Taylor Swift – More Than a Diva in the Making?

Taylor Swift has been called the ‘iconic American gal’ and in many ways, she is the Shirley Temple of the Millennial generation as she seems to have embodied all that is good and wholesome in what older Americans would like to see in their youth.  Taylor has actively promoted this image as she recognizes that she is a role model, and so she has been willing to play the part – at least for the first part of her highly successful career.  In this astrological analysis, I will examine Taylor from the perspective of Vedic astrology followed by western astrology and, I will try and make it as understandable as possible for those readers with little understanding of astrology.   If you are unfamiliar with Taylor Swift, or do not recognize her brilliance and competence from a very early age, watch:

CNN Spotlight: Taylor Swift (2014)

Vedic Astrology Highlights

The following chart for Taylor Swift both accurately describes Taylor’s assets and liabilities, and her dasas (time periods) also accurately indicate her early fame.  Some pitfalls that lie ahead of her are also indicated, as even for a diva, not all the pathway is paved with gold.  (See A New Pisces Goddess – More Than a Diva in the Making? for background material on Taylor Swift’s status as a Pisces diva)

Whereas Taylor Swift has Capricorn rising in western astrology, she has sidereal Sagittarius rising in Vedic astrology, which has no personality implications, unlike the case in western astrology, but it does indicate the focus in her life is attuned to her ruling planet Jupiter being located in her 7th house of relationships and business activity.  The Moon is also located in the 7th house, and the Moon is always a co-ruler of the Vedic chart.  Therefore, with both ruling planets in the 7th house, this indicates a major area in her life, and her early song “Love Story” supports this focus as the Vedic 7th house is always related to everything associated with love., major relationships and even marriage.  The 7th house, apart from including the two ruling planets, also has a raja yoga due to mutual reception between Mercury and Jupiter, allowing Jupiter to behave as if it is in its own sign (Sagittarius).  Any planet in its own sign in an angular house (1st, 4th, 7th & 10th houses) has raja yoga status, so Taylor will always be attracted to partners with the necessary features to fulfil their raja yoga status.

Of all the 4 astronomical bodies in the 1st and 7th houses that are naturally highly influential[1], the most influential is the Moon, as its conjunction with her Jupiter ruling planet means that she is highly attractive to the general public, and probably also explains her Moon-white complexion (see her photo which

Taylor Swift in 2011

presents her Moon-child image effectively).  With the Moon also having the status of the co-ruler in Vedic astrology, Jupiter’s conjunction with her Moon therefore reinforces success and many benefits come to her easily.  Taylor was born only hours after the full Moon, and anyone born on a full Moon finds the road to success easier compared to non-full moon mortals!

An important source of Taylor’s early musical inclination is that her maternal grandmother was an opera singer, and the 7th house represents anyone’s maternal grandmother as the 4th house represents mothers, and the 7th house is the derived 4th house from the 4th house (ie the mother of your mother).  This connection between Swift and her maternal grandmother is strongly represented in her Vedic chart.

With all bodies strongly aspecting their opposite houses in Vedic astrology (but without any negative connotations unlike the case in western astrology), and with her 1st house Mercury in mutual reception with her 7th house Jupiter, Taylor has strong symbiosis between the 1st and 7th houses.  Of the four planets involved, three are benefics (Mercury, Moon and Jupiter), and benefics affecting the 1st house always makes a person attractive and ‘warm’ in their nature.  All these highly beneficial planets also focus their positive energies strongly onto the 7th house – Taylor will always be attracted to partners with appealing personalities.   Saturn is the only planet that can detract from her 1st house image but this also would promote her career skills and promote a late life strengthening of her character. Saturn will also shine its energy onto the 7th house suggesting that the older Taylor becomes, the more successful will be her significant relationships and that her partner will improve like ageing wine.

With Mercury being in mutual reception with Jupiter, Mercury behaves as if it is in own sign – Gemini, and any planet in its own sign on an angle is raja yoga (kingly union), bringing good fortune to the image she projects.  Raja yogas have no equivalent in western astrology but behave like a gift or positive highlight – an archetypal diamond that glitters in the light).  Furthermore, her accentual Mercury makes her mentally sharp, alert and keyed in to media.

Mercury in the 1st house is also the ruler of her 10th house of career and success, and this has already manifested. Saturn rules the 2nd house of her voice, income and her 3rd house of dynamic energy and the media – so she was destined to be a wealthy media tart (no offense intended).  With Venus also located in the 2nd house, this brings her favorable conditions for singing and musical ability.  Unfortunately, Venus is conjunct Rahu in the 2nd house, and this brings a malefic influence to her relationships and voice.  While she may not be a Joni Mitchell clone, she certainly knows how the make the most of her vocal talents.  Her widely publicized relationship issues is accentuated by the fact that her Moon in the 7th house rules the difficult 8th house, and this usually indicates a love life with hurdles and problems.  With Mars, the ruler of her 5th house of romance located in her 12th house of instability and decay, this does not bode well for her short term love affairs, but she capitalizes this aspect of her life with relationship discord the thematic source of many of her songs that she writes.  The 5th/12th connection also often indicates no children or the possibility of step children rather than having her own children, especially if this is delayed.

Venus in the 2nd house of finances also rules her 11th house of wealth, and any connection between these two money houses is excellent for wealth – which I believe exceeds $400 million (in 2018).   In 2015, she became the youngest woman ever to be included on Forbes’ 100 most powerful women list, ranked at number 64. In 2016, Swift topped Forbes’ annual list of the 100 highest-paid celebrities with $170 million—a feat that entered the Guinness World Records—and also ranked among the top ten in 2011, 2013 and 2015.  When Taylor Swift was on the Graham Norton’s Show, she made a request of him, and his reply was:

What Taylor Swift wants, Taylor Swift gets!

Taylor may also experience significant health issues later in life as the Moon, ruler of the 8th house of chronic illnesses, shines directly upon her 1st house, an unfortunate circumstance for health.  This will be partially offset by her 1st house raja yoga strengthening her constitution and Jupiter favorably aspecting the 1st house which it also rules.  She should be able to fight off late life negative health issues.

The ruler of her 9th house of grace and good fortune is the Sun, located in the 12th house of decay.  The Sun rules prominence and the 12th house has already figured in her early rise to fame, as the 12th house first promotes, then drains.  Therefore, Taylor may have trouble maintaining her audience as the decades unfolds as her chart strongly suggests that she will lose the glow – though this can be avoided to a certain extent if she moved to a foreign exotic location or she promoted consciousness or spirituality in her music in later years.  However, a 9th/12th connection is very favorable for anyone seeking “enlightenment”, but it also promotes good sex in the early years and the quaint way this is expressed in India is that the person sleeps in beds with many ornaments.   With Mars strong in its own sign of Scorpio in the 12th house, all 12th house affairs are accentuated, and with Venus conjunct futuristic Rahu, she will always be keenly looking for her next relationship but she most likley would be a difficult woman to keep satisfied as Rahu knows no bounds and always hungers for more.

The other interesting feature of Taylor’s 12th house is that it has a raja yoga as Mars rules the 5th house and the Sun rules the 9th house, and whenever the rules of these two most favorable houses share the same house, a raja yoga is created.  This strongly suggests that if she seeks ‘liberation’ or ‘enlightenment’, she has a high chance of succeeding.  At a minimum, a strong 12th house indicates lots of saucy gossip for the media to latch onto. One commentator stated that Taylor has saved the gossip magazine industry due to her numerous short term relationships.  Taylor is also accredited with saving country music.  She will boost her luck by extensive travels or residence in foreign exotic lands as this years go by.

Marc Boney has provided some additional insight into the brilliance of Taylor Swift’s Vedic horoscope in The Birth Chart of Taylor Swift – Cascading Graha Yogas. These additional insights are based on yogas (specific combination of planets and houses that have no equivalence in western astrology).  The raja yogas I have already mentioned are a special form of a yoga which brings great strength. For example, a planet in its own or exalted sign in an angular house has raja yoga status.   Marc Boney has identified specifically three yogas that are highly pertinent to Taylor Swift.

Firstly, Taylor has a Sarasvati Yoga, and Sarasvati is the Indian goddess of music, the arts, knowledge and learning.  A Sarasvati yoga is created when all the benefics (Mercury, Venus and Jupiter) are located in angular (1st, 4th, 7th or 10th houses), trine houses (5th or 9th houses) or the 2nd house plus Jupiter has strength.  With Mercury in the 1st, Jupiter in the 7th, and Venus in the 2nd plus Jupiter is raja yoga by mutual reception with Mercury, all the conditions for the Sarasvati yoga are met.  Taylor has the goddess of music on her side!

Secondly, Taylor has a Pushkala yoga or “the yoga of magnificence” which is created when the lord of the Moon (Mercury in Taylor’s case) conjunct with lord of the ascendant (Jupiter) in an angular house, or they be joined in a great friends sign or better.  In this case “better” includes mutual reception as with Mercury in Sagittarius and Jupiter in Gemini, these two bodies are located in the sign ruled by the other planet.  The final condition is that a strong planet aspects the 1st house.  With Taylor’s ruling planet, Jupiter, aspecting back to its ‘own’ sign Sagittarius on the ascendant, this final condition is also met.

Thirdly, Taylor has a Bheri Yoga or the “yoga of kettle drums”.  This yoga is created when there are planets in the 1st, 2nd, 7th and 12th houses plus the lord of the 9th or 10th houses is strong.  All these conditions are met, and with Mercury raja yoga status and ruler of the 10th house, this final condition is fulfilled.  This yoga indicates that the person makes a noise and impact like a marching band coming down the street!  It is also a remarkable tidy yoga as basically it means that the most important 1st house is strong with at least one planet, and with at least one planet in the houses either side (the 12th and 2nd houses), so that the 1st house is both protected, guarded and strengthened.  The 1st house is further enhanced by at least one planetary aspect from the opposite 7th house, increasing the strength of the 1st house, and of course, to make any kind of public impact, the 10th house must be strong or the 9th house must bestow its benefits (grace and good fortune).

Vedic time periods (dasa) and sub-periods (bhukti)

When we examine Taylor’s Vedic time-periods (dasas), she has been in her highly favorable Jupiter dasa (September 2003 – September 2019) since she was almost 14 years.  This is when she moved with her family from Pennsylvania to Nashville Tennessee to further her music career.  The previous dasa, Rahu, usually brings ‘loss’ to a person’s life, and perhaps Taylor ‘lost’ most of her local connections and friends in Pennsylvania when she moved?  Taylor reportedly was ostracized by most of her fellow  middle school students who could not relate to her attraction to country western music, and this is also indicative of the loss associated with Rahu This is a rather fortunate placement of her Rahu dasa (in effect since birth), as she should avoid major financial collapse or devastating loss in her later life which often occurs when a mature person hits their Rahu dasa.  The Rahu dasa is a very vulnerable time, and if a person is going to fall, they usually pick the Rahu dasa.

Taylor’s first leap to fame at the age of 16 not only occurred in her new Jupiter dasa, but also a Saturn sub-period (November 2005 – May 2008).  With raja yoga Jupiter ruling her 1st house, and Saturn located in her 1st house, and ruling her 2nd house of singing and 3rd house of media – all the ducks were all lining up for her sudden and very early lurch to fame.  Jupiter is a major benefic, and has shone well upon her during the Jupiter dasa, but this is all coming to an end in September 2019, when she enters her Saturn dasa.

Saturn is obviously not a bad planet for Taylor, but Saturn is dour, reserved and a problematical planet compared to Jupiter, and it does not have the highly favorable raja yoga status, and so we should see some manifestation of this in her life during its reign (September 2019 – September 2038).  However, every cloud has a silver lining, and Saturn will usually bring to a person their dharma or sense of duty or purpose in their life.  Many people never encounter a Saturn dasa in their life, or encounter it too old, but the benefit this Saturn dasa will bring Taylor is that she most likely will find her main passion in life, which may or may not be primarily associated with her musical career.

After the Saturn dasa, the following raja yoga Mercury dasa (in effect in Taylor’s case from age 48 to 65) will continue the fixation on presentation (1st house, and career as Mercury rules the 10th house). It is very possible that Taylor becomes politically motivated or champions a social cause depending upon the direction the previous Saturn dasa turns her motivation.  Taylor has always taken a political stance – her opening political philosophy has been to avoid discussing politics as she stated that she did not feel it was her duty to ram her personal political convictions down the throats of her fans.  This is a political stance even if it seems to negate politics!  This indicates that she does recognize politics.  Taylor has significantly increased her political motivation by declaring that she will vote for Democrats in Tennessee in the 2018 midterm elections as she feels that the incumbent Republicans do not represent her Tennessee values – especially related to the rights of women.  She has actively encouraged her fans to register and vote and on a daily basis to the lead up to the 2018 midterm elections, Taylor posted on her Instagram account notices from her fans about their registration to vote, or early voting.  Taylor is already behaving like a politician.

With Mercury also ruling her 7th house, this may reflect a major relationship or even living in a foreign western country.  The Ketu dasa (age 65 to 72) may see an extended sabbatical as she takes a break from the limelight, or she may have to deal with a major health issue as Ketu is located in the dreaded 8th house.  The favorable Venus dasa will be in play from the age of 72 to 92 suggesting a highly favorable end of life period, and possibly her most successful relationship if she has not already achieved this in her life?

Western Analysis Highlights


Taylor’s western natal horoscope (using whole sign houses)

In Taylor’s western horoscope (above), she has Capricorn rising, but while Capricorn is not irrelevant, it subsides to the likes of Mercury, Uranus and Neptune in the 1st house as stronger influences in her life compared to Capricorn.  Some astrologers may consider that Mercury has the strongest influence, lying exactly conjunct her ascendant .   Mercury is very often present for anyone extensively using their hands, and as a guitarist and musician, she is constantly using her hands.  Taylor primarily manifests Mercury (Gemini) in her life – she is sharp, adroit and has made extensive use of social media, with all forms of communication associated with Mercury.  Mercury is the sign of youth, and she first experienced fame while a youth, and young people are highly attracted to her – as she speaks their language. Mercury likes bright lights and big cities, and she has appropriately recently purchased (from Gandalf) an apartment in New York City.

Sitting strategically above her ascendant (and Mercury), is Uranus – the ruler of Aquarius associated with oddballs. The interesting thing about Uranus is that in most of the common house systems employed by astrologers, anything above the ascendant is located in the “hidden” 12th house, but this is certainly not the case with Taylor as she manifests Uranus in many ways. She was an oddball in middle school and her classmates shunned her because she was “different”.  Uranus (and the sign it rules – Aquarius) always indicate someone who is different, strange or odd in any one of a number of ways.

Uranus is like a bolt of lightening, supplying a surge of energy that cannot be maintained all the time.  She is reported to be ‘possessed’ when she is working on writing a new song, and it is recommended that she is left alone to complete her task.  Taylor is reported to spend a lot of her spare time watching daytime TV (her downtime).   Taylor also has a nervous leg twitch suggesting she has energy to burn.  We will probably see a lot more manifestation of her Uranus in the coming decades as she develops a more developed socio-political consciousness, as a Uranian-Aquarius person more often than not deeply wants to improve the condition of the world.

Neptune, only 4 degrees below her ascendant, indicates her great affinity to music, the stage, acting and all the fantasy associated with the world of entertainment.  She was attracted first to the stage, and then to music when she started learning the guitar at age 12.  But keeping her firmly grounded in her ambitions and giving her a backbone is her Saturn in its own sign.  With Saturn her ruling planet, and placed in her 1st house, she is able to focus upon herself as her most marketable commodity (herself), something she does highly professionally – also a Saturn/Capricorn attribute.  She will not be a pushover.

Taylor’s Moon is in its own sign of Cancer, which also promotes her Moon-child image effectively presented by Swift with her white-blond projection (see her photo).  But with Jupiter (ruler of Sagittarius) conjunct her Moon, and her Sun located in Sagittarius, Taylor is also a child of Jupiter-Sagittarius – bringing her luck, good fortune, much overseas travel with the astrological gods smiling upon her.

Taylor Swift has described herself as ‘blindly optimistic’ as a Sagittarius [Ref: www.tatler.com/article/star-struck-this-months-horoscope ]

Traditional western astrologers would also note that Jupiter is exalted in Cancer, further accentuating her good fortune and positive Jupiterian outlook on life. Taylor projects a positive image and if she encounters problems she can always Shake it Off.  With Jupiter and the Moon located in her 7th house she will be attracted to partners that are from overseas, positive, optimistic but also sensitive – and perhaps moody at times. The Moon also indicates privacy, and this is the source of her private love life.

The Sun also indicates that any partner is very positive, optimistic and perhaps from a foreign country.  Mars is also indicative of the energy of her partners, and with Mars in Scorpio, they may have issues related to insecurity and financial difficulties but are liable to have strong sexual energy.

At this point, it is also worth noting that Taylor has the Dark Moon Lilith at 11 degrees Cancer in her 7th house.  The Dark Moon Lilith (DML) is a strange body (if it exists) that supposedly rotates around the Earth four times further away than the Moon, and moving at 3 degrees 2 minutes per day.  I do not recommend astrologers learning or applying the DML, and I only employ it because it is supposedly conjunct my ascendant.  The DML should not be confused with the Black Moon Lilith, or other versions of Lilith, and even with the DML, there are two versions – the European and USA versions.  I use the American version [as expounded by Delphine Jay].  the DML bring glitter to a person, so for Taylor, the glitter sits in her 7th house of her partner and general public.  This indicates that Taylor’s adoration of her fans is not a put-on, but real.  When she stands on stage at the end of a song with her fans expressing their delight, her delight is palpable. I believe she first encountered this at the young age of 11 or 12 when she publicly sang “The Star Spangle Banner” before a football game.  Once she tasted this public applause, there was no stopping her!  The DML in her chart indicates her thirst for applause from her fans is as strong as her fans’ adoration of her.

The DML prefers depersonalized situations such as Taylor with her fans (general public), but the DML usually frowns on situations which are personal.  Therefore with the DML in her 7th house, this will play havoc with her relationships because of another attribute of the DML – there is nothing suburban about the DML.  it is either full on and great, or the brakes are slammed on and it is terrible.  This is the gist for her songwriting, and her well publicized angst about her ex-boyfriends.  The DML behaves like soap in the bathtub, so Taylor cannot grab or possess any partner, but must accept what comes her way.

Pluto is the closest planet to her midheaven, and this suggests that she will metamorphose her career over the course of her life – how many times is hard to say, but if she ever ‘collapses’ this will be her seed for renewal.  Pluto does have a strong revolutionary element, and we can expect that Taylor may become more politically orientated over the coming decades, especially due to the influence of her north node.

Her nodal axis has her south node in Leo, and north node in Aquarius explaining why she presents herself as so squeaky clean and mainstream orientated as this is what Leo represents.  Everyone is initially attracted to their south node, and usually avoid their north node, but the north node always provides a level of contentment or fulfillment that cannot be found from the south node.  This suggests that she will leave her squeaky clean mainstream persona at some stage, and veer towards her revolutionary Aquarius north node – strongly facilitated by the strategic placement of Uranus (the ruler of Aquarius), above her ascendant.   Taylor Swift may morph into a contemporary revolutionary yet! A rebel with a cause?  She has all the attributes of a consummate politician.

Mars in the 11th house is an interesting placement, as wherever Mars is located, a person must always put in energy to maintain the status quo.  With the 11th house the house of friends (and non-profit organizations etc), it suggest she will have a number of male friends, such as Ed Sheeran, who even appropriately has red hair to match the color of Mars!  Taylor Swift and Ed Sheeran have toured together.  Her school friends shunning her in middle school is also a manifestation of antagonistic Mars in the house of friends.  The 11th house indicates hopes and wishes for the improvement of the world – once she unleashes her political self, there may be no stopping her as Mars indicates where to focus her energy.

Taylor Swift has her first Saturn return over the course of 2019 when she ‘comes of age’.  Saturn is already strong in her chart as her (western) ruling planet and the fact it is in its own sign.  The other very interesting aspect of her natal Saturn is its close conjunction with Neptune – the planet of music and the stage.  This suggests that Taylor will, after her Saturn return, enter a new level of musical maturity and perhaps even expand her work in the movies etc.  For example, after the early days of the Beatles with songs like “I Want to Hold Your Hand”, they moved on from their pop roots, and we should expect much the same from Taylor.  It is said that when Saturn or Capricorn is strong in the natal chart, “a person is old when young, and reaches youth when old”.  Certainly Taylor has had to deal with the world of big business and career aspirations from an early age, and so this Saturn return should be a stepping stone to the new Taylor Swift – not that there is anything particularly wrong with the existing Taylor Swift.

Taylor Swift’s progressed horoscope (outer wheel) superimposed upon her natal chart with the progressed Moon located in her 7th house

Taylor’s secondary progressed Moon is located in her 7th house of marriage and major relationships in the period October 2016 until April/May 2019.  This correlates to a significant change in her relationship life, as it has been reported that Taylor has been romantically linked to the British actor Joe Alwyn since May 2017.  This has followed an extended period of short term and on-and-off relationships.  The current placement of her progressed Moon indicates a period of relationship stability, but with Cancer ruling her 7th house, and her natal Moon located in this house – this is a highly private area!  Taylor channels Diana, the goddess of the hunt, in her relationships, and Diana was renown for her privacy.  This 7th house focus may propel Taylor to get married?

Chinese Astrology

Is Taylor Swift focusing in on her Chinese zodiacal sign of the snake?

Taylor Swift Optus Stadium review: Pop star brings Reputation Stadium Tour to Perth

“Giant snakes, confetti every other song and an incredible 33m tall screen that curved across the stage and lifted to reveal Swift’s band made for some eye-popping visuals. The whole thing looked like an oil rig had accidentally crash-landed at one end of Optus Stadium.”  THE WEST AUSTRALIAN

Images of the following show in Melbourne, Australia (October 2018) reported the same snake focus.  I remember the following Snake maxim:  “the Snake suffers from a wandering eye, but low and behold any partner that does the same!”

Astrology can provide insights that are otherwise difficult to find. Taylor Swift is one of a contingent of musicians that ‘came of age’ under the tutelage of Pisces, the main sign of music (and actors) that was particularly strong in the years 2005 to 2010.  The arrival of such Pisces periods are usually separated by about 60 years, though sometimes it can be as short as 45 years.  The last Pisces period was 45 years earlier and was associated with the musical extravaganza of the 1960s.  The next Pisces period will not peak until around 2073.  So if you think that Taylor and her ilk who were first presented to us in the 2000s are ‘special’ – you are correct.  [See A New Pisces Goddess – a Diva in the Making? for more details]


[1] All planets etc in Vedic astrology aspect their opposite house, but in a different way to western astrology.  In western astrology, the opposition aspect is negative, and introduces negativity – one way or another.  All aspects in Vedic astrology are neutral, and the main determining factors that make the aspect positive or negative (or both), is associated with the houses the aspecting planets rule, followed by the nature of the planet. Therefore, in Taylor’s case, having two benefics (Moon and Jupiter) in the 7th house shining upon the most important 1st house, this brings positivity.  With Jupiter also ruling the 1st house, this further strengthens the 1st house.  With the Moon ruling the ‘evil’ 8th house, this negativity also shines upon Taylor,  but the positive aspects and planets in the 1st house greatly outweigh the negative influences.


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