Uranus in Taurus (2019 – 2026)

In Ubud, Bali, (commonly called the cultural capital of Bali), I have recently been inundated with expats wanting their horoscopes done.  The average age is in their 30s or early 40s, and they are mainly couples with young children (Australians, Americans, British etc).  Young western families are now just plonking themselves in Bali, and deciding to live there, and figure out everything such as visas, how to earn money, schooling for their kids (the Green School is incredibly popular) and a suitable place to live which can range anywhere from $350 to deluxe at $1,000 per month.  Even retired Australians are finding their way to Ubud, and my favorite coffee shop chain Arak (Coffee) often feels like the Australian embassy pensioner day, and Arak even do flat white coffees (an Australian favorite and not available in the USA etc).


Leunig on astronomy

Courtesy of Michael Leunig, Australian comic genius for over 4 decades!

Most non-astrologers do not know that the planet Uranus has just made a significant change in location – after being in Aries since early 2011.  Uranus gave a preview of its shift to Taurus from May to November 2018 but as of early March 2019, it has now moved into Taurus until 2026 – and this will mean different things for different people.  In a nutshell, for your specific rising sign (ascendant), or sun sign, the emphasis is on excitement associated with dynamic activity, but also lack of consistency or an increase in erratic behavior.  This will play itself out in a number of ways (your ascendant sign is more powerful and descriptive of you compared to the sun sign which is an invention of newspaper about 100 years ago who decided that the average person was too dumb to understand real astrology – for most people YOU ARE NOT PRIMARILY YOUR SUN-SIGN):

Aries: periods of stunning money earning capability, but save it while the going is good, as you cannot depend upon your income being consistent in the years ahead as you mimic the boom and bust cycles of mining companies and political parties.  An unexpected inheritance or gift received by your partner?

Taurus: new inspiration, direction and collapse from too much exertion.  Lots of excitement associated with your career, ambition or status when you are not groveling in the gutter.  Uranus will want to take every Taurus person out of their comfort zone, kicking and screaming if necessary…. or at least bellowing like an upset cow or infuriated bull. Do Taureans like excitement?

Gemini: new motivation towards strange music (including jazz), avant-garde artistic expression of any type or getting away from it all – even if this involves living in a cave, tree-house or where the Sun does not shine.  You should make some of your most brilliant and stunning blunders in the years ahead, especially if you are overseas.  Good material for a book or blog?

Cancer: one or more existing or new friend(s) appears out of nowhere or suddenly is struck by the lightning strike of inspiration – though you personally could become an astrologer under this transit.   Alternatively, you may join a not-for-profit organization in trying to save the world from humanity.

Leo: career drive and inspiration, and changes of career direction.  Any successes are probably short-lived, or your status goes into a roller coaster ride – perhaps a good time to be a politician?  Success if you are working in the IT sector.  You will need to behave the opposite of your normal nature in the years ahead if you want to succeed – you have just entered a bossiness-free zone.

Virgo: as many trips overseas or university courses you can pack in, especially to strange places most people avoid, or courses that are simply too weird or futuristic for the average person.

Libra: new excitement in your sex life, or an unexpected lottery win or inheritance, though your partner’s income becomes erratic and unreliable.

Scorpio: your existing or new partner displays brilliance, is AWOL or both at the same time.  An unexpected major change to your relationship and any new partner is a Martian or from somewhere from outer space.  your second child acts out of character.

Sagittarius: changing jobs frequently, but pumping when you enjoy your work.  Any health problems are unexpected and strange, unless it is something mundane like a broken ankle or varicose veins.  Good time to become an eccentric health professional.

Capricorn: an unexpected child or your eldest child here one minute, gone the next? Your eldest child runs away or is discovered to have a genius IQ? You adopt a child or there are other strange circumstances affecting your children?  You find a new and eccentric or strange hobby or creative outlet – perhaps astrology?

Aquarius: Uranus is the ruler of Aquarius, so its impact is greater for anyone with Aquarius rising (or Aquarius sun to a lesser extent).  You will want to live in strange places, suddenly sell or buy or rent a new home, or change homes frequently, or engage in an eccentric lifestyle.  Building an earth ship or hobbit hole is ideal for you.  Being Aquarius rising, is this why I plan to spend every second month in Bali from here on in?  This started in 2018 when Uranus temporarily entered Taurus and gave me a preview of domestic possibilities. Domestic boredom means “death” for Aquarians in the years ahead – don’t do it!

Pisces: time to write that new science fiction book, buy Elvis Presley’s car for your everyday use or adopt some modern or futuristic transport options – an electric car or bike.  Anything other than being normal in how you transport yourself around your community.  Don’t depend upon your eldest sibling, who may be inspired, but will be everywhere other than where you are or want them to be.


If you want to review how Uranus affected you since early 2011 until early March 2019, read the sign that comes immediately after your rising/sun sign (and for Pisces, read Aries).  For example, if you are Libra rising (or sun sign), read Scorpio as an overview of the last number of years.


Trump Approaching Mars – the God of War!

President Trump’s progressed horoscope indicates he is entering an 8 week period soon that indicates he will be at his combative best (or worst, depending upon your point of view) or that he is under very strong assault… or all combined.  This is based on his secondary progressed chart strongly interacting with Mars in his natal chart.  For those unfamiliar with the progressed chart, it is basically the chart the same number of days after birth as your current age.  So, for example, in the case of Donald Trump, he is 72 years old and therefore in his 73rd year.  The 74th day after birth indicates what will occur in his 74th year.

Trump Progressed 1902

At the relevant time 73 days after birth, transiting Moon sat in the sky at the same position as his natal Mars (location at birth).  To be more exact, the progressed Moon will be within one degree of Trump’s natal Mars from about 10th March until 10th May 2019 (give or take a few days).  What can we expect from this?

The progressed Moon takes pride of place and is the most powerful indicator in the progressed chart of what anyone is experiencing at any time.  Therefore it is not so much the archetypal flavor of the Moon that is relevant, as the progressed Moon signifies the person – it is what the progressed Moon is doing that provide the relevant insights.

The progressed Moon is in Trumps 1st house, which can be viewed as the ‘Aries’ house in the horoscope.  The progressed Moon is only a few weeks away from being within one degree of exact conjunction with Trump’s natal Mars at 26 degrees Leo 46 minutes. Mars is the ruler of Aries.  Therefore, we are looking for Mars/Aries archetypes appearing.  These include war, violence, conflict and construction (walls).  With Aries opposite Libra, this period does not favor compromise, team work or harmony.

It suggests that Mueller’s report will be explosive (Mars and Aries love explosions).  Trump will be at war with the Democrat controlled House of Representatives, if not Congress as a whole.  He will push for his wall regardless of the consequences, as mars is associated with construction and building work.  It suggests that the summit at the end of February 2019 between Trump and Kim Jong-un may avoid this heightened Mars influence, but the aftermath is not necessarily so rosy. Aries rules missiles, so perhaps North Korea starts firing missiles again?  However, the summit with North Korea occurs in the last week of the Aquarius lunar month which activates Trumps’ 7th house of alliances and cooperation, and solar 9th house of foreign affairs.  So this summit may be the last experience of ‘harmony’ involving president Trump for some time.

Of course, the biggest issue is – will Trump start a war, as Mars is the god of War?  If he does not start an actual war, he will no doubt be politically at war, and more so than he has been to date.  Of course, Trump will be influenced by the lunation cycle, and especially the full moons within the progressed Moon conjunct natal Mars 8 week period.  The two full moons that will be encountered are technically both Libra full moons (a rarity that only occurs once every 2 ½ years).  Libra activates Trumps 3rd and solar 5th houses.  The 3rd house invokes legal issues, lawyers and courts, one way or another, while the 5th solar house is politics and the eldest child (Donald Junior).  It is also opposed to the 11th house of Congress, indicating the greater likelihood of a more serious dispute with Congress.

In such an exercise, I am more interested in following events, as it is like pure astrology talking without any teacher, book or documents.  It is more like watching a movie where we have a general idea of the flavor of the script, and just need to know the details.



Marriage Stars Twinkling Over Taylor Swift

Taylor Swift has commented many times that the source material for many of her songs originate from her numerous relationships, and the number of relationships Taylor has experienced is nothing out of the ordinary in the modern world, and in this regard, Taylor is a reflection of the times.  Most of her relationships have been counted in the months or even weeks.  But something different has recently occurred.  Taylor has been romantically linked to the British actor Joe Alwyn officially since May 2017 and unofficially from September 2016.  At the time of writing, this relationship has been going on for more than two years.  This far exceeds any other known relationship to date.

There is a very good reason why this relationship between Taylor and Joe Alwyn is breaking new ground in Taylor’s life. The stars are appropriately lining up… but to be astrologically correct, it is the Moon that has recently positioned itself very favourably for Taylor’s new foray into an extended relationship.

Taylor & Joe

Taylor has at least an elementary interest astrology: Taylor Swift Wears Ring With Joe Alwyn’s Zodiac Sign

So how does the Moon indicate a significant change in relationships for Taylor, especially taking into account that it moves so fast, spinning around the Earth every 28 to 29 days?  The Moon is currently activating major relationships in Taylor’s life, but it is not due to the position of the Moon in the sky now, but the position of the Moon about 27 to 29 days after Taylor’s birth!   This is due to an astrological technique that has an ancient pedigree – the movement of the Sun, Moon and planets each day after birth, reflects the major changes a person experiences in each year of life.  This is commonly called the day-for-a-year technique, though the proper terminology is ‘secondary progressions’, and usually abbreviated to simply ‘progressions’.

Using this day-for-a-year technique, the ‘progressed’ Moon is currently placed in that part of Taylor’s chart that is associated with marriage and major relationships.  This placement is in play from around October 2016 until April 2019.  Just because the Moon’s favorable influence for a significant relationship commenced around October 2016, this does not mean that any new significant major relationship must commence in that exact month, nor does the Moon’s exit around April 2019 indicate that a significant major relationship will then collapse. Major relationships usually last a long time.

One of the specific placements of the Moon, that activates major relationships in anyone’s life, is that part of the sky associated with the western horizon at birth.  The eastern horizon at birth, commonly known as the ascendant or rising sign (because whatever is on the eastern horizon is always rising up into the sky), represents the nature and personality of the person and is the source of the word ‘horoscope’ which means hour of birth with the focus on the zodiacal sign rising at the eastern horizon.  On average, every two hours a new zodiacal sign appears at the eastern horizon.  The rising sign is more important than the sun-sign.

When Taylor was born, the sun was in the sign Sagittarius, but the sign rising at the eastern horizon was Capricorn.  Therefore Capricorn is the most important sign in Taylor’s horoscope.  The use of sun-signs, such as Sagittarius in Taylor’s case, was only invented in the 1930s.  When newspapers started doing horoscope columns, either they or the astrologers concerned, assumed the general public was too stupid to understand rising signs!  This does not mean that Sagittarius does not have a strong role to play in Taylor’s astrological makeup, just that the role of Capricorn is more important.

A major relationship means just what is says – it usually indicates a multi-year, multi-decade or life-long relationship. The beginning of a major relationship is not limited to the progressed Moon being near the western horizon as there are other astrological conditions that promote major relationships, and Taylor has already passed through one of these alternate scenarios that was in play from August 2011 to April 2014 when she was 21 to 24 years old. That period was associated with Venus[1], the planet of love and marriage.  But with Saturn and Capricorn strongly represented in Taylor’s chart, this usually means many things in life are delayed until her first Saturn Return[2] which for Taylor will occur in 2019.  Two exceptions to this delay are status and career (as these are associated with Capricorn and Saturn).

Around the time Taylor was 21 to 24 years old, the progressed moon was in the part of Taylor’s chart that is associated with romance, love affairs and short term relationships. So while Venus was strong when Taylor was 21 to 24 years old, its amorous energy went into short term relationships producing some wonderful themes for her songs.

Most people know there are 12 zodiacal signs, but unless you have some astrological experience, you do not realise that each horoscope is also divided into 12 parts, called houses.  The ascendant (or rising sign) on the eastern horizon always defines the location of the 1st house.  Each house is associated with a zodiacal sign, and the houses progress anticlockwise around the horoscope.  Therefore in Taylor’s case, the 1st house is associated with Capricorn, the 2nd house with Aquarius, 3rd house with Pisces, 4th house with Aries and so on.

The 7th house (situated at the western horizon), is the house of major relationships and is associated with Cancer for Taylor, as Cancer is the opposite sign to her Capricorn rising. People tend to be attracted to their opposite sign(s), one way or another.  There is something about Cancer that applies to her relationship life, and with Cancer the sign of privacy and hiding away from the public gaze, this is the astrological source for making her relationships generally off limit to media scrutiny.  Even on Joe Alwyn’s Wikipedia page, any reference to his relationship to Taylor is immediately removed by one of a number of sycophantic editors, obviously on someone’s payroll.

In this respect for relationship privacy, Taylor is like the ancient Roman moon goddess Diana, goddess of the hunt with the moon the ruler of Cancer!  This quest for almost absolute privacy in her relationship life is strengthened for Taylor as not only is Cancer associated with her 7th house of major relationships, the Moon is also sitting in this house (and physically was sitting just above the western horizon ready to set when Taylor was born).  The Moon is the ruler of Cancer and behaves like a concentrated form of the sign Cancer.  This will make Taylor even more privacy-conscious with her relationships.

Taylor’s moon at birth was not alone in the 7th house of major relationships, it shares this house with Jupiter – the planet normally associated with the lucky sign of Sagittarius.  Whenever Jupiter or Sagittarius is at play, apart from the great good fortune that usually occurs, it indicates that any partner is lucky, fortunate… and often born in a different country, as Jupiter is the planet of foreign lands.  This certainly applies to Joe Alwyn who is British, and judging by his recent movie roles, he is moving up in the world.  He recently co-starred with Academy Award winning Emma Stone in the movie “The Favourite”.[3]

With both Jupiter and the Moon in Taylor’s 7th house, she is attracted to a sensitive and optimistic partner who can emotionally connect with her, and also improve his life, which certainly seems to be the case with Joe’s acting career.  If you examine the following photograph of Joe, notice his prominent or striking chin.  This is common with people who have Cancer or the Moon rising, which would slot him into Taylor’s chart beautifully if it turns out that Joe has either the Moon or Cancer rising or somehow strongly positioned in his horoscope.

Joe Alwyn’s Cancer/Moon chin? (Courtesy of imdb.com)

Another insight into anyone’s love life is via Venus – which always represents love and major relationships.  Taylor’s Venus is in the sign Aquarius which suggests that her previous erratic and intermittent love life is actually setting the pattern for her relationship life in general.  Aquarius rules high excitement with equal periods of nothing much happening – it’s a bit like being bipolar when in love.  So while in the past, she has had numerous dramatic relationships interspersed with not much happening, Taylor is actually designed to be like this in all relationships – including long term relationships. So even with Joe, with both their professional lives regularly separating them, they then are able to get together for their personal high times.

The big question that remains unanswered – when will Taylor and Joe publicly take their relationship to the next level – whatever that level may be? The most likely time for the inflation of their romance is the next full moon in the sign Cancer which affects one week either side of the Cancer full moon due around 22nd December 2018 and covering the period 15 December to 29 December 2018.  This full moon makes an extremely strong focus in Taylor’s chart upon her relationship with Joe. If Joe speculatively has Cancer rising, this becomes even more relevant!

Furthermore, Jupiter, the planet of good fortune and expansion, moved into Sagittarius in November 2018 for one year. Jupiter is the ruler of Sagittarius, Taylor’s sun-sign, indicating she is moving into a more fortunate phase, and the sun in a woman’s horoscope is also representative of their partner.  So from November 2018, both Taylor and her partner are basking in the grace that Jupiter can bestow, and combining this with the Cancer full Moon activating her 7th house of major relationship, something is bound to happen.  Whether it breaks through the privacy screen we will just have to wait and see.

Taylor’s Venus in the sign of Aquarius at her birth also indicates that Taylor is a modern woman when it comes to love.  Therefore there is no guarantee that Taylor will walk down the aisle, as she may not need such a formal structure in her life, though with Capricorn rising, she is not adverse to formal structures and ceremonial events… so again, we will just have to wait and see.

Once Jupiter has uplifted Taylor during its transit of her Sun-sign Sagittarius for most of 2019, Jupiter then moves into her rising sign of Capricorn for one year commencing December 2019. While this is liable to lift Taylor even higher again, it is better that any formality possibly associated with her relationship with Joe has taken place prior to December 2019, as Jupiter in Taylor’s Capricorn 1st house does not shed its positive gaze upon the opposite 7th house of major relationships commencing December 2019 for about one year.

Therefore the most likely time for some public development of Taylor’s and Joe’s relationship is in the second half of December 2018, although a preview could occur with the Gemini full Moon in the second half of November 2018 when the progressed Moon does make a relationship aspect to her Sagittarius Sun-sign (technically a 7th solar house aspect).

For those readers preferring a more detailed astrological analysis, see Taylor Swift – a Diva in the Making?


[1] The Venus period is derived from a technique employed in Vedic astrology that is practiced mainly in India, but also has some western practitioners such as myself.  The Venus period in question is technically the Venus bhukti (sub-period) of Taylor’s Jupiter dasa with the Jupiter dasa focusing upon the period September 2003 to September 2019 and the Venus sub-period within this dasa in effect from August 2011 to April 2014.

[2] A Saturn Return occurs when Saturn returns to the same position it was located at birth, which generally occurs around 28 or 29 years.  The Saturn Return indicates the end of youth and any limitations that have occurred due to a youthful outlook on life.  Saturn breeds maturity and wisdom, usually from the school of hard knocks.

[3] www.dailymail.co.uk/tvshowbiz/article-6221209/Emma-Stone-pretty-patterned-mini-dress-poses-Joe-Alwyn-Favourite-premiere.htmlher

Forensic Astrological Analysis of the Trump Midterm Elections 2018

Following my predictions about the 2018 Trump midterm elections in The Black Moon US Midterm Elections 2018, the forensic astrological analysis is dramatic in how the transiting Moon, with all its nuances, played such a pivotal role in mundane political affairs.  The use of the Moon in this way harks back to very ancient times when the horoscope of the king was taken as the horoscope of the kingdom.  With the 2018 midterm elections, I used the horoscope of President Trump as the fiducial point which everything else revolves around, and it worked!  Of course, the only house system that accurately works with Donald Trump is whole sign houses, which is exclusively used in this research.


Midday transits to President Trump’s natal chart on 2018 Midterm election day.  Around midday the day after the elections, the moon caught up with the sun commencing the new Scorpio lunar month, but the moon remained a black moon for at least the next 24 hours.



Lunar Month Libra (8 October – 7 November 2018) – Moon Scorpio

The midterm elections on 6th November 2018 occurred in the tail end of the Libra lunar month activating Trump’s 3rd house.  Just before the voting booths opened on the East Coast, the moon entered Scorpio (for 2 ½ days) but remained in the Libra lunar month until about midday on the 7th November, whereupon the Scorpio lunar month commenced.  Scorpio rules Trump’s lowly 4th house and therefore was a high point for Trump’s opponents (mainly the Democrats), as the 4th house is the derived 10th house to Trump’s 7th house opponents. Normally this would mean that  Trump’s 7th house opponents were highly favored to win the elections..

Black Moon

The black moon affects the day before and after the New Moon on 7th November and therefore the three days 6th to 8th November are black Moon days.  The black moon has a negating effect, and in my experience, behaves very similar to the Moon transiting the 12th house.  Therefore, the transiting black Moon in Scorpio can turn the tables and instead of supporting the Democrats, it should have dishevelled and undermined them.  In hindsight, this this did occur in the Senate, and it did occur in the sense that there was no blue tsunami, just a blue tide!

The reason why the Democrats did not suffer an all-round catastrophic defeat, but won the popular vote by around 8% nationally, is due to the fact that while a black Scorpio Moon was there to undermine the Democrats on election day, the Moon remained in the tail end of the Libra lunar month.  The Libra lunar month is more powerful than a mere 2 ½ days transiting Moon.  The Libra lunar month activated Trump’s 3rd house which is not a problematical house for Trump’s 7th house opponents.

However, the 3rd house rules lawyers and the black moon in Trump’s 3rd house remained under the influence of the Libra lunar month until almost midday on 7th November 2018.  On the morning of the 7th November Attorney General Jeff Sessions resigned after being effectively sacked by President Trump.  This is something I did not foresee, but the astrology of the moon explains the situation clearly as the black moon at the tail end of the Libra lunar month activates Trump’s 3rd house of lawyers, and the black moon certainly blackened Jeff Sessions.

Lunar Month Scorpio – Moon Scorpio

With the arrival of the Scorpio lunar month around midday on 7th November 2018, the black moon remained in place but now the transiting Moon and the lunar month are both Scorpio.  Certainly Trump was at his worst at the press conference on this day, and his anger was palpable. This is despite Trump claiming victory of sorts, and Fox News stated it was a win-win because the Republicans won in the Senate while the Democrats won in the House.  However, according to MSNBC, the electoral results for the Republicans was the worst midterm results since Watergate and represented a “seismic shift” in American politics as it effectively ended the one-party state that had existed since the election of President Trump in November 2016. In Australia, an 8% swing is called a political ‘landslide’ and indicates that a major setback has possibly occurred in Trump’s political life as president.

This second stage of the black moon (now with the transiting moon both in Scorpio and in the Scorpio lunar month) also temporarily damaged the Democrats because the black moon is now in their derived 10th house of success and the black moon ‘detracts’.  The black moon wanted to damage the Democrats success, and according to news reports, this did occur:

It should come as no surprise that Trump would fire Sessions to coincide with the Democrats’ victory. In so doing, he steals their headlines while delivering a threat. Stop me at your own peril. It will be war.[i]

However, the black Moon fades quickly, leaving the rest of the first week of the Scorpio lunar month for the Democrats to bask in their victory, and it cannot be seen as anything but a victory as their gains in the House of representative far outweigh their loss in the Senate as the elections strengthened the Republicans in the Senate but the Democrats took the House – a far more dramatic win.  According to news reports, it was only after the black moon period that president Trump realised the full scale of the anti-Republican sentiment of the midterm elections, and he started to resort to voter fraud as an explanation of why so many close races were going to the Democrats.

The new Scorpio lunar month (7th November – 7th December 2018) activating Trump’s lowly 4th house of anti-status continued to work against Trump and he was roundly criticized for avoiding visiting  the Aisne-Marne American cemetery in France due to bad weather.  Upon his return back to America, Trump opted not to attend similar commemoration events at Arlington National Cemetery.  Two days after the French president declared Europe should have its own military force, Trump went on the offensive against a perceived slight — especially Macron’s apparent suggestion the army would defend the Continent against the U.S.   However, this piece of fake news generated by the Washington Post was believed by Trump even though the real purpose of the European army was against Russia, not the USA, but that Europe also needed to protect itself against cyber-attack from the usual suspects, including the USA.

In response to the loss of the House, Trump has indicated that he is a transactional politician, and therefore well equipped to deal with a potentially ‘hostile’ House of Representatives otherwise little legislation will be passed.  The astrology suggests that this may be a successful tactic for Trump over the next year, as transiting Jupiter entered Sagittarius for about one year just after the midterm elections, and Sagittarius rules Trump’s 5th house of politics. Taking the ancient king analogy once more, Jupiter in the 5th house of politics is opposite the 11th house associated with the House of Representatives.  This insinuates that Trump will be more successful in dealing with the House compared to the other way around?

This relationship between President Trump and the House of Representatives starts off on a difficult note as the two week Gemini full moon period that affects the 13th to 30th November activates Trump’s 11th house and solar 1st house.  With the 11th house representing the House of Representatives, and opposed to Trump’s 5th house of political strength, Trump is again on the back foot, with the Scorpio lunar month (7th November – 7th December 2018) activating his 4th house already undermining him.  This means that we will have to wait for the Sagittarius lunar month (7th December 2018 – 5th January 2019) before we see Trump back in his full form when his favorable 5th house is activated!  The Gemini full moon also activates Trump’s solar 1st house, so he may not be in team working mode during this two week full moon period.

Also, President Trump’s secondary progressed Moon is in the 1st house for 2 1/2 years which extends around June 2019.  The 1st house does not engender compromise and working with 7th house opponents, but acrimony and wilfulness on behalf of the president.  President Trump will be channelling Mars, the God of War, when the progressed moon enters into conjunction with his natal Mars from March to May 2019.  This is when the wagon load of fireworks explodes.

The 2018 midterm elections and aftermath was a textbook case on lunar astrology.

Pisces America

The USA is virtually two nations forced into one like conjoined twins who cannot get away from each other, and this is a permanent situation as the major sign for the USA is Pisces and the two Pisces fish swim in opposite directions to each other.  The American War of Independence, Civil War, Prohibition and Civil Rights were all major examples of two USAs. Regardless of President Trump, a very significant minority who support his presidency, are in a different socio-political frame compared to the progressives.

The astrology of the 21st century indicates that this is going to get worse before it gets better, and that the real political issue in the USA is not the policies of the left versus the policies of the right, but how these two divergent political polarities respond to each other, as neither side is going to disappear while the USA exists in its current form – which should last until around the year 2500 according to internal dynamics within the Age of Aquarius. The current responses between the two major political camps are combative and draw upon the lowest common denominator, and the real test of the maturation of USA’s society will be how they start to effectively compromise and work together, as neither side can annihilate the other. One of the main purposes of democracy is that it is meant to prevent civil war.  The USA has already failed this test once, and will probably fail it again (around the middle of the next century is a good place for another major failure).


[i] http://www.theguardian.com/commentisfree/2018/nov/07/jeff-sessions-loyalty-office-trump

The Black Moon US Midterm Elections 2018

Usually midterm elections go against the party of the incumbent president.  Therefore, the default for the 2018 midterm elections is that the Republicans will lose seats.  Did you know that there has only been three times since the American Civil War where the party of the incumbent president has made gains at a midterm election?  The last time was in 2002 under President Bush.  Of these three times where the midterm elections went against the grain, two of them occurred under a black moon.  The 2018 midterm elections is another black moon election.  Does this mean that the Republicans win the 2018 midterm elections?  Certainly the black moon at these elections introduces a wild card.

My astrological focus for the 2018 US midterm elections is primarily based upon the new lunar astrology that I have developed over the last few years and using whole sign houses which are the only house structure I have found to date that applies to President Trump.  This midterm election analysis is focused upon President Trump, as he is the major stakeholder in this election, and he has the most to gain or lose. Before examining the relevant lunar transits, a brief examination of the transits at election provides some background perspective.


Midday transits to President Trump’s natal chart on Midterm election day

A brief analysis of the strongest (midday) transits to Trumps natal chart indicate they are mostly negative with the following two transiting aspects the worst:

Transiting Saturn square natal Neptune: Unfavorable, and with natal Neptune ruling his 8th house of vulnerability, this indicates a worsening scenario for Trump.  With Neptune associated with musicians, perhaps it suggests that Taylor Swift’s recent pro-Democrat Instagram message to her millions of followers may actually hurt the Republican cause with negative consequences for President Trump?

Pluto Square Jupiter: Possibly the most unfavorable of all the transit to natal aspects, as Jupiter rules his 5th house of politics, and Pluto indicates it wants to wrench a significant and unpleasant change by force rather than acquiescence or evolution.  However, Pluto never exactly squares Jupiter in 2018, so this may not be so antagonistic and is more likely to dredge up the antagonism to Trump from 2017 (when the transit made a number of exact aspects).

However, transiting Jupiter will enter Trump’s 5th whole sign house in mid November 2018, and with Sagittarius ruling his 5th house of politics, this strongly suggests that whatever the results of the 2018 midterm elections, President Trump is again politically plowing ahead with a second wind and even his eldest son may come more into the limelight.

In support of President Trump is his progressed Moon trine his natal Moon, and with the moon representing the general public, this does imply that he maintains his core base of support (see the below horoscope).

Trump’s secondary progressed chart (outer wheel) to his natal horoscope for the 2018 midterm elections

Trump’s progressed Moon indicates a significant change is coming up when the progressed Moon leaves Leo and the 1st house when it enters Virgo, and the 2nd house around August 2019.  This indicates some significant retreat and even possible health issues.  However, before this change of fortune occurs, Trump’s progressed Moon will conjunct his natal Mars effective for 2 months centered on April – June 2019.  Who will he go to war against, strongly attack or fight against?



The mid-term elections on November 6th 2018 will occur in the last quarter (1 November – 7 November) of the Libra lunar month (8 October – 7 November 2018) with the transiting moon also located in Libra for the 2 ½ days leading to the opening of the polls. These 2 ½ days are the sting-in-the-tail  for the Libra lunar month indicating a very strong time for Libra to manifest (in anyone’s horoscope).  The Libra lunar month activates Trump’s 3rd whole sign house, and apart from Trump gallivanting around the states to shore up his supporters’ votes, this lunar month cannot be said to directly detract from his chances of success. It indicates a lot of travelling (to rallies) and Tweeting.

Conversely, with the 3rd house opposing the 9th house, Trump is sure to be on the anti-China and anti-foreign rivals’ bandwagon, strongly promoting aspects of his trade wars, and most likely promoting his normal anti-foreigners invective about immigration to the USA.  This is a central plank for the majority of his supporters, and he should be in full flight on this topic in the lead up to the elections.  His demonization of the caravan of refugees from South America heading to the US border perfectly fulfills the 3rd house focus in opposition to foreigners.  With the Libra sting-in-the-tail ruling the 2 1/2 days leading to the election, we should expect some significant amplification of 3rd house affairs in these 2 1/2 days.

The Libra lunar month also actives Trump’s solar 5th (whole sign) house of politics – and this does promote a successful political period for Trump, or at least Trump feels it is a positive political time personally.  Neither the 3rd or 5th house can be viewed as generically detrimental to President Trump, though the 3rd house does focus upon issues related to his personal cell phone.


The Taurus full moon in the middle of the Libra lunar month on 25th October indicates that for the two week period from 17 October to 1 November (that are strongly influenced by the full moon), Trumps 10th house of status and prestige is positively activated.  This means that until 5 days before the election, Trump is in full form! Trump.  There is only a mildly negative influence in this two weeks coming from the Taurus full moon activating Trump’s solar 12th house  (to his Gemini Sun).  He can be expected to make a few outlandish statements or promote some highly unacceptable policies, but this will probably be drowned out by his super optimism.  Trumps prevarication and glossing over the murder of the Saudi born journalist Khashoggi at the Saudi Arabian consulate in Turkey is one good example of the 12th house in action, as is his use of his personal cell phone which is open to hacking.


The polling day sees the transiting moon enter the sign Scorpio just before polling begins.  Scorpio is probably the most unfavorable sign for someone with Leo rising looking for some boost to status, because Scorpio rules Trump’s lowly 4th house – the house of anti-status, or opposition to 10th house status.  This strongly implies that the majority of voters have their knives out for Trump on voting day.  From Trump’s solar perspective, the transiting Scorpio Moon activates his 6th house, and the 6th house is rarely a favorable house in these circumstances, and there is nothing associated with the 6th house that can save him from the malevolence of the 4th house opposing his prestige and position.


The wildcard at these Midterm elections is the baleful black moon – these are the 2 or 3 days each lunar month where the moon cannot be seen anywhere on earth due to the close physical proximity between the sun and the moon.  While the black moon straddles the end of the Libra lunar month, and the beginning of the Scorpio lunar month, I have anecdotal evidence that the black moon is worse before the change of the lunar month – probably because it combines the the black moon with the fact that it is in its last throes of declining – virtually like the last of the water going down the bath tub drain hole.  Furthermore, with the black Scorpio moon on election day still in the tail end of his Libra lunar month activating his 3rd house, this introduces a derived 12th house connection to the 4th house – his base of supporters.  This does suggest that some of his previous supporters will desert Trump (or not vote), compounded by the fact it is accentuated by the black moon, and therefore bringing gloom.

The only other midterm election in the last half a century that also occurred under a black moon was the 2002 midterm election.  What was so remarkable about this election is that it was only the third time since the Civil War that the president’s party gained seats in a midterm election (the other two being 1934 and 1998).   However these were exceptional times as it occurred just a little under fourteen months after the September 11, 2001 attacks and the USA was engaged in a ‘war’ – the war on terror, and wars tend to inspire patriotic feelings to the leader – in this case President George W Bush.

President George Bush, like President Trump, has Leo rising (as does Barack Obama), and therefore with November elections, these Leo rising presidents technically should have difficulties in November elections as many will occur in a Scorpio lunar month which activates their lowly 4th house. This was certainly the case in the 2002 election with the election occurring on the first day of the Scorpio lunar month.  Therefore the Scorpio lunar month was not doing President George Bush any favors but he was able to succeed nevertheless.  This introduces another perspective on the situation.  In the 2002 midterm elections, the black moon in the 4th house represents the derived 10th house of status of the 7th house opponent – in this case the Democrats.  In 2002, the black moon can be seen to ‘vanquish’ Bush’s Democratic opponents by eradicating their status on the day of the election.  If the same applied to the 2018 midterm elections, Trump could expect a similar success.

US midterm election 2002 midday transits to President George W Bush’s natal horoscope showing a black moon in the new Scorpio lunar month but with transiting Jupiter favorably placed in his 1st house

While both the 2002 and 2018 elections are strongly influenced by the black moon, the black moon is better after the new moon, so this small difference benefited Bush in 2002.  Also, Bush’s black moon at the 2002 midterm elections was both in his 4th house and more importantly, already in the Scorpio lunar month which meant the 4th house was strongly activated (which is the derived 10th house of his opponents).  The black moon eradicated the status of his opponents.  Trump only has the transiting moon in the 4th house, while the lunar month continues to activate the 3rd house which does not invoke the derived 10th house of his opponents.  The black moon is definitely a wild card in any election.

Another significant astrological difference between President George Bush’s and President Trump’s respective first midterm elections is that the full moon following the elections was in Bush’s 10th house of status indicating success soon after the 2002 elections.  However, the full moon following the 2018 election is in Trump’s 11th house, opposing his 5th house of politics and suggesting that the momentum goes against him and he does not have a 10th house full moon for gloating about the electoral results.

Finally, there is the position of Jupiter at the respective black moon midterm elections.  For George Bush, transiting Jupiter was in his 1st house bringing him personal good fortune and expanding horizons.  For President Trump, transiting Jupiter is in his lowly 4th house sucking the good fortune out of his 10th house of status.

The big issue for the 2018 midterm elections – can President Trump follow in the footsteps of President George Bush in upsetting the anti-incumbent results of most midterm elections?  Someone has to end up much gloomier than normal, but both astrologically and politically, it looks like the gloom settles mainly but not exclusively on President Trump and the Republicans because the black moon on election day 2018, while positioned in the 4th house, remains in the Libra lunar month with the focus on the 3rd house.  Therefore, Trump’s opponents do not have their status temporarily vanquished on election day, as was the case with President Bush.


The transiting Scorpio and black moon turn into the new Scorpio lunar month during the afternoon the day after the 2018 election, and with Scorpio ruling Trump’s lowly 4th house, this strongly suggests that Trump is in the doldrums quickly following the election – most likely as a result of the elections going badly for the Republicans. The big question – how bad?  This requires paying attention to the lunation cycle.  The Gemini full moon due around the 23rd November affect the two weeks of 13th – 30th November and activates Trump’s 11th house and solar 1st house.  The solar 1st house is definitely favorable personally for Trump.  The 11th house is in opposition to the 5th house of political might, indicating that Trump is feeling uncomfortable with this opposition to his political power.    Trump will still have the difficult last week of the Scorpio Lunar month commencing around 30th November that again invokes his 4th house in opposition to his 10th house of status.

The main uncertainty here is the wild card black moon on the following afternoon of the elections at the very beginning of the Scorpio lunar month activating a new set of houses.  This may suggest a short term negative result for the Democratic opponents from the black moon as their status is temporarily impinged due to Trumps’ 4th house representing their 10th house of success and status.  Perhaps many results are too close to call, and it may look like the Republicans secure more seats than initially expected?  It is not until late the second day or third day after the elections when the black moon disappears that Trump’s opponents breathe a sigh of relief?


Notwithstanding the wild card of the black moon for the two to three days commencing on election day, it appears that Trump is feeling down for a good week post the election, becomes aggressive or belligerent for two weeks, and then again plummets.  However, as stated earlier, transiting Jupiter enters Trump’s 5th house in mid November for about a year suggesting that he will soon be on the roll again once some supportive lunar months and full moons come on board.  My main interest with the 2018 midterm elections is the effect the black moon will have on the day of the election, the following day when it starts the new Scorpio lunar month, and then the return to normality of the moon when it ceases its black moon phase on the 3rd day after the elections.

If I had followed my own lunar insights on the 2016 US presidential elections, I would have obtained the correct election results.  My understanding of lunar astrology was in its embryonic side in November 2016, and therefore I had not yet developed confidence in this new approach.

I had the first inkling of flaws in my assumption of Hillary Clinton winning the presidential election about one week before the election, and on November 5th 2016 (USA time) I published on a number of Facebook sites “The Scorpio Lunar Month & the US Presidential Elections” (see www.facebook.com/Macro.Astrology). In this post I stated:

For the current Scorpio lunar month, the Taurus full Moon (on 14th November), ….. actively stimulates Trump’s 10th house of status and fame and undermines Hillary’s personal worth in favor of her opponent.

There are a number of possibilities. Firstly, the election result may be so close that the final result must wait until after the full Moon effect but in the meantime, Trump is sitting in the sunshine of a possible victory. Secondly, the result is clear on the day but Trump goes on a final ranting binge about the corruption of the US presidential election followed by his last few days as a major news item? Thirdly, Trump actually wins the election?

Something strange and unusual is occurring here as Trump gets an immediate election afterglow, one way or another.

The only influence from the Dark Moon Lilith is that within 24 hours of the election the transiting Sun will be conjunct Trumps progressed Lilith. This brings either great fame or great loss of fame, but nothing in the middle.

In conclusion, ….. it does suggest something that promotes Trump’s image post-election day … . Somehow he gets an election afterglow….. The coming full Moon indicates he will be at his best under the glow of the full Moon.[i]

My mindset before the 2016 US presidential election was so caught up in the prevailing view that it was impossible for Trump to win the election, that I did not heed the warnings of such a simple and elementary thing as the full moon only days after the election.   Over the last two years my confidence in the new lunar astrology has grown exponentially.  The same triumphal lunar conditions for President Trump post the 2016 presidential elections  is not evident at the 2018 midterm elections – quite the opposite!  However, President George Bush succeeded in not too dissimilar circumstances but astrologically the 2018 midterm elections hinge on two points:

  1. Transiting Jupiter assisted President George Bush but detracts from President Trump
  2. President Trump’s black moon is still digging deeper into its hole on election day with little negativity for his opponents, whereas for President Bush, the black moon was climbing its way out and wiped out his opposition on election day.

Despite my astrological opinion that the Republicans will ‘lose’ the 2018 midterm elections, President Trump has some very powerful support in his western and Vedic charts – you don’t become president of the USA without some exceptional qualities on your side, and Trump has some absolutely exceptional astrological qualities assisting him.  One such quality is his ability to eclipse his political opponents as he was born on the day of a lunar eclipse in his 5th house of politics.  Another strong quality is his ability to verbally attack his opponents which uplift his supporters due to a fallen stationary Jupiter in his 2nd Vedic house of speaking.  Stationary planets bring power, and his north node is also stationary in his 10th house of status.  The Vedic north node has a Uranian quality as it prefers the future – Trump senses where to direct his energies like a pickpocket looking for an opportunity.  With the north node conjunct his natal Sun, this breeds egotism in the Vedic chart, but because it is stationary and in his 10th Vedic house, it also brings great power.

Furthermore, the world is plunging deeper into the Aquarius micro-age decan and overflow (Dec 2014 – Dec 2019 – Nov 2024) of the Gemini micro-age (2014-29), and Aquarius promotes extremists and fringe groups over the mainstream.  Fringe politics includes extremists on both sides of the political spectrum.  Therefore, there is strong astrological support for the most extreme president seen to date in the history of the USA, and this astrological support is getting stronger…. as the recent results of the Brazilian presidential elections and the rise of far right parties in Europe also demonstrate.  [See Trump is Representative of the Age of Aquarius ]  So despite my prediction that the Republicans will ‘lose’ the 2018 midterm elections, I also would not be surprised if Trump pulls a rabbit out of his hat one way or another, if not around the elections, then in the months ahead.  What I am more interested in is how this black moon performs at these 2018 midterm elections.


[i] The Taurus Full Moon and the Presidential Election

Gauquelins’ Mars Effect Graph SOLVED?

The most interesting aspect of my research into the Gauquelins’ Mars effect is that it appears to have been ALREADY SOLVED decades ago!  Despite its solution, it appears that very few astrologers know about the solution. The major statistical symptoms the Gauquelins’ picked up have nothing to do with houses or zodiacal signs, but everything to do with harmonics.  They merely picked up the combination of the 3rd and 4th harmonics which produces the result quiet succinctly without jumping through hoops. John Addey explained the Gauquelins’ mysterious 12th house ‘bulge’ in his book “Harmonics in Astrology” published in 1976. (pp 22 – 33). There is no 12th house bulge, there is just the major bulge created by the combination of the 3rd and 4th harmonics.

Click for a short excerpt from James Addey’s book Chapter 4

For an understanding of ‘simple’ harmonics

A basic understanding of the Mars effect graph

Basically, John Addey is stating that statistical research shows tendencies, and these tendencies usually are waves.  For example, I think he stated that doctors tend to congregate Saturn(?) around every 30 degrees (12th harmonic).  However, many times, Addey also found that the results of examining a profession or whatever, would show that the distribution is not based on one frequency (harmonic), but on two separate frequencies combined.  But when two frequencies or harmonics combine, the result does not necessarily resemble either frequency, but a totally different looking hybrid – and the classic example of a hybrid 3rd and 4th harmonic is the Mars effect graph.

What is the 3rd and 4th harmonic?  If the horoscopes of many people are collected, and it was found that these people collectively had a greater focus of planets at 120 degrees intervals, then this is the 3rd harmonic, as there are three 120 degree intervals in the 360 degree circle.  The 4th harmonic would show a focus on points 90 degrees apart.  Famous sports persons are attracted to both the 3rd and 4th harmonic, but when these combine, there are no longer peaks at the 90 and 120 degree intervals, but at the peaks shown in the Mars effect graph.

The 12th house peak effect for Mars in the horoscope of eminent sports persons appears about 10 degrees before the ascendant in the 12th house, with the secondary 9th house peak about the same 10 degrees but before the MC, mid heaven or 10th house cusp

Why the 3rd and 4th harmonics?  The 3rd harmonic is based upon the trine, and the 4th harmonic on the cardinal cross.  In Vedic astrology, whenever two planets share the same house, and one planet rules a trine house (5th or 9th), and the other planet rules an angular house (1st, 4th, 7th, and 10th) this is considered so auspicious that it is labelled a raja yoga (kingly union) because any association between the highly favorable trigona houses (5th & 9th) and angular houses of strength (1st, 4th, 7th, and 10th) combines all that is good in houses.  It is possible the Guaquelins’ Mars effect is a reflection of this Vedic principle?  Harmonics also have a long history in Vedic astrology, and the most popular harmonic in Vedic astrology is the 9th harmonic – called the navamsa chart.

Regardless of the above speculative Vedic connection, the 3rd and 4th harmonics in western astrology can be related to trine and cardinal houses and should stand for very positive and strong energies, which when combined, produces an extra strong result (in the presumed 12th house).  This is just a quirk of the combined 3rd and 4th harmonic that even though each harmonic individually does not create any bulge in the 12th house, but when combined the combination does.

James Addey states:

Michel Gauquelin himself, who has done so much to elucidate the characteristics of the diurnal or mundane circle, says he can make no sense of planetary distributions in the circle of the Zodiac or in the aspect circle.  This is quite simply because so far he has not fully grasped the harmonic nature of all such astrological factors.  He has so far persisted, in consequence, in continuing to count distributions in the conventional signs of the Zodiac instead of breaking the ecliptic into smaller units and examining the results in terms of harmonics”.  “Harmonics in Astrology”, Cambridge Circle, Wisconsin, USA, 1977, p 57

However, a word of caution, the Mars effect will not predict if a person will become a major sportsperson.  While more famous sports persons may have a slightly greater chance of having their natal Mars from 1 to 30 degrees above the ascendant – peaking at about 10 degrees, the huge majority of people with Mars at this location will not have any greater likelihood of becoming a famous sportsperson.  The Guaquelins did not analyze a large sample of people and see what percentage became famous sports persons, because they only used a sample where everyone is already a famous sportsperson.  From memory, I believe that that Mars in this same location is evident with serial killers.

John Addey lived from 1920 to 1982. He was perhaps the most outstanding British astrologer since Charles Carter. He is best known for editing the Journal of the Astrological Foundation, and for his work in harmonics. His famous book, Harmonics in Astrology, is back in print again. See: http://www.astroamerica.com/addey.html

Probably the greatest issue of interest with the Gauquelins’ famous Mars effect circular graph is why astrologers either do not know or accept John Addey’s work on harmonics in astrology to explain this phenomenon? Perhaps it is because his book is out of print and a second hand softcover is worth at least $71, and usually more, with the hardcover worth over $400? There may be other symptoms picked up by examining the data that have nothing to do with harmonics, but these will be of secondary or minor importance compared to the harmonic perspective.  My previous decan analysis is probably one such instance.  This is not to say that astrologers cannot extract other pertinent astrological insights from Gauquelins’ research.

My previous mainly misguided posts on Gauquelins’ Mars effect:

Gauquelin’s Mars Effect REVISITED

Gauquelin’s Mars’ Effect REVEALED?


Taylor Swift – More Than a Diva in the Making?

Taylor Swift has been called the ‘iconic American gal’ and in many ways, she is the Shirley Temple of the Millennial generation as she seems to have embodied all that is good and wholesome in what older Americans would like to see in their youth.  Taylor has actively promoted this image as she recognizes that she is a role model, and so she has been willing to play the part – at least for the first part of her highly successful career.  In this astrological analysis, I will examine Taylor from the perspective of Vedic astrology followed by western astrology and, I will try and make it as understandable as possible for those readers with little understanding of astrology.   If you are unfamiliar with Taylor Swift, or do not recognize her brilliance and competence from a very early age, watch:

CNN Spotlight: Taylor Swift (2014)

Vedic Astrology Highlights

The following chart for Taylor Swift both accurately describes Taylor’s assets and liabilities, and her dasas (time periods) also accurately indicate her early fame.  Some pitfalls that lie ahead of her are also indicated, as even for a diva, not all the pathway is paved with gold.  (See A New Pisces Goddess – More Than a Diva in the Making? for background material on Taylor Swift’s status as a Pisces diva)

Whereas Taylor Swift has Capricorn rising in western astrology, she has sidereal Sagittarius rising in Vedic astrology, which has no personality implications, unlike the case in western astrology, but it does indicate the focus in her life is attuned to her ruling planet Jupiter being located in her 7th house of relationships and business activity.  The Moon is also located in the 7th house, and the Moon is always a co-ruler of the Vedic chart.  Therefore, with both ruling planets in the 7th house, this indicates a major area in her life, and her early song “Love Story” supports this focus as the Vedic 7th house is always related to everything associated with love., major relationships and even marriage.  The 7th house, apart from including the two ruling planets, also has a raja yoga due to mutual reception between Mercury and Jupiter, allowing Jupiter to behave as if it is in its own sign (Sagittarius).  Any planet in its own sign in an angular house (1st, 4th, 7th & 10th houses) has raja yoga status, so Taylor will always be attracted to partners with the necessary features to fulfil their raja yoga status.

Of all the 4 astronomical bodies in the 1st and 7th houses that are naturally highly influential[1], the most influential is the Moon, as its conjunction with her Jupiter ruling planet means that she is highly attractive to the general public, and probably also explains her Moon-white complexion (see her photo which

Taylor Swift in 2011

presents her Moon-child image effectively).  With the Moon also having the status of the co-ruler in Vedic astrology, Jupiter’s conjunction with her Moon therefore reinforces success and many benefits come to her easily.  Taylor was born only hours after the full Moon, and anyone born on a full Moon finds the road to success easier compared to non-full moon mortals!

An important source of Taylor’s early musical inclination is that her maternal grandmother was an opera singer, and the 7th house represents anyone’s maternal grandmother as the 4th house represents mothers, and the 7th house is the derived 4th house from the 4th house (ie the mother of your mother).  This connection between Swift and her maternal grandmother is strongly represented in her Vedic chart.

With all bodies strongly aspecting their opposite houses in Vedic astrology (but without any negative connotations unlike the case in western astrology), and with her 1st house Mercury in mutual reception with her 7th house Jupiter, Taylor has strong symbiosis between the 1st and 7th houses.  Of the four planets involved, three are benefics (Mercury, Moon and Jupiter), and benefics affecting the 1st house always makes a person attractive and ‘warm’ in their nature.  All these highly beneficial planets also focus their positive energies strongly onto the 7th house – Taylor will always be attracted to partners with appealing personalities.   Saturn is the only planet that can detract from her 1st house image but this also would promote her career skills and promote a late life strengthening of her character. Saturn will also shine its energy onto the 7th house suggesting that the older Taylor becomes, the more successful will be her significant relationships and that her partner will improve like ageing wine.

With Mercury being in mutual reception with Jupiter, Mercury behaves as if it is in own sign – Gemini, and any planet in its own sign on an angle is raja yoga (kingly union), bringing good fortune to the image she projects.  Raja yogas have no equivalent in western astrology but behave like a gift or positive highlight – an archetypal diamond that glitters in the light).  Furthermore, her accentual Mercury makes her mentally sharp, alert and keyed in to media.

Mercury in the 1st house is also the ruler of her 10th house of career and success, and this has already manifested. Saturn rules the 2nd house of her voice, income and her 3rd house of dynamic energy and the media – so she was destined to be a wealthy media tart (no offense intended).  With Venus also located in the 2nd house, this brings her favorable conditions for singing and musical ability.  Unfortunately, Venus is conjunct Rahu in the 2nd house, and this brings a malefic influence to her relationships and voice.  While she may not be a Joni Mitchell clone, she certainly knows how the make the most of her vocal talents.  Her widely publicized relationship issues is accentuated by the fact that her Moon in the 7th house rules the difficult 8th house, and this usually indicates a love life with hurdles and problems.  With Mars, the ruler of her 5th house of romance located in her 12th house of instability and decay, this does not bode well for her short term love affairs, but she capitalizes this aspect of her life with relationship discord the thematic source of many of her songs that she writes.  The 5th/12th connection also often indicates no children or the possibility of step children rather than having her own children, especially if this is delayed.

Venus in the 2nd house of finances also rules her 11th house of wealth, and any connection between these two money houses is excellent for wealth – which I believe exceeds $400 million (in 2018).   In 2015, she became the youngest woman ever to be included on Forbes’ 100 most powerful women list, ranked at number 64. In 2016, Swift topped Forbes’ annual list of the 100 highest-paid celebrities with $170 million—a feat that entered the Guinness World Records—and also ranked among the top ten in 2011, 2013 and 2015.  When Taylor Swift was on the Graham Norton’s Show, she made a request of him, and his reply was:

What Taylor Swift wants, Taylor Swift gets!

Taylor may also experience significant health issues later in life as the Moon, ruler of the 8th house of chronic illnesses, shines directly upon her 1st house, an unfortunate circumstance for health.  This will be partially offset by her 1st house raja yoga strengthening her constitution and Jupiter favorably aspecting the 1st house which it also rules.  She should be able to fight off late life negative health issues.

The ruler of her 9th house of grace and good fortune is the Sun, located in the 12th house of decay.  The Sun rules prominence and the 12th house has already figured in her early rise to fame, as the 12th house first promotes, then drains.  Therefore, Taylor may have trouble maintaining her audience as the decades unfolds as her chart strongly suggests that she will lose the glow – though this can be avoided to a certain extent if she moved to a foreign exotic location or she promoted consciousness or spirituality in her music in later years.  However, a 9th/12th connection is very favorable for anyone seeking “enlightenment”, but it also promotes good sex in the early years and the quaint way this is expressed in India is that the person sleeps in beds with many ornaments.   With Mars strong in its own sign of Scorpio in the 12th house, all 12th house affairs are accentuated, and with Venus conjunct futuristic Rahu, she will always be keenly looking for her next relationship but she most likley would be a difficult woman to keep satisfied as Rahu knows no bounds and always hungers for more.

The other interesting feature of Taylor’s 12th house is that it has a raja yoga as Mars rules the 5th house and the Sun rules the 9th house, and whenever the rules of these two most favorable houses share the same house, a raja yoga is created.  This strongly suggests that if she seeks ‘liberation’ or ‘enlightenment’, she has a high chance of succeeding.  At a minimum, a strong 12th house indicates lots of saucy gossip for the media to latch onto. One commentator stated that Taylor has saved the gossip magazine industry due to her numerous short term relationships.  Taylor is also accredited with saving country music.  She will boost her luck by extensive travels or residence in foreign exotic lands as this years go by.

Marc Boney has provided some additional insight into the brilliance of Taylor Swift’s Vedic horoscope in The Birth Chart of Taylor Swift – Cascading Graha Yogas. These additional insights are based on yogas (specific combination of planets and houses that have no equivalence in western astrology).  The raja yogas I have already mentioned are a special form of a yoga which brings great strength. For example, a planet in its own or exalted sign in an angular house has raja yoga status.   Marc Boney has identified specifically three yogas that are highly pertinent to Taylor Swift.

Firstly, Taylor has a Sarasvati Yoga, and Sarasvati is the Indian goddess of music, the arts, knowledge and learning.  A Sarasvati yoga is created when all the benefics (Mercury, Venus and Jupiter) are located in angular (1st, 4th, 7th or 10th houses), trine houses (5th or 9th houses) or the 2nd house plus Jupiter has strength.  With Mercury in the 1st, Jupiter in the 7th, and Venus in the 2nd plus Jupiter is raja yoga by mutual reception with Mercury, all the conditions for the Sarasvati yoga are met.  Taylor has the goddess of music on her side!

Secondly, Taylor has a Pushkala yoga or “the yoga of magnificence” which is created when the lord of the Moon (Mercury in Taylor’s case) conjunct with lord of the ascendant (Jupiter) in an angular house, or they be joined in a great friends sign or better.  In this case “better” includes mutual reception as with Mercury in Sagittarius and Jupiter in Gemini, these two bodies are located in the sign ruled by the other planet.  The final condition is that a strong planet aspects the 1st house.  With Taylor’s ruling planet, Jupiter, aspecting back to its ‘own’ sign Sagittarius on the ascendant, this final condition is also met.

Thirdly, Taylor has a Bheri Yoga or the “yoga of kettle drums”.  This yoga is created when there are planets in the 1st, 2nd, 7th and 12th houses plus the lord of the 9th or 10th houses is strong.  All these conditions are met, and with Mercury raja yoga status and ruler of the 10th house, this final condition is fulfilled.  This yoga indicates that the person makes a noise and impact like a marching band coming down the street!  It is also a remarkable tidy yoga as basically it means that the most important 1st house is strong with at least one planet, and with at least one planet in the houses either side (the 12th and 2nd houses), so that the 1st house is both protected, guarded and strengthened.  The 1st house is further enhanced by at least one planetary aspect from the opposite 7th house, increasing the strength of the 1st house, and of course, to make any kind of public impact, the 10th house must be strong or the 9th house must bestow its benefits (grace and good fortune).

Vedic time periods (dasa) and sub-periods (bhukti)

When we examine Taylor’s Vedic time-periods (dasas), she has been in her highly favorable Jupiter dasa (September 2003 – September 2019) since she was almost 14 years.  This is when she moved with her family from Pennsylvania to Nashville Tennessee to further her music career.  The previous dasa, Rahu, usually brings ‘loss’ to a person’s life, and perhaps Taylor ‘lost’ most of her local connections and friends in Pennsylvania when she moved?  Taylor reportedly was ostracized by most of her fellow  middle school students who could not relate to her attraction to country western music, and this is also indicative of the loss associated with Rahu This is a rather fortunate placement of her Rahu dasa (in effect since birth), as she should avoid major financial collapse or devastating loss in her later life which often occurs when a mature person hits their Rahu dasa.  The Rahu dasa is a very vulnerable time, and if a person is going to fall, they usually pick the Rahu dasa.

Taylor’s first leap to fame at the age of 16 not only occurred in her new Jupiter dasa, but also a Saturn sub-period (November 2005 – May 2008).  With raja yoga Jupiter ruling her 1st house, and Saturn located in her 1st house, and ruling her 2nd house of singing and 3rd house of media – all the ducks were all lining up for her sudden and very early lurch to fame.  Jupiter is a major benefic, and has shone well upon her during the Jupiter dasa, but this is all coming to an end in September 2019, when she enters her Saturn dasa.

Saturn is obviously not a bad planet for Taylor, but Saturn is dour, reserved and a problematical planet compared to Jupiter, and it does not have the highly favorable raja yoga status, and so we should see some manifestation of this in her life during its reign (September 2019 – September 2038).  However, every cloud has a silver lining, and Saturn will usually bring to a person their dharma or sense of duty or purpose in their life.  Many people never encounter a Saturn dasa in their life, or encounter it too old, but the benefit this Saturn dasa will bring Taylor is that she most likely will find her main passion in life, which may or may not be primarily associated with her musical career.

After the Saturn dasa, the following raja yoga Mercury dasa (in effect in Taylor’s case from age 48 to 65) will continue the fixation on presentation (1st house, and career as Mercury rules the 10th house). It is very possible that Taylor becomes politically motivated or champions a social cause depending upon the direction the previous Saturn dasa turns her motivation.  Taylor has always taken a political stance – her opening political philosophy has been to avoid discussing politics as she stated that she did not feel it was her duty to ram her personal political convictions down the throats of her fans.  This is a political stance even if it seems to negate politics!  This indicates that she does recognize politics.  Taylor has significantly increased her political motivation by declaring that she will vote for Democrats in Tennessee in the 2018 midterm elections as she feels that the incumbent Republicans do not represent her Tennessee values – especially related to the rights of women.  She has actively encouraged her fans to register and vote and on a daily basis to the lead up to the 2018 midterm elections, Taylor posted on her Instagram account notices from her fans about their registration to vote, or early voting.  Taylor is already behaving like a politician.

With Mercury also ruling her 7th house, this may reflect a major relationship or even living in a foreign western country.  The Ketu dasa (age 65 to 72) may see an extended sabbatical as she takes a break from the limelight, or she may have to deal with a major health issue as Ketu is located in the dreaded 8th house.  The favorable Venus dasa will be in play from the age of 72 to 92 suggesting a highly favorable end of life period, and possibly her most successful relationship if she has not already achieved this in her life?

Western Analysis Highlights


Taylor’s western natal horoscope (using whole sign houses)

In Taylor’s western horoscope (above), she has Capricorn rising, but while Capricorn is not irrelevant, it subsides to the likes of Mercury, Uranus and Neptune in the 1st house as stronger influences in her life compared to Capricorn.  Some astrologers may consider that Mercury has the strongest influence, lying exactly conjunct her ascendant .   Mercury is very often present for anyone extensively using their hands, and as a guitarist and musician, she is constantly using her hands.  Taylor primarily manifests Mercury (Gemini) in her life – she is sharp, adroit and has made extensive use of social media, with all forms of communication associated with Mercury.  Mercury is the sign of youth, and she first experienced fame while a youth, and young people are highly attracted to her – as she speaks their language. Mercury likes bright lights and big cities, and she has appropriately recently purchased (from Gandalf) an apartment in New York City.

Sitting strategically above her ascendant (and Mercury), is Uranus – the ruler of Aquarius associated with oddballs. The interesting thing about Uranus is that in most of the common house systems employed by astrologers, anything above the ascendant is located in the “hidden” 12th house, but this is certainly not the case with Taylor as she manifests Uranus in many ways. She was an oddball in middle school and her classmates shunned her because she was “different”.  Uranus (and the sign it rules – Aquarius) always indicate someone who is different, strange or odd in any one of a number of ways.

Uranus is like a bolt of lightening, supplying a surge of energy that cannot be maintained all the time.  She is reported to be ‘possessed’ when she is working on writing a new song, and it is recommended that she is left alone to complete her task.  Taylor is reported to spend a lot of her spare time watching daytime TV (her downtime).   Taylor also has a nervous leg twitch suggesting she has energy to burn.  We will probably see a lot more manifestation of her Uranus in the coming decades as she develops a more developed socio-political consciousness, as a Uranian-Aquarius person more often than not deeply wants to improve the condition of the world.

Neptune, only 4 degrees below her ascendant, indicates her great affinity to music, the stage, acting and all the fantasy associated with the world of entertainment.  She was attracted first to the stage, and then to music when she started learning the guitar at age 12.  But keeping her firmly grounded in her ambitions and giving her a backbone is her Saturn in its own sign.  With Saturn her ruling planet, and placed in her 1st house, she is able to focus upon herself as her most marketable commodity (herself), something she does highly professionally – also a Saturn/Capricorn attribute.  She will not be a pushover.

Taylor’s Moon is in its own sign of Cancer, which also promotes her Moon-child image effectively presented by Swift with her white-blond projection (see her photo).  But with Jupiter (ruler of Sagittarius) conjunct her Moon, and her Sun located in Sagittarius, Taylor is also a child of Jupiter-Sagittarius – bringing her luck, good fortune, much overseas travel with the astrological gods smiling upon her.

Taylor Swift has described herself as ‘blindly optimistic’ as a Sagittarius [Ref: www.tatler.com/article/star-struck-this-months-horoscope ]

Traditional western astrologers would also note that Jupiter is exalted in Cancer, further accentuating her good fortune and positive Jupiterian outlook on life. Taylor projects a positive image and if she encounters problems she can always Shake it Off.  With Jupiter and the Moon located in her 7th house she will be attracted to partners that are from overseas, positive, optimistic but also sensitive – and perhaps moody at times. The Moon also indicates privacy, and this is the source of her private love life.

The Sun also indicates that any partner is very positive, optimistic and perhaps from a foreign country.  Mars is also indicative of the energy of her partners, and with Mars in Scorpio, they may have issues related to insecurity and financial difficulties but are liable to have strong sexual energy.

At this point, it is also worth noting that Taylor has the Dark Moon Lilith at 11 degrees Cancer in her 7th house.  The Dark Moon Lilith (DML) is a strange body (if it exists) that supposedly rotates around the Earth four times further away than the Moon, and moving at 3 degrees 2 minutes per day.  I do not recommend astrologers learning or applying the DML, and I only employ it because it is supposedly conjunct my ascendant.  The DML should not be confused with the Black Moon Lilith, or other versions of Lilith, and even with the DML, there are two versions – the European and USA versions.  I use the American version [as expounded by Delphine Jay].  the DML bring glitter to a person, so for Taylor, the glitter sits in her 7th house of her partner and general public.  This indicates that Taylor’s adoration of her fans is not a put-on, but real.  When she stands on stage at the end of a song with her fans expressing their delight, her delight is palpable. I believe she first encountered this at the young age of 11 or 12 when she publicly sang “The Star Spangle Banner” before a football game.  Once she tasted this public applause, there was no stopping her!  The DML in her chart indicates her thirst for applause from her fans is as strong as her fans’ adoration of her.

The DML prefers depersonalized situations such as Taylor with her fans (general public), but the DML usually frowns on situations which are personal.  Therefore with the DML in her 7th house, this will play havoc with her relationships because of another attribute of the DML – there is nothing suburban about the DML.  it is either full on and great, or the brakes are slammed on and it is terrible.  This is the gist for her songwriting, and her well publicized angst about her ex-boyfriends.  The DML behaves like soap in the bathtub, so Taylor cannot grab or possess any partner, but must accept what comes her way.

Pluto is the closest planet to her midheaven, and this suggests that she will metamorphose her career over the course of her life – how many times is hard to say, but if she ever ‘collapses’ this will be her seed for renewal.  Pluto does have a strong revolutionary element, and we can expect that Taylor may become more politically orientated over the coming decades, especially due to the influence of her north node.

Her nodal axis has her south node in Leo, and north node in Aquarius explaining why she presents herself as so squeaky clean and mainstream orientated as this is what Leo represents.  Everyone is initially attracted to their south node, and usually avoid their north node, but the north node always provides a level of contentment or fulfillment that cannot be found from the south node.  This suggests that she will leave her squeaky clean mainstream persona at some stage, and veer towards her revolutionary Aquarius north node – strongly facilitated by the strategic placement of Uranus (the ruler of Aquarius), above her ascendant.   Taylor Swift may morph into a contemporary revolutionary yet! A rebel with a cause?  She has all the attributes of a consummate politician.

Mars in the 11th house is an interesting placement, as wherever Mars is located, a person must always put in energy to maintain the status quo.  With the 11th house the house of friends (and non-profit organizations etc), it suggest she will have a number of male friends, such as Ed Sheeran, who even appropriately has red hair to match the color of Mars!  Taylor Swift and Ed Sheeran have toured together.  Her school friends shunning her in middle school is also a manifestation of antagonistic Mars in the house of friends.  The 11th house indicates hopes and wishes for the improvement of the world – once she unleashes her political self, there may be no stopping her as Mars indicates where to focus her energy.

Taylor Swift has her first Saturn return over the course of 2019 when she ‘comes of age’.  Saturn is already strong in her chart as her (western) ruling planet and the fact it is in its own sign.  The other very interesting aspect of her natal Saturn is its close conjunction with Neptune – the planet of music and the stage.  This suggests that Taylor will, after her Saturn return, enter a new level of musical maturity and perhaps even expand her work in the movies etc.  For example, after the early days of the Beatles with songs like “I Want to Hold Your Hand”, they moved on from their pop roots, and we should expect much the same from Taylor.  It is said that when Saturn or Capricorn is strong in the natal chart, “a person is old when young, and reaches youth when old”.  Certainly Taylor has had to deal with the world of big business and career aspirations from an early age, and so this Saturn return should be a stepping stone to the new Taylor Swift – not that there is anything particularly wrong with the existing Taylor Swift.

Taylor Swift’s progressed horoscope (outer wheel) superimposed upon her natal chart with the progressed Moon located in her 7th house

Taylor’s secondary progressed Moon is located in her 7th house of marriage and major relationships in the period October 2016 until April/May 2019.  This correlates to a significant change in her relationship life, as it has been reported that Taylor has been romantically linked to the British actor Joe Alwyn since May 2017.  This has followed an extended period of short term and on-and-off relationships.  The current placement of her progressed Moon indicates a period of relationship stability, but with Cancer ruling her 7th house, and her natal Moon located in this house – this is a highly private area!  Taylor channels Diana, the goddess of the hunt, in her relationships, and Diana was renown for her privacy.  This 7th house focus may propel Taylor to get married?

Chinese Astrology

Is Taylor Swift focusing in on her Chinese zodiacal sign of the snake?

Taylor Swift Optus Stadium review: Pop star brings Reputation Stadium Tour to Perth

“Giant snakes, confetti every other song and an incredible 33m tall screen that curved across the stage and lifted to reveal Swift’s band made for some eye-popping visuals. The whole thing looked like an oil rig had accidentally crash-landed at one end of Optus Stadium.”  THE WEST AUSTRALIAN

Images of the following show in Melbourne, Australia (October 2018) reported the same snake focus.  I remember the following Snake maxim:  “the Snake suffers from a wandering eye, but low and behold any partner that does the same!”

Astrology can provide insights that are otherwise difficult to find. Taylor Swift is one of a contingent of musicians that ‘came of age’ under the tutelage of Pisces, the main sign of music (and actors) that was particularly strong in the years 2005 to 2010.  The arrival of such Pisces periods are usually separated by about 60 years, though sometimes it can be as short as 45 years.  The last Pisces period was 45 years earlier and was associated with the musical extravaganza of the 1960s.  The next Pisces period will not peak until around 2073.  So if you think that Taylor and her ilk who were first presented to us in the 2000s are ‘special’ – you are correct.  [See A New Pisces Goddess – a Diva in the Making? for more details]


[1] All planets etc in Vedic astrology aspect their opposite house, but in a different way to western astrology.  In western astrology, the opposition aspect is negative, and introduces negativity – one way or another.  All aspects in Vedic astrology are neutral, and the main determining factors that make the aspect positive or negative (or both), is associated with the houses the aspecting planets rule, followed by the nature of the planet. Therefore, in Taylor’s case, having two benefics (Moon and Jupiter) in the 7th house shining upon the most important 1st house, this brings positivity.  With Jupiter also ruling the 1st house, this further strengthens the 1st house.  With the Moon ruling the ‘evil’ 8th house, this negativity also shines upon Taylor,  but the positive aspects and planets in the 1st house greatly outweigh the negative influences.

Trump & Putin are Partners!

My forensic astrological analysis of Trump’s travels to a NATO meeting, visiting the British Prime Minister in the UK and the Helsinki Summit with President Putin of Russia, indicates that President Trump sees President Putin as his “partner”.  The big question is – a partner for what purpose?

In my preliminary post “Has the Media and Trump Got it All Wrong?” posted on 5th July 2018 I made some observations about Trump’s interaction with NATO and the Helsinki summit compared with President Putin of Russia.  The two main astrological points were that the NATO meeting occurred in the last week of the Gemini lunar month (14 June – 13 July 2018), and the first and last week of each lunar month is primarily associated with the sign ruling the whole lunar month.  However, by the time of the Helsinki summit with President Putin, a new lunar month had ticked over, and this occurred in the first week of the Cancer lunar month (13 July – 11 August 2018).

The forensic astrological interest in this scenario is in the houses activated by these two lunar months in President Trump’s horoscope.  The Gemini lunar month commenced with the Sun and Moon located at virtually 23 degrees Gemini – almost exactly conjunct Trump’s natal Sun.  The following bi-wheel demonstrates this Gemini new moon juxtaposed with Trump’s natal horoscope but using whole sign houses.  Based on whole sign houses, the Gemini lunar month activates his 10th house of “friends”.

The Gemini new moon superimposed on Trump’s horoscope (utilizing whole sign houses)

However, if I place the Gemini new moon against Trump’s horoscope using Placidus houses (one of many quadrant based house systems), we get a different house activated.

The Gemini new moon superimposed on Trump’s horoscope (utilizing Placidus houses)

With this Placidus system, the Gemini new moon activates the 10th house.

The following summit in Helsinki with Putin occurred in the first week of the Cancer lunar month with the Sun and Moon located almost at 21 degrees Cancer at the new moon.  This activates Trump’s 12th whole sign house.

The Cancer new Moon superimposed on Trump’s horoscope (using whole sign houses)

However, if we use the Placidus house structure, it is Trump’s 11th house of friends that gets activated.

The Cancer new moon superimposed on Trump’s horoscope (using Placidus houses)

In my previous post on this topic, I stated:

“… with Cancer activating Trump’s 12th house of self-made problems, disasters and so on – but also endings.  The Cancer lunar month also activates Trump’s 2nd solar house, which is the derived 12th house to his 3rd solar house of communication. This suggests no real dialog.”

The actual events associated with the Helsinki Summit suggest that it was the 12th house that was activated in Trump’s horoscope.  The following feedback strongly suggests this:

For example, Newt Gingrich’s opinion of the press conference following the summit:

…. the former House speaker, Newt Gingrich, who called Trump’s behavior the “most serious mistake of his presidency”.

Other comments (from the same source) stated:

Arizona senator John McCain angrily denounced Trump and called the press conference a “pathetic rout” and “one of the most disgraceful performances by an American president in memory”.

“In a statement McCain said: “The damage inflicted by President Trump’s naiveté, egotism, false equivalence and sympathy for autocrats is difficult to calculate. But it is clear that the summit in Helsinki was a tragic mistake … No prior president has ever abased himself more abjectly before a tyrant.”

We do not need to get into the details of what many American politicians on both sides of the divide labelled a disaster, just that such disasters are associated with the 12th house – not the 11th house.  Even Fox News was temporarily taken back – such was the level of derision directed at President Trump before Trump’s supporters regrouped and pledged their ongoing allegiance to their “leader”.  This strongly insinuates that the Helsinki summit came under the influence of whole sign houses. (If astrologers actually took note of the comparison between whole sign houses and the quadrant based house systems, they would ditch Placidus and other irrelevant quadrant based house systems like hot potatoes)

Backtracking to the NATO meeting, and brief trip to the UK to meet the queen and severely criticize the British prime minister, takes us back to last week of the Cancer lunar month activating the 11th whole sign house of friends.  There was certainly a focus on friends, as Trump made it clear that he did not have friendly feelings to most of the key European leaders.  If you refer back to the Gemini lunar month chart to Trump’s whole sign house horoscope, you will notice that the Gemini new moon was closely conjunct Trump’s natal Saturn.  This seems to explain his countenance at NATO and the UK.  With Saturn involved, Trump strutted about and threw the USA’s “friends” into the gutter.

The Cancer lunar month has a two week period in the middle (20 July – 5 August 2018) ruled by the Aquarius full moon.  Within only hours of this coming into effect, it was announced on the news, that Trump had asked his national security adviser, John Bolton, to extend the invitation to Putin for a “working level” dialogue with President Putin later in 2018.[1]  What does this tell us?  The following bi-wheel shows the Aquarius full moon superimposed upon Trump’s natal horoscope using whole sign houses:

The Aquarius full moon (and lunar eclipse) superimposed upon Trump’s horoscope

It should be noted that this full moon is also a lunar eclipse and that it is closely conjunct transiting Mars – the planet of provocation. Considering all the flak that Trump received for belittling America’s intelligence agency in front of the whole world, it is a provocative act to quickly invite Putin to the USA. However, when we realize that the Aquarius full moon and eclipse occurs in Trump’s 7th house, we can really see what is going on here.  Trump sees Putin as a (7th house) partner – not a mere 11th house friend to be tripped into the gutter.  Trump is elevating President Putin to the level of a partner on the world stage.  To cement this burgeoning partnership, president Putin has invited president Trump to Moscow.[2]

It is also interesting that during this Aquarius full moon (and eclipse) two weeks period, that Trump has also focused on another 7th house issue – the 7th house of open enemies, in this case the news media.

White House press secretary Sarah Huckabee Sanders has refused to back away from US President Donald Trump’s assertions that the media is the “enemy” of the American people.[3]

The big question is – where is the embryonic love affair between Trump and Putin heading?  Drawing upon macro-astrology, the world is passing through a significant Aquarius sub-period within the Age of Aquarius (see: This is the Dawning of the Aquarius Micro-Age Decan and Trump is Representative of the Age of Aquarius).  Aquarius is far stronger for Russia compared to the USA even though the USA’s ‘second’ sign is Aquarius.  Russia is in an ascending astrological curve for the duration of the current Aquarius micro-age decan and overflow (December 2014 – December 2019 – November 2024).

Unfortunately, most astrologers do not understand the dark side of Aquarius which breeds fascism and its bedfellows including racism.  Also, while the USA is the age empire of the Pisces-Aquarius age (1433 AD – 3574 AD), it is the sign Aquarius that is and will be its undoing, as Aquarius sits in the prime 12th house position to Pisces, the number one sign for the USA (see: Pisces America ).  Based on this very cursory analysis, it does not look like anything positive will come from a developing relationship between Trump and Putin under Aquarius as both leaders display the same anti-democratic and neo-fascism sentiments, and this Aquarius will favor Russia over the interests of the USA.

However, any negativity or backsliding that will occur under the current Aquarius micro-age decan and overflow will not be of immediate concern as there are smaller periods than micro-age decans.  Currently, the world is passing through a Pisces nano-age and overflow (Jun 2017 – Sep 2018 – Dec 2019) and with Pisces the prime sign for the USA, USA will temporarily project strength and resilience despite its president. It will certainly be good for the stock market and economy – but only in the short term.

As a long term observer of US politics my perspective is that allegorically, the USA is politically like two cartoon characters modeled on Hitler and Lincoln, with both chained to each other by an unbreakable chain, and they cannot kill each other off, and neither can take permanent domination except perhaps a short time. However the astrology always gives the long term edge to the Lincoln sentiment, as the Age of Aquarius drags the USA away from its medieval roots and slowly but steadily towards modernity that is repulsive to the strong Christian element in the USA that supports anything that is against modernity – even Trump. The strong reactionary political force of Trump and his supporters has many precedences in USA’s political history such as the American Civil War, Prohibition and even the Viet Nam invasion. It is part of the American psyche that there are regular political polarizations that are extreme compared to most other Western nations, and such a political polarization is currently in progress. At the end of the day, the reactionary forces have always been eventually beaten, but never vanquished. It could be said that the formerly vanquished Confederate States voters have currently taken control of the USA government under Trump. This entrenched polarized political condition inherent in the USA is due to its primary sign being Pisces – with the two fish always swimming in the opposite direction.

2018 Midterm Elections

I have not yet analyzed the astrology of the mid-term elections due on 6th November 2018, but referring back again to the new lunar astrology, this will occur in the last quarter (1 November – 7 November) of the Libra lunar month (8 October – 7 November 2018) with the transiting moon also located in Libra for the 2 ½ days leading to the opening of the polls. These 2 ½ days are the Libra lunar month sting-in-the-tail.  However, the polling day ends with the transiting moon in Scorpio.  What does the new lunar astrology say about Trump and the midterm election?

Transits to Trump’s natal chart on 6 November 2018 (US midterm elections)

The Libra lunar month activates Trump’s 3rd whole sign house, and apart from Trump gallivanting around the states to shore up his supporters’ votes, this lunar month cannot be said to directly detract from his chances of success. The Libra lunar month also actives Trump’s solar 5th house of politics – and this does promote an optimistic political outcome for Trump.  The Taurus full moon on 25th October indicates that for the two week period from 17 October to 1 November (that are influenced by the full moon), Trumps 10th house of status and prestige is activated.  This means that until 5 days before the election, Trump is in full form! There is only a mildly negative influence in this two weeks coming from the Taurus full moon activating Trump’s solar 12th house.

There remains the relative problem of the transiting Moon in Scorpio at the end of the day of the midterm elections compounded by the fact that it turns into a black moon on election day.  The black moon does not usually bring gifts.  The transiting Scorpio and black moon turns into the new Scorpio lunar month late the day after the election, and the Scorpio lunar month rules Trump’s lowly 4th house.  This suggests that Trump is in the doldrums following the election strongly suggesting it went badly for him.  Probably the Republicans lose either the House or Senate majorities or both?  The majority of transiting aspects to Trump’s natal chart on the election day are mainly negative.  For example transiting Mars exactly square Trump’s midheaven, transiting Jupiter square Trump’s ascendant, and transiting Venus approaching a square to Trump’s natal Venus.

Therefore, the same triumphal lunar conditions post the 2016 presidential elections (Leo full moon in Trump’s 1st whole sign house) is not evident at the midterm elections.

From around 4th/5th August 2018), the world is passing through the last week of the Cancer lunar month, and this last week includes the Cancer sting-in-the-tail activated mid-week (around 6th/7th to 8th/9th August 2018) when the transiting moon returns to Cancer ready to conclude the Cancer lunar month.  With Cancer activating Trump’s 12th whole sign house, expect some more significant 12th house events from Trump.   This is where astrology can teach you the meaning of the 12th house.


[1] Trump plans to formally invite Putin to US later this year, White House says

[2] Vladimir Putin invites Donald Trump to Moscow in counteroffer

[3] ‘Enemy of the people’: Sanders refuses to disavow Trump’s claim about media

Has the Media and Trump Got it All Wrong?

“Donald Trump has trashed NATO, saying it was “as bad as Nafta”, the North American free trade agreement the US president despises, European officials have confirmed. Trump’s inflammatory remarks have added to jitters among US allies about what will happen at a Nato summit in Brussels starting on 11 July, followed by Trump’s meeting with Vladimir Putin in Helsinki five days later.”[1]

However, the astrology may suggest a different outcome.  The NATO meeting occurs in the last week of the Gemini lunar month, and this activates Trump’s 11th house of friends.  It is also activating Trump’s 1st solar house of strength and is anti partnership by the fact the 1st house is opposite the house of partnership. Which house wins?  It is always difficult with lunar astrology as the Moon does not seem to favor the ascendant houses over solar houses.  Is Europe considered a friend to the USA?  This event therefore could go two ways – or both together, but the purpose of this post is not to pick the “winner” in this situation.  What we need here is some clarification on house systems using Trump, as usual, the guinea pig.


Trump’s whole sign houses has Gemini ruling the 11th house, Cancer ruling the 12th

Five days later with Putin is a different story – this occurs in the first week of the Cancer lunar month with Cancer activating Trump’s 12th house of self-made problems, disasters and so on – but also endings.  The Cancer lunar month also activates Trump’s 2nd solar house, which is the derived 12th house to his 3rd solar house of communication. This suggests no real dialog.  Or does Trump formally end the ongoing hostility of the US political establishment with Russia?  At the end of the day, the two leaders are very much alike with their neo-fascism.  The above analysis utilizes whole sign houses – it is far easier to work with whole sign houses from the perspective of lunar astrology.

Of course, the wild card here is the solar partial eclipse commencing the Cancer lunar month on 13th July 2018, only two days after the end of the NATO meeting?  Traditionally, this used to mean that a leader would fall.


Needless to say, if the above analysis was undertaken using a quadrant based house system such as Placidus, the activated houses are completely different (see below).


The Gemini lunar month activates Trump’s 10th Placidus house

The Gemini lunar month activates Trump’s 10th Placidus house.  Instead of the NATO meeting occurring in the favorable 11th house of friends, it would activate Trump’s 10th Placidus house of prestige and status, and ‘attack’ the 11th house by being in the derived 12th house position.  (This is the situation currently with whole sign houses, and explains Trump rubbishing NATO while his 10th whole sign house is activated).  Using Placidus etc, Trumps meeting with Putin would be in the favourable 11th house of friends.  They would come out slapping each other’s back like old buddies.

The above activated houses provides different scenarios between the two house systems.  Already there is clear evidence that the whole sign houses are activated with Trump attacking America’s traditional friends, and ongoing research has clearly shown that the monthly lunations and full moons follow Trump’s whole sign houses, and not quadrant based houses with the ascendant commencing the 1st house.

Therefore, these two upcoming meetings will provide an interesting forensic analysis post the two events.

If you are interested in knowing the astrological truth about house systems, see: IS TRUMP THE PERFECT GUINEA PIG FOR ASTROLOGERS?


[1] Donald Trump and Vladimir Putin to hold summit in July

Golden Shoes

Many people have idiosyncrasies, and one of my long term acquaintances has a particular quirk, he likes to wear shoes that he sprays with gold paint.  Yet again, the magic of astrology is demonstrated in this situation, because if you examine his western horoscope, you will quickly notice that he was born exactly on sunrise, so he has the Sun rising, which overshadows the Sagittarius ascendant sign as the Sun, Moon or any planet is stronger than a zodiacal sign.  The Sun, along with Leo, the sign it rules, takes ownership of everything gold.  And so, this brings into view gold for this person.

With the second strongest part of any horoscope the midheaven, you should also notice that Neptune was relatively closely conjunct his midheaven (highest point of the sky).  Because this person was born in a relatively high northern latitude, the zodiac is ‘skewed’ somewhat, resulting in the midheaven being close to the end of his 11th whole sign house, whereas in quadrant house systems (such as Placidus), his midheaven would mark the beginning of the 10th house.  Nevertheless, despite the perversity of some house systems, Neptune is the second strongest entity in his chart.  Neptune, and the sign it rules, Pisces, take charge of the feet – including shoes.

Therefore, with the Sun and Neptune the two strongest astrological entities in his western horoscope, and with these two bodies ruling gold and feet, this perfectly explains his most observable quirk – golden shoes.

And now the plot thickens, because as I write, I am in the Capricorn full moon two week period (20 June – 6 July 2018 GMT) and you will notice that Mr Golden Shoes has Capricorn ruling his 2nd house of finances and income.  When we met, at the very beginning of the Capricorn full moon period, he expressed that he was going through a lean patch.  This semi-parlous financial situation is affecting most people with Sagittarius rising, and to a lessor extent, those people with a Sagittarius sun-sign, because the planet Saturn is slowly transiting through the sign of Capricorn for almost three years, having relatively recently entered the sign Sagittarius in December 2017.  Therefore, this two week Capricorn full moon is especially punchy for every sign of the zodiac, as it is reinforced by transiting Saturn – the natural ruler of Capricorn with the same flavor, but for each of the twelve zodiacal signs, it will affect a different department of life.

The big question arises, why did I meet him during this Capricorn full moon period?  In my horoscope (see below), I have Capricorn rule my dreaded 12th house.  But the 12th house is the derived 2nd house of finances to the 11th house of friends.  So it seems I was destined to meet a destitute friend during this Capricorn full moon.  But that is not the end of it, because at the same time I met Mr Destitute Golden Shoes, another friend sent me an email asking me for astrological advice on going bankrupt. He seems to have accumulated tens of thousands of dollars of credit card debts but is retired and only survives on social security.

TM WSH Tropical

Whole sign houses applied to ascendant houses

A casual but alert observer may consider it a financial liability to be my friend, and they would be correct to a certain point.  The following is my Vedic horoscope and it has the Sun, as ruler of the 8th house of debt and death, located in my 11th house of friends.

TM Vedic

My Vedic Horoscope

This means that I should have a greater than average chance of friends dying prematurely or insolvent.  I haven’t noticed my friends dropping dead on me, but I have noticed that many of my close friends either become insolvent, broke or have major financial calamities in their lives.  This of course does not apply to any of my friends that are astrologers, because the 8th house is the house of astrology in the Vedic horoscope.

That does not exhaust my Capricorn full moon stories, because I just received notice from my third child yesterday, that he has secured a new rental home that exceeded his expectations in an extremely tight rental market.  How does that fit into the Capricorn full moon?  My Capricorn 12th house (in my western horoscope) is the 4th house of home to my 9th house.  The 5th house is the house of children, and specifically the eldest child.  This means that the derived 3rd house of siblings to the eldest child is my 7th house, making my 7th house represent my second child.  Taking this one more step, the 9th house is the derived 3rd house of the next eldest sibling to my 7th house of my second child.  Therefore the 9th house is the derived house for my 3rd child!  So this Capricorn full moon is activating the 4th house real estate to my 9th house of my third child.

Finally, a client with Leo rising contacted me about his wife, because she wants to leave him.  Capricorn activates his 6th house, and the 6th house is the derived 12th house of endings to the 7th house of his spouse.  He was also pro-actively applying for some better employment, this time directly activating his Capricorn 6th house of employment.

The following table provides a general outline on where transiting Saturn could affect you from December 2017 for about 3 years, and accentuated by the current Capricorn full moon period:

Rising or Sun-sign Problem Areas
Aries Career, standing or profile, father
Taurus Overseas travel, third child
Gemini Debt, partner’s income
Cancer Marriage & relationship problems, second child, 3rd sibling
Leo Health, employment and unravelling of a major relationship
Virgo Children, especially the eldest, investments and business ventures, second eldest sibling
Libra Home, mother & partner’s career
Scorpio Motor vehicle, communication, mobility, eldest sibling & neighbors
Sagittarius Finances & income
Capricorn Health and restrictions
Aquarius Holidays & self-made problems
Pisces Friends and outlook upon the world

The magic of lunar astrology, and astrology in general, continues!  Astrology may not be the ultimate magic, but it has its own kind of exaltation.


POSTSCRIPT 7 July 2018

The Capricorn two week full moon period (20 June – 6 July, 2018) has ended.  It has certainly manifested in my life, and it also has a very obvious mundane correlation, something that I have started noticing recently.  The moon rules fresh water, including rivers, and the general public, while Saturn/Capricorn rules caves.  One of the biggest news items over the last few weeks has been firstly the whereabouts and then the condition of the trapped Thai football team in a cave near Chiang Rai, and finally, the delay in extracting them – Capricorn rules delay.  This is a classic example of not only the Capricorn full moon, but also its resonance with transiting Saturn in Capricorn which has significantly strengthened the Capricorn full moon (exact on 28 June 2018).

The Thai football team got stranded due to heavy rain on June 23 2018.  This was only 3 days inside the Capricorn full moon period (20 Jun – 6 Jul, 2018).  The general public is also represented by the moon and Cancer, and this has been of great emotional impact around the world, and especially in Thailand. The fact that the soccer team could not be extracted while under the two week influence of the Capricorn full moon period, we should expect a long drawn out extraction process.

There are some less obvious mundane events that can be associated with the Capricorn full moon.  Firstly, there was the resignation of Scott Pruitt as Administrator of the Environmental Protection Agency (EPA) with Capricorn ruling Trump’s 6th house of “staff”.  Secondly, the probable poisoning by Russian produced Novichok nerve agent activates the 7th house to Russia’s Cancer.  This has increased the public vitriol of the UK government against Russia. Unfortunately, the Russian government behaves more like the mafia than a democratic government, and therefore they believe if they can sprout the same lies consistently, they can gain virtual validity.  This trend seems to be on a growth curve and is becoming ‘normal’.  Thirdly, Cancer rules immigrants, so a Capricorn full moon highlights opposition to (Cancer) immigration policies, and this was demonstrated in the USA when the Statute of Liberty was closed on the Fourth of July due to a protestor objecting to ICE scaling the statute and holding out against authorities for 4 hours.

On the personal front, I was bitten by a dog in Ubud, Bali, and on my return to Australia, I decided it was prudent to get some rabies immunoglobulin and rabies vaccine as the death rate from rabies in humans is virtually 100%.  The 12th house usually relates to wild animals, with the 6th house ruling domestic animals.

In addition, a mild shoulder discomfort I had before setting off on my travels turned into a full scale attack of bursitis in my shoulder, a very painful experience, and so this placed a (Capricorn) dampener on part of my overseas trip.  I had speculated that a 12th house activated Capricorn full moon would promote being in a holiday environment, especially taking into account snorkelling and islands that are associated with Pisces/Neptune/12th house. Now I did have a stunning snorkelling session in Timor-Leste at Atauro Island where the extent of fish life and coral is supposedly one of the best places in the world.  However, the snorkelling probably aggravated my mild shoulder discomfort, and as the Capricorn full moon came to a head, my bursitis peaked.

Then, again conjuring up my activated 12th house, a friend introduced me to an indigenous Indonesian herb that had analgesic properties. My painful bursitis was making sleeping difficult, and I was fast running out of a variety of painkilling drugs that I had brought with me on my trip for just such an emergency.  The Indonesian herb seemed to fill the vacuum appropriately.  However, I have an overly sensitive liver, and even at home, it does not take much ingesting of even the common weed to upset my liver. The Indonesian herb eventually played havoc with my liver, and for two days, virtually on the exact Capricorn full moon, I felt like a zombie.

I am a novice in my study of lunar astrology, and I learnt a good lesson from the Capricorn full moon.  Do not ignore resident planets in the house of the full moon.  In the case of the recent Capricorn full moon, this is even more pronounced as Saturn was close to the exact full moon (see chart below).

The Capricorn full moon conjunct Saturn (in my 12th whole sign house)