The UK General Brexit Election December 2019

The UK election on December 12 2019 will occur under a Gemini full moon, with the actual full moon occurring on the day of the election just before the polls open.  In the following analysis, my main focus is on the new lunar astrology which requires whole sign houses if it is to be effective. There will also be references to some transits, the secondary progressed moon, Vedic astrology and macro-astrology (based on the astrological ages) for additional insights. However, this just was not enough, so I added further research to each section taking into account transits to the secondary progressed charts of the three major candidates, and introduced the Dark Moon Lilith to try and settle the matter.

The core approach I am taking to this analysis however is the new lunar astrology which, amongst other things, places a distinct focus upon the lunation cycle – specifically dividing each lunar month into two parts.  The first and last week of each lunar month is ruled by the sign of the new moon.  For example, the UK general election on December 12th 2019 will occur in a Sagittarius lunar month 26/27th Nov 2019 – 25/26th Dec 201.  However, the influence on the two ‘middle’ weeks is more influenced by the sign of the full moon.  In the case of the UK elections, it falls in the Gemini full moon period (3/4th Dec 2019 – 18/19th December) and so the influence of the Gemini full moon (the two weeks when more than 50% of the moon is illuminated by the sun) is the dominant zodiacal sign rather than Sagittarius.

I had a lot of difficulty with the following analysis until some epiphanies came to my assistance – this is NOT a general election but a defacto Brexit election, and it looks like this election solves nothing, because none of the three main contenders display a highly positive outcome, though Corbyn may improve his standing ultimately?

Boris Johnson

Boris Johnson Natal

In the case of Prime Minister Boris Johnson, the Gemini full moon activates his 9th house and solar 1st house (derived from his Gemini sun).  This is a mixed bag, as the stimulation of his solar 1st house suggests that he is not swamped by any political ‘enemy’, but the 9th house is the derived 12th house of undoing to his 10th house of status and success.  This suggests that his attempt to stage an ever harder rightwing takeover of the Tories and subsequently forcing through his desired no-deal Brexit will most likely fail, but he may remain leader of the Tories (due to the involvement of the solar 1st house)? The 9th house Gemini full moon suggests that his gamble of obtaining an increase in numbers of Tories in the Commons is doomed, but otherwise, he could remain in a strong position in his party though the 9th house could end his role as prime minister as the 9th house is the house of endings regarding career.

However, only about 3 hours after the poll closes, the transiting moon enters his 10th house for 2 1/2 days, suggesting that he may get some kind of short-term support that enhances his role.  It may not be so much as snatching victory from the jaws of defeat, but perhaps late counting goes more his way, or late improvements in marginal seats for the Tories or pro-Brexit parties?

Boris Johnson Transits to Natal

The above transit to Boris’ natal chart at the close of polls shows transiting Jupiter opposite Boris’ natal sun indicating good fortune lies elsewhere – usually with his opponent(s).  Transiting Saturn is opposed to his midheaven suggesting that his career is not on an upward trajectory.  Saturn will thwart him at every possible step.  With transiting Pluto semi-squaring Uranus, ruler of his 5th house of political power, plus transiting moon square his natal Uranus – this is a very difficult astrological impasse for his success with these elections.

Boris Johnson Progressions to Natal

With Boris Johnson’s secondary progressed moon (above) in Scorpio in his 2nd house and 6th solar house, Scorpio does not bring stability or strength, but the second house does – another mixed bag.  The secondary progressed Sun is in the Aries decan of Sagittarius, explaining Boris’ tough-man stance that has become popular amongst conservative politicians around the world since Trump became president of the USA. Boris is in battle mode, but Aries indicates he is just as likely to be under attack as being on the attack.

Boris Johnson Vedic Horoscope

Johnson’s Vedic horoscope (above) is incredibly powerful as would be expected with anyone becoming prime minister of the UK.  With Mercury (his Vedic ruling planet) in mutual reception with Venus, this creates three raja yogas associated with the 9th and 10th houses – the two most powerful houses in the Vedic horoscope bequeathing all kinds of career success and status.  The sun in the 10th house makes one achieve a prominent career.  However, with the Sun ruling his 12th house of decay, he has a shorten timespan for career success or stability.  I have found that many heads of government have a 10th/12th Vedic houses connection as their careers are notably unstable compared to most other professions.

The most unfortunate aspect in his Vedic chart is that Mercury, his ruling planet and ruler of his 10th house is conjunct Mars – the ruler of the most unfortunate 8th house.  This indicates that his career will get “killed off” prematurely, as the 8th ruler conjunct the 10th ruler cannot bring extended success in career matters – even with the overload of extremely fortunate raja yogas associated with his 10th house.  Also, whenever the 8th and 9th Vedic houses are associated (in Boris’ case Mars 8th ruler in the 9th), the person will have at least one major experience in their life when all their luck disappears.  We will just have to wait and see!

Boris Johnson is in his Mercury dasa (Sep 2016 – Sep 2033) and with Mercury his ruling planet and ruler of his 10th house – this dasa was made for him.  His sub-dasa is his moon’s south nod (Feb 2019 – Feb 2020) with Ketu in his 4th house.  Ketu will not assist him as it has a strong malevolent side and does not favor prominence.  His most difficult time will occur when his Mars sub-dasa arrives (Mar 2025 – Mar 2026).  A person usually finds their calling in their Saturn dasa – in Johnson’s case between Sep 1997 and Sep 2016.  It seems that Johnson’s dharma is to at attempt to cleave the UK from Europe regardless of the damage?

Boris Johnson Transits to Progressions

Johnson has some remarkable aspects with Election Day transits to his secondary progressed chart (above).  Transiting Mars is conjunct Neptune, ruler of his progressed 5th house of politics, transiting Neptune is trine progressed Neptune and transiting sun is trine his progressed sun, but these are contrasted with transiting Saturn semi-square his MC and the transiting north node is conjunct his progressed Venus, his ruling planet for his Libra rising (western natal horoscope). The nodes can have a blanking effect, especially hard aspects, and the transiting nodes are semi-square his progressed sun.  While this is again a mixed bag – Johnson has some difficult astrology here to overcome.  There are no active transits to his progressed moon indicating a lack of either positive or negative focus.

In difficult cases, I often resort to the Dark Moon Lilith (DML) as I have been utilizing the DML for about 45 years, but only because it was placed conjunct my ascendant in my natal horoscope.  I usually avoid asteroid trash etc., but there is a place for everything, and perhaps if any secondary body is going to be useful to an astrologer, it most probably should be strongly placed in their natal horoscope.  Boris Johnson’s natal DML is placed at 19 degrees Gemini conjunct his Mercury, with Mercury located in his 9th house and Mercury ruling his 9th house.  Thus it is easy to see why Johnson rejects the ‘foreign’ EU, as the DML polarizes and exaggerates – it either produces fantastic results or absolutely nothing.  Johnson obviously would prefer that the EU does not exist and that definitely the UK is not in the EU.

The DML conjunct natal Mercury also upsets a person’s mental processes and tends to make them think in circles.  Like Trump with his impaired Mercury, Johnson has a strange mental outlook.  Unfortunately for Johnson, his progressed DML at the election (11 degrees Sagittarius) is square his natal Pluto and this unfortunate aspect is strongly in play at the election and will remain in force until the end of March 2020.  With Johnson’s progressed ascendant Scorpio, this means that while he desperately wants both the revolution in the UK, he also wants to change the political situation to break through with his Brexit deal or no deal.  This aspect alone insinuates that he is dreaming.

Jeremy Corbyn

Jeremy Corbyn Natal Horoscope

In the case of Jeremy Corbyn, the Gemini full moon activates his 8th house and solar 1st house.  As with Boris, the solar 1st house does suggest some shoring up of strength in the face of opposition, but the 8th house is a ‘weak’ house, but at least it is not the derived 12th house from the 10th house of status and success.  On a basic level, this places Corbyn one step ahead of Johnson in these elections.

Jeremy Corbyn Transits to Natal

Corbyn’s transits to natal chart (above) have the transiting Moon conjunct Uranus suggesting something he did not expect from this election.  With Uranus ruling his 4th house, his ‘base’ may not have performed reliably, and with the 4th house the derived 10th house of his opponent – this suggests that his opponent(s) benefit in some unexpected way.  However, only about 3 hours after the poll closes, the transiting moon enters his 9th house, suggesting a mildly damaging political turn of events as the 9th house is the 12th derived house to his 10th house of success.  Perhaps late counting goes against the Labor Party in some way and perhaps whatever success he perceives on election night partly withers away the next day as counting continues?  However this should not overrule the Gemini full moon period, and there remains an element of vulnerability due to the Gemini full moon located in his 8th house.  Transiting Pluto is in a highly favorable trine aspect to his natal moon for most of 2019 and this indicates a positive transformation re his moon ruled 9th house of foreign affairs and indicates he may be in an evolutionary process of moving support to the Remain campaign or at least actively promoting a second referendum?

Jeremy Corbyn Progressions to Natal

Corbyn’s secondary progressed moon has only just entered Capricorn (early November 2019), in his 3rd house and solar 8th house.  This suggests that for the month leading up to the election, Corbyn may take on an air of wisdom, gravitas or authority but only if he has built his political house on the rocks – and not the sand?  The 3rd house is the derived 9th house to his opponent, and the 9th house is the unfortunate derived 12th house to the 10th house – therefore this promotes  an unfortunate circumstance for his ‘opponent(s)’.  Corbyn’s progressed moon has only just finished a trine to his natal moon (around Oct 2019) and will be only 4 degrees away from a trine with his progressed Saturn on election day.  This has to be taken as a favorable astrological circumstance for anyone looking for success.  Corbyn is on a career or status roll despite any uncertainties immediatly post election.


Jeremy Corbyn Vedic Horoscope

Does Jeremy Corbyn’s Vedic chart indicate he will become prime minister?  With his ruling planet and moon located in his difficult 6th house, this indicates someone who has a relatively difficult start in life but can rise above it given time and effort.  Anyone with Mars in the same house as Rahu (moon’s north node) is a ‘driven’ person – they don’t know how to give up!  Corbyn suffers with Johnson the unfortunate connection between the 10th and 8th house (sun 10th ruler conjunct Mercury ruler 8th house) and the 10th and 12th house common to politicians (10th ruler sun conjunct 12th ruler Venus).  He not only has the political leader’s chart – but also someone that will get politically “killed off” – most likely before he is willing to go.

Corbyn’s strongest house is his 7th house with a raja yoga (Venus in its own sign on an angular house creates a raja yoga).  This suggests that Corbyn’s strength would be working in a partnership, if for example, in the likley case that Labor does not secure enough votes to rule in its own right, and must go into partnership with at least one other party to gain a majority in the Commons.  With Corbyn’s perverse stand on Brexit, this is highly likely.

Corbyn’s sun and moon are located in the exaltation sign of the other, and with these two bodies located in the 6th and 7th house, this raises the stakes in his championeering of the 6th house working class and strengthening the 7th house which is already his strongest house.  he will fight for the working class!

Corbyn is currently in his Saturn dasa (Jun 2005 – Jun 2024) indicating that he most likely has only recently found his passion or has developed a clear idea of what he is all about.

“In 2005 he was identified as the second most rebellious Labour MP of all time when the party was in government. He was the most rebellious Labour MP in the 2005–2010 Parliament, defying the whip 428 times while Labour was in power. Jacobin described him as “a figure who for decades challenged them [Labour Party elites] from the backbench as one of the most rebellious left-wing members of parliament.” [1]

However, unless there has been a new direction from Corbyn since 2005, he may not have yet found his dharma (major passion or direction in life).

With Saturn located in his 10th house of career, this does suggest a successful time for Corbyn.  The sub-dasa is Rahu or the moon’s north node (Jan 2019 – Nov 2021) with Rahu in his 6th house of enemies.    Rahu the dragon is considered excellent for scorching his enemies, so Corbyn is in an astrologically favorable time for becoming prime minister at this point in time.

Jeremy Corbyn Transits to Progressions

Corbyn has transiting Saturn semi-square progressed Saturn brings problems and delays especially taking into account Saturn is his progressed ruling planet for progressed Capricorn rising.  With transiting Jupiter in his progressed 1st house and conjunct his progressed moon he should be feeling exalted at election time.   However, transiting Saturn is square his progressed nodes suggesting some bitterness from this election.  The transiting north node is conjunct his progressed Mars indicating the wind is taken out of his sails.  Transiting Pluto is on a slow burn semi-square his progressed Saturn which does not bode well.  While a mixed bag, the lunar focus resides with the highly positive transiting Jupiter on his progressed moon – a difficult aspect to beat.

Corbyn’s natal Dark Moon Lilith (DML) is at 22 degrees Aries semi square his natal Sun, and with his sun the ruler of his 10th house, it is difficult for Corbyn dealing with success or getting successful outcomes – but not impossible.  His progressed DML is 29 degrees Scorpio which is semi-square either his natal or progressed Neptune for most of the second half of 2019 until March 2020.  With Neptune ruling his 5th house of politics, this suggests a difficult outcome for Corbyn – at least until March 2020.  Neptune in this scenario also suggests a lack of clarity or even a delusionary outlook on his current political circumstances. However, it is even more unfortunate that his progressed DML is square his natal Saturn and this is effective from December 2019 until July 2020.  It is like dangling success in front of someone but taking it away every time they lunge.

Nigel Farage


Nigel Farage Natal

The Gemini full moon sits in Farage’s 10th house and solar 3rd house, and the solar 3rd house is the derived 9th house of his ‘opponent(s)’, and thus his opponents are experiencing the dreaded 12th house influence on their 10th house of success.  Of the top three contenders (excluding the Liberal Democrats, Farage has the strongest success rating at this election from the perspective of the Gemini full moon shining in his 10th house – but what type of success?  Also, the 10th house can alternatively represent his ‘superior’.  Does this mean that Johnson may do well instead of directly affecting Farage?  With the transiting moon moving into Cancer on the day following the election, this may mean late counting goes against Farage, as Cancer is his solar 4th house of lowly status, but high status to his opponents.

With his ascendant surrounded by Pluto (just below the horizon) and Uranus above – he is a perfect revolutionary.  Considering that December 2019 is at the peak of a ten year Aquarius micro-age decan and overflow(Dec 2014 – Dec 19 – Nov 24) deep within the Age of Aquarius, then Farage must be in hog heaven.  This is the most revolutionary period the world has experienced since the turbulent 1960s.

Nigel Farage Transits to Natal

The main blemish to Farage’s strong 10th house (above) is that the transiting moon sits opposite his natal moon, that indicates some issue associated with the ‘other’ in respect to their strength, or merely reflects his ‘partnership’ with Johnson, with Farage the minor partner.  Transiting Pluto has been in Farage’s 5th house since 2008, he is astrologically in full form for politically undermining anything.

Nigel Farage Progressions to Natal

Farage also has the best position for his secondary progressed moon (above) sitting in his 5th house of political power plus it is in the sign Capricorn – that can lend authority and gravitas provided he is building his house on the rocks.  This strongly suggests that Farage will gain in stature with the 2019 general election.  With progressed Jupiter on a slow burn in trine to his natal ascendant, Farage is definitely in hog heaven as Jove smiles upon him.

Nigel Farage Vedic Horoscope

Farage’s Vedic chart (above) has a raja yoga in his 10th house of career (Venus in its own sign in an angular house) and he has mutual reception between the 8th and 9th houses – a highly strung relationship indicating that he will also lose all luck and good fortune in his life at least once, but otherwise has almost an infinite amount of energy available to him… even when he hits the wall.  He has Trump’s stationary Rahu which gives him the ability to see what his support base wants, and he can therefore play on this as an asset. With Rahu in the 11th house, he has an unquenchable thirst for wealth, matching Trump’s stationary Rahu in his 2nd house of income…. But Rahu is insatiable and can never be satisfied.

He is currently in his Rahu dasa (Aug 2012 – Aug 2030) and with a potent Rahu in his 11th house – he will be very focused upon wealth.  Rahu is perverse however, and Farage is financially in danger in the last years of the Rahu dasa unless he got seriously clipped in the years post-August 2012.   He is in his Saturn sub-dasa (Sep 17 – July 20) and Saturn is in his 7th house.  This is the chart of someone that can appreciate working as an ally or in partnership at this point of time.  Saturn will promote his career.  There is no doubt, that Farage has some very good astrology for the 2019 general elections, indicating that the Brexit Party, one way or another, comes out in a stronger position post-election.



Nigel Farage Transits to Progressions

With transiting Neptune trine progressed Neptune, transiting Mars opposite progressed Mars, transiting Pluto square the progressed ascendant and semi-square the progressed sun and the transiting south node conjunct the progressed moon – the balance is weighed against Farage – especially with a node on the progressed moon.

His natal Dark Moon Lilith (DML) is located at 29 degrees Aquarius semi-square his natal sun (ruler of his 12th house of self-made problems) and square his natal Venus (difficult for relationships).  His progressed DML has been semi-square his natal Pluto for the 8 months leading to the election indicating a frustrating time for the drastic change he is looking for in the UK.  His progressed DML is also opposite his natal Jupiter for the period May 2019 to January 2020.  This suggests that he will not receive the good fortune he is looking for – it is reserved for an ‘opponent’ sitting in the 7th house position.

The only reasonable conclusion from the above is that no one is satisfied following the election – though no analysis has been provided for the Liberal Democrats. It suggests that nothing really changes, and if Corbyn “wins”, he is hamstrung by the political stalemate engulfing the UK.  This is not really a general election, but a Brexit election and the only outcome will probably be the need for a second referendum on Brexit.


Without a birth time for Jo Swinson, leader of the Liberal Democrats, no astrological perspective can be provided on Swinson. However, based on what is available, some good astrology sits with Nigel Farage, with a stronger showing from Jeremy Corbyn and then Boris Johnson trailing at the rear – but they all display a mixed bag of very positive and negative influences.  All three candidates should display strong astrological influences as they each go into this election at the top of their respective games – and being top has to have correlations to very strong positive aspects in their respective astrology.  Each candidate has very positive supporting astrology.

However, no candidate seems to have the decisive edge, as each seems to have serious limitations on election day and soon thereafter.  Johnson has the unfortunate Gemini full moon to deal with suggesting his failure plus transiting Jupiter opposite his natal sun, transiting Saturn is opposed to his midheaven, and transiting Pluto semi-squaring Uranus, ruler of his 5th house of political power.  Johnson has an unfortunate transiting moon’s north node conjunct his progressed Venus, his ruling planet plus his progressed DML at the election is square his natal Pluto suggesting his desired revolution does not come to the party.  Corbyn has a slightly better Gemini full moon compared to Johnson and transiting Pluto is in a highly favorable trine aspect to his natal moon for most of 2019 and his Saturn dasa activating his 10th of career is very supportive.  With transiting Jupiter in his progressed 1st house and conjunct his progressed moon, Corbyn should be in good spirits following the election but not without other blemishes intruding such as the progressed DML is square his natal Saturn and this is effective from December 2019 until July 2020 indicating that his status is undermined.  Nigel Farage has the best position for the Gemini full moon in his 10th house of status but the transiting moon sits opposite his natal moon suggesting strength to the opposition (or partner).  However, transiting Pluto square the progressed ascendant and semi-square the progressed sun and the transiting south node conjunct the progressed moon does not breed success?  His progressed DML has been semi-square his natal Pluto for the 8 months leading to the election indicating an unsuccessful revolution.

It is very possible that Corbyn may become prime minister in some kind of coalition or agreement with parties including the Liberal Democrats, the only major party guaranteeing an anti-Brexit policy.  It is equally possible that Boris remains prime minister but the new lunar astrology suggests a very tight vote between the Tory’s and Labor as it looks like Boris gets a late boost or gain at Corbyn’s expense based on the moon changing sign a day after the election.  However, this moon change can only change the flavor, not the cake, as the Gemini full moon remains dominant and therefore prefers Corbyn over Johnson.  The astrology suggests that Corbyn a “winner” in some way at least.  Reverting back to the full moon – the full moon at the December 2019 election favors Nigel Farage, the January full moon favors Boris Johnson and the February full moon favors Jeremy Corbyn.  Does this mean that “he who laughs last laughs loudest”?

It is always difficult predicting the outcome of an election when little astrological clarity is present as is the case here.  Predicting the future is like being an archeologist that finds a shard and needs to describe a society just from a shard.  I will be watching the results of the 2019 UK election keenly, as it provides fascinating live input into my understanding of the new lunar astrology.  The most interesting aspect of the election is the role Nigel Farage obtains post-election with his outstanding Gemini full moon in his 10th house at the actual election? However, the astrology (and polls) suggests that it is a very tight race, and regardless of which side wins – the situation will remain relatively unchanged – probably with a hung parliament.

The biggest development should come with a second referendum on Brexit – highly favored astrologically post December 2019 due to the arrival of the second half of the Aquarius micro-age decan (Dec 2014 – Dec 2019 – Nov 2024). [ More details of the Aquarius micro-age decan  ]  However, the UK does not do well in Aquarian periods due to the strong role Leo has in its astrological signature.  With Brexit and the state of the UK in general, currently, they are damned if they do and damned if they don’t.  It’s a no-win situation.

Further Reading

The UK Astrological Signature

Background to Brexit

Delphine Jay, “The Lilith Ephemeris 1900 – 2000 AD“, 1986, The American Federation of Astrologers Inc, Tempe Arizona, USA

[1] Jeremy Corbyn. Wikipedia, Retrieved 01:45, November 15, 2019, from

One response

  1. It is not clear to me from the astrological perspective who will win the election, or in this case, which side wins – the Bexiteers or Remainders, and I intend to do a Part B to my above post before December 12. Because it is a no-win situation, it is probably better that the Brexiters win, and following the resulting economic and social chaos, the UK has its referendum(s) and return to the EU. If the Remainders win, they will be vilified and condemned, and there is also the question of deep unrest in the UK in a kind of social civil war. The UK is doomed in the short term no matter – and that has the support of the astrology. They are even more doomed later this century, but if they are more ‘dissolved’ into the EU, the astrology of the EU may save them. Unfortunately, Aquarius periods are detrimental to Pisces Europe (Aquarius at 12th house position to Pisces) and (Leo) UK though the 7th house opposition from Aquarius to Leo is more powerful.

    The astrology suggests that the answer lies with Aquarius – which points to a referendum, but this could be anywhere up five years away? Having just recently visited the UK, I am in no delusion about the clarity of the British people I came across, and I am always surprised at the strong racist undercurrent I directly witness whenever I visit England. Whereas it seems almost every second Caucasian British fall into this classification, in Australia, even in the most backward state, only about 25% of voters will fall for that nonsense – and even then they have to be worked up (by an ex-pat British politician who brought her petty British racism to Australia with her). She has even complained about shop signs in many Sydney suburbs being ‘foreign’ and not English.

    This coming UK election is a no-win election regardless of who wins, as the next 5 years are just so detrimental for the UK regardless of the outcome of the election. On the positive side, if it was not Brexit, it would have had to be something else equally divisive. And make no mistake, Aquarius periods such as the current Aquarius micro-age decan and overflow (2014 – 2019 – 2024), never bring good news or good times to the UK – this is why the next 5 years is a no-win situation.


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