Trump’s Date with Fate

It was reported that on Friday morning 2 October 2020 that Trump had been diagnosed with COVID-19, but due to the misinformation provided, it is difficult to say when Trump was first confirmed to have caught COVID-19, but we can take that it did occur in the preceding days. 

The moon’s nodes on Trump’s natal sun, moon & north node in October 2020

The above graph indicates that the transiting moon’s north node was exactly conjunct Trump’s sun on Thursday 1st October, and allowing for a few days of leeway, this nodal transit on Trump’s natal sun is probably the defining astrological factor that has invoked the December 14th 2020 potent eclipse directly opposite Trump’s natal sun and almost conjunct his natal moon (see the following horoscope).  Taking into account Trump was born just a few hours before a lunar eclipse, this makes the December 2020 eclipse a big deal for Trump.

The December 14 2020 Solar Eclipse superimposed upon Trump’s horosoccope

The December 14 2020 solar eclipse will be the most powerful eclipse he has experienced in his adult life to date – but there is a wildcard associated with any eclipse – which way will it go?  This is important to digest, as there should be a fundamental change or a new direction as this is a major eclipse.  Catching COVID-19 in itself is not a big deal, and therefore, we should expect much more from this eclipse.  It is likely that this eclipse will take Trump out of the game, or hand him another surprize electoral win!

The lunar nodes behave like travelling ambassadors for any eclipse. Every eclipse involves one of the nodes at least conjuncting either the sun or moon at the new moon or full moon.  This conjunction of the north lunar node with Trump’s natal sun entered its one degree orb around 20 September and remains in its orb of influence until mid-October.  This is strongly suggestive that the December 2020 eclipse is providing the underlying astrology for Trump catching COVID-19.

The transit of a lunar node, even without an association to a specific eclipse, usually blanks the planet or body involved like a mini-eclipse.  In the case of Trump, we can clearly see that he has been blanked as he has been blindsided by the node blanking his sun (power) in the lead up to the presidential election.  However, he has supposedly bounced back, at least temporarily, which is very much like how an eclipse behaves.

The next important transiting nodal aspect is around 26 October when the moon’s south node conjuncts Trump’s natal moon with its one degree orb commencing around 13th October and extending to after the election to around 13th November  with the transiting  north node conjuncting Trump’s natal north node a few days later on 29th October (i.e. a nodal return).  Again, these next points of interest are directly linked to the December 2020 eclipse due to the nodes.

Therefore the second half of October and first half of November is a very important period because with the moon’s south node on Trump’s natal moon, this invokes Trump’s 12th house of self-made problems.  The real issue is how big a problem it produces.  Some archetype associated with the moon may also get activated, such as Melania’s health.  The days around 29th due to the nodal return may also independently provide some key development.

However, if we look at the lunar influence on Trump, the Aries full moon period (23rd September to 9th October 2020) activated Trump’s 9th house, the derived 12th house of (self-made) problems in Trumps status or standing – something that has been widely discussed by media around the world.  Be that as it may, the 3 November 2020 election occurs under the rays of the Taurus full moon activating Trump’s 10th house of status, so providing he survives COVID-19, or can continue running for president, the effects of the current situation regarding his role and status are reversed by election time with the Taurus full moon period positively shining upon his 10th house of status – a good coincidence if you are running for the highest office in the USA. 

As one recent media commentator stated in the last few days, a week in American politics now feels like a year.  There is no guarantee any detrimental influence of Trump’s laisse-faire attitude to COVID-19 that possible killed many tens of thousands more Americans than was necessary, will stick to Trump come Election Day.

In the meantime, we should wait until around October 26th (and 29th) 2020 to see what kind of result or reality may stick to Trump and his COVID-19! With a one degree orb for the nodal conjunction to Trump’s natal moon coming into effect around 13th October, we may also get a distinct change or new development starting to come into effect as early as mid-October 2020.

Of course, the actual solar eclipse affecting the few days around December 14 2020 can also play a role.  Interestingly, this is the same date that electors meet in their states to officially vote on the president and vice president, and strongly insinuates, that something profound in relation to Trump occurs.  Will the eclipse let him bounce back, or does it knock him off his pedestal?

The official authorization of the candidate who will become president and vice president should be announced on January 6 2021 by Congress.  The day before this date, transiting Pluto trines Trump’s natal midheaven, insinuating that he is comfortable with proceedings around this time?

The important issue with the presidential election is the electorate – what will they want?  Do they want an alpha male gorilla swinging through the trees showing off his prowess, or do they want a near geriatric?  Has such a pitiful choice been presented to the American public since the creation of the USA with the world looking on in dismay?[1]

The American public has been overcome by COVID-19 since the arrival of the Virgo nano-age decan and overflow (Dec 19 – May 20 – Oct 20) deep within the Age of Aquarius[2] – but with the end of the Virgo period in October 2020, many people will cease to be so critical, which will help Trump, as there is just so many valid reasons why he should be criticized.  What will change in his favor, is that the end of the Virgo period experiences the highpoint of the overlapping Taurus nano-age decan and overflow (Jul 20 –Oct 20 – Mar 21) with Taurus peaking in October and contributing the main influence in November 2020  – right on target for the presidential election.  The general public will be primarily concerned with financial issues, and for many people this means stock market prices.  The public will want to support the candidate who will help make them richer!  This will make many swinging voters back Trump as the supposed savior of the stockmarket.


[1] Who Really Won? Trump Or Biden?! – Russell Brand

[2] The Virgo nano-age decan and overflow (Dec 19 – May 20 – Oct 20) sits within the Capricorn nano-age (Dec 2019 – Mar 2021), in the Gemini micro-age (Dec 2016 – Nov 2029), Libra sub-age (1970 – 2149), the forth sub-age in the Age of Aquarius (1433 – 3581)

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