matrix of information from a 2D source, but holograms also are an encoding mechanism.  A 3D matrix can get encoded onto a 2D film.  This probably explains the process of how the birth of anything encodes the horoscopes and all possibilities over time into a succinct 2D form that is somehow ‘attached’ to the event.  While this may explain the process, it does not explain the medium the 2D information is recorded, though it most likely is at the sub-atomic quantum level.

If this holographic approach by astrology does ultimately pass the test, the numbers of new questions that remain unanswered about holograms in astrology have just significantly increased.  It’s hard to see anything other than a long tortuous process before the physics associated with astrology are fully understood.  Dark matter and energy have been around for decades, but no one knows what either is despite the backing of the scientific establishment.  What constitutes the core film or films employed in astrology, and what is the source of energy that activates them and so on?  The hurdles seem endless.

The next step I would expect is to examine as many possible pieces of evidence of holograms in astrology, and document fully the above examples and any new examples to see if any more insights can be extracted.  I am already working on the fourth example. 

I have been through this kind of process before.  Last time, it involved a period of a rapid-moving feast as some dishes were thrown out, others added to the table, and some recooked until it naturally settles into a kind of semi-stable equilibrium.  The following stage is usually associated with accurately documenting the semi-stable view of the situation but with evolution and additional discoveries being added to the mix over decades.

All the above is extremely speculative at this stage and is really just a brainstorming session.  This possible developing hypothesis needs much more brainstorming and especially evidence.  If you know of another example that demonstrates evidence of holograms at the heart of astrology, please let me know, or if you think you can contribute something else, also please let me know.  Astrology is in the public domain, and there is no reason why some scientific-orientated astrologers may want to undertake their own research – all grist for the mill!


TU Whian “Some physicists believe we’re living in a giant hologram — and it’s not that far-fetched”

If you wish to start coming up to speed on holograms, click on the above link.

To bring myself up to speed, I have recently purchased The Cosmic Hologram – In-formation at the Center of Creation by Jude Currivan Ph.D.  For any reader not already familiar with the wave-particle duality at the sub-atomic level, this book may be hard going, as she clips through the history and basics of quantum physics fairly rapidly in chapter 1 alone.  I would recommend the Holographic Universe by Michael talbot for the quantum-uneducated astrologers.

Here is an extract from chapter 1:

“Accumulating evidence from discoveries and insights in the past few years across a far-reaching range of disciplines allied with dramatically different approach to theoretical paradigms is progressively describing our Universe in terms of holographic information and ushering in a new twenty-first century scientific revolution.”

Already in chapter one Jude Currivan is not only referencing that the quantum world underlies our world, but also that the hypothetical String theory provides the base for the quantum world ‘deeper down’.  A key feature of String theory is branes, and branes are supposedly the skin of holograms – so holograms are probably deeply ingrained in the reality underpinning the universe.  Furthermore, she reminded me that at the core of existence, the new paradigm is that it is information, not quarks, strings, branes, energy, etc. that is providing the nexus of reality.   Astrology is information.  Holograms are most likely are at the heart of astrology.

Eclipse Season of May, June & November 2021

Mid 2021 was eclipse season once again, and the lunar eclipse on 26th May 2021 at 5 degrees Sagittarius followed by a solar eclipse on June 10th at almost 20 degrees Gemini made their impact for many people – especially for people and organizations associated with Gemini or Sagittarius ascendants or sun-signs – but everyone will be affected to a greater or lesser extent.  Eclipses are interesting as they have not traditionally been front and center in the astrological world created by 20th-century psychological astrology.  When I first started learning astrology in the early 1970s, eclipses were treated as secondary or peripheral or totally ignored – as were the moon’s lunar nodes which create eclipses. I don’t think the lunar nodes were even included in published horoscopes of those times.

My favorite book on eclipses is “The Book of the Eclipse” by David Ovason, but even Ovason with his extensive research and knowledge of eclipses gets it wrong – though he gets a lot right as well.  One thing he is correct about is that:

“It does not matter one jot, in astrological terms, whether the eclipse is seen or not seen, and whether it is visible or invisible.”

David Ovason, The Book of the Eclipse, p 17
As David Ovason shows, eclipse have always marked turning points in history and in the lives of individuals: the foundation of Rome, the crucifixion, the saving of the live of Christopher Columbus, the foundation of Washington DC, the death of Diana, Princess of Wales and even the future fall from grace of President Clinton are among Ovason's many examples. Ovason also shows how stone circles were linked to eclipses and how these events have always been supposed by initiates to create shadow-tunnels into the spiritual world, allowing special possibilities of communication with the spiritual world.

Many astrologers claim that an eclipse is only applicable if the eclipse shadow passes over the subject.  This is patently incorrect as even with my causal observations of eclipses over the decades.  However, this does not mean that the eclipse shadow doesn’t have a role to play – the eclipse shadow may provide an area of greater intensity, but it does not negate the effect of the eclipse for the rest of the world outside of the eclipse shadow.

Ovason provides a number of rules to be applied to eclipses, but I have found that the easiest way to deal with eclipses is to treat them more like a horary horoscope than a natal horoscope.  In a horary chart, only the relevant points are examined – same with the eclipse chart.  The key point for any eclipse is the position of the eclipse.  Much tighter orbs for aspects also apply to eclipses.

Another quirky aspect of eclipses is they do not differentiate between ascendant houses and solar houses.  Often the solar houses are invoked (especially if the eclipse is closer by aspect to the position of the natal Sun compared to the natal ascendant).  Eclipses also prefer whole sign houses, be they ascendant or solar-based houses, and you can use this to test for yourself the effectiveness of whole sign houses compared to any other house structure where the ascendant degree commences the 1st house.

I remember going to an eclipse party over 20 years ago, and the following morning, I checked everyone present to see if there was anything associated with the eclipse, and in every case, an association could be readily found.  The reason why every eclipse affects everyone is that every new moon and full moon also affects everyone, and solar and lunar eclipses are just ‘extensions’ of new moons and full moons with potentially greater effects.

I have never met anyone who is unaffected by any eclipse – but the more an eclipse interfaces with the natal or associated horoscope, the greater potential for a major event. Two interesting eclipse stories associated with the Sagittarius lunar eclipse on 26th May are based on two friends.  One has a Leo sun with Virgo rising (see horoscope below), while the other has a Virgo sun with Leo rising.  Two days before the 28th May eclipse, my Virgo rising friend received payment for his property he had just sold and was preparing to move into his new residence – with the eclipse located in his 4th house of home – but the eclipse was almost an exact square to his progressed IC which seriously raised the stakes as the IC is always the 4th house ambassador no matter which house it is located in a whole sign horoscope.  Without this potent aspect, he may have just painted a room in his house. 

Leo Sun Virgo Rising friend and the eclipse in their 4th house associated with their change of residence

Meanwhile, my Virgo sun Leo rising friend had just moved into a cabin on their property about a month prior to the eclipse while the renovators got to work on their house.  Another classic 4th house incidence – but this time activating the solar 4th house.  Most likely, the eclipse also activated a potent point in their horoscope, but I don’t have their full birth details to create a horoscope.

The eclipse also affected me, as the Sagittarius lunar eclipse was located in my 1st solar house, which amongst other things, is also a health house.  The eclipse made a trine to my natal Jupiter with less than one-degree orb, and so this created a loop, with the eclipse in the 1st solar house ruled by Sagittarius, shining positive rays upon Jupiter, the ruler of my 1st solar house.  This eclipse occurred two days before my hernia operation and eclipses usually indicate a significant change in direction – in my case, the eradication of a long-term health problem that can only get worse without treatment.

There are a lot more to eclipses than what I have mentioned above.  For example, there is the interface with fixed stars plus Saros cycle.  With the Saros cycle, it demonstrates why pre or post-natal eclipses affect people so much, because eclipses tend to repeatedly activate the same degree over long periods of time.  For example, Donald Trump was born on an eclipse, and he was repeatedly affected by eclipses in his life more than the average person, and an eclipse that mimicked his birth eclipse knocked him off his pedestal in the 2020 presidential election.

The eclipse that dethroned President Trump

Though the May 26 Sagittarius eclipse occurred in the constellation of Scorpio, not too far from Antares, one of the Four Royal Stars of Persia, I couldn’t help but notice that it was closest to Graffias at the most northern end of the head of the Scorpion, and according to Ptolemy, it “causes extreme malevolence, mercilessness, fiendishness, repulsiveness, malice, theft, crime, pestilence, and contagious diseases”.  Fixed stars historically seem to have mainly negative connotations but we should not take too much notice of the traditional negativity assigned to most stars.

On the mundane level, the possible contenders for events that could be linked to the Sagittarius lunar eclipse include:\

  • the hijacking of a Ryanair jet by Belarus and certainly involves the fixed star Graffias. 
  • China’s dramatic relaxing of its two-child policy allowing families to have three children occurred only days after this eclipse. 
  • less than a week following the eclipse, the UK reported its first day in over a year where no one in the UK died from COVID-19.  Both the UK and China have Sagittarius in their respective astrological signatures.

The Sagittarius eclipse occurred in a Taurus lunar month, and only a few days after the eclipse the world’s largest meatpacking company, JBS, had a ransomware attack most likely by Russian extortionists affecting JBS’ operations around the world – including Australia.  The beef industry is ruled by Taurus. The Sagittarius eclipse activates the 8th house of vulnerability (and ransom) to Taurus.  Also associated with Taurus is Israel, and Benjamin Netanyahu, Israel’s longest-serving leader, was facing being outmaneuvered by Israeli’s oppositions parties that were attempting to unseat him as prime minister.  Eclipses have a long history of dethroning rulers – and it also succeeded in this case as Netanyahu ceased being prime minister on 13th June 2021, only three days after the solar eclipse on 10th June 2021.

The 10 June 2021 solar eclipse and Benjamin Netanyahu removed as prime minister of Israel

The solar eclipse in the 7th house (of his opponents) wrestled the prime ministership away from Netanyahu (to his 7th house opponents) but the south lunar node is almost directly upon his ascendant degree, and the nodes are what create eclipses in the first place. Nodes tend to blank what they touch – in this case Netanyahu’s ascendant degree representing himself which was blanked.

The Gemini solar eclipse at almost 20 degrees Gemini was only a few degrees away from an opposition to my natal Sun and therefore potentially activating my 7th solar house, and 5th ascendant house. It did foretell a major change in my life when my eldest child (specifically ruled by the 5th house), moved in July 2021 from living with his mother and her partner, to living at my place. He had not lived with us for around 20 years and so this was a significant change in both his life and our home life.

Solar Eclipse 10 June 2021 to my natal Horoscope

Interestingly, the 7th solar house represents my second child, and this eclipse also seems to have activated it as my daughter was working as a tour guide in central Australia, but her work virtually dissolved in front of her eyes due to COVID lockdowns. After some months of almost no work, she also came back to our home.

Eclipses are an excellent tool for an astrologer because eclipses are visually dramatic (the June 10 eclipse displayed a stunning orb of gold next to the head of the constellation of Scorpio) and they correlate to dramatic events in life that tend to stand out amongst the many events that affect us day-to-day.

The November 2021 partial lunar eclipse in Taurus is sure to also provide astrological fireworks. When this eclipsed is superimposed onto my natal horoscope, it occurs in the 4th house of home, solar 6th house of health, and the most noticeable aspect is that the nodes of the eclipse at almost 2 degrees Gemini and Sagittarius are tightly square my natal nodal axis at 3 degrees Virgo/Pisces. I learned about the nodes late in my astrological life, and I don’t really know what transiting nodes square natal nodes at an eclipse indicates – and this is where the living textbook of astrology will provide me with the answer – I just have to wait and see! A partial lunar eclipse should not be quite as strong as a complete lunar eclipse.

Lunar eclipse in 4th house of home and solar 6th house of health and work

Astrology, Elections & Schrödinger’s Cat

In my prediction for the outcome of the 2020 US presidential elections, I was confronted by a number of contradictory astrological scenarios – which is not unusual in astrology.  In 2016 I predicted a Hillary Clinton win, though about a week before the election, I did publish a note on a perplexing issue.  The issue was that the election was occurring under a Taurus full moon two-week period activating Trump’s 10th house of status while in Hillary Clinton’s horoscope, the Taurus full moon activated her 7th house of her opponent.  This strongly suggested a Trump win.  However, in my horoscope as the observer in the exercise, the Taurus full moon activated my lowly 4th house which represents detraction from status.  Trump was appropriately elected and I failed in my prediction.  Everything was in appropriate astrological order.

By the 2018 midterm elections I had more confidence in the lunar astrological view, and the key lunar influence for these mid-term elections flipped to the Scorpio lunar month, and based on Scorpio activating Trump’s lowly 4th house, I predicted that the Democrats would ‘succeed’, which they did by strategically capturing the House of Representatives from Republican control, and I got to bathe in the Scorpio full moon shining on my 10th house with a correct prediction. By the time of the 2020 presidential elections, this election returned to being under the influence of a Taurus full moon activating Trump’s 10th house of status again, but my lowly 4th house of anti-status.  However, I was aware of the inherent conundrum. By predicting a Trump win, how could both Trump and I succeed with the full moon indicating a 10th house focus for Trump, but a lowly 4th house focus for myself! It did not make sense.

This highlights the subtlety of astrology, because Trump’s stimulated 10th house remained activated despite the apparent electoral loss that became evident only a few days after the election.  Despite this loss, Trump not only failed to concede, he actually behaved as if he won the election, using the excuse that the election was stolen by the Democrats.  His 10th house activation by the Taurus full moon was definitely on display despite not winning enough substantiated Electoral College votes.  Astrology always gets its way regardless of circumstances.

Only two other failed presidential candidates had their 10th houses activated by the lunar month or full moon at the time of the election – GHW Bush in 1992 against Bill Clinton and Al Gore in 2000 against GW Bush.  Al Gore did have his hopes raised due to the contested votes in the key state of Florida which eventually decided the election in favor of GW Bush.   

In the 2020 presidential election, the lunar profiles of both candidates were ‘extreme’ compared to most other elections since 1960 – though Biden’s is the most extreme of all.  However, Trump did have an activated 10th house by the Taurus full moon, and this promoted his chances compared to Biden.  No previous candidate had such a low lunar astrological commonality to a winning candidate compared to Biden.  However, the lunar environment is not the absolute judge of who will win – it is highly significant, but not the sole determining factor. 

Another perspective on the 2020 presidential election also provides more interesting insights.  Though the lunar influence favored Trump, I was also aware this was not an infallible guide, and I naturally examined other astrological insights – but one key insight that became the straw to break the camel’s back in favoring Trump over Biden was the transiting lunar nodes squaring Biden’s MC exactly within one-degree orb from late October 2020 until late January 2021. Such a lunar nodal influence with a hard aspect to the MC should blank a person’s status, as the nodes’ link to eclipses provides the nature of the archetype involved.  Whether Biden’s status under this influence is described as ‘blanked’ or ‘eclipsed’ is immaterial – it is not considered a good indication for status.  I took this to mean Biden would lose the election, when in reality, Biden’s new role as president-elect has been blanked by Trump in refusing to concede and Biden is unable to go into formal transition mode..

Interestingly, my intuition that Trump would not win was so strong at times during the lead up to the presidential elections, that I cast some horary charts asking the simple question “will Trump win?” – and in each case, it came back with a firm “no”.  It is my contention that horary charts are better with dealing with bipolar situations compared to using the traditional horoscope with all the attendant analysis techniques.

Where do we go from here?  The arrival of the Scorpio lunar month (14 Nov – 14 Dec 2020) activates Trump’s lowly 4th house of anti-status but also the 4th house of his supporters (this is probably why the 4th house is usually so strong with successful presidential candidates as they need the public on their side despite its natural opposition to the status-laden 10th house).  The first sign of Trump supporters mobilizing occurred at the Washington DC MAGA rally on Saturday 14th November 2020 but due to the transiting moon being in the last few hours of the Libra lunar month under a black moon, it was a bedraggled fizzle.

On the personal level for Trump, the Scorpio lunar month (14 Nov – 14 Dec 2020) does not bode well for Trump trying to re-engineer the electoral tally and with the 4th house the derived 10th house of status for his opponent, Biden, suggests that Trump will hit the brick wall – especially in the period 12th to 14th December when the transiting moon returns to the sign of Scorpio at the end of the Scorpio lunar month creating the Scorpio sting-in-the-tail.  How can Trump survive this, especially taking into account that December 14th is when the Electoral College formalizes their presidential vote?  On the public level, with the Scorpio lunar month activating Trump’s 4th house of supporters, if there is to be any fightback by his supporters, this is the time – especially in the Scorpio sting-in-the-tail affecting the period 12th to 14th December.

The Scorpio lunar month (14 Nov – 14 Dec 2020) activates Biden’s 12th house and indicates that at best, he can only use this period as a preparation time, and he may not even get the legal transition to come into play until after this time.  With the Scorpio lunar month shifting to the Sagittarius lunar month on December 14th 2020, Biden’s 1st house is activated and he should be in full steam ahead as president elect.

The two week Gemini full moon period (22 Nov – 7 Dec 2020) within the Scorpio lunar month activates Biden’s 7th house of his opponent, and this suggests that Trump has not given up the fight, and is in full oppositional mode or somehow steals the attention.  Taking both the Scorpio lunar month (14 Nov – 14 Dec 2020) and Gemini full moon period (22 Nov – 7 Dec 2020) into account, Biden will be left hanging out to dry until the Electoral College vote on December 14th.

But what about Schrodinger’s cat?  The Scorpio sting-in-the tail in mid-December 2020 activates my 10th house of status, indicating that I have some kind of success with the above astrological assessment.  This suggests that unlike the 2016 and 2020 presidential elections, the interrelationship between the lunar influence and my horoscope is highly favorable.  This is accentuated by a lunar eclipse in Sagittarius on 14th December 2020 less than two degrees to my natal sun (my birthday is 14 December). 

If the above assessment is correct, I will avoid making any further mundane political predictions when the lunar influence is adverse to me.  No more presidential or other political predictions under a Taurus full moon activating my lowly 4th house, or any other unfavorable house.

What is Schrodinger’s cat?  It’s a fictional example developed in the 1930s attempting to demonstrate the complexities of quantum mechanics.  Basically, at the quantum level (sub-atomic and below), the universe is nothing like how we perceive it.  All the rules and behavior we experience in our world does not apply at the quantum level, even though our world is constructed upon the quantum world.  In the quantum world, objects can exist simultaneously in different states, and can change states if they are being measured indicating that just having an observer can change what is being observed. So when I make an astrological prediction, as the observer, I am now part of the process.  Therefore, I cannot exclude any astrological circumstance affecting me when making a prediction about something or someone else.  This is why I believe that any astrological prediction any astrologer makes should take into account their own astrological status at the time in question.  This is the main lesson I have learnt from the 2020 US presidential elections.

Another lesson is that every astrological aspect, be it lunar or otherwise, does capture part of the future reality. And like mathematics, astrology never lies though it misbehaves amazingly.  When I saw the lunar nodes squaring Biden’s MC in this critical period, it showed a blow to his status and standing, and despite being acknowledged as the president-elect by most media and world leaders, he is still suffering from a blow that I believe has no precedent in US political history.  Nevertheless, the transiting nodes squaring Biden’s MC does capture this reality, but usually would indicate Biden’s election bid would fail – who could have fathomed his status as president-elect would manifest.

The astrological influence at the top of the list for the 2020 presidential election is the eclipse of the moon on December 14 2020 on the day of the Electoral College vote.  This eclipse can be taken as it was applied three and four thousand years ago – it traditionally marked a leader being replaced and was thus feared in ancient times by various kings and so on.  This eclipse is almost exactly opposite Trump’s natal Sun and almost exactly conjunct his natal moon.  This eclipse is heading for Trump with Trump in its sights.  Of all the astrological influences available, it is the eclipse that seems to rule them all!

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Predicting the Winner of the 2020 US Presidential Elections

Predicting the Winner of the 2020 US Presidential Elections

It may be astrologically obvious who will win the 2020 US presidential elections, but there is no evidence to support this assertion.  I have read many detailed analyzes from many very competent and experienced astrologers, yet despite this widespread experience and expertise, there is a split opinion of roughly 50/50 between a Biden or Trump win.  For a review of ‘registered’ predictions, see Mark Cullen’s Astrological Predictions -USA Presidential Election 2020

Usually the Democratic Party candidates receives more winning predictions at most elections, as there has been longstanding practice of the Democrats being politically favored by more astrologers than the Republicans, and this leftwing bias usually comes through at every election, but not this time at least, probably because too many astrologers got burnt with a Hillary Clinton prediction in 2016.

The range of astrological techniques utilized is mind-boggling – from fairly standard astrology to the exotic including a variety of Vedic astrological techniques. I am sure, once the election is over that those astrologers with a winning prediction will be extolling their expertise and promoting their technique.  However, around 50% of astrologers will be correct anyway, and there is no guarantee that their particular technique guaranteed their success, as it is like flipping a coin, one side must win!

I have made my own prediction based on lunar astrology, as the Taurus full moon period (23rd Oct – 8th Nov 2020) activates Trump’s 10th house of career and success, while Biden’s Sagittarius rising has his lowly 6th house activated. The lunar approach I am taking is not as simple as this, but it certainly based on the proposition that the moon takes a far more important role than most astrologers acknowledge.  This, I believe, is due to the restrictive nature of the horoscope, which captures only a moment in time, whereas the full lunar influence is not captured by a moment in time and so rarely shows up in a static horoscope. 

For example, any horoscope applied to the US elections on 3rd November 2020 will show the transiting moon is in Gemini, and cannot show that the key lunar influence will derive from the two weeks Taurus full moon period (23rd Oct – 8th Nov 2020). And the same applies to eclipses which can manifest many months before and after the actual eclipse.  The December 14 2020 solar eclipse does not appear in the horoscope for the 3rd November elections yet it arguably the most critical factor in the exercise.

As I stated in “Trump & the December 2020 Solar Eclipse” published on 27 September 2020:

“President Trump will experience his most powerful eclipse in December 2020 that will occur only two degrees away from his natal moon, and almost exactly opposite his natal sun … Any eclipse directly associated with the natal sun is going to be a very powerful eclipse for anyone, and this eclipse not only directly affects Trump’s sun, but with Leo rising, the sun is Trump’s ruling entity.  It is virtually impossible for Trump to escape such an astrological event.  In days of old, kings and leaders were terrified of such eclipses, regardless of where the eclipses were located in the zodiac, as the darkening of the sun allegorically represented the darkening of the king – which often resulted in their death by any means whatsoever.  However, we now know much more about eclipses, and though eclipses can presage death, it is not the normal result.”

Also, in “Trump’s Date with Fate” published on 14th October 2020:

“The lunar nodes behave like traveling ambassadors for any eclipse. Every eclipse involves one of the nodes at least conjuncting either the sun or moon at the new moon or full moon.  This conjunction of the north lunar node with Trump’s natal sun entered its one-degree orb around 20 September and remains in its orb of influence until mid-October.” 

As an interesting astrological study, the 14 December 2020 solar eclipse does seem to be influential in the lead up to the elections, and I am specifically referring to the 15th October 2020 ‘revelations’ by the New York Post of nefarious dealings by Joe Biden and especially his son Hunter Biden[1].  The veracity of the claims is irrelevant, though most observers cannot find anything illegal by Joe or Hunter Biden, and having Trump call Biden corrupt is a little like the kettle calling the pot black.

This new expose by the New York Post is like seeing the December 14 2020 solar eclipse in action!  At the most simplest level, the conjunction of the transiting moon’s north node (which creates eclipses) with Trump’s natal sun on 1st October 2020 occurred in his 11th house, the derived 5th house of children to Trump’s 7th house of his political opponent.  The light of Trump’s natal sun in this situation represents Hunter Biden, and the moon’s north node is blanking Trump’s sun and thus Hunter Biden.  The big question – will such blatantly manufactured ‘revelations’ affect the outcome of the US presidential elections?  It is very possible!

The next nodal influence is the conjunction of the transiting moon’s south node to Trump’s natal moon:

“The next important transiting nodal aspect is around 26 October when the moon’s south node conjuncts Trump’s natal moon with its one-degree orb commencing around 13th October and extending to after the election to around 13th November with the transiting north node conjuncting Trump’s natal north node a few days later on 29th October (i.e. a nodal return).  Again, these next points of interest are directly linked to the December 2020 eclipse due to the nodes.”

On a very simplistic level, the transiting south node conjunct Trump’s natal moon is already manifesting, as Melania Trump has been mainly absent from the campaign trail since she succumbed to COVID-19.  While this is occurring in Trump’s 5th house, it is also his solar 7th house of his partner (Melania).  Again, the blanking effect of the nodes is noticeable.  Of course, from Trump’s perspective, he would prefer the south node to eclipse his 7th house opponent (Joe Biden), and this must also be factored into any astrological predictions of who will win the election.

December 14 2020 solar eclipse to Trump’s natal horoscope

Unfortunately for Joe Biden, the position of the moons’ nodes at the December 14 2020 solar eclipse are both exactly square his natal midheaven (see horoscope below) which is the tightest aspect made between the eclipse chart and his natal horoscope (with a caveat).  Combining the nodes’ blanking ability with a hard square aspect to his status-orientated midheaven does not bode well for Joe!  This harsh and difficult aspect is well within a one-degree orb for the November 3rd elections, and is almost exact for all of December and remains within a one-degree orb until Inauguration day at least.

December 14 2020 solar cclipse to Biden’s natal horosocpe

The caveat is Joe Biden’s birth time of 8:30 am which normally would mean a possible error of plus or minus 15 minutes (at a minimum), and anything past about 4 minutes will dilute the effect of any transiting nodal square to his natal midheaven. If the 8:30 am birthtime is relevant, this is a major astrological hurdle for Joe Biden.

Though I did not factor in the daily moon sign on Election Day when doing my formal lunar analysis on the respective horoscopes of Trump and Biden, a transiting Gemini moon activates Biden’s 7th house of his opponent, and activates Trump’s 1st solar house of himself.  If Biden does win, this suggests some mighty theatrics from Trump, as how else will Trump steal the limelight from such a moon when the limelight is usually reserved for the winner (who takes all)?  Something strange here if Trump loses the election or is not proclaimed winner on the evening of the election!

The US presidential election is turning into the penultimate astrological event in the international astrological community every four years, and some astrologers perceive it as a competition, and other astrologers use it to promote their prestige – if they are on the winning side of predictions.

I am using such an event to expand my knowledge of lunar astrology – a sideline area of astrology that I have been interested in for a number of decades. It is difficult to see how Trump could possibly win the 2020 election with the polls so heavily against him, at least to date. The astrology indicates he has the ability to pull the rabbit out of his hat – but there is no guarantee this will occur.

[1] Kessler, Glenn (October 15, 2020). “Hunter Biden’s alleged laptop: an explainer”, The Washington Post.

Trump’s Date with Fate

It was reported that on Friday morning 2 October 2020 that Trump had been diagnosed with COVID-19, but due to the misinformation provided, it is difficult to say when Trump was first confirmed to have caught COVID-19, but we can take that it did occur in the preceding days. 

The moon’s nodes on Trump’s natal sun, moon & north node in October 2020

The above graph indicates that the transiting moon’s north node was exactly conjunct Trump’s sun on Thursday 1st October, and allowing for a few days of leeway, this nodal transit on Trump’s natal sun is probably the defining astrological factor that has invoked the December 14th 2020 potent eclipse directly opposite Trump’s natal sun and almost conjunct his natal moon (see the following horoscope).  Taking into account Trump was born just a few hours before a lunar eclipse, this makes the December 2020 eclipse a big deal for Trump.

The December 14 2020 Solar Eclipse superimposed upon Trump’s horosoccope

The December 14 2020 solar eclipse will be the most powerful eclipse he has experienced in his adult life to date – but there is a wildcard associated with any eclipse – which way will it go?  This is important to digest, as there should be a fundamental change or a new direction as this is a major eclipse.  Catching COVID-19 in itself is not a big deal, and therefore, we should expect much more from this eclipse.  It is likely that this eclipse will take Trump out of the game, or hand him another surprize electoral win!

The lunar nodes behave like travelling ambassadors for any eclipse. Every eclipse involves one of the nodes at least conjuncting either the sun or moon at the new moon or full moon.  This conjunction of the north lunar node with Trump’s natal sun entered its one degree orb around 20 September and remains in its orb of influence until mid-October.  This is strongly suggestive that the December 2020 eclipse is providing the underlying astrology for Trump catching COVID-19.

The transit of a lunar node, even without an association to a specific eclipse, usually blanks the planet or body involved like a mini-eclipse.  In the case of Trump, we can clearly see that he has been blanked as he has been blindsided by the node blanking his sun (power) in the lead up to the presidential election.  However, he has supposedly bounced back, at least temporarily, which is very much like how an eclipse behaves.

The next important transiting nodal aspect is around 26 October when the moon’s south node conjuncts Trump’s natal moon with its one degree orb commencing around 13th October and extending to after the election to around 13th November  with the transiting  north node conjuncting Trump’s natal north node a few days later on 29th October (i.e. a nodal return).  Again, these next points of interest are directly linked to the December 2020 eclipse due to the nodes.

Therefore the second half of October and first half of November is a very important period because with the moon’s south node on Trump’s natal moon, this invokes Trump’s 12th house of self-made problems.  The real issue is how big a problem it produces.  Some archetype associated with the moon may also get activated, such as Melania’s health.  The days around 29th due to the nodal return may also independently provide some key development.

However, if we look at the lunar influence on Trump, the Aries full moon period (23rd September to 9th October 2020) activated Trump’s 9th house, the derived 12th house of (self-made) problems in Trumps status or standing – something that has been widely discussed by media around the world.  Be that as it may, the 3 November 2020 election occurs under the rays of the Taurus full moon activating Trump’s 10th house of status, so providing he survives COVID-19, or can continue running for president, the effects of the current situation regarding his role and status are reversed by election time with the Taurus full moon period positively shining upon his 10th house of status – a good coincidence if you are running for the highest office in the USA. 

As one recent media commentator stated in the last few days, a week in American politics now feels like a year.  There is no guarantee any detrimental influence of Trump’s laisse-faire attitude to COVID-19 that possible killed many tens of thousands more Americans than was necessary, will stick to Trump come Election Day.

In the meantime, we should wait until around October 26th (and 29th) 2020 to see what kind of result or reality may stick to Trump and his COVID-19! With a one degree orb for the nodal conjunction to Trump’s natal moon coming into effect around 13th October, we may also get a distinct change or new development starting to come into effect as early as mid-October 2020.

Of course, the actual solar eclipse affecting the few days around December 14 2020 can also play a role.  Interestingly, this is the same date that electors meet in their states to officially vote on the president and vice president, and strongly insinuates, that something profound in relation to Trump occurs.  Will the eclipse let him bounce back, or does it knock him off his pedestal?

The official authorization of the candidate who will become president and vice president should be announced on January 6 2021 by Congress.  The day before this date, transiting Pluto trines Trump’s natal midheaven, insinuating that he is comfortable with proceedings around this time?

The important issue with the presidential election is the electorate – what will they want?  Do they want an alpha male gorilla swinging through the trees showing off his prowess, or do they want a near geriatric?  Has such a pitiful choice been presented to the American public since the creation of the USA with the world looking on in dismay?[1]

The American public has been overcome by COVID-19 since the arrival of the Virgo nano-age decan and overflow (Dec 19 – May 20 – Oct 20) deep within the Age of Aquarius[2] – but with the end of the Virgo period in October 2020, many people will cease to be so critical, which will help Trump, as there is just so many valid reasons why he should be criticized.  What will change in his favor, is that the end of the Virgo period experiences the highpoint of the overlapping Taurus nano-age decan and overflow (Jul 20 –Oct 20 – Mar 21) with Taurus peaking in October and contributing the main influence in November 2020  – right on target for the presidential election.  The general public will be primarily concerned with financial issues, and for many people this means stock market prices.  The public will want to support the candidate who will help make them richer!  This will make many swinging voters back Trump as the supposed savior of the stockmarket.


[1] Who Really Won? Trump Or Biden?! – Russell Brand

[2] The Virgo nano-age decan and overflow (Dec 19 – May 20 – Oct 20) sits within the Capricorn nano-age (Dec 2019 – Mar 2021), in the Gemini micro-age (Dec 2016 – Nov 2029), Libra sub-age (1970 – 2149), the forth sub-age in the Age of Aquarius (1433 – 3581)

Trump’s Second Term & the December 2020 Eclipse?

President Trump will experience his most powerful eclipse in December 2020 that will occur only two degrees away from his natal moon, and almost exactly opposite his natal sun as displayed below:

The December 14 2020 solar eclipse (outer wheel) to Donald Trump’s natal horoscope

Any eclipse directly associated with the natal sun is going to be a very powerful eclipse for anyone, and this eclipse not only directly affects Trump’s sun, but with Leo rising, the sun is Trump’s ruling entity.  It is virtually impossible for Trump to escape such an astrological event.  In days of old, kings and leaders were terrified of such eclipses, regardless of where the eclipses were located in the zodiac, as the darkening of the sun allegorically represented the darkening of the king – which often resulted in their untimely death by any means whatsoever.  However, we now know much more about eclipses, and though eclipses can presage death, it is not the normal result.

On 14 December 1982 Trump experienced a similar but weaker partial solar eclipse that mimics the December 2020 solar eclipse inasmuch it was the natal sun that had the closest aspect to the eclipsed sun and not the natal moon.  In 1982, Trump was listed on the initial Forbes list of wealthy individuals as having a share of his family’s estimated $200 million net worth.  Journalist Jonathan Greenberg later wrote that Forbes had vastly overestimated Trump’s wealth and wrongly included him on the Forbes 400 rankings of 1982, 1983, and 1984.[1]  Trump initially got away with this wealth deception, and because track record is important, this supports Trump improperly attempting to win the 2020 presidential elections as a similar eclipse environment exists and deception shows up strongly in his horoscope.

The 1982 solar eclipse was only a partial solar eclipse, whereas the December 14 2020 solar eclipse is a full solar eclipse.  Some astrologers believe that an eclipse only has an effect if the shadow falls over the specific region, and this eclipse will not shadow any part of the USA.  However, this is not correct, and I concur in this regard with David Ovason where he clearly states:

“It does not matter one jot, in astrological terms, whether the eclipse is seen or not seen, and whether it is visible or invisible”[2]

The total eclipse of the sun on 14 December 2020 almost directly opposite Trump’s natal sun and in a loose conjunction[3] with his moon is the first time in his life that this has occurred at this strength.  In simplistic terms, an eclipse represents a significant ‘change in direction’ or change in circumstances. A total eclipse of either the sun or moon can be expected to be in effect many months prior and after the actual eclipse, and therefore Trump is currently in eclipse territory.  I believe that it has already shown some tangible effects.

The effect of an eclipse is not limited to ascendant houses, and eclipses can instead trigger solar houses.  If the eclipse aspects the sun more than the ascendant degree, solar houses are usually invoked in place of ascendant houses.  The December 14 eclipse is in tight opposition to Trump’s natal sun but is seven degrees orb of a trine to Trump’s ascendant, so the sun aspect is the dominant aspect, and therefore invokes solar houses, or prefers solar houses over ascendant houses.

Examining the 14 December 2020 eclipse of the sun from the solar perspective, the natal sun, ruler of Leo, is in Gemini, so Leo rules the 3rd solar house of siblings, and already two notable events have occurred recently involving Trump’s siblings.  Firstly, Trump’s younger brother, Robert, died on August 15, 2020, well within the scope of the December 2020 eclipse.  Secondly, the niece of Maryanne Trump Barry, Trump’s eldest sister, published a highly critical book on Donald Trump in July 2020 – again well within the orb of the December eclipse.  Some audio recordings of Maryanne have also subsequently come available:

“She added that her brother does not read and had someone take the college entrance exam in his place. She said, “It’s the phoniness of it all. It’s the phoniness and this cruelty. Donald is cruel.””[4]

The above sibling focus that has already occurred may be the end of the December 2020 eclipse for Trump, and conforms to Trump’s 1982 penumbral eclipse that also affected his natal sun more than his moon.  With his natal sun ruling his 3rd solar house, it was his wealth published in the Forbes magazine that was the issue – and magazines are ruled by the 3rd house.  Even the topic of Trump’s reading’ or lack thereof invokes the 3rd house!  It remains possible that the December 2020 eclipse will affect Trump directly via his first ascendant house in some way?

In addition, the December 2020 eclipse may affect his natal moon ruling his 12th house.  With the 12th house associated with deception, deception was a key aspect of Trump’s inclusion in Forbes list of wealthiest people in 1982 associated with the previous 1982 eclipse.  With the December 2020 eclipse even more powerful, it can also be expected that 12th house deception will also contribute to the effects of the December 2020 eclipse.  Track record is very important, and though we have only one approximate precedent for the December 2020 eclipse, he initially got away with his wealth deception to Forbes magazine in 1982, and so this suggests he will also get away with winning the November 2020 presidential election by fair means or foul?

Of all the issues most relevant for the December 2020 eclipse: does it play a key role in the November 2020 presidential election?  With the December 2020 eclipsed moon in his 7th solar house and theoretically the strongest astrological influence of this eclipse, this suggests that it will affect one or more areas associated with his wife, marriage or second child and his political opponent Joe Biden.  This promotes Trump’s political opponent being ‘eclipsed’ which means taken out of the picture!  The December eclipse is not conjunct Trump’s sun, but directly opposite, and the opposition aspect always invokes ‘the other person’.

The eclipse reality associated with Trump is further complicated as he was born only a few hours before an eclipse of the moon in the 5th house.  Trump is one of those rare eclipse-birth people.  With the natal lunar eclipse in his 5th house of politics, he certainly has a record of eclipsing his political opponents.  Firstly, he eclipsed all his Republican opponents in the lead up to the 2016 presidential election, then went on to eclipse Hillary Clinton in the presidential race. Based on Trump’s eclipsed 5th house alone, he can never be ruled out in winning a political contest, regardless of what any polls indicate, as the polls never win any election.


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[2] David Ovason, “The Book of the Eclipse”, 1999, Arrow, UK, p17

[3] The astrology associated with eclipses tend to use a maximum orb of one degree, but due to the opposition between the natal sun and natal moon in Trump’s horoscope, this orb can be widened a little.

[4] Maryanne Trump Barry, Wikipedia, Retrieved 01:04, August 26, 2020, from https://en.wikipedia.org/w/index.php?title=Maryanne_Trump_Barry&oldid=974917764

Trump to Win or Biden to Lose?

The approach I have taken in analyzing the likely result of the 2020 US presidential elections is based on a statistical technique I have successfully used in other areas of astrology – but it is no guarantee of success.  Basically, I am looking for statistical evidence supporting common correlations not only between successful candidates for the office of president of the USA, but also for the losing candidates.  Both winning and losing candidates have astrological ‘profiles’ that allow me to draw relevant conclusions – which however, are not infallible, but have been 100% successful for the last eight presidential elections.

Every astrological technique is based on a view, and these views are always limited, which is why astrology cannot be infallible.  In this case, the statistical analysis is based solely on the relationships between the candidates’ natal ascendant, sun-sign and moon sign to the lunation cycle at the time of the election.  In the approximate four weeks lunation cycle, there are just two major factors – the lunar month and the full moon.

Because each lunar month begins with the conjunction of the sun and moon, the lunar month (until the next full moon), is ruled by the zodiacal sign the sun and moon are located within at the time of the new moon.  However, the full moon overrides the sign of the lunar month in power, and the zodiacal position of the full moon, not only defines the full moon, but the approximate week immediately before and after the exact full moon – which coincides with how much of the moon is illuminated by the sun as viewed from earth.  If more than 50% illuminated, the sign of the full moon rules, otherwise the sign of the lunar month rules.

This moon is ruled by the sign of the lunar month as slightly less than 50% of the moon is illuminated by the sun.

For the purpose of this research, I have examined each presidential election since 1960 which correctly or otherwise makes President Kennedy the first ‘modern’ president.  Each presidential election between 1960 and 2016 occurred under either the influence of the Taurus lunar month or Scorpio full moon.

The last three presidential elections (until 2016) had the winning candidate elected with the lunar influence activating their respective 10th ascendant house.  In 2008, Aquarius rising President Obama beat John McCain with the Scorpio lunar moon activating Obama’s 10th house, with the same occurring in the 2012 elections of Obama pitted against Mitt Romney.  In 2016, President Trump with his Leo rising, had the Taurus full moon activating his 10th house beating Hillary Clinton with the full moon activating the 7th house of her opponent!  Please note that the house structure I employ is whole sign houses, the only house structure I have found through research to have integrity – which is a world apart from stating whole sign houses ‘works for me’ – which seems to be the preferred non-analytical approach of most astrologers in the vexing issue of astrological houses.

If the above simple lunar interface is the sole determining factor, Donald Trump is poised to win the 2020 election – as again the presidential election occurs under the two weeks Taurus full moon, and with the Taurus full moon activating his 10th house of status, but 6th house for Sagittarius rising Joe Biden – the writing seems to be ‘on the wall’.  However, I was surprised to discover that an activated 10th house is not the best indicator for success – and on the contrary, it is a poor guide!  Al Gore, with his Leo rising, had his 10th house activated at the 2000 presidential elections, but unfortunately for Al, George W Bush is also Leo rising so the same Taurus full moon also activated his 10th house of status.    This may partially explain why the result of the 2000 election was initially so confusing.

The other idiosyncrasy was the 1992 presidential election where Bill Clinton overcame the first term President George HW Bush with the Taurus lunar month activating Bush’s 10th house, but ‘lowly’ 8th house for Bill Clinton, though the full moon did activate Clinton’s solar 10th house.  Thus, while having the 10th (ascendant) house activated for any presidential candidate is probably an excellent asset, it is not infallible.

The analysis of the 1960 to 2016 presidential elections, while statistically inadequate due to the small number of samples, does provide some kind of a pattern.  And while I initially latched onto the simplistic notion that the 10th house was the key to the outcome, the accumulated results provided a different perspective. For this analysis, I am using a technique that is more common in Vedic astrology compared to western astrology.  In Vedic astrology, it is relatively common to analyze the solar chart (with the 1st house the same sign as the sun-sign), and the lunar chart as well as the normal and most popular ascendant based chart.  Table 1 provides the astrological profile of the winning candidates since President Kennedy in 1960 based on their ascendant, sun-sign and moon sign related to the activated house of the relevant influence of the lunation cycle – either the lunar month or full moon:

Table 1 – Successful Candidates

Signature for Success

  1. The leading indicator for a successful presidential candidate is an activated 4th house (highlighted in yellow in Table 1). Of the 15 presidential elections examined, 11 of these elections or 73%, had an activated 4th house, and since Ronal Reagan, only Trump has been elected without an activated 4th  Why should the 4th house, opposite the 10th house of status, provide the greatest correlation to success?  The 4th house represents a candidate’s base, and this translates to their voting base.  A winning candidate needs the voters on their side, more so at the actual week of the election than the following four years.
  2. The second key indicator is the 6th house can be readily understood via derived houses, as the 6th house is the derived 12th house of undoing to the 7th house – which represents the opponent.  Obviously, it is better to have the opponent shoot themself in the foot.  This 6th house focus appears to have assisted President Trump against Hillary Clinton, Barack Obama against both Mitt Romney and John McCain, George HW Bush against Michael Dukakis, and Ronald Reagan against both Walter Mondale and Jimmy Carter.
  3. The third key indicator is the 2nd house which is hard to fathom? It seems to have assisted the two Bush presidents and Bill Clinton.  Bill Clinton is reported to have stated while in electioneering mode that the main issue at the election is always “the economy”.  Perhaps an activated 2nd house allows the candidates to appear fiscally sensible or just stable?
  4. The 10th house focus does not need an explanation, as having a prominent 10th house is obviously beneficial, and in this case, it is better to have a positive ascendant 10th house.  The activated 10th house beneficiaries have been: Trump (2016), Obama (2008 and 2012), and Richard Nixon (1972).

In the same way that the winning candidates are attracted to specific houses, it also appears that the losing candidates also have a profile, but part of this collective losing profile is a lack of a clear pattern with no attraction to a specific house such as the activated 4th house that seems to be so effective in anointing successful candidates (see Table 2 below).

Table 2 – Profile of losing candidates

Signature for Failure

  1. The strongest indication for losing a presidential election is having the 7th house (of the opponent) activated. Obviously having the opponent strengthened is not a good sign!  The following candidates suffered from an activated 7th house: Barry Goldwater (1964), George McGovern (1972), Jimmy Carter (1980), Michael Dukakis (1988), Bob Dole (1996) and Hillary Clinton (2016).  The moon represents the general public, and perhaps this placement means the general public is also put offside by the candidate at the time of the election?
  2. The other difficult influences associated with failed candidates relate to activated 1st, 5th, 6th and 12th houses.  This suggests that the 1st and 6th houses can either detract or promote a candidate and so these houses must be treated carefully in any analysis.
  3. Having an activated 1st house appears a slightly higher liability for losing the election than winning, so it is an ambivalent feature.
  4. The negative impact of an activated 5th house, especially the 5th solar house, goes against the notion that the 5th house represents political power. Nevertheless, it seems to accumulate with the losing candidates!
  5. The negative impact of the 6th house is almost as strong as its positive effect, however, it seems that a strong 6th house is ambivalent, and can behave to the benefit of a candidate as the derived 12th house to their opponent’s 7th house, or as a negative 6th house for themselves as the house of “sickness”.
  6. An activated 12th house (of self-undoing) surely cannot benefit any candidate. This applied to John Kerry in 2004 (at double strength), George HW Bush against Bill Clinton when he failed to secure a second term in 1992, Walter Mondale unsuccessfully against Ronald Reagan in 1984 and Hubert Humphrey (double strength) against Richard Nixon in 1968.

Utilizing the details provided in Table 1 and 2, I developed a table of winning score and losing scores.  For example, the appearance of any house above average is assigned a score commensurate with the number of times it has appeared for successful candidates.  Anyone with the lunar month or full moon in their 4th house receives a score of 11, and 6th house a score of 6, as these represent the number of times they have appeared (see Table 3 below).

Table 3 – Consolidated winning and losing scores for all candidates and the differences between these scores

The yellow highlighted cells in the above table indicates the only times that this score did not function correctly.  For the successful candidates (top section), President Kennedy had no favorable characteristics for winning, while Nixon scored 11 points for a win.  However, the two ‘renegade’ presidents (Kennedy and Carter) who defied the odds, both had their 8th house strongly activated.  These are the only two candidates that had activated 8th houses, and perhaps the 8th house can break out or usurp the ruling trend if certain conditions are met such as bringing a ‘revolution’ with their candidacy.  This obviously failed in Carter’s second attempt, but can a sitting president provide a revolution, as this would mean they intend to overthrow themselves?  This he certainly achieved.

For each of the above presidential candidates, their winning score is provided, as with their profile for being a losing candidate. The “W-L” line represents deducting their losing score from their winning score.  The very bottom line of the table “W – L diff” represents the net score for the winners minus the net score of the loser, and only in one instance does this not work – the election of President Kennedy in 1960.

“The 1960 presidential election was the closest election since 1916” and it is difficult to say which candidate really won the popular vote.[1]

Every presidential election since LBJ in 1964 has conformed to the bottom line of Table 3, and so this is the primary technique I am applying in comparing President Trump with former Vice President Biden.

In the above Table 3, Trump has a winning profile of 10 to Biden’s 6, Biden’s losing profile of 16 is much greater than Trumps losing profile at 9, but Trump’s net score of 1 is far better than Biden’s of minus 10 giving Trump an 11 point advantage over Biden.  Based on this technique, Trump should win, and Biden cannot call upon the speculative wild card of the revolutionary 8th house to save him.

The perverse nature of the 2016 and 2020 presidential elections is that the conservative Republicans chose a revolutionary candidate, and the ‘progressive’ Democrats had the conservative Hillary Clinton and now more-of-the-same Joe Biden – but the electorate wants a revolutionary candidate at both elections as currently, the key sign in the world is Aquarius, especially for 2020 due to the Aquarius micro-age decan and overflow (December 2014 – December 2019 – November 2024).[2]  The Democrats have not understood that by promoting a conservative candidate, they are losing votes. Sanders should have been the face of the Democratic Party!

Trump, while being an arch-conservative, comes across as different (weird), if not revolutionary and visionary (to his base) in his political personae, which invokes Aquarius.  The superficial is as important as anything else in the USA and the American dream (nightmare). Trump promises to fight a war against the Deep State and so he appears as a revolutionary – it is rather stunning theatrical politics.  The average American voter would not know a Deep State from an Industrial-Military Complex but they recognize someone who promises to fight their supposed enemies on their behalf, even if they don’t know who their enemies are, in which case, any enemy will do.  It’s an excellent lesson in how the modern world does not exist, but a medieval-modern world does.[3]

Trump’s net score of one is the lowest score for a winning candidate since Carter, and the average winning score from Reagan to Obama was almost 12.  Biden’s net score of minus 10 is almost twice as bad as the average net score for losing candidates of minus five.  Therefore, based on this lunar focus, Trump did not win the 2016 election, nor will he win the 2020 elections, as his opponents do the losing for him, and Trump wins by default. Trump will not win the 2020 election, Biden will lose it.

Many people will not like my prediction of Trump winning, but this is not about Trump but about a test of the validity of lunar astrology applied to a specific event such as the 2020 presidential election.  There are many alternative ways of predicting the outcome,[4] but traditional horoscopic analysis should find that each candidate is in the astro limelight and has a strong success track record, otherwise, they would not be where they are as candidates for the highest office in the world.  A lunar analysis avoids all this background noise by focusing solely upon the emotions of the electorate in just a few weeks or days surrounding the election.  If Biden actually wins the election, it is back to the drawing board for me, as it would suggest that referring to only recent presidential elections since 1960, my sample size is too small or lunar astrology is not the best choice of techniques to determine the winner.

[1] 1960 United States presidential election, Wikipedia, Retrieved 02:39, August 25, 2020, from https://en.wikipedia.org/w/index.php?title=1960_United_States_presidential_election&oldid=974617225

[2] This is the Dawning of the Aquarius Micro-Age Decan

[3] The Myth of Modernity

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